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influence of social media on academic performance of secondary school students

There is no doubt about the fact that the world is completely in a global village as postulated by Professor Marshall McLuhan, according to him the world is now compressed into a single electronic room where information from far and near can be exchanged with a click of a mouse. The research is anchored on technological determinism theory and diffu... Continue Reading


determinants of girl-child enrollment in some selected female secondary schools

According to Ondere (2012), girls’ child enrolment is beneficial as it contributes to economic productivity, social development, intergenerational education, social equity and sustainability of development efforts. Research evidence shows that education of the female child is paramount to the development of a nation. Continue Reading


social factors affecting effective teaching and learning of commerce/ marketing in senior secondary schools

One of the factors that has great effect on teaching and learning is social factors, such as background, environment. Therefore, there is need to research the social factors that affect effective teaching and learning of Commerce/ marketing in senior secondary schools in Abuja. And find a way to deal with them. Continue Reading


influence of family background on the cognitive development of pre-primary school pupils

From the beginning, parents have been the major persons involved in raising children in every society. That is why the family is recognized as an important agent of socialization. Adekeyi, A. (2002) observes that it is mainly through their efforts and abilities that children are socialized to become productive citizens. So, wherever parents poss... Continue Reading


the impact of christian religious studies on the morals development of pupils

Christian religious is widely regarded as one of the most important subject in Nigeria today; it is evident that the study of Christian religious studies plays a significant role in the morals development of pupils in most of the Nigeria societies. The subject gains its root into Nigeria education system through the European Missionaries who introd... Continue Reading


adult education programmes as a strategy for poverty alleviation

This study was aimed at investigating poverty alleviation strategies through the use of adult education programmes in Ughelli North L.G.A. of Delta State. In this regard, the study sought to find out if adult education poverty alleviation programmes have impacted positively on the community dwellers. The population of the study is the youths and ad... Continue Reading


predictive validity of utme scores on academic achievements of fresh undergraduate students in chemistry

The qualities are validity, reliability, usability, objectivity and interpretability. Other qualities are difficulty, discrimination and distracter indices which are established through item analysis. Test Validity refers to the extent to which a test measures what it is intended to measure (Anikweze 2005). Continue Reading


the attitude of parents towards girl-child education in suru local government area of kebbi state

The title of our project was attitude of parents towards girl-child education in Suru Local Government area, Kebbi State. A population of 150 was used the design for the study was survey design. The research questions were answered using descriptive status of simple percentage in tables. One of the major findings was early marriage and econ... Continue Reading


short messaging services (sms) and english language usage in selected secondary schools

The advent of the technology called Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM) has brought in a paradigm shift from the conventional English Language Writing, to what researchers now call SMS system of communication. This has been observed in many places as well as Nigeria. English language being an official language in Nigeria and fast becoming a... Continue Reading


effect of inquiry teaching method on students" achievement

Since there are numerous factors that aided the poor academic performance of the students’ in mathematics both at the junior and secondary school levels in internal and external examinations year by year. Table 2 below gives the performance of the student below 50% as given by the WAEC chief examiner reports of 2007-2014. Apart from the fact that... Continue Reading


the challenges and statistical implication of computer based testing (jamb) on nigerian students: the need to implement computer assisted learning (cal)

Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) was introduced as a new assessment mode in some of the tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria. This is a sharp departure from the traditional paper-and pen or pencil mode of testing. The trail blazing tertiary educational institutions in Nigeria in the use of these innovation include University of florin, Univ... Continue Reading


identification of difficult teaching topics in integrated science and computer science of junior secondary school curriculum

The purpose of the study was to identify the difficult teaching topics in integrated and computer science. The design was a simply survey design while the instrument was purely on the questionnaire which had 30 items and 200 respondent. Continue Reading


causes and effects of truancy on primary school pupils academic performance in mathematics

The high rate of truancy in town calls for attention. It could generate to pupils not performing very well academically. It could also lead to various forms of criminal, damage, robbery with violence and abusive conduct etc. Continue Reading


drug addiction and its academic implication among secondary school student

The necessity of this study is due to the rate of mental misbehavior and the undue irrational acts of the students in our society and this eventually prompted the researcher to carry out this scholarly work on implications of drug addiction on academic performance among secondary school students of Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria... Continue Reading


comparative effect of co-operative learning strategy and inquiry based method in the learning of chemistry among secondary schools in nigeria

Science may be viewed as a way of questioning or verifying the truthfulness of knowledge. It also can be said to be the knowledge which is obtained through careful and systematic observation and testing of facts. Continue Reading


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