an appraisal of illiterate mothers perception on birth control


This study was undertaken to find out the attitude of illiterate mothers in Onitsha North L.G.A toward birth control. This project tries to find out why these illiterate mothers neglect birth control thus produce as many children as possible even to their own detriment. To make this study successful, questionnaires were used to collect the necessar... Continue Reading

Home and Rural Economics

impact of leadership style on organizational productivity

The study discovered that leadership style affect organizational performance of any given company. That the style of leadership a manager adopted has a direct effect on the organizational performance of the employee. The study among others things discovered are, that participatory style of leadership and delegation of duties enhances the ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

effects of computerised accounting method and control system on production

This study entitled the "Effects of Computerized Accounting Method and Control Systems on Production" attempt to determine the effects of automated accounting system on production. There are numerous problems associated with the use of human labour alone to process accounting information. In many cases errors such as errors of commission and omis... Continue Reading


fodio as a muslim jurist

This work is a critical and objective study of Abdullahi as a Muslim jurist. Chapter one deals with the background to 'Abdullahi's society and gives a brief account of the political, social, economic and religious conditions of the peoples of the Hausa States in the 18th century. Chapter two gives a brief account of 'Abdullahi's life. It covers his... Continue Reading


the role of mortgage institution in housing in nigeria (a case study of anambra home limited (2006-2014)

This research work focuses on the Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

design and implementation of a mobile and web application for the automation of library task

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A MOBILE AND WEB APPLICATION FOR THE AUTOMATION OF LIBRARY TASK ABSTRACT Libraries play a vital role in the educational, industrial and technological progress of a country, of which it role is to achieve a free flow of information from the point of generation to the point of utilization efficiently and ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

a comparative analysis of the conflict situations and choice of laws in the nigerian legal system and other legal systems.

A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE CONFLICT SITUATIONS AND CHOICE OF LAWS IN THE NIGERIAN LEGAL SYSTEM AND OTHER LEGAL SYSTEMS. GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0: INTRODUCTION The project looks into the problems which arise when one legal system has to deal with the legal rules of another in matters of private rights. More particularly, because the... Continue Reading


utopianism and charaterisation in aminata sowfall’s the begger’s strike and sembene ousmane’s xala

CHAPTER ONE Introduction Though a lot of people have written Utopianism and characterization, but this research work is to assess Utopianism in Aminata Sowfall’s The Beggars Strike and Sembene Ousmane’s Xala through the use of characterization. Hegel’s in the phenomenology of spirit maintains that as a warning against all forms of Utopiani... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

diversifying source of finance for nigeria's federal universities


The problem of inadequate funding by the Federal Government is one which the Universities have been facing in recent years. With t h e grim economic situation in the country and the rapid rise in the number of Federal Universities , it is now becoming clearer that the Federal Government may no longer be in a position to bear the financing of the ... Continue Reading


transportation and the economy of kano metropolis, 1967-2014: a historical study of intra-city commercial transport services

This study examined the historical processes that led to the evolution and subsequent development of intra-city commercial transport services and their overall impact on the economy of Kano metropolis from 1967-2014. The study therefore, centers on the role of commercial road transportation in molding the economy of Kano. Its main focus is post- co... Continue Reading


construction of shell and tube heat " exchanger

Heat exchanger is a device in which heat is transferred from one fluid stream to another, normally by the combine process of conduction and connection. The made possible by shell and tube in which fluid pass through and exchange takes place. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

determination of hardness of well water supply in enugu metropolis


The hardness of well water in Enugu metropolis (Asata, Coal Camp and New Haven) was determined using complexometric titration with EDTA (Ethylene Diaminetetracetic Acid) which is the most widely used complexing agent for the analysis of water hardness. During titration, indicator such as Erichrome Black-T was used which acts a triprotic acid. The f... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

fabrication of candle mould with twentyfour (24) holes

The candle mould has twenty four (24) holes which could produce twenty four (24) quality candle sticks Aluminum, a non ferrous metal was used as the construction material for the mould the type of casting technique used was green sand mould method.In the process of moulding the pattern was placed in the flask which contained the green sand. The fla... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

demographical factors influencing attitudes to work and organizational commitment among academic workers in federal university oye-ekiti and ekiti state university


Issue of occupational commitment and attitude to work among workers is a thing of concern to all management of organization including the academic workers of Federal University Oye - Ekiti and Ekiti State University in Ekiti State.The present study investigated the influence of perceived demographical factors influencing attitudes to work and orga... Continue Reading


the effect of garlic (allium sativum l.) meal as a feed ingredient in the diets of broiler chickens

Four experiments were carried out to evaluate the effect of Garlic supplementation in broiler chickens. In the first experiments 0-4 weeks, a total of 270 day old broiler chicks were used for the experiment which had six treatments and three replicates, each replicate was allotted 15 birds in a completely randomized design. Six broiler starter diet... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

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