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an evaluation of marketing techniques used by pharmaceutical organisations in nigeria


In a bid to survive and flourish, most firms generally tend to employ marketing mix strategies which embraces important issues such as techniques to be employed and applied, that will suit their operating environment and result in achievement of overall organizational goals. Techniques as has been discovered in the study are complex and complicated... Continue Reading


an evaluation of the contributions of borno investment company limited to the socio-economic development of the state

Development whether at the national. Stale or Local Government levels has always constituted the central focus of every administration. Industrialization the world over, is duly recognized as a catalyst to rapid economic growth and development. In Borno State and Nigeria in general the great desire to industrialize arises partly because of the rela... Continue Reading


hotel industry in nigeria: an evaluation of problems and prospects

This project work identified the problems and prospects of the hotel industry in Nigeria. About 30 hotels were used for the case study through the use of structured questionnaire, interviews and record of the hotels. A review of relevant literature and an analysis and interpretation of data were made. Important conclusions were drawn from the a... Continue Reading


effect of audit committee characteristics on financial reporting quality of listed deposit money banks in nigeria

Several banking regulations reports as well as extant literature have established that Nigerian banks’ audit committees are poorly constituted which may affect the quality of financial reporting. It is on this premise that this study investigated the effect of audit committee characteristics on the financial reporting quality of Deposit Money Ban... Continue Reading


subsidiaries financing by first bank of nigeria, plc.

The main objectives or focus of this study was to examine subsidiaries financing, using First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) Plc as a reference point. Subsidiaries financing refer to the provision of funds for the operation of subsidiaries by a parents company. FBN, Plc is a financial institution established since 1894 with the purpose of enhancing banking ... Continue Reading


an evaluation of monetary integration in the economic community of west-african states (ecowas)

Monetary integration is the process of moving from the situation where each country or subset of countries within a region has its own currency or exchange arrangement, with different degrees of convertibility, to one were all countries within a region share a common currency and consequently a unified exchange arrangement under the supervision of ... Continue Reading


effective marketing of quality services in a public utility company


The preoccupation of this project is to evaluate the marketing of services in a public utility company with faith particular reference to the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA). In order to facilitate the study, data were collected from both the primary and secondary sources. Personal interviews were also used as a major source of collecting ... Continue Reading


board supervision and earnings quality of listed conglomerate firms in nigeria

A major motivation for accounting research is providing evidence on how earnings are useful to a wide range of users in making economic decisions. Of particular interest over the last decade has been the issue of the quality of accounting reports, particularly the quality of earnings. This study examines Board Supervision and Earnings Quality of Li... Continue Reading


subsidy re-investment and empowerment programme (sure-p) as a strategy for poverty reduction in selected local government areas of taraba state (2012-2014)

Taraba State is characterized with alarming poverty/unemployment rate where 65.8% in every 4-6 persons and 81.5% in over 7 persons is said to be poor in 2009-2010, unemployment was at 26.8% in 2009, 24.7% in 2010 and 12.7 in 2011 respectively considering its high level of natural and human endowments. In many parts of the state most especially the ... Continue Reading


effective marketing of petrochemical products in nigeria

This study is concerned with the effective marketing of Petrochemical products in Nigeria. Petrochemical Products are vastly used by several Industries in their various Production Processes. Data used in this study came from both Primary and Secondary sources. Primary data were collected mainly through interviews and questionnaire administration. W... Continue Reading


status of the voluntary agency post-primary institutions


Status of the Voluntary Agency Post-Primary Institutions in Kaduna State After the Government Take-Over Statement of the Problem: The study sought to ascertain the status of the present post-primary schools (formerly owned by Voluntary Agencies) in Kaduna State. with special reference to the implementation of the recommendations made by the governm... Continue Reading


budget deficit and its impact on the nigerian economic growth and development

The policy of deficit budgeting had grown tremendously in Nigeria between 1985 and 2008.The essence was to help accelerate the growth of capital in Nigeria using the policy of deficit budgeting as formulated by Keynes. The statement of the problem is: To what extent is the policy of deficit spending applicable to Nigeria as a tool for economic grow... Continue Reading


distress in the nigerian financial sector


The financial sector is one of the most dominant sector in the economic growth and development of any nation. The history of the financial sector in Nigeria dates back to 1892 with the advent of commercial banking business during the colonial period. It was not until the 1930s however, that indigenous involvement in banking business started and t... Continue Reading


the effect of firms characteristics on real earnings management in the listed industrial goods firms in nigeria

Earnings management has been a debatable topic to researchers, regulators, standard setters, and investors in the 21st century. It raised a great concern among the stakeholders because of some accounting practices that threaten the quality of corporate financial reporting and erode public confidence in the reported earnings. Managers have a tendenc... Continue Reading


an assessment of the impact of non-monetary incentives on employees performance


This study is particularly informed by the need to assess the impact of non-monetary incentives on employee performance. To do this, requisite data was sourced via primary and secondary sources. Primary data was sourced through the instrument of a questionnaire, while secondary data requisite for this study was sourced from performance appraisal re... Continue Reading


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