increasing the use efficiency of applied phosphate fertilizer by crops on nigerian acid soils

Phosphorus deficiency is a major constraint that limits food production in Nigeria, especially under acidic soil conditions. Presently, successful production of high nutrient requiring crops such as maize is only possible with the use of inorganic phosphate fertilizers which are very costly and often unavailable to the farmer. In an attempt to addr... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

an investigation into the contribution of personal secretaries to the operational success of the first bank plc, enugu urban

This research is conducted to identify in investigation into the contributions of personal secretaries to the operational success of the first Bank Plc, Enugu Urbain. The data for this study was collected through the use of questionnaires administered to secretaries and managers. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

the role of accountants in project feasibility and viability appraisal


This study provides an analysis and illustration of the principles of feasibility and viability appraisals and highlights the essence of the subject matter. It also brings into snap focus the accountants essential contributions, which have hitherto tended to be lost in wide diffusion. In view of the objective of the study already stated, the liter... Continue Reading


market basket analysis

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION Data mining is described as the extraction of hidden helpful information from a collection of huge databases, data mining is also a technique that encompasses an enormous form of applied mathematics and computational techniques like link analysis, clustering, classification, summarizing knowledge , regression an... Continue Reading

Computer Science

the role of mass media in crisis resolution


The aim of this research work is find out the crisis resolution of ijaw/ itesekiri of 1997. In the chapter one we make a research on the conflict between the ijaw and itesekiri of warri metropolis between may and July 1997 which could be regarded as inter “ communal feud as a result of economic and political tuasles. While in chapter two we... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

marketing of family planning services in enugu urban

This study has been carried out to access the marketing of family planning services in Nigeria using Enugu as a case study.Family planning is the process of determining the number, three and spacing of childbirth in order to protect the health of mothers, children, and as well as minimize ill health and early death.The research evaluated the effect... Continue Reading


solid waste management in ogbete main market, enugu

It is always known that cleanliness is next to godliness and health is wealth Good health is achieved if there is good management of the environment. The need for a good management of the environment cannot be over emphasized since there is a continuing environmental decay as a result of increased urbanization. Pollution is a major problem of... Continue Reading

Estate Management

the impact of venture capital financing on small and medium enterprises

Data from the International Finance Corp developing world the private economy is almost entirely comprised of SMEs' and that they are the portunityonlyfor realisticmillionsofpoorpeople employ throughout the world' 4 9% 3 21% 1 55% 2 15% Figure 1: Fiscal Year 2004 Approvals in USD Source: 20... Continue Reading


the role of budget in banking management

This research work is on attempt to analyze the ROLE OF BUDGET IN BANKING MANAGEMENT. In conducting this research I went to united bank for Africa Enugu branch and some libraries to get some relevant materials for this research work consists of study based on selection of different secondary data. It also emphasis on ND 1 just the role of budget in... Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

the problems of financing government corporations


In carrying out the research, the researcher intends to find out the outlet to which commercial banks finance the activities of TRANSPORT COMPANY OF ANAMBRA STATE LIMITED, to ascertain whether the ability of TRACAS to meet debt repayment schedule of financiers militate against is availability of funds, to determine the extent to which the governmen... Continue Reading


nativization of english in african literary texts: a lexico-semantic study of transliteration in gabriel okara's the voice ebi yeibo

Abstract As a result of the bilingual nature of African nations due to the historical accident of colonialism, the problem of which language (ie. Indigenous or colonial language) to adopt for literary expression, has lingered on. This has precipitated the use of various devices by African writers to contextualize aspects of indigenous meaning in... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

effect of school environmental factors on teaching and learning of economics in secondary schools

This study examines the influence of environmental factors on teaching learning process of economics in secondary schools. Primary method of data collection was used. One way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and cross tab Chi Square was used to analyse the data. Findings from the study revealed that the environmental factors examined in this study have... Continue Reading


adoption of drought tolerant maize for africa (dtma) and its effects on maize farmers livelihood in katsina state, nigeria

The broad objective of the study was to examine the adoption of Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa (DTMA) and its effects on maize farmers‟ livelihood in Katsina State of Nigeria. Data for the study were collected through structured questionnaire administered to purposively selected 276 maize farmers using a multi-stage sampling procedure. The dat... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

mobile computing location management system

TABLE OF CONTENT Approval/Certification ii Dedication iii Acknowledgement ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

an appraisal of sound design and application in select a.b.u studio theatre performances

The development of technological devices which led to the advancement of sound design in professional theatre created a new platform and improved the quality of theatre productions, by enhancing and advancing the message of performances in the theatre.However, most academic theatres in Nigeria have not been able to maximize the potentials of sound ... Continue Reading


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