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the role of working capital management in private sector establishments

This study was carried out to find the excellency of banking activities with the problems of working capital management in private sector. The aim of this research work is to find out the relationship between the working capital and management and banking activities and the contribution of working capital to word banking activities in economy. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

measures necessary to minimize the high incidence of bad debts in nigeria commercial banks

The main purpose of this study is to help enhance the incessant rate of bad debts in Nigeria especially in our commercial Banks. From time in memorial our Banks has been faced with bad debts problems due to certain roles they perform in the finance of our economic fund. This role of financing and lending is largely enhanced by the mobilization of ... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the impact of high bank lending on manufacturing sector of the nigerian economy

The study investigated the impact of high bank lending rate on manufacturing sector of the Nigeria economy. The research discovered that there is no positive relationship between high cost of funds and capacity utilization. It also that the firms due to the high bank lending or repair obsolete machines or service it. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

nigerian banks" efficiency performance


This study employed the Non parametric Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)under the assumptions of Constant return to scale (CRS),Variable Return to Scale (VRS) and Scale Efficiency(SE) to estimate the efficiency scores of the banks .A bank with a score of 1 is efficient, while a score below 1 means the bank is inefficient. The tests of the fou... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

minimization of bank fraud in nigeria (problems and prospects)

In summary, the aim of conducting this research work is to investigate into the causes of the alaming rate of bank fraud in Nigeria, identify the effects, and suggest possible solutions towards achieving fraud free banking in Nigeria. Accordingly the acts which constitute fraud are inexhaustible. But prominent among them is forgery. Generally, em... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the impact of the nigerian deposit corporation (ndic) on the operations of the nigeria banking industry

The study is an empirical analysis of the impact of The Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation of the Nigerian Banking Industry. The broad objective of this study is to determine how the NDIC has aided the operations of banks. Extensive field survey and library research was carried out and data collected were subjected to thorough analysis. Questio... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

mortgage arrangement in depressed economy


The objective of the study is to find out the causes of unemployment and causes of high rates of business failure. To find out how government policies discourages the emergency of vibrant mortgage bank. To know why mortgagors default and strategies to use to recover unpaid loan. To know the causes of inflation in an economy. To offer suggestion tha... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

impact of training and development of human resources as a critical factor in the banking sector

This research work on the impact of training and development of human resource as a critical factor in banking sector a case study of First bank of Nigerian plc main branch Enugu. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the effect of training and development of human resource in bank operation. The population of study which is the employees ... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

bank failure and economic development in nigeria

This study is not autagonistic of any other rather it is complementary other works have been used here and duly acknowledge but everything is with an intent to find a lasting solution to the issue of bank failure. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

sources and utilization of local government finance in nigeria

Local government in Nigeria is the third tier of government. It supposes to communicate directly with the people through their representatives, it is through an effective local government system that is obligations and duties to the people will be idealized. The concept of the new system of local government with its objective is aimed at standardi... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the role of bank export promotion for economic growth

This study is aimed at identifying the role of bank in export promotion for economic growth in Nigeria. Highlighting the various roles that commercial bank has contributed towards Nigeria match for growth and development in export promotion this study focused attention an the general operations of the bank historical structure and background for ef... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

effect of deficit financing on unemployment rate in nigeria


Deficit Financing plays an extraordinary and growing role in achieving full employment in Nigeria sustainable economic growth, price stability and poverty reduction. Theoretically, both Keynesian and neoclassical economists provided tools for government’s intervention, particularly with regard to government budget deficit financing. This study is... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the effect of taxation on manufacturing firms


The study is carried out as step towards giving answer to these problems. In attempt to solve the research questions, questionnaires were used to guide the study the collected data and stated questions were later analyzed and tested using arithmetic percentages. The influences and deducation drawn from these analyzes and tested reveals certain fact... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the effect of workshop in the banking system

Research work can be carried out at any level of learning. In the western world undergraduate student are not required to carry out research project that eay we do it here in Nigeria. as a requirement for awarding them first degrees. There, research project are reserved for mastery learning at the masters and PhD. Levels, therefore are some masters... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the role of community banks in rural development

Community banks were established in Nigeria to help remedy the rural development problem that has been facing Nigeria since after world war II. The fundamental concepts of a community bank is of a selt sustaining financial institution, owned and managed community or group of communities for the purpose of community of group of communities fo... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

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