the effect of environmental factors on the small and medium scale business in nigeria

Oshimili North LGA with headquarters at Akwukwu-Igbo was created out of the defunct Oshimili LGA in December, 1996. It has a population of about 80,000 people who are predominantly operating Small and Medium Scale businesses. There is controversy that small and medium scale business in any country where they operate play important role in the ec... Continue Reading


the relevance of industrial work experince to secretarial students


The student’s industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) Relevance to the Department of Secretarial Studies was researched upon. The instruments used was questionnaire ands this questionnaire items were used to answer the research questions. The results were collected and analyzed in the chapters that make up this study Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

dedesign and implementation of a computerised banking system

ABSTRACT In this world of competitive resource application and technological development, the banks have been totally computerized. This project work Design and Implementation of computerized banking system is concerned with the analysis and design of a computerized system aimed at supporting the whole banking operation provides an interface which... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation computerized power monitoring system

ABSTRACT This project research is focused on show-casing the means of monitoring the distribution of electrical power across local stations using computerized systems. It examines the concept of a computerized system and its importance in the manipulation of data to present useful and reliable information that will be used for decision-making. T... Continue Reading

Computer Science

maize adjunct in sorghum beer brewing

This research work was on maize (Zea may) abject in sorghum vulgare) beer brewing the sorghum was malted and milled. Malting was achieved by sleeping the grains in water at 280c for 48 germination of the grain was allowed for 72 hrs and kilmed in air oven at 550c for 48 hrs. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

a comprehensive review of the factors that improve the advancement of secretaries in business organizations


It has been observed that the secretarial profession is becoming less popular in recent times. Various schools of thought have trend to offer explanations to this ugly trend. Some attributed it to the nature of this profession, others through that it has to do with the executive who is always bossing the secretary. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

design and implementation of attendance management system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE 1.1 Introduction Attendance Management System is software developed for daily student attendance in schools, colleges and institutes. If facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular Employee in a particular industry. The information is sorted by the o... Continue Reading

Computer Science

integrated marketing communications and consumers patronage of nigerian beverage products

The need for an organization to properly coordinate its marketing communications strategies to achieve a clear, consistent and competitive message about itself and its product has become issue of concern to every result driven firm. The study is aimed at examining the impact of integrated marketing communication on consumers’ patronage of ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

design and implementation of a computerised banking

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERISED BANKING ABSTRACT In this world of competitive resource application and technological development, the banks have been totally computerized. This project work Design and Implementation of computerized banking system is concerned with the analysis and design of a computerized system aimed at supportin... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of a pensioners payrolling system

A pension is a contract for a fixed sum to be paid regularly to a pensioner, typically following retirement from service. It is different from severance pay because the former is paid in regular installments while the latter is paid in one lump sum. A pension plan created by an employer for the benefit of employees is commonly referred to as an o... Continue Reading

Computer Science

an identification of the effects of computer literacy on modern secretaries in nepa enugu

This project attempted to identify the effects of computer literacy on the job performance of modern secretaries and to find out if secretaries without computer knowledge can be conveniently employed in a modern office. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

co-operative societies and rural development


Co-operative societies was established to help rural dwellers who are less privileged, who don’t have enough capital to carry out their business enterprise. In what ways have co-operative societies helped in the development of rural areas. Continue Reading

Cooperative Economic And Management

the provision of qualitative services rendered to customers in commercial banks

The services Nigeria commercial bank render differs depending on the size of the organization. For instance, services rendered to the a large organization engaged in international trade is different from that of a sole trader-irrespective of the size, banks operates the kind of account that will facilitate individuals keeping his personal asset and... Continue Reading


design and construction of a sonometer

When one thinks about various musical sound he listened to daily he would realize the very important role played by some instrument include. The guitar, piano and violin, which operate on the principles of vibration of, stretched string. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

fabrication of a foldable camp bed

In this project, three alternative design solutions were considered for the foldable cam “ bed. The authors utilize the local materials (with cost consideration) for the components. The merits and demerits of each of the alternative with respect to the considered group were also discusses and the solutions of the alternatives that best satisfied ... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

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