network programming (secured client-secured chat application)

ABSTRACT Several network systems are built to communicate with one another as well as made available through service-oriented architectures. In this project, the client server architecture is used to develop a chat application. Firstly a chat application is created for both Client and Server which is based on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of web based recruitment portal

(A case study of Nigeria Civil Service Commission Enugu)

Web based recruitment portal is a web based application that monitors the recruitment process of any organization online. It has the features that allow the user to apply for job online. When application is sent through the web portal, based on the requirement of the said job description, the portal screens the candidate and determines whether or... Continue Reading

Computer Science

the effect of sales promotion on the marketing of coca-cola brand of soft drinks in enugu urban

This study examined those factors that influence brand preference among consumers in Enugu urban. The coca-cola soft drinks that are available in retail outlets in Enugu urban, was used on this study. Two sources of data were used in the study, they are primary and secondary data. Again questionnaires were used as research instruments to supplem... Continue Reading


design and implementation of an online bank verification number (bvn) system

ABSTRACT The Bank Verification Number (BVN) became imperative following the increasing incidence of compromise on conventional security systems such as password and Personal Identification Number (PIN) of customers. The BVN involves identifying an individual based on physiological or behavioral attributes, such as fingerprint, signatures and o... Continue Reading

Computer Science

an appraisal of the impact of delay in project delivery in construction industry

The main objective of the study is to investigate the effects of delay on construction delivery in Nigeria. But for the successful completion of the study, the researcher intends to achieve the following objectives; Continue Reading

Building Technology

the impact of social studies education on the political awareness of secondary school students for citizenship development in nigeria

The study investigated the impact of Social Studies education on the political awareness and political orientations of JSS III students for citizenship development in Nigeria. Six research hypotheses were raised to guide the study. The Test Instrument which provided the basis for data collection in the research was titled, “Political Awareness Test... Continue Reading


the role of radio in mobilizing nigerian women into politics

The main trust of this study is to find out the role of radio in mobilizing Nigerian women in politics. This is studied in relation to other media of communication. We became interested in this project since 4th March, 2004, when some of us listened to the review on the international women’s day on COSMO FM with the title “Nigerian Women Sin... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

evaluation of the contribution of community based organisation (cbos) to the development of communities in nigeria

Evaluation of the Contribution of Community Based Organisation (CBOs) to the Development of Communities in Nigeria (A Study of Offa Local Government Area Kwara State), these CBOs provide socio-economic facilities for the common benefit of the community. This type of organization has been in existence in Offa Local Government Area even before the cr... Continue Reading


design and implementation of wireless data handling management system

Design and implementation of wireless data handling management system CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Of The Study For the past years, power lines have been used for the transmission of electricity; but nowadays with the emergence of modem networking technologies and the need for information spreading, data transmission over pow... Continue Reading

Computer Science

an investigation into academic indiscipline and failure among secondary school students in (english language mathematics, igbo language, agricultural science, economics

ABSTRACT This studies an investigation into academic indiscipline and failure among secondary school students (English language mathematics, Igbo, Agric, Economics. period 2005-2011 (a case study of Nigeria) the population of the study consists of five subjects in senior secondary school in Nigeria Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the effects of modern office automation on the productivity of secretaries

This study was carried out to investigate the effects of modern office automation on the productivity of secretaries. In order to obtain the required information, questionnaire were administered to secretaries. Data collected are presented under discussions and findings in chapter four. From the data collected, the researcher was able to identify t... Continue Reading

Office Technology

comparing the compressive strength of concrete made with sand as fine aggregate and with chipping dust as fine aggregate

Common river sand is expensive due to excessive cost of transportation from natural sources. Also large-scale depletion of these sources creates environmental problems. As environmental transportation and other constraints make the availability and use of river sand less attractive, a substitute or replacement product for concrete industry needs to... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

comparative analysis of mineral concentration of surface water and underground water in imt biological garden and possible application and use in creating concrete pond habitat

Comparative analysis of mineral concentration of surface water and underground water was carried out using WHO standard method for water testing. The water samples were collected from well and stream and were analyzed in the laboratory for mineral concentrations. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

corporate advertising as an effecting promotional tool in the marketing of banking services


This study on Continue Reading


design and development of internet security package

DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF INTERNET SECURITY PACKAGE (A Case Study Of Access Point Communication Limited Umuahia) ABSTRACT This project study is focused on the design and development of security package for the Access Point Communication Limited. This research work came to existence the time when internet caf business is becoming very popular... Continue Reading

Computer Science

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