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strategies for improving instructional delivery in the teaching and learning of agricultural science in junior secondary school

Agricultural science taught at basic and secondary schools has not been able to transform the citizens and the nation adequately. Graduates still lack basic vocational and entrepreneurial skills expected to be acquired from agricultural science. Graduates still wallow about in search of white collar jobs instead of becoming self reliant and employe... Continue Reading


the impact of the use of instructional material in the teaching and learning of biology

The study determined the impact of instructional materials in teaching and learning biology among the students in senior secondary schools in Enugu North Local Government Area. Continue Reading


status of guidance and counseling services in secondary schools

The purpose of guidance and counselling services is to impact specific skills and learning opportunities in a proactive and preventive manner which ensures that all students can achieve school success through academic, career, and personal social development (American School Counsellor Association, 1997). It is therefore important to note that as s... Continue Reading


causes and effects of truancy on primary school pupils academic performance in mathematics

The high rate of truancy in town calls for attention. It could generate to pupils not performing very well academically. It could also lead to various forms of criminal, damage, robbery with violence and abusive conduct etc. Continue Reading


secondary schools students" socio-economic background and academic achievement in business studies in zaria and giwa education zones, kaduna state

This study investigated the ―Secondary Schools Students‘ Socio-economic Background and Academic Achievement in Business Studies in Zaria and Giwa Education Zones, Kaduna State‖. To achieve the aim of this research, four objectives were formulated in line with research questions and hypotheses such as to; determine the secondary schools ... Continue Reading


teaching and learning of mathematics using computer assisted instruction (cai) in staff demonstration

The researcher takes on a research study on The Need for Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Staff Demonstration School, FCE, Kano. Chapter One introduces the research topic. Chapter Two takes on the literature review of the research topic. Continue Reading


the effects of overpopulation on the academic performance of students

Education plays a very important role in shaping the life of any citizen in his or her communities which he/she find him/herself. The school or learning to be environment must be conducive for learning to be effective, in other words, conducive environment assist students in their academics and pave way to learn. The classroom is the heart of any e... Continue Reading


analysis of principals" managerial competencies for effective management of school resources in secondary schools

This study analyses principals’ managerial competencies for effective management of school resources in secondary schools in Anambra State. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. A 24 items researcher developed instrument titled “Principals’ Managerial Competencies for Effective Management of School Resources Questionnaire (PMCEMSRQ)... Continue Reading


the challenges and statistical implication of computer based testing (jamb) on nigerian students: the need to implement computer assisted learning (cal)

Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) was introduced as a new assessment mode in some of the tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria. This is a sharp departure from the traditional paper-and pen or pencil mode of testing. The trail blazing tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria in the use of these innovation include University of florin, Univ... Continue Reading


the role of social media on electoral education in nigeria

The study adopted the descriptive survey method. Several literally works bordering on social media were reviewed and examined. The study employed the questionnaire as an instrument to elicit information from respondents. The study found that social media plays the role of awareness during elections, it plays the role of intermediary between the ele... Continue Reading


generic skills and teaching effectiveness of computer teachers in secondary school

New technologies have provided individuals with the means to access and distribute specialized information quickly and easily, reducing demand for skills associated with the storage and retrieval of detailed technical information (e.g., memorization and classification for archival purposes). In contrast, the ability to source, process, manage, com... Continue Reading


social factors affecting effective teaching and learning of commerce/ marketing in senior secondary schools

One of the factors that has great effect on teaching and learning is social factors, such as background, environment. Therefore, there is need to research the social factors that affect effective teaching and learning of Commerce/ marketing in senior secondary schools in Abuja. And find a way to deal with them. Continue Reading


efficacy of flipchart in the teaching and learning of social studies in some selected secondary schools

The purpose of the study is to investigate the efficacy of flip chart in teaching and learning of social studies in some selected Secondary School in Abeokuta North Local Government Area of Ogun State. This would be done by examining the importance of flip chart in the teaching and learning of science and mathematics. Continue Reading


the rising cost of education and it"s implications on the youth

Education in the 21st century is no doubt a basic need as its need is fused into the entire existence and needs of society so that to even navigate through the world of a technologically advanced world and a global one at that, one needs not only basic education but a significant level of it. For this reason governments have put measures in place t... Continue Reading


impact of teaching practices on the productivity of quality teachers and sound students


The only profession that is committed to transmitting knowledge to any level is the teaching profession. It is one of many professions that specifically deals with the growth and development of the human mind. The type of information fed into the human mind and the methodology in which the information is communicated has enough impact on the develo... Continue Reading


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