a legal and jurisprudential analysis of homosexuality and same sex marriages: supporting the nigerian positiion



the effect of slum on property values


The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the effects of slum on property values at Aguowa via Trans-Ekulu and confirm that slum was responsible for the low property value in the area. The study showed that the slum occurrence was as a result of rural migration to urban areas and lack of original planning in the area. Continue Reading

Estate Management

characters and journey in amos tutuola’s the palm wine drinkard and gabriel ajadi’s the forest of god annotated translation of d. o. fagunwa’s igbo olodumare

ABSTRACT This project work deals with a critical analysis of characters and their journey using the novels of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm- wine Drinkard and Gabriel A. Ajadi’s The Forest of God annotated translation of D. O. Fagunwa’s Igbo Olodumare. This study tends to explore man and his adventurous life as a result of his quest. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

phosphorus status of three wetland types

Wetland soils, otherwise designated hydromorphic soils, may be defined as soils whose properties are influenced by the presence, either seasonally or perennially of standing water within their profiles (Eshett, John, Omueti and Juo 1986),also considered soils, Continue Reading


predicting student performance using neural network

PREDICTING STUDENT PERFORMANCE USING NEURAL NETWORK CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Background of the Study Education is an essential factor for improving the socio-economic, cultural, and political development of a country; for this reason, its role cannot be overemphasized (Ajayi & Ekundayo, 2008). In our contemp... Continue Reading

Computer Science

effect of composted municipal solid waste and npk fertilizer on the growth and yield of maize (zea mays l) in nsukka

Municipalities are facing a growing problem of how to safely dispose off their wastes. Municipal solid waste (MSW) is waste from households, commercial centres, institutions (school, offices). Composting is used to reduce huge pile of biodegradable MSW and convert it into value added product like manure and biogas. Inorganic fertilizer such as N... Continue Reading


the effect of industrial work experience on student in tertiary institution in fefdral polytechnic oko in anambra state

The main aim of this project is to find out the effects of students industrial work experience scheme to the students in tertiary institutions in Federal Polytechnic Oko in Anambra State. The researcher considered whether students actually receive practical training in industries and how far the training has assisted in improving their performanc... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

design and implementation of web-base public private partnership

ABSTRACT Public private partnership (PPPs) is a form of cooperation between the public and private sectors. Its goals are to finance, build (reconstruction), operation and maintenance of the infrastructure and to provide public service through the infrastructure. Within the PPPs entities of public sector are partner and customers of the ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

factors influencing entrepreneurial performance in small scale business

This research work, the Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Performance of Small Scale Business. The general objectives of this study are to assess the factor that influence entrepreneurial performance in small and medium scale enterprise (SMEs) and also to assess how each factor identified affects the success of the of th... Continue Reading


code switching in northern nigeria: a study of kanywood film industry

Abstract This study is an examination of the language use in the northern Nigeria film industry called Kannywood. This work focuses on Hausa-English code-switching in contemporary Kanywood films. Thenature of code-switching in the films, as well as reasons for code-switching are all examined.It is noted that code-switching in Kanywood films is m... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

information technology and the productivity of micro-business in nigeria

The study appraises information technology and the productivity of micro business enterprise in Nigeria: A study of selected organization in Amuwo-Odofin.The main objectives of the study are to examine the effect of information technology on the profitability of small business operations; and to appraise the contribution of information technology o... Continue Reading


the bleaching of palm oil using activated charcoal

This project work is on the bleaching of palm oil using activated charcoal. The charcoal used for this work was made from pieces of animal bone by carbonization method. It was then activated into two different samples. Firstly, the basic sample was activated using anaphoric acid (H2 s04) while the other was activated by just heating as a control ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

rights and obligation of parties under the contract of carriage of goods by sea

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATION OF PARTIES UNDER THE CONTRACT OF CARRIAGE OF GOODS BY SEA TABLE OF CASES PAGES Archbold (Freightage) Ltd. v. S. Spnaglett Ltd (1981) 1 Q.B. 374 41 Asfar v. Blindell (1896) 1 Q.B. 123 45 Boardance v. Phipps (1967) 2 A.C. 46 58 Casebourn v. Avery and Houston (1887) S.T.L.R. 795 41 Dakin v. Oxley (1864) 15 C.... Continue Reading


auditing as an aid to accountability on the public sector

This study is generally concerned with the causes and effect of inflation in the general economy of this nation, it is not limited to any sector, but special emphasis is laid onto individual and corporation. Continue Reading


a survey of problems associated with the teaching and learning of shorthand and typewriting at both the i.m.t and osisatech plytechnics, enugu

This study is directed towards finding out the survey of problems associated with the teaching and learning of shorthand and typewriting in Higher Institutions with the aim of ameliorating or improving the situation in order to achieve this purpose, five main hypothesis were made to validate or reject the assumption. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

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