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the impact of capital investment on the nigeria economy

In the project attempts were made to X-ray these problems and possible antdots which will serve as a panacea to these myriads of problems. Such results and findings include: creating awareness politically, total patriotism like those exhibited by George Ashington of America, Zike of Africa, Nkurmah of Ghana, to mention but a few. Also, eschewing s... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

nigerian banks" efficiency performance


This study employed the Non parametric Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)under the assumptions of Constant return to scale (CRS),Variable Return to Scale (VRS) and Scale Efficiency(SE) to estimate the efficiency scores of the banks .A bank with a score of 1 is efficient, while a score below 1 means the bank is inefficient. The tests of the fou... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the effects of financial leverage on company performance


This study will therefore enhance an understanding on how financial leverage can be said to thrive well in an economy that is forming in that as dept employed more founds to increase, for investment and as such profit fends to increase. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

minimization of bank fraud in nigeria (problems and prospects)

In summary, the aim of conducting this research work is to investigate into the causes of the alaming rate of bank fraud in Nigeria, identify the effects, and suggest possible solutions towards achieving fraud free banking in Nigeria. Accordingly the acts which constitute fraud are inexhaustible. But prominent among them is forgery. Generally, em... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

nature of banking services in nigeria

This is a research into the nature of banking services to find out the reason and suggest toward the performance creditably in banking services. Having carried out an intensive research I cam to the following recommendations/conclusion. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

sources and utilization of local government finance in nigeria

Local government in Nigeria is the third tier of government. It supposes to communicate directly with the people through their representatives, it is through an effective local government system that is obligations and duties to the people will be idealized. The concept of the new system of local government with its objective is aimed at standardi... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the impact of commercial bank lending on the economic developent of nigeria

The main purpose of this research work is to reveal, disclose and also to give a deep analysis of commercial bank lending and economic development in Nigeria. The nature of the economy and economic development of Nigeria is not encouraging because of the conceptual neglect of the ethnic group and norms and also adaptability in the formulation lendi... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

impact of training and development of human resources as a critical factor in the banking sector

This research work on the impact of training and development of human resource as a critical factor in banking sector a case study of First bank of Nigerian plc main branch Enugu. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the effect of training and development of human resource in bank operation. The population of study which is the employees ... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the impact of microfinance on welfare and poverty alleviation in southwest nigeria

The study presented empirical findings on the impact of Microfinance on welfare and poverty alleviation in Southwest Nigeria. It also examined Microfinance as key to poverty alleviation and economic development. It assessed the extent to which Microfinance Institutions had successfully helped the poor to improve their standard of living a... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the effectvene of financial control in public sector

The project tilled the effectiveness of a financial control in the pubic sector is very special to the government units. Federal, state and local gout etc. Filament funds are faced with a 1st of problems such as the difficulty in acquisition of funds as well as application of such funds so raised. The adaptation of weak system of accounting funds ... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the role of budget in banking management

This research work is on attempt to analyze the ROLE OF BUDGET IN BANKING MANAGEMENT. In conducting this research I went to united bank for Africa Enugu branch and some libraries to get some relevant materials for this research work consists of study based on selection of different secondary data. It also emphasis on ND 1 just the role of budget in... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

origin and development of co-operative societies in nigeria

This project was undertaken to examine the importance of effective marketing of services in the Nigerian financial industries. In the past, marketing was linked to services in industries like banking and rather to manufacturing industry in recent years; however, marketing activities industry in the banking industries have acquired increased import... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

fraud elimination in nigeria banking industries

Bank deals mostly with cash, financial instrument, which are generally of a negotiable and easily transferable nature. Hence, it is very imperative to say that the exposure of banks to both internal and external fraud is very great. This practice is always common to areas involving cash cheques and fraud transfer operations. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the effect of workshop in the banking system

Research work can be carried out at any level of learning. In the western world undergraduate student are not required to carry out research project that eay we do it here in Nigeria. as a requirement for awarding them first degrees. There, research project are reserved for mastery learning at the masters and PhD. Levels, therefore are some masters... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

determinants of banks' lending behaviour


This study investigated the determinant of commercial banks’ lending behaviour in the Nigerian context. The study aimed to test and confirm the effectiveness of the determinants of commercial banks lending behaviour and how it affects the lending behaviour of commercial banks. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

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