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financial motivation and job performance in the nigeria airways limited 1983-93

The problem which this study deals with is that of poor or low financial motivation among the workers of the Nigeria Airways in the period under study and how it affects the attitudes to work and the results of such attitudes. OBJECTIVE Four major purposes of the study are to determine the extent of financial motivation, the degree of performance o... Continue Reading


rural community based development strategies for economic self-reliance in nigeria: an appraisal of the integrated people oriented development of evangelical church of west africa (e.c.w.a.)

Based on what has been said and written, rural development is central to the survival of the Nigerian State. But there is still an enormous gab between policy formulation and implimentation and between the multidimensional nature of rural development problems and practice of rural development administration. The failure to adopt appropiate strategi... Continue Reading


modelling the dividend behavioural pattern of corporate firms in nigeria

This study uses the confirmatory specification approach to develop a parsimonious multiple regression model for the purpose of explaining and predicting the dividend behaviour of a cross-section of 53 firms in Nigeria for the period 1993 to 2002. The model employs current earnings, previous dividends, cash flow, investment and net current assets ... Continue Reading


marketing liquefied petroleum gas in nigeria


Today, more than ever before, petroleum resources has been recognised as the basis of economic and social progress of most nations. Nigeria has been blessed with abundant deposits of this resources and the important role which this sector plays in our economy is greatly being realised. It is the leading sector and the mainstay of our economy and th... Continue Reading


the impact of current economic policies on the profitability of commercialised government enterprises


This project involved the study of Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company Limited (KRPC) with respect to the impact of current economic policies on the profitabilitx of Government commercialised enterprises. The study is aimed at providing useful information on KRPC to its Management and Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE) as well as lid gover... Continue Reading


inventory management in the hotel industry


This study is based on inventory management in the Hotel industry - a case study of Kwara Hotels Ltd Ilorin. The researcher has been able to introduce the topic by analyzing the objective of the study the seope of the study and the limitations of the study. She has also developed two sets of working hypothesis to buttress her findings and her recom... Continue Reading


the impact of deregulation policy on the nigerian financial system

The introduction of Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) with its instruments of implementation have brought about radical transformation of the Nigerian economy. These tools of SAP, aimed at correcting the imbalance inheren; in the economic system have had a profound influence on the manner and ability with which the banks carryout their activiti... Continue Reading


the application of the marketing concept in the nigerian manufacturing industry


This study was undertaken to enable us understand the extent to which firms in the manufacturing industry in Nigeria, apply the marketing concept. Taking into consideration the country's large population, and large number of manufacturing firms which hinder on individual analysis of manufacturing firm as regards the application of the marketing con... Continue Reading


impact of micro-prudential indices on capital adequacy ratio of deposit money banks in nigeria

It has been widely observed that throughout the seventies, the capital ratios of many banks throughout the world declined significantly. In an attempt to reverse this decline, the bank regulators in several countries issued explicit capital standards for banks (and bank holding companies, as in the United States in December 1981). These standards r... Continue Reading


corporate social responsibility and organisational effectiveness: a study of selected companies

Corporate Social Responsibility as a new concept in management science is gaining ground. This work is an attempt in the direction of gaining an insight into this concept, the views held about it and the effect it has on the effectiveness of an organisation. The need to assess the performance of organisations is as perennial as the study of busines... Continue Reading


intangible assets and performance of quoted pharmaceutical firms in nigeria

Conventional physical assets were initially presumed to be the main sources of value to corporate entities. Following the rapid growth and expansion of science, technology and globalization, particularly in the technological and chemical industries, both tangible and intangible assets are now accepted as potential strategic assets. This study which... Continue Reading


marketing legal services in nigeria ("problems & prospects")

My interest on this research was due to the fact that the Legal Professional Act of 1975 prohibits any sort of advertisement by a Legal Practitioner. As advertisement in law, is seen as unprofessional and/or likely to bring the profession into disrepute. The research findings shows that Nigerian populace are interested in knowing what services is p... Continue Reading


board characteristics and earnings management of listed foods and beverages firms in nigeria

As a response to some financial scandals and corporate failures in Nigeria and around the globe which are linked to earnings management, certain characteristics of Board of Directors that can improve their monitoring function are suggested in the literature as corporate governance mechanisms. Thus, the study concentrated on three board characterist... Continue Reading


the impact of training and development on workers' productivity


Manpower development and training helps to identify any future divergence and thereby forewarn the decision makers to devise measures to prevent low productivity as a result of unskilled human resources. A shipping industry like the National Maritime Authority Lagos, by the nature of the services it renders attracts a lot of clients. This variety o... Continue Reading


effect of firm specific characteristics on financial leverage of quoted diversified companies in nigeria

Financial decision of a firm has continued to constitute concern amongst managers, analysis, researchers, scholars as well as policymakers. This study investigates the Effect of Firm Specific Characteristics on Financial Leverage of Quoted Diversified Companies in Nigeria. The population of the study is the six (6) Diversified Firms listed on the N... Continue Reading


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