effect of population growth on land resources development


This study is focused on the Continue Reading

Quantity Surveying

profitability and efficiency of cowpea production in giwa and soba local government areas of kaduna state, nigeria

The study examined the profitability and efficiency of cowpea production in Giwa and Soba Local Government Areas of Kaduna state, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was adopted in selecting two Local Governments, and two districts from each Local Government. Primary data were collected from the total of 158 respondents through the use of a s... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

impact of bank-specific factors and macroeconomic variables on nonperforming loans of listed deposit money banks in nigeria

The study examines the impact of bank-specific factors (loan loss provision, capital adequacy ratio and loan to total asset ratio) and macroeconomic variables (exchange rate and crude oil prices) on nonperforming loans of listed deposit money bank in Nigeria. The study used secondary sources of data, which is panel data in nature, over the period 2... Continue Reading


effect of audit committee characteristics on financial reporting quality of listed deposit money banks in nigeria

Several banking regulations reports as well as extant literature have established that Nigerian banks’ audit committees are poorly constituted which may affect the quality of financial reporting. It is on this premise that this study investigated the effect of audit committee characteristics on the financial reporting quality of Deposit Money Ban... Continue Reading


development of e-learning website for yaba tech students

Development of E-Learning Website for yaba tech students CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Markus (2008) defines e-learning as a learning process created by interaction with digitally delivered content, network-based services and tutoring support. This definition focuses on the revolutionary impact of network-enable... Continue Reading

Computer Science

discipline and disciplinary measures in the nigerian public service: a case study of kaduna polytechnic

Discipline and disciplinary are very important organizational dynamics. Its success or failure can be of great effect on other aspects of organization dynamics i.e. training, motivation, moral, performance etc. The study is aimed at appraising the nature and extent of staff indiscipline and its effects in Kaduna polytechnics. Data were sourced fr... Continue Reading


the impact of marketing logistics on corporate profitability in the brewery industry


The study as the impacts of marketing logistics on the corporate profitability in the industry a ( case study of NBPLC,ENUGU IC) was carried out with the following objectives: To determine if consumers are satisfied with the marketing logistics strategies adoptioned by Nigeria brewery plc Enugu. To offer solutions and suggestion on how to t... Continue Reading


audit report and its impact on business firm

Today in the country people view the auditor in different ways. Some recognize them as a body that check the fraudulent acts in a present business organization while others regard the auditor as somebody who approaches his work with suspicion or with foregone conclusion that there is something wrong. Continue Reading


performance of broiler chickens fed kapok (ceiba pentandra) seed cake fermented or non-fermented as replacements for groundnut cake in broiler chicken diets

Two experiments were conducted to evaluate performance of broiler chickens fed Kapok seed cake (KSC) fermented (FKSC) or non-fermented (NFKSC) as replacements for groundnut cake (GNC) in broiler diets. In each experiment, 225 day old broiler chicks were randomly allotted to five dietary treatments in a completely randomized design with 15 birds per... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

design and implementation of an expert system in diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION Over the year the leading cause of death in women aged between 35-54 years is breast cancer and second to cardio vascular disease in order women (Logan 1975). Mortality and incidence rate vary throughout the world with England and wale making first and us fourteen developing countries like Nigeria not left. In fa... Continue Reading

Computer Science

assessment of employee's knowledge and compliance on information security governance

This research study reviewed relative literature on Internet and information security governance within organisations to determine what factors affecting employees‟ compliance on information security governance. Five key factors were determined to potentially affecting employees‟ compliance based on this literature review. A survey instrument w... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the effect of garlic (allium sativum l.) meal as a feed ingredient in the diets of broiler chickens

Four experiments were carried out to evaluate the effect of Garlic supplementation in broiler chickens. In the first experiments 0-4 weeks, a total of 270 day old broiler chicks were used for the experiment which had six treatments and three replicates, each replicate was allotted 15 birds in a completely randomized design. Six broiler starter die... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

a mathematical model for prediction of the strength of sancrete cement block


Sandcrete blocks are prismatic units manufactured from lean (sand-cement) mortar mixes and are the predominant walling materials used in buildings in Nigeria and other countries. Although the blocks are preferred to other similar walling material such as bricks and concrete blocks due to the availability of the dominant material (sand) in the count... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

credit management and incidence of bad debts in nigeria commercial banks

The purpose of this study was to determine the level of credit management and incidence of bad debts in Nigeria commercial banks. In the ordinary course of lending banks including load debts, which are changed against the income generated by the cause for bad and doubtful debts. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

intertextuality and context: a functional linguistic study of biyi bandele"s the man who came in from the back of beyond and burma boy

This dissertation entitled, Intertextuality and Context: A Functional Linguistic Study of Biyi Bandele‟s The Man Who Came In From The Back Of Beyondand Burma Boy conceptualises the levels of intertextual influx of the two novels via multi-leveled layers of context. It buttresses the linguistic review rather than the literary and examines how at ... Continue Reading


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