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a study of the impact of instructional materials in the teaching and learning of chemistry

The aim of this study is to trace the history and development of Lagooz College, Orile Agege, Lagos State from 2005 to 2011, in order to justify its existence since its establishment in 2005. Continue Reading


an assessment of the management of students" welfare services in universities in three geopolitical zones in northern part of nigeria

This study focused on “An assessment of the management of students’ Welfare services in universities in three Geo-Political Zones in Northern part of Nigeria” The study was specifically interested in finding out the types of welfare services available in the system and the impact they have on the students’ behaviour. The inadequate ... Continue Reading


analysis of gender enrollment pattern into secretarial studies programmes in tertiary institutions

This is a study of the enrollment pattern into secretarial studies programmes in tertiary institutions in Edo State of Nigeria. This is against the backdrop that secretarial studies is seen by most people as a gender bias. Continue Reading


comparative effect of co-operative learning strategy and inquiry based method in the learning of chemistry among secondary schools in nigeria

Science may be viewed as a way of questioning or verifying the truthfulness of knowledge. It also can be said to be the knowledge which is obtained through careful and systematic observation and testing of facts. Continue Reading


environmental variables and student's academic performance in english language in public secondary schools

We are deeply concerned about our environment especially when our performances in all ramifications of life is related to our environmental conditions. The problem here is purely narrowed down by the influence of environmental variables on students academic performance in English language in public secondary schools in Uyo Education zone. Continue Reading


the effects of overpopulation on the academic performance of students

Education plays a very important role in shaping the life of any citizen in his or her communities which he/she find him/herself. The school or learning to be environment must be conducive for learning to be effective, in other words, conducive environment assist students in their academics and pave way to learn. The classroom is the heart of any e... Continue Reading


knowledge and attitude of secondary school students towards sexually transmitted diseases

The study was guided by five research questions. The population consisted of 2931 students, which were made up of all the students in the day schools from twenty three secondary schools in Nsukka Education Zone. The sample was 220, Ten senior secondary schools were randomly selected from twenty three senior secondary school in Nsukka Education zone... Continue Reading


influence of social media on academic performance of secondary school students

There is no doubt about the fact that the world is completely in a global village as postulated by Professor Marshall McLuhan, according to him the world is now compressed into a single electronic room where information from far and near can be exchanged with a click of a mouse. The research is anchored on technological determinism theory and diffu... Continue Reading


the influence of nursery education on pupils" achievement in english language in primary school

Education is the most important instrument of change; any fundamental change in the intellectual and social outlook of any society has to be preceded by an educational revolution (Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2004). It is widely contended that there has been an abysmal fall in the standard of education in recent times. Many people have faulted the... Continue Reading


identification of difficult teaching topics in integrated science and computer science of junior secondary school curriculum

The purpose of the study was to identify the difficult teaching topics in integrated and computer science. The design was a simply survey design while the instrument was purely on the questionnaire which had 30 items and 200 respondent. Continue Reading


impact of personnel management on teachers job performance

Organizations, whether profit-oriented or service oriented are designed to work towards achievement of set-goals. As workers (teachers) consciously contribute towards goals of the organization, they also have personal or group goals they expect to satisfy (Koko, 2005). Aide (2007) deposited that of all tools in management (men, machine, material, m... Continue Reading


educational facility and social studies students" performance in junior waec in junior secondary school

The necessity of this study is due to the rate of mental misbehavior and the undue irrational acts of the students in our society and this eventually prompted the researcher to carry out this scholarly work on implications of drug addiction on academic performance among secondary school students of Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria... Continue Reading


factors militating against effective teaching of chemistry in some tertiary institutions

Education, especially Science and Technical education, is the hub for the production of the needed technologists, technicians and craftsmen as well as skilled artisans who are required to turn the nation’s economy around and usher in the desired technological development which is very much required for the elevation of Nigeria from a nation terme... Continue Reading


effect of laboratory classes on motivation and level of achievement in physics in nigerian secondary school

This research study was intended to answer a number of basic questions within the given intent of evaluating the effectiveness of lectures with laboratory classes versus lectures alone in teaching higher hierarchies of physics to two sets of randomly sampled student groups, respectively, in Nigerian secondary schools Continue Reading


determinants of girl-child enrollment in some selected female secondary schools

According to Ondere (2012), girls’ child enrolment is beneficial as it contributes to economic productivity, social development, intergenerational education, social equity and sustainability of development efforts. Research evidence shows that education of the female child is paramount to the development of a nation. Continue Reading


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