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the impact of prudential guidelines and deregulation on the nigerian banking industry

The systemic risk which has now increased due to the deregulation brought the need to focus more attention on the operations of banks, their risk exposure and ways to eliminate or minimize such risks. It was in the light of such concerns that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) came out with the prudential Guidelines in November, 1990, which is aimed... Continue Reading


determinants of corporate social responsibility of listed deposit money banks in nigeria

This study is an empirical analysis of the determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of listed Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) in Nigeria for period of 2005-2013. The listed DMBs are seven-teen (17) as at 31st December, 2013, out of which a sample of twelve (12) banks was selected with the aid of filters. Specifically, the study seeks to ide... Continue Reading


the nigerian foreign exchange market: a critical evaluation of the naira exchange rate

The Nigerian foreign exchange market as well as the value of Naira exchange rate to other International Currencies have caused a lot of concern to warrant academic discussions. The structural imbalances, distortions and general recession in the world economy affected Nigeria's external reserve, balance of payment, Naira exchange rate, external debt... Continue Reading


marketing strategies of multinational companies in the nigerian oil industry: a case study of selected multinational oil companies:- 1. shell petroleum development company of nigeria and 2. mobil producing nigeria unlimited.

This research work attempts mainly to asses the marketing strategies adoted and operated by multinational companies in the Nigerian oil industry. It Is the aim also of the work to test the relationship of these marketing strategies between the growth of the Nigerian economy and these international companies whether positive or negative . In so do... Continue Reading


evaluation of the effect of manpower training and development in service organization


Most service organization in Nigeria, in recent years are facing the challenges of labour turn over due to lack of job training of their employees. More so, most service organization keep downsizing their employees and recruiting new ones as a result of changes in their services and work processes driven by technological trends and competitive envi... Continue Reading


determinants of financial performance of listed foods and beverages companies in nigeria

This study seeks to find out the factors that influence financial performance of listed foods and beverage companies in Nigeria. The dependent and independent variables of the study were searched out from literatures of previous works. ROA measured as EBIT to total assets, firm size as natural logarithm of total assets, leverage as total debt to to... Continue Reading


effective distribution as a strategy for achieving successful market




the impact of finance lease on the performance of nigerian banks

The issue of inadequate capital remains one of the major challenges of business entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Business firms are constantly searching for ways to expand their operations and deliver quality services and increase revenue, while the new ones want to start in good shape but enough funding is not readily available. Leasing has been long es... Continue Reading


an assessment of the impact of wealth maximization goal of business on corporate social responsibility in nigeria

The project is an exposition towards determining the impact of business goal on the exercise of business’ social responsibility. The research was conducted by the analysis of field data collected through questionnaires, interviews, personal observation and by a critical review of related literatures. Data were collected from at least two business... Continue Reading


an evaluation of the contributions of borno investment company limited to the socio-economic development of the state

Development whether at the national. Stale or Local Government levels has always constituted the central focus of every administration. Industrialization the world over, is duly recognized as a catalyst to rapid economic growth and development. In Borno State and Nigeria in general the great desire to industrialize arises partly because of the rela... Continue Reading


an evaluation of the marketing strategies of service industries in nigeria


Given the competitive nature of the business world today, firms must be up and doing in order to meet the ever-increasing challenges of the economy. One vital way to succeed is for a firm to be able to strategically market its products or services. The banking industry, which is the focus of this study, is in business to render services. Therefore,... Continue Reading


effect of audit committee characteristics on financial reporting quality of listed deposit money banks in nigeria

Several banking regulations reports as well as extant literature have established that Nigerian banks’ audit committees are poorly constituted which may affect the quality of financial reporting. It is on this premise that this study investigated the effect of audit committee characteristics on the financial reporting quality of Deposit Money Ban... Continue Reading


effect of staff training on job satisfaction in kogi state judicial service

Despite various training courses attended by staff of Kogi State Judiciary, there has been low morale and no job satisfaction. The major objective of this research was to determine the effect of training on job satisfaction in Kogi State Judicial Service for the period of 2003 to 2012. Specifically, the study sought to find out the extent to which ... Continue Reading


market penetration strategy as a means of entering the nigerian telecommunication

The research work examined Market Penetration Strategies as Means of Entering the Nigerian telecommunication Market, a study of MTN Nigeria. The study is designed to examine more critically issues where the business formulate its growth strategy, by focusing on selling existing product into existing market and the various objectives it seeks to ach... Continue Reading


the impact of liquidity sequeeze on treasury management

The financial institutions particularly the banks, and the government organizations have been subjected to many forms of policy measures which have not been in t h e i r favour. The study has been undertaken, therefore, to unearth the extent of the impact of such l i q u i d i t y squeeze on treasury management. It has been discovered from the stud... Continue Reading


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