the role of audit for the proper accountability of company's funds


This research work was designed to study and investigate precisely the Role of Audit for the proper Accountability of Company’s Fund with special emphasis on Department of Petroleum Resources. Prudent fund management requires that available resources be equitable allocated to all activities or proposals such that each ill not suffer under over al... Continue Reading


gudunmuwar baqin ‘yan kasuwa ga fitattun sana"o"in kanawa daga 1900-2015

Occupation is a process whereby a human being uses the natural resources and endowments that God makes available for him to utilize for his survival. This research focuses on the influence of the strangers on selected Hausa traditional occupations and crafts in Kano from 1900-2015. As a framework for analysis, the research adopted two theories whic... Continue Reading


effects of nitrogen and micronutrients on yield and protein quality of maize in a northern guinea savanna alfisol of nigeria

The experiment consisted of a greenhouse and field experiments. The field experiments were conducted during the rainy seasons of 2008 and 2009 at the Institute for Agricultural Research farm in Samaru (110 11‟ N, 70 38‟E) within the northern Guinea savanna ecological zone of Nigeria to study the effects of nitrogen and micronutrients on yield ... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

an archaeological survey of gorobi abandoned settlement, mayo-belwa local government area, adamawa state, nigeria

The research on Gorobi site is informed by the need to reconstruct the history of the Yandang people from an archaeological perspective against their sole dependant on oral tradition which was the focus of the few records on the area. The aim of the research is to document the archaeological finds and features found on the Gorobi abandoned settleme... Continue Reading


a critical appraisal of the strategies of exportation of made in nigeria goods


The research was conducted mainly to examine the strategies adopted by NEPC in exportation of goods made in Nigeria. For effective research on this topic, both primary and secondary data were used to elicit information from sample studied, the primary source of data were response from the personal interview, while secondary source from periodical,... Continue Reading


financial ratios as predictors of corporate performance


This project has evaluated the performance of zamfara Textiles Industries using financial ratio analysis. In total fourteen ratios have been considered under four broad heading (i.e. liquidity activity,debt and profitability ratios). There were a number of problems that were not resolved while undertaking this study which included lack of indus... Continue Reading


impact of redundancy on surviving employees a study of selected banks in nigeria

This study examines the impact of redundancy on survivours in Nigerian banking industry as it continues to restructure and downsize its workforce. The extent of this on survivours can seriously affect their productivity and thus have an adverse effect on the Banks performance. This study is therefore predicated on the nude factors responsible for s... Continue Reading


an investigation on the performance of nigeria agricultural cooperative and rural development bank (nacrdb) in agricultural credit delivery

The information was used to analyze, using descriptive statistics. The study therefore recommended that more branch office should be established, staff strength of the bank should e increased and approved. Continue Reading


problems and solution on production and processing of cassava

This study deals with the production and processing with special reference to Ovia North East Local Government Area of Benin City Centres for the purpose of this investigation two (2) study centres were randomly selected a questionnaire made up of eighteen (18) items was constructed with assistance of my supervisor and administrated. Finally it was... Continue Reading


the effects of nigerian pidgin english in university community

CHAPTER 1 Introduction: One of the most important differences between man and animal is man’s ability to speak and make others understand him. Language is only possible because within each society, people agree to understand a particular pattern of sound in a particular way. For instance, all English speaking countries understand the meaning ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a postmodernist representation in ben okri"s the famished road and flowers and shadows

This dissertation titled: A postmodernist Representation in Ben Okri’s The Famished Road and Flowers and Shadows is premised on the argument that irrespective of their individual themes, novels are significant mechanisms of presentation or representation of thoughts and ideas through semblances circumscribed by narration or telling, all of which ... Continue Reading


marketing promotion in a depressed economy, problems and prospects


The purpose of the study on marketing promotion in a depressed economy is to find out whether marketing promotions have a positive effect on the profit of industries inspite of the depressive state of the economy and also to find out whether marketing promotion increases consumer’s demand of a product in a depressed promotion perform the same fun... Continue Reading


development of a system that would allocate resources evenly over a wireless network during multicast sessions

DEVELOPMENT OF A SYSTEM THAT WOULD ALLOCATE RESOURCES EVENLY OVER A WIRELESS NETWORK DURING MULTICAST SESSIONS CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Multicast sessions are expected to be a common form of traffic in emerging mobile ad hoc networks. However, the recently developed theory for fair resource allocation in Mobil... Continue Reading

Computer Science

impact of firm attributes on share prices of listed manufacturing campanies in nigeria

This study examined the impact of firm attributes on the share prices of listed manufacturing companies in Nigeria. The study was motivated bythe shortcomings faced by related previous studies in the measurement of share price, and the less attention focused on specific sectors. The population of the study comprised all the 69 quoted manufacturing ... Continue Reading


design and implementation of claim based biometric authentication system over the cloud

In spite of their widespread use and ubiquity, passwords are unreliable as an authentication methodology because they can be hacked or even guessed, yet when it comes to biometrics it is very hard to impersonate someone. Therefore, biometric authentication schemes are currently widely recognized as the strongest authentication technologies av... Continue Reading

Computer Science

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