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perception and attitudes of consumer towards advertising

There has been divergent comments on advertising practices in Nigeria, such comments cover every aspects of advertising including advertising economic effects, social impacts, its truthfulness and deception among others. This research tested whether the opinion expressed by these commentators is a reflection of public opinion on advertising. It was... Continue Reading


the impact of corporate social responsibility on market value of quoted conglomerates in nigeria

The purpose of this study is to investigate the causal relation between corporate social responsibility and market value. This study uses a multiple regression model for the purpose of explaining the impact of corporate social responsibility on market value of quoted conglomerates in Nigeria for the period 2001 to 2006. The model employs Communit... Continue Reading


application of marketing strategies and policies in the marketing of micro-computers in nigeria

The world in general is in an information age. Decision making now is based on large volumes of data. The computer has come to stay as the fastest and most efficient means of processing data. The micro-computer in particular has been enjoying wide acceptance. In Nigeria, it has become so popular that even very large organizations that generate larg... Continue Reading


impact assessment of the 2004 pension reform on retirement welfare of public servarnts of selected national commissions

One of the fundamental motivating factor for most public employee that any government must not toy with is the existence of an effective pension system that can adequately reward employees in-service efforts after retirement. Therefore, the Nigerian government in 2004 realised this fact and embarked on a reform of the pension industry to remedy lin... Continue Reading


work stress, job satisfaction and teachers" turnover intention in zaria metropolis: the moderating role of self efficacy

Contemporary educational theory holds that one of the major causes of inadequate school performance is the inability of schools to adequately staff classrooms with qualified teachers and this might not be unconnected with shortage of teachers. In Zaria Metropolis, records have shown increasing voluntary turnover of public secondary school teachers ... Continue Reading


local government and the delivery of immunization service: a study of selected local governments


Immunization has proven to be one of the most significant and successful advances developed by human species in diseases prevention. Immunization is a cost-effective public health intervention aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality associated with infectious diseases. Over the years, substantial government and development partners’ resources h... Continue Reading


positioning to face challenges in the banking industry: the first bank experience

This study is primary on the positioning strategy as adopted by First Bank of Nigeria Plc. To enable it survive the fierce competition between various Banks and tactics against each other in search for a good market share. It deals with the evolution of various strategic plans, to their implementation stage. The research was based on the collecti... Continue Reading


telecommunications managment in nigeria


The NITEL came to being after the merger of the defunct Nigerian External Telecommunications Limited (NET) and the former Internal Telecommunications Department of Post and Telecommunications (P&T) in 1985. Ever since, the company been receiving series of complaints over its performance; especially in the areas of sending messages through telephone... Continue Reading


assessment of the impact of local government on rural development in soba and zaria local government areas kaduna state (2006-2011)

This research work attempts to assess the impact of Local Government on rural development in Soba and Zaria Local Government areas, Kaduna State. Local Governments were primarily designed to meet the basic needs and aspirations of the rural communities. Fundamentally, government needs to place rural development at the top of the agenda of National ... Continue Reading


effect of international trade on economic development of nigeria

In this research project effort has been made to see the effect of international trade on the economic development of Nigeria. In recent years, the inflow of foreign direct Investment and Intra-Nigeria investment by foreign investor and indigenous respectively has witnessed many retrogressive changes especially in the area of manufacturing and ot... Continue Reading


assessment on the effect of human resources management practice on employee performance in kano electricity distribution company 2013-2018

Human resources management practices are the cradle of achieving efficiency, productivity and improved employee performance in every organization. Organizations that have effective human resources management practice, hire the right people, train them well, create an internal organization that allow them to fully express their potential and reward ... Continue Reading


assessment of determinants of insurance companies‘ performance in nigeria

Insurance companies in Nigerian have undergone reform in 2004 in order to enhance their performance and to make them stronger players nationally and internationally. Besides, in 2014 available statistics revealed that the performance of insurance companies in Nigeria still remains below average. The statistics further indicated that the companies c... Continue Reading


assessment of the effect of millennium development goal i (mdg i) on poverty reduction in wukari and ibi local government areas of taraba state

This study assesses the Effect of Millennium Development Goals (MDG I) on poverty reduction in Wukari and Ibi LGAs of Taraba State (2007-2013). The major objective of the study is to assess the contribution of Millennium Development Goal I on poverty reduction, to identify and discuss the implementation strategies of MDG I on poverty reduction in W... Continue Reading


the impact of strategic management on mergers and acquisitions in a developing economy


Several reasons have been adduced for the abysmal performance of some of these companies. Prominent among these had been the inability by those at the helm of affairs i.e. management to recognize the impact/role of strategic management and apply same to the operations of their companies. To carry out this research, both primary and secondary data w... Continue Reading


local government inspectorate division and the problem of financial accountability


This study on local government Inspectorate Division and the problems of accountability in Katsina state local governments examined the relationship between the Inspectorate Division of the Ministry of Local Governments and its oversight role on Local Governments in Katsina State. The study adopted the use of descriptive survey design. Twenty one o... Continue Reading


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