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effect of firm characteristics on social and environmental accounting disclosure in listed industrial goods firms in nigeria

The need for corporate entities to disclose their social and environmental activities in their annual reports is increasingly becoming a topical issue globally. This study examined the effect of corporate characteristics on social and environmental disclosure of listed industrial goods firms in Nigeria. Specifically, the study examined the extent t... Continue Reading


bank specific determinants of capital adequacy of listed deposit money banks in nigeria

This study is an empirical analysis of bank specific determinants of capital adequacy of Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria for the period of 2008-2015. The listed DMBs are 15 as at 31st December, 2015, out of which 14 banks were selected based on the availability of data. Specifically, the study seeks to identify the effect of Return on Asset, ... Continue Reading


discount houses: their relevance to the nigerian financial system

Discount houses are a recent addition to the Nigerian financial system's matrix.Discount houses are non-bank financial institutions which shift funds between the Central Bank on one hand and licensed banks and other financial institutions on the other hand, through the provision of discounting and re-discounting of eligible short - term securities ... Continue Reading


the effects of guided moral dilemma discussion on the moral judgement of youth offenders

This study was undertaken to findout whether guided moral dilemma discussion method would enhance the moral judgement of youth offenders. The study sample was made up of 87 inmates of Borstal Institution in Kakuri - Kaduna. The sample was divided randomly into experimental and control groups. The experimental group subjects were presented with... Continue Reading


effective marketing of pharmaceutical products; a case study of smithkline beecham nigeria plc

This study, effective marketing of pharmaceutical product in Nigeria; a case study of SmithKline Beecham Nigeria Plc. was designed to find out ways of effective marketing pharmaceutical related products in Nigeria. Data for this study were collected by the survey method. The method made use of both primary and secondary sources of information. ... Continue Reading


export financing by merchant banks in nigeria


This project chose to define what export financing is and how it is done. It studied how ICON Limited (Merchant Bankers' carries out export financing activities in Nigeria towards boosting the export drive in the country. The strategies employed by the bank and the problems encounted by the bank were analysed and evaluated. Ar. attempt was made to ... Continue Reading


effect of mandatory ifrs adoption on value relevance and pro-cyclicality of deposit money banks in nigeria

Accounting manipulations in the banking industry has brought about the debate on the need for better accounting standards that are internationally comparable and can ensure transparency in financial reporting so as to reflect the true picture of the performances of banks and thus reform global economies. This study examines the effect of mandatory... Continue Reading


the effect of advertising on the price of consumer products


Advertising and price are two variables that interplay to affect the buying decisions of consumers. While advertising informs consumers of product existence and its features, the cost associated with it can not be overlooked. This cost results in higher unit price for the product thereby creating "artificial" product differentiation. Consumers, on ... Continue Reading


audit quality and earnings management of listed chemical and paints firms in nigeria

This study examines the relationship between audit quality and earnings management in the Nigerian chemical and paints sector over a period of seven years (2006-2012).The management of earnings was measured using Discretionary Accruals (a modified Jones model). Generalized Least squares technique was used to estimate the regression coefficients of ... Continue Reading


impact assessment of the 2004 pension reform on retirement welfare of public servarnts of selected national commissions

One of the fundamental motivating factor for most public employee that any government must not toy with is the existence of an effective pension system that can adequately reward employees in-service efforts after retirement. Therefore, the Nigerian government in 2004 realised this fact and embarked on a reform of the pension industry to remedy lin... Continue Reading


impact of firm characteristics on firm value of listed healthcare firms in nigeria

This study investigated the impact of firm characteristics on firm value of listed healthcare firms in Nigeria. The aim is to identify the extent to which the selected firm characteristics affect the firm value of the healthcare firms in Nigeria. In carrying out this study, a panel data is used with the adoption of ex-post facto design. The study f... Continue Reading


the role of sales promotion in product performance


This study attempts to access, evaluate and determine the Role of Sales Promotion in Product Performance of Lever Brothers Nigeria Plc (Aba). The objectives of the study therefore, was to find the following: i) To determine the extent to which sales promotion has affected the sales level of LBN products, ii) To find out how pervasive sales pr... Continue Reading


effect of varying levels of black seed (nigella sativa) powder supplementation on performance, thermoregulatory performance, blood profile and histopathology of broiler chickens during hot season

Two experiments were carried out to investigate the effect of varying levels of black seed (Nigella sativa) powder supplementation on performance, thermoregulatory performance, blood profile and histopathology of broiler chickens during hot season. The first experiment had a total of 180 one week old broiler chicks which were randomly assigned to f... Continue Reading


marketing of financial services in nigeria: stud y of selected commercial banks

This research work is geared towards making a cross sectional analysis between the old and new generation Nigerian commercial banks on their marketing of financial services, comparing it to what obtains globally, identifying gaps that need to be filled and making recommendations on improving marketing strategies of financial services in the country... Continue Reading


assessment of internally generated revenue and taxable capacity of kagarko and kaduna north local government areas of kaduna state

Local governments occupy a position of importance in the lives of their residents. This is because local governments are saddled with the responsibilities of providing essential public goods and services which have positive impact and directly affect the day-to-day lives of their inhabitants. Such services include; protection of people‟s lives an... Continue Reading


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