analysis of indigenous knowledge system for soil fertility management among farmers in selected local government areas of kaduna state, nigeria

The study was carried out to analyze the indigenous knowledge system for soil fertility management among maize farmers in selected Local Government areas of Kaduna State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to: described the socio-economic characteristics and institutional factors of the farmers; identify the indicators for fertility decline and ... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

design and implementation of a computerized hotel business billing system 2

ABSTRACT This research work identified and discussed the need for a computerized hotel billing system. The focus of this research is to introduce computer in the billing system of a hotel. A software package was designed to combat the error prone and tedious nature of the manual process. The new system was designed using Microsoft visual basic 6... Continue Reading

Computer Science

effective administration of credit in cooperative enterprises


This project is written to be useful to all who are interested in Co-operative Organizations, Management, students and the general public. This is to reveal the process of effective Management of Credit in Co-operative society in Enugu South. In this project, one finds out the means of which this co-operative organizations generate fund, for examp... Continue Reading

Cooperative Economic And Management

the role of traditional rulers in community development


The research is aimed at unveiling the roles of the traditional rulers in community development in Umunya, Anambra State , their impact in government and how they can contribute to a more viable united Nigeria. In this effort, the researcher shall delve into the past and shall critically examine the present to enable him project into the future. Continue Reading

Political Science

financial problems and survival strategies of small scale enterprises

The study was carried out to examine the financial Problems and Survival Strategies of Small Scale enterprise in Aguata  Local Government Area of Anambra State. The purpose of the study is to find out the financial problems and survival strategies of small and medium scale enterprises. Four r... Continue Reading


the place and expression of oral tradition in toni morrison"s beloved, song of solomon and ralph ellison"s invisible man

The place and expression of Oral tradition in selected novels of Toni Morrison and Ralph Ellison shows how oral tradition is able to link the past and present in terms of family origins and cultural identity at the same time. Since Africans were transported as slaves to America, they have nurtured and created a dynamic culture within a climate of i... Continue Reading


economic analysis of fluted pumpkin production

The joint FAO/WHO 2003 consultation on diet, nutrition and prevention of chronic disease recommended a minimum intake of 400g of leafy vegetables which helps in preventing and managing of nutritional and also health related diseases that are rampant in rural areas. According to Chweya and Denton (2000) the nutritional contribution of fluted pumpkin... Continue Reading


financing small-scale industries


While it is generally accepted that small-scale industries have a very vital role in the economic and industrial development of any nation, yet the financing of these industries especially in a developing country like Nigeria; and a newly created Bauchi State in particular, has always been difficult. The objective of this study is to investigate th... Continue Reading


advanced decision support system for software evaluation using quantitative evaluation technique

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction The task of choosing a software component for a specific function in order to integrate it in a software system is a typical case of multi-criteria decision making that frequently occurs in Software Engineering. Consider a decision maker with a set of components to fulfill a function in a software ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

critical evaluation of sospoly on line registration a student user preception

ABSTRACT This study examined critically evaluate student’s perception on online registration in Sokoto State University. In order to realize the objective of the work, some research questions with corresponding hypotheses were formulated. A total of 101 students in the Department of Computer science, Guidance and Counselling were used from a pop... Continue Reading

Computer Science

analysis of the impact of nomadic education programme on cattle production output and employment opportunities in north western zone of nigeria

This study was carried out to determine the impact of Nomadic Education Programme on the Nomads Employment Opportunity and Cattle production Output in the North West zoneof Nigeria. Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

the role of nardb in the financing of agricultural co-operatives society in nigeria

ABSTRACT The study is aimed at examine the role of bank in the financing of agricultural production with a view of determining the part played by the Nigeria agricultural and rural development bank NACRDB as the apex agricultural lending institution in the state. The researcher aimed to examine the nature of problems inherent such as illiteracy,... Continue Reading


design and implementation of data mining for medical record system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF DATA MINING FOR MEDICAL RECORD SYSTEM ABSTRACT Data mining is the extraction of hidden predictive information from large database which helps in predicting future trend and behavior thereby helping management make knowledge driven decisions. The data mining tool designed is to aid in quick access and retrieval of ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

impact of firm attributes on audit delay of quoted manufacturing firms in nigeria

This study is on the impact of firm attributes on audit delay of quoted manufacturing firms in Nigeria. As an important information mechanism, audit report remains the primary focus of audit firms, companies, regulators and investors. Undue audit delay reduces the quality of financial reporting by not providing timely information to investors and p... Continue Reading


survival strategies adopted by small "scale retail outlets in nigeria

(A case study of Eastern shop Ogui road Enugu)

This study was conducted to determine the survival strategies adopted by small- scale retail outlets in Nigeria. The population for this study was drawn from ogui read Enugu. This work was done in order to get the main survival strategies to be adopted by small scale retail outlets in Nigeria. Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

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