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computerization of banking service its effect on the efficiency of banking service in nigeria

This research project work was undertaken with a purpose of determining and evaluation of the effect of computerizing banking service and its efficiency on the banking services in Nigeria. The effect of computerizing the banking services on the behavioural aspect of management information system are Aggression Avoidance and projection on the other... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the role of computer in fraud detection and prevention in the nigeria banking industry

The contribution of the banking industry to the development of any nation cannot be over-emphasised. To this end, the study of the role of computer in fraud detection and prevention is a step in the right direction. However, the computer, although regarded as a veritable tool to improve banking facilities has not been employed by some banks. On th... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

corporate board characteristics and the financial performance of nigerian firms

Corporate governance is the oversight mechanisms which include the processes, structures and information for directing and overseeing the management of a company (Canadian Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, 2008). It encompasses the means by which members of the board of directors and senior managers are held accountable ... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the role of banks in the development of entrepreneurship in nigeria


This paper is on the role of banks in the development of entrepreneurship. It is aimed at dealing with the problems encountered by entrepreneurs in acquiring loans for their business, and also the role banks play in the development of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

review of monetary and fiscal policies in the nigeria economy

Occasionally, the nation is faced with economic instability, this could be as a result of less or too much money in circulation, therefore the researcher intends to write on laws these problem could be solved through the implementation of monetary and fiscal policy tools. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

bank failure and economic development in nigeria

This study is not autagonistic of any other rather it is complementary other works have been used here and duly acknowledge but everything is with an intent to find a lasting solution to the issue of bank failure. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the role of electronic banking in nigeria

This Project goes into the Roles of Electronic Banking in Nigeria, the supervisory framework. The security for the money, the component of the Electronic Banking, finding and recommendation for future uses. It is of a great importance to the students of Financial and Business Studies and those in economics. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

mortgage arrangement in depressed economy


This research project is a very crucial study of Mortgage Bank of Nigeria. The study was motivated by the necessity to identify the economic depression and mortgage management in Nigeria. This form of banking system has been in existence since the banking industries is concern based on given loan and advances. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

mortgage arrangement in depressed economy


The objective of the study is to find out the causes of unemployment and causes of high rates of business failure. To find out how government policies discourages the emergency of vibrant mortgage bank. To know why mortgagors default and strategies to use to recover unpaid loan. To know the causes of inflation in an economy. To offer suggestion tha... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

sources and utilization of local government finance in nigeria

Local government in Nigeria is the third tier of government. It supposes to communicate directly with the people through their representatives, it is through an effective local government system that is obligations and duties to the people will be idealized. The concept of the new system of local government with its objective is aimed at standardi... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the role of budget in banking management

This research work is on attempt to analyze the ROLE OF BUDGET IN BANKING MANAGEMENT. In conducting this research I went to united bank for Africa Enugu branch and some libraries to get some relevant materials for this research work consists of study based on selection of different secondary data. It also emphasis on ND 1 just the role of budget in... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the appraisal of commercial banks sectorial distribution of loans and advances

Commercial bank is a financial institution or banks that specialized in keeping money and other valuable safely and in granting short term loans, Advances to individuals and corporate bodies. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

effect of bank consolidation on performance of small and medium scale enterprises in nigeria

The central tenet of banking sector consolidation was to develop a strong, reliable and diversified banking sector that is capable of playing effective developmental roles in the economy, such as funding of small and medium scale enterprises and becoming a competent and competitive player rnin the African regional and global financial system. I... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

credit management and incidence of bad debts in nigeria commercial banks

The purpose of this study was to determine the level of credit management and incidence of bad debts in Nigeria commercial banks. In the ordinary course of lending banks including load debts, which are changed against the income generated by the cause for bad and doubtful debts. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

strategic marketing of banking services in nigeria

The proliferation of banks in Nigerian economy resulted in cutthroat competition among banks, the phenomena in informed the decision to probe into how banks market their financial services. In other words, the focus of this work is to find out the marketing strategies adopted by banks to create awareness of their products. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

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