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marketing policy for kaduna refining and petrochemical company manufacturing plant

Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) limited's Tin and Drum Manufacturing Plant was commercialised in 1987 due to dismal performances, with the objective of optimum returns on investments. Thus far, this has not been achieved. The highest capacity utilised was 44% in 1991 with net income (before taxes) of #10.58 million. The objective... Continue Reading


the market segmentation of a public transport corporation in a developing economy


One of the agenceis through which transpor service is carried out,is the railways . It i s one o f the most important modes of transportation very essential for economic activities of any nation it has responsibiliy for providing rail service.In Nigeria this responsibility is vested in the nigerian railway cooporation The important of rail service ... Continue Reading


determinants of stock returns in the nigerian stock exchange (nse)

This study examined the determinants of stock returns in Nigerian stock exchange. The study employs monthly data from 2004 to 2012 and the determinants are interbank call money rate, exchange rate, money supply, interest rate and foreign portfolio investment while the stock returns is represented by all share index,. The ordinary least square estim... Continue Reading


marketing strategies of financial institutions in nigeria


A study of selected Banks, was designed to (among other objectives), determine the extent to which Nigerian Banks have adopted strategic marketing. The study was also designed to identify current and future functional area strategies relevant to bank service marketing in Nigeria. A primary objective of this study was the identification of marketin... Continue Reading


evolving a new receivables collection policy for the international arm of nigerian telecommunications limited (formarly net ltd) noth-vwest zone kaduna

Nigerian Telecommunications Limited deals with Communications business in Nigeria. It is specifically created to provide and maintain Communications services externally and internally for the entire populace of Nigeria and also make profit. The main line of business includes Telephone, Telex and Telegraph services throughout the country and to any... Continue Reading


assessment of the effectiveness of management of universal basic education


Education has over the years become an instrument for enhancing national development the world over. Accordingly, countries have tried to provide this social service in order to accelerate rapid socio-economic development. In Nigeria, the Universal Basic Education was launched in September 1999 as a strategy to meet the millennium development goals... Continue Reading


implementation of monetization of fringe benefits in the nigerian federal public service : an evaluation 1999-2007

This study was undertaken as a result of the high costof providing fringe benefits in the Nigerian federal public service, which was characterised by waste,abuse and corruption, making it an intolerable burdenon the government. Monetization was adopted to address these myriad of problems. The major objective of this study was to evaluate how effe... Continue Reading


effective and sustainable marketing of city tourism in abuja - the federal capital territory (fct), nigeria.

This study is directed at the tourism industry in Nigeria using Abuja City as a focus for revealing the enormous potentialities that remain untapped by succeeding governments in Nigeria and the passive private sector The fact that tourism is now the world's largest industry, it has continued to receive considerable attention word wide The fact is... Continue Reading


effects of audit quality on earnings management of listed oil marketing companies in nigeria

This study examined the effect of audit quality proxied by audit firm size, auditor industry specialization, auditor tenure, client importance and audit committee financial expertise on earnings management represented by discretionary accruals of listed oil marketing companies in Nigeria. The study also examined the effect of the interaction betwee... Continue Reading


funds management by commercial banks


Banking activities provides an essential lubricant for the 'wheel' of economic activity and, the faster rate of growth envisaged in the economy the more the facilities required from the banking industry. Through the mobilisation of funds from surplus sector and dispensation of credit to the deficit sector, the banks transfer resources from cu... Continue Reading


assessment of the administration of the national poverty eradication programme (napep) in selected northern states of nigeria

In response to the increasing rate of poverty in Nigeria and the inability of the existing poverty alleviation measures to alleviate poverty in the country, National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) was established in 2000 by the Federal Government to serve as the highest poverty alleviation machinery in the country. The Central problem which ... Continue Reading


marketing of services in private educational sector


The proposal on the marketing of Services in Private Educational sector of the economy stemmed from the failure of many private schools low-a-days of which no concrete solution has been found. The failure has not been limited to those that is just coming into private school but also the well and long established ones. This project therefore t... Continue Reading


an assessment of the impact of wealth maximization goal of business on corporate social responsibility in nigeria

The project is an exposition towards determining the impact of business goal on the exercise of business’ social responsibility. The research was conducted by the analysis of field data collected through questionnaires, interviews, personal observation and by a critical review of related literatures. Data were collected from at least two business... Continue Reading


impact of e " banking on customers"s satisfaction in zenith bank plc

This study was structured to assess the impact of e-based banking transactions on customer satisfaction at First Bank Plc. In doing this, the following null and alternative hypothesis was formulated; that e-transaction has made negative impact on customer satisfaction (H0) while the alternative hypothesis (H1) is that e-transaction has made positiv... Continue Reading


effect of training and development on workers" performance in nigerian college of aviation technology


Training and manpower development is indispensable to the success of any organisation as efficiency in the productivity and performance of an organisation hinges on the knowledge, attitude and skills of the employees of the organisation. This dissertation evaluates the effect of training and development on workers’ performance in Nigerian College... Continue Reading


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