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the impact of industrial work experience on student department secretarial studies

(A case study of Department of Secretarial Studies IMT Enugu)

The study reported herein was carried out to identify the impart of industrial training to the training of students secretarial with particular reference to the institute of management and Technology Enugu, Enugu State. The study treated the background, statement of problems, purpose and objectives, scope and delimitation, significance and gener... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

the strategies for improving the functionalities of in-service training of secretaries in modern business organization in enugu state

The importance of training both old and new employees in an organization particularly in modern business organizations cannot be over emphasized. It is eviolent that new jobs usually required training in new skill. The fact that in service training helps to eliminate the numerous problems faced by old employees in coping with the new technologica... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

the effects of human relations policies on the performance of secretaries in emenite plc and amah breweries ngwo

The study investigated human relations functions available in EMENITE Plc. and AMAH BREWERIES NGWO. Questionnaire structured in two phases were used as instrument. The population consisted the management and the employees of both companies for this research and a sample of 150 was used out of the total population of 300. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

problems and prospects of teaching and learning business studies in secondary schools in nuskka zone

his study is an investigation into the TEACHING AND LEARNING OF BUSINESS STUDIES IN THE SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN ENUGU URBAN . Data collected was analyzed and discussed in different chapters that make up this research work. The data collected with questionnaire survey were tabulated and presented in numbers and percentages. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

problems encountered by female secretaries in business organization


This research world is aimed at defining the problems of female secretaries in business organizations. A case study of NEPA. The problems of female secretaries crivisaged in this include discrimination in employment, husband’s attitude, the secretary boss relationship, social problems, psychological problems and limited chances of advancement. ... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

problems affecting efficient performance of secretarial functions


The researcher in this work, examined the major problems affecting the efficient performance of secretarial functions in selected organizations and ministries in Enugu metropolis. In carrying out this project, the researcher initially stated the background of the study, significance of the study, research questions scope and limitation. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

identifying the consequences of inefficient filing system in an organisation


The research work looked into the problem statement, which in essence was the previous and present problems of filing system and how the study is being carried out. The objective of the study was to identify the consequences of inefficient filing system of these selected organizations. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a survey of problems associated with the teaching and learning of shorthand and typewriting at both the i.m.t and osisatech plytechnics, enugu

This study is directed towards finding out the survey of problems associated with the teaching and learning of shorthand and typewriting in Higher Institutions with the aim of ameliorating or improving the situation in order to achieve this purpose, five main hypothesis were made to validate or reject the assumption. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

problem of records management in institute of management and technology enugu

Record management is the making use, control and disposition of records. So that the system works efficiently and economically. Business organizations, government ministry, educational institutions and social institutions depend upon records for their existence. There are several problems that stand in the way of achieving an efficient and effect... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

occupational mobility and the effects on secretaries occupational prospects


This study examined the problems encountered by secretaries in some selected banks in Enugu metropolis. A total of eighty-eight questionnaires were administered to eighty-eight secretaries in these banks. After the analysis, the researcher made some findings with respect to the sample population studies. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a study of the negative impact of technological development on the secretary in a modern office


This research work has been carried out to determine the fate of secretaries with regard to increase in technological advancement. The instruments used in gathering data for this study are, the questionnaire, oral interview and observation. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

the survey of the effect of motivation on job performance of secretaries


The field of motivation is a very wide one. However, the researchers set out to see how motivation works in a management set using EMENITE LTD as a case study. The concentration is also on the secretary in order to reduce generalization and focus on a specific management personnel. A general introduction of chapter is presented to relate managem... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

problems encountered by married female secretaries in parastatals in enugu urban

This research work is aimed at determining the problems of married female secretaries in some parastatals in Enugu urban, Enugu State. The problems of married female secretaries envisaged in this research include discrimination in employment, husband’s resentment to work late, acting as official wives to their male bosses, limited chances of adv... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

the challenges of word processing to secretaries in some elected financial institutions in enugu state

This project is on the challenges of word processor to secretaries in some selected financial institutions in Enugu state. Questions have been asked on whether word processor had a problems in secretarial practice or not? Will the introduction of word processor not make additional demands on the secretary in terms of skill training and finally, wil... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a survey into the degree of usefulness of shorthand to modern secretaries


The degree to which shorthand is used in offices has been of serious concern both to students and tutors in secretarial studies. This study investigated the extent to which secretaries make use of shorthand in their day-to-day office work, whether the extent of usage is proportionate to the effort put in learning the skill and whether employers wh... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

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