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analysis of principals" managerial competencies for effective management of school resources in secondary schools

This study analyses principals’ managerial competencies for effective management of school resources in secondary schools in Anambra State. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. A 24 items researcher developed instrument titled “Principals’ Managerial Competencies for Effective Management of School Resources Questionnaire (PMCEMSRQ)... Continue Reading


the role of social media on electoral education in nigeria

The study adopted the descriptive survey method. Several literally works bordering on social media were reviewed and examined. The study employed the questionnaire as an instrument to elicit information from respondents. The study found that social media plays the role of awareness during elections, it plays the role of intermediary between the ele... Continue Reading


the influence of nursery education on pupils" achievement in english language in primary school

Education is the most important instrument of change; any fundamental change in the intellectual and social outlook of any society has to be preceded by an educational revolution (Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2004). It is widely contended that there has been an abysmal fall in the standard of education in recent times. Many people have faulted the... Continue Reading


effects of leadership styles and supervisory techniques on primary school pupils academic achievements

There are two types of individuals in this world; individuals who choose to lead and individuals who choose to follow. Not everyone has the skill level, knowledge, or even the desire to become a leader, but individuals who have the aspiration, willingness to overcome obstacles, and enthusiasm may prove to be capable of becoming an effective leader ... Continue Reading


the effects of projector mediated and demonstration methods on students" academic performance in basic electronics in technical colleges

In the twentieth century Nigeria with her abundant human and Natural resources has not been able to achieve much technologically. Aina (2004) opined that the inability to achieve much at this period is not unconnected with history since we attained independence; policies and strategies of the various levels of government have not been far reaching ... Continue Reading


effect of child trafficking on academic performance of pupils in public primary schools

Children living in rural areas in Nigeria often lack access to quality education, good health and other basic needs which make their parents to entrust them in the hands of other family members who are financially upright to help them train their children. It is impossible to ever reach a consensus on the true scale of the problem but, regardless o... Continue Reading


the impact of the use of instructional material in the teaching and learning of biology

The study determined the impact of instructional materials in teaching and learning biology among the students in senior secondary schools in Enugu North Local Government Area. Continue Reading


effect of cultism among student"s of tertiary institutions

This study will provide a perspectives on cultism in Nigeria tertiary institutions and how to deal with its associated problems. It will also attempt to provide some right into the organization student secret cults suggest concrete way to deal with the violence associated with them, moreso, the research will suggest steps to be taken to ensure a pe... Continue Reading


knowledge and attitude of secondary school students towards sexually transmitted diseases

The study was guided by five research questions. The population consisted of 2931 students, which were made up of all the students in the day schools from twenty three secondary schools in Nsukka Education Zone. The sample was 220, Ten senior secondary schools were randomly selected from twenty three senior secondary school in Nsukka Education zone... Continue Reading


effects of instructional materials on performance of social studies students in junior secondary schools in kaduna north and south lga of kaduna state

This study is entitled: Effects of Instructional Materials on Performance of Social Studies Students in Junior Secondary Schools in Kaduna North and South L.G.A of Kaduna State The study was guided two research questions and two hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 significance level. Quasi-experimental research design was adopted in ... Continue Reading


impact of information communication technology (ict) on secondary school education


The study investigates the impact of ICT on Anambra secondary schools. Information communication technology (ICT) has no doubt changed the face of teaching and learning globally. The study observed that, though Anambra is also making efforts to join the ICT fray, these efforts appear to be ineffective. Anambra still experience a lag in its implemen... Continue Reading


the impact of christian religious studies on the morals development of pupils

Christian religious is widely regarded as one of the most important subject in Nigeria today; it is evident that the study of Christian religious studies plays a significant role in the morals development of pupils in most of the Nigeria societies. The subject gains its root into Nigeria education system through the European Missionaries who introd... Continue Reading


effect of guidance and counselling among senior secondary school students in their choice of career

The counsellor occupies a very strategic position in any educational system. The Federal Government is aware of this fact this is why the re-emphasis is one the need for guidance and counselling services in the new National Policy on education (9-3-4) system. It is also clear from the Federal Ministry of Education that counsellors should operate on... Continue Reading


the impact of information and community technology (ict) on teaching and learning of physics

This study investigated the impact of information and communication technology on teaching and learning of physics. The respondents used for the study were one hundred and fifty-seven (157) physics students and two (2) physics teachers drawn randomly from two senior secondary schools from each of the five educational districts out of the six educat... Continue Reading


limits to confidentiality in guidance and counseling school variables and student"s performances in chemistry

Science is generally used to explain, predict and control the physical world. Science therefore as a discipline (especially the basics) is essential to man if he must understand his environment and harness the principles embedded in nature for his development. This fact inspires Ugochiwu (1999) to observe that science education has been accorded a ... Continue Reading


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