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causes and effects of broken homes on the academic performance of secondary school students

The study is to examine the problems associated with broken homes and how it affects the education of children from such homes, it is hoped and believed that this study will enlighten teachers of the problems children from broken homes have to contend with,with a view to helping them adjust properly to learning situation. The study is equally ai... Continue Reading


effects of leadership styles and supervisory techniques on primary school pupils academic achievements

There are two types of individuals in this world; individuals who choose to lead and individuals who choose to follow. Not everyone has the skill level, knowledge, or even the desire to become a leader, but individuals who have the aspiration, willingness to overcome obstacles, and enthusiasm may prove to be capable of becoming an effective leader ... Continue Reading


impact of personnel management on teachers job performance

Organizations, whether profit-oriented or service oriented are designed to work towards achievement of set-goals. As workers (teachers) consciously contribute towards goals of the organization, they also have personal or group goals they expect to satisfy (Koko, 2005). Aide (2007) deposited that of all tools in management (men, machine, material, m... Continue Reading


use of social networking to promote quality instruction in government among undergraduate

Imo state university teaches around 24,000 students undertaking degrees, Masters, research, professional programmes and short courses making IMSU one of the top 15 most popular universities in Nigeria. Continue Reading


effect of inquiry teaching method on students" achievement

Since there are numerous factors that aided the poor academic performance of the students’ in mathematics both at the junior and secondary school levels in internal and external examinations year by year. Table 2 below gives the performance of the student below 50% as given by the WAEC chief examiner reports of 2007-2014. Apart from the fact that... Continue Reading


the impact of the nigerian union of teachers on the management of educational crises in secondary schools in nigeria

This research work examined the Nigeria Union of Teacher (NUT) and the Management of Crisis in Education in Ilorin West Local Government Area. The instruments used in the data collected were analyzed by the use of percentages and the statistical chi square test. A questionnaire named “ the impact of the Nigerian Union of Teacher on the Manageme... Continue Reading


the impact of the use of instructional material in the teaching and learning of biology

The study determined the impact of instructional materials in teaching and learning biology among the students in senior secondary schools in Enugu North Local Government Area. Continue Reading


comparative effect of co-operative learning strategy and inquiry based method in the learning of chemistry among secondary schools in nigeria

Science may be viewed as a way of questioning or verifying the truthfulness of knowledge. It also can be said to be the knowledge which is obtained through careful and systematic observation and testing of facts. Continue Reading


effect of phonics reading strategy on pupils" achievement in word recognition

This study sought to investigate the Effect of Phonics on pupils’ achievement in word recognition in Oshimli South Local Government Area. Three research questions and three hypotheses guided the study. A non equivalent control group quasi-experimental design was used. Continue Reading


learners" beliefs & conceptions about the role of mathematics in physics

The study presented here makes a contribution to this field of research by providing a first view on students’ conceptions about the role of mathematics in (learning) physics. These beliefs are functioning as filters for perception and processing and therefore have an important impact on our students’ learning processes. Continue Reading


impact of nigerian union of teachers on education system

Nigeria Union of Teachers is a known trade union in Nigeria. It was formed to foster a united front for practitioners of the teaching profession in the country. The impact of the union, covers an avenue for bringing forth ideas about the educational development of the country from the perspectives of teachers, improvement in the economic conditions... Continue Reading


the effects of overpopulation on the academic performance of students

Education plays a very important role in shaping the life of any citizen in his or her communities which he/she find him/herself. The school or learning to be environment must be conducive for learning to be effective, in other words, conducive environment assist students in their academics and pave way to learn. The classroom is the heart of any e... Continue Reading


the role of social media on electoral education in nigeria

Social media has been a major force in technology. Its impacts and use has exceeded the conventional purpose to the unimaginable future. Continue Reading


an assessment of the management of students" welfare services in universities in three geopolitical zones in northern part of nigeria

This study focused on “An assessment of the management of students’ Welfare services in universities in three Geo-Political Zones in Northern part of Nigeria” The study was specifically interested in finding out the types of welfare services available in the system and the impact they have on the students’ behaviour. The inadequate ... Continue Reading


the impact of classroom practices on secodary school students

This study investigated the classroom climate practices in public and private secondary schools in Ibadan West Local Government Area of Oyo State. There are 17 public secondary secondary schools and 33 private secondary schools in Ibadan West Local Government Area, 7 out of the 17 public secondary schools and 13 out of the 33 private secondary s... Continue Reading


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