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customers ‟knowledge of islamic banking products and jaiz bank patronage in northern nigeria

This work focused on finding the relationship between customers‟ knowledge of Jaiz bank Nigeria PLC and patronage of the first full pledged Islamic bank in Nigeria. There are various studies on Islamic banking that covered a wide range of issues including those on Islamic bank patronage factors. The studies, which are mostly foreign-based, have d... Continue Reading


problems facing emerging stockmarkets in africa : a case study of the nigerian stock market

This research work focuses on problems facing emerging stockmarkets in Africa with the Nigerian Stockmarket as a case study. The purpose of every meaningful research is to discover answers to questions, and solutions to problems through application of standard procedures. Therefore, in carrying out this work, it became necessary to gives an introdu... Continue Reading


international financial reporting standards adoption and earnings management in nigerian non-financial quoted companies

This study investigated the effects of IFRS adoption on earnings management of non-financial quoted companies in Nigeria. I used a sample of 75 non-financial quoted companies in Nigeria that has consistently published their audited annual financial report between 2010 and 2014. In analyzing the collected data, I adopted descriptive statistics, corr... Continue Reading


effects of field-based teaching strategy on interest, retention and performance in climate change among secondary school students


This study investigated the effects of Field-based Teaching Strategy on Interest, Retention and Performance in Climate Change among Secondary School Students in Anchau, Kaduna, Nigeria. The study adopted the quasi experimental non-equivalent pretest, posttest control group design. The population of the study consisted of 1,655 SS II Geography stude... Continue Reading


the problems of revenue sharing in nigeria


The problem of Government revenue sharing in Nigeria have failed to achieve the goals desire by government and people of Nigeria, many factors have been blamed for this failure. Among these factors are: Political, Economic and Social. The objective of this study, therefore, is to analyse these factors and show whether or not they really affect succ... Continue Reading


corporate governance and profitability of listed cement companies in nigeria

Profitability is a vital factor that relates to the way and manner in which financial resources available to firm are judiciously used to achieve the overall corporate objective of an organization. Profitability keeps organization in business and creates a greater prospect for future opportunities. However, corporate profitability is faced with gov... Continue Reading


green marketing awareness and consumers" purchase decision of forever living products


Green marketing strategy is becoming one of the central components of marketing strategy, there are several literatures on this concept but it is still at its infancy stage in Nigeria and also consumers are lacking the awareness of the benefits of this strategy. The current study will provide a valuable insight to both practitioners and theoretici... Continue Reading


cash management in selected retail super-markets in jigawa state, nigeria

The scope of the study involved four supermarkets i . e. Nasiha, Nakowa Store, Namallam Zangi Supermarket and Dan - Abu store in four local governments they a r e , Taura, G-umel, Hadejia and Ringim respectively. The researcher found that "the owners of the supermarket pay loss attention to cash management i . e . Nasiha and Nakowa. And with regard... Continue Reading


effects of audit quality on earnings management of listed oil marketing companies in nigeria

This study examined the effect of audit quality proxied by audit firm size, auditor industry specialization, auditor tenure, client importance and audit committee financial expertise on earnings management represented by discretionary accruals of listed oil marketing companies in Nigeria. The study also examined the effect of the interaction betwee... Continue Reading


value relevance of international financial reporting standard adoption in nigeria financial service firms

This study examines the value relevance of International Financial Reporting Standards adoption in the Nigerian financial service firms. The study utilizes secondary data extracted from 35 listed firms for the period of 8 years (2008 to 2015); 2008-2011 for pre IFRS adoption and 2012-2015 for post adoption. The study uses correlation, pre and post ... Continue Reading


the impact of financial deregulation on the banking system in nigeria: 1989 - 1996

The banking industry in Nigeria came under the sway of market oriented policies in 1987 via the so-called policy of' Financial Deregulation' . A policy that ushered in a new monetary control regime - an indirect monetary regime. The impact of Deregulation manifested in different forms , some in dramatic fashion . Of great importance was that the ... Continue Reading


effect of public policy implementation barriers on field level bureaucrats


The aim of this thesis is to analyse the activities of field level bureaucrats to describe how they act to overcome barriers that affect policy implementation. While most polices rely on field level bureaucrats for their implementation, there is still a lack of empirical studies that provide an adequate understanding of how field bureaucrats can ov... Continue Reading


work stress, job satisfaction and teachers" turnover intention in zaria metropolis: the moderating role of self efficacy

Contemporary educational theory holds that one of the major causes of inadequate school performance is the inability of schools to adequately staff classrooms with qualified teachers and this might not be unconnected with shortage of teachers. In Zaria Metropolis, records have shown increasing voluntary turnover of public secondary school teachers ... Continue Reading


an evaluation of foreign exchange management in a depressed economy


Foreign exchange in Nigeria has become a major concern for both past and present government. It therefore means that the earlier we revisit our policy frame work the better. The work would attempt to evaluate the various foreign exchange policies of the government. These policies include trade, exchange controls, Administrative controls, foreign ex... Continue Reading


local government capacity in managing the education and health related millennium development goals programmes


This study examines the capacity of the Local Governments in managing the education and health related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) programmes in selected Local Governments in Kaduna and Zamfara States. The federal government has sunk in enormous resources and effort to strengthen states and local government’s capacities in managing the MD... Continue Reading


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