financing small-scale industries in nigeria


This study titled financing small-scale industries in Nigeria is aimed all determining the way by which development bank help to finance small-scale industries and solve some of their problems which include inability to procure necessary equipment. Lack of technical and managerial expertise, inadequate raw materials etc. Continue Reading


computerized guest information tracking system

Computerized guest information tracking system CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY. Information technology is an essential tool to guest tracking. The faster and more effectively it works, the safer our business management is. Information system (IS) refers to a system that comprises of persons, data records and activities t... Continue Reading

Computer Science

le destin dans al-istifakh ou l"idylle de mes amis et dans kamndjaha la dvoreuse de marie-christine koundja

This research titled: LE DESTIN DANS AL-ISTIFAKH OU L’IDYLLE DE MES AMIS ET DANS KAM-NDJAHA LA DÉVOREUSE, takes a look at the idea or theme of destiny in the African New Novels of 21st century. The existence of Man and his challenges brought about this study on destiny. The work, based on sociological approach, focuses on the reaction of MarieCh... Continue Reading


isolation and characterisation of microorganisms associated with rot diseases of fruit, stem and leaf of carica papaya j

Fruit, stem and leaf rot is a major constraint to Carica papaya production. Twenty-one papaya plant samples showing soft rot symptoms and comprising of fruits, stems and leaves were collected from the Covenant University Papaya Research Plantation for microbial investigation. The back, first layer after the back, inner layer and the seeds from ... Continue Reading

Biological Science

an evaluation of tax payers perception on the value added tax in nigeria

This work was aimed at evaluating tax payers perception on value added tax system in Nigeria. In 1993 the Federal Government promulgated a Decree in respect of the introduction of VAT, which is a tax on the consumption of goods and services. This was in view of the numerous benefits, which could be derived from the exercise. Continue Reading


design and implementation of e-learning

ABSTRACT The tremendous impact of electronic technology (like computer and computer embedded devices, computer networking, artificial intelligence, multimedia among others) on the human psychological capabilities productivity, intellectuality and other human related activities are very obvious. The quest and virtual implementation of computer in... Continue Reading

Computer Science

local government autonomy and grass root development


Local government Autonomy and grass root development ( A case of Nsukka Local government of Enugu state). The purpose of the study is to determine how local government autonomy has affected grass root development in Nsukka Local government Area of Enugu State. A total population of seven hundred and fifth staff working at Nsukka Local government w... Continue Reading

Public Administration

design and implementation of a management information system for political parties

ABSTRACT This research focused on design and implementing a system that will solve the challenges faced by INEC commission, in terms of effective administrative management and project implementation among others. It started with the execution of a thorough investigation and analysis of the manual system and finally to the design and implementati... Continue Reading

Computer Science

wireless power transfer system : development and implementation

Wireless power transfer (WPT) is an important topic nowadays. Although WPT has been known for more than a century, only now has the WPT industry started its rapid growth. The number of publications on wireless power has increased by at least 1200% in the last 10 years [9,2]. Current solutions are having great success in the marketplace with diffusi... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and implementation of a certificate verification system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A CERTIFICATE VERIFICATION SYSTEM ABSTRACT Certificate verification system is a system designed to computerize the process of adding certificates and verifying the certificates records considering the problems faced by doing this manually. The system was studied and relevant officials were interviewed to acquire t... Continue Reading

Computer Science

the language of christian religion: a comparative study of roman catholic church and some selected pentecostal denominations

ABSTRACT This study is an examination of the language of Christian religion with particular reference to the Roman Catholic Church and Pentecostal denominations. Chapter one embodies the introduction to the study, the objective of the work, its scope and delimitation, a brief origin of Christian religion, and that of the two denominations. Chapt... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

nutritive value of casava peel meal for pigs

Determination of the peel content of cassava tuber, nutrient composition of cassava peel and four trials were conducted to evaluate the nutritive value of cassava peel meal in pig diets. Cassava peels constitute 11 .80% of cassava tuber on dry matter basis. The rind on the other hand constitute 8.05% of cassava on dry matter basis. Results of the c... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

inventory control and management in a manufacturing firm

Inventory connotes asset items held for sale in the ordinary course if business or raw materials which will be used in the production of goods to be sold. This study has looked at inventory control in a manufacturing organisation sun rise floor Mill Limited Emene, Enugu. Before now, inventory control has been posing serious, problems to the floor ... Continue Reading


a sociolinguistic analysis of wole soyinka's death and the king's horseman

Sociolinguistic has become a recognized part of most courses on language study from the point of teaching research at university level. Today we think of the usage of a word and not its meaning. This is because a word means a lot of things different situations and environments. This work examined the place of bilingualism in the play. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

effect of different protein supplements on the performance of yankasa sheep fed congo grass (brachiaria ruziziensisr.c.m)

There were two trials carried out in this research, the first trial was conducted to investigate the growth pattern, dry matter yield and biomass production of Congo grass (Brachiaria ruziziensis R.C.M). The trial lasted for 24 weeks, during which plant height, number of leaves/plant, number of tillers/plant, leaf-stem ratio, percentage soil cover... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

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