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job dissatisfaction and its implication to career secretaries in federal establishments


This study will expose the cause and implications of job dissatisfaction among career secretaries with also equip practicing and would be secretaries with precautionary reasons within their ability to control problems which may likely come up in the discharge of their duties. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

management/labour relations and its effects on productivity


The choice of this topic study: Management/labour Relations and Its Effects on Productivity come up owing to the researcher’s desire to find out the effects relationship of mismanagement labour has on productivity in firms especially its concerns NITEL Plc, Enugu. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

problems of manpower training and development in manufacturing industries


One of the major ways manufacturing industries invest in their work force for greater returns today and even in future is through the training and development of her employees. Training is like sharpening of an existing skill in order to reflect the trends in technology and other socio-cultural environment of an industry. Productivity is the goal... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a study of the attitude of secretaries towards the use of modern office machines in some selected commercial banks in enugu urban

This project is aimed at studying the attitude of secretaries towards the use of modern office machines. In the course of carrying out this project, the effect of these modern office machine on the productivity of secretaries was discussed. The research paper also focused on the uses and importance of these modern office machine. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a survey of factors that influence the performance of secretaries in private organization in nsukka local government area of enugu state

The aim of this study was to determined the factors that influencing the performance of a secretaries in private organization in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu state. This study looked into the course of low performance of secretaries in the above mentioned local government and sought for possible means of redressing them in order to promo... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

identification of the problems of secretarial studies department in the institute of management and technology, enugu

The objectives of this Research project is on examine the problems of the secretarial studies Department is the Institute of Management and Technology Enugu, to high light possible solutions. Three groups of people in the department were selected for this study, using stratified random sampling method. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a survey of the problems and prospects of bilingual secretaries in an organisation


This study examined the problems and prospects of bilingual secretaries in an organization. People hold different opinions on the problems and prospects of bilingual secretaries. People fail to understand that the secretary is an important officer in every organization and her condition and effectiveness can either enhance or diminish the efficie... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a survey of occupational challenges facing secretaries in the enugu state civil service


The aim of this project is to analysis the occupational challenges facing secretaries in the Enugu State Civil Service. In order to make the writing a dream come through certain books and presented papers were Consulted and interviews were made also, after these consolations and interviews it become clear that secretaries are suffering from many... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

cover page the roles of a secretary in an bank administration


It was write aim of identifying the major contributions of the secretary to the success of banking administration and determining whether the secretary could be avoided in the scheme of activities without much problems that a through research was carried out in First Bank of Nigeria PLC Enugu both in the Head Office and two branches. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a comprehensive review of the factors that improve the advancement of secretaries in business organizations


It has been observed that the secretarial profession is becoming less popular in recent times. Various schools of thought have trend to offer explanations to this ugly trend. Some attributed it to the nature of this profession, others through that it has to do with the executive who is always bossing the secretary. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

an investigation into the contribution of personal secretaries to the operational success of the first bank plc, enugu urban

This research is conducted to identify in investigation into the contributions of personal secretaries to the operational success of the first Bank Plc, Enugu Urbain. The data for this study was collected through the use of questionnaires administered to secretaries and managers. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

application of shorthand skill in today"s business offices

For the effective discharge of their duties, professional secretaries must have a mastery of the basic office skills. These skills include Shorthand, typewriting etc. of all these skills, shorthand happens to the most important and most challenging of all. But in secretarial departments of most tertiary institutions, most students believ... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

the effect of communication barriers in organizational success


The main purpose of this study is to find out the problems of communication on organizational success using the Anambra Motor manufacturing Company ANAMMCO as a study. In line with this, three research questions were framed. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

the challenges of information and communication techology (ict) to modern secretaries


This research work has been carried out to determine the challenges of information and Communication Technology (ICT) to modern’s secretaries. This is with the basic aim of providing practical solution towards the re-engineering and sustenance of the secretarial profession. The re-training of secretaries, carrying out of visitation in form of ex... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a study of effects of poor office environment on the secretary"s job performance


This research work “The effects of poor office environment on the secretary’s job performance” was carried out with the overall aim of finding out the effects of poor office environment on the secretarys job performance. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

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