state agencies, industry regulations and the quality of accounting practice in nigeria

This study empirically investigates the impact of state agencies and industry regulations on the quality of accounting practice in Nigeria. A two stage approach in which the first stage was complemented by the second stage was adopted in carrying out the study. First, the study adopted a survey approach in which data were collected from use... Continue Reading


the role of public relation as a tool for customer service industry


This research work tilled “ Public Relations as a tool for Customer Attraction and Retention in the service Industry ( A case study of NTA Enugu services to some selected financial institutions)” was carried out with the objective of: - Finding out the impact of public relations on consumer patronage of NTA Services - Finding out of public ... Continue Reading


design and implementation of online video rental service

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ONLINE VIDEO RENTAL SERVICE CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION Renting, also known as hiring or letting, is an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of a good, service or property owned by another. A video rental shop/store is a physical business that rents home videos such as movie... Continue Reading

Computer Science

the management of direct small holder agricultural loan portfolio


Direct Small Holder Agricultural Loan portfolio Management is a major task that must be done if the existing long standing creditable Small Holder clients of the bank are to be retained and not lost to Commercial and Merchant banks. This involves the use of heuristic to the most complicated techniques for decision making. This should be done in suc... Continue Reading


challenges and qualities of a good teacher, a case study of some selected secondary

CHALLENGES AND QUALITIES OF A GOOD TEACHER, A CASE STUDY OF SOME SELECTED SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN GBOKO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The idea of good teacher for each individual is variable. Students´ perception, opinions and/or experiences about a good teacher are different. A... Continue Reading

Computer Science

an investigation into the dynamic role of secretaries in business organization


This research work is aptly titled An Investigation into dynamic role of secretaries in Business organization. A case study of Ama Brewery company Plc Enugu. The study is to identify the inter-relationship between the secretary and the true image of the secretary in an organization and also between the secretary and the executives Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

development of a sales and inventory management of supermarket

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction Sales and inventory management is one of the basic problems of business organizations that need to effectively manage their financial information and stock records. It may cause a lot of paper work, if there is no automated system available. Inventory management is the process of efficiently overse... Continue Reading

Computer Science

technical efficiency in food crop production

This project is based on the technical efficiency in food crops production in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State. Data were collected from fifty food crops production farmers to ascertain the effectiveness and enhancement of technical efficiency in food crops production. The result showed that family labour, hired labour and material inpu... Continue Reading


the design of a 500 watts uninterruptible power supply with voltage low indicator [inverter]

As new ideas unfold and technology become advanced with business increasingly being dependent on technology for their fundamental operation; the need for system availability is of paramount importance. Uninterruptible power supply [INVERTER] maintain continuous supply of electric power to certain essential equipment that cannot be shut down unexp... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

ado asirin mata: nazari kan adon jikin mata jiya da yau

Over the years, researchers have overlooked the general body make-up of the Hausa women. This research entitled: Ado Asirin Mata: Nazari kan Adon Jikin Mata cimpiled surveyed the past work of the writers. The research explores the different categories of the body make-up. These include: Hair dressing, skin care or make-up and other related part. Th... Continue Reading


the advent of christianity and its impacts on tiv religious civilization

ABSTRACT The project work “The advent of Christianity to tiv land and its influence on church growth” traces the origin of Christianity in Tiv land, its impact and progress to the church in Tiv land. The project is carried out by primary sources, which an interview conducted by Zungwe Deborah, Rev. Prof. Ahaneku Anjou was interviewed on 23-06-20... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

design and implementation of stock management system for supermarket

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Introduction The range of items and materials stocks which might be held in Stores is huge. The variety and quantity of items and materials held in the Store of a particular enterprise will depend on its size and on its range of activities [1]. What we refer to as stock control comprises mainly the clerical and ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and construction of sound detector with alarm system

This project is design and construction of a sound detector with alarm system was done primarily to detector sound. It can be use in industrial and domestics. It employ four discreet stages with power supply which power the system. The 1st block is pick up amplifier containing the microphone and the input which serve as a transformer which the f... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and implementation of a computer based result management information system

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Caritas University, Amorji Nike, Enugu, is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria on December 16 2004. It was officially opened on January 21, 2005 by the Federal Ministry for Education, Prof. Fabian Osuji. The formal opening was on January ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

computer networking using wireless network

COMPUTER NETWORKING USING WIRELESS NETWORK CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY A computer network or data network is a telecommunications network which allows computers to exchange data. In computer networks, networked computing devices pass data to each other along network links (data connections). The connections between ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

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