impact of community based agriculture and rural development project on crop production and other forms of rural livelihoods in kaduna and bauchi states, nigeria

This study was conducted to assess the impact of the Community Based Agriculture and Rural Development Project on crop production and other forms of rural livelihoods in Kaduna and Bauchi States, Nigeria. Primary data for the study were collected using well-structured questionnaire, administered to 746 beneficiaries and 746 non-beneficiaries. Desc... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

occurrence, distribution and evaluation of some cowpea (vigna unguiculata (l.) walp) varieties for their reactions to stem rot in north - west nigeria

Report of damage due to stem roton cowpea in some parts of Kaduna and Katsina States calls for urgent attention in finding possible ways of managing the disease.Knowing the status of the disease will help in employing necessary management strategy as it is a prerequisite to any pest management decision. Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

gender discourse in the nigerian society (a case study of the female gender in tess onwuemes go tell it to women)

ABSTRACT Genderism, an apt neologism for gender equilibrium in literary discourse and creativity is a sequel to feminism following the emergence of gender studies in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Since 1975 declared by the United Nations as the international women’s year, there has been an uprising in the global ferment of fema... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

design and implementation of a mobile and web application for the automation of library task

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A MOBILE AND WEB APPLICATION FOR THE AUTOMATION OF LIBRARY TASK ABSTRACT Libraries play a vital role in the educational, industrial and technological progress of a country, of which it role is to achieve a free flow of information from the point of generation to the point of utilization efficiently and ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

the importance of studing economics of co-operative business enterprises as a qualifying subject for the award of ond in co-operative economic and management

The research is important to both the student and members of co-operative business enterprises because it encourages growth and diversification, provided for the best us of human beings and stimulates creativity. Continue Reading

Cooperative Economic And Management

problems and prospects of small and medium enterprises in nigeria


The major purpose of this study is to determine factors influencing small and medium enterprises in Nigeria. To determines the extent finance house strick condition have affected the development of small and medium enterprise in Nigeria and also assess the extent poor financing has affected small and medium business operations. This study will help... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

design and construction of 25amps single phase automatic change over

The automatic change over switch makes use of protective relays and contractors among other things which constantly monitor the power system to ensure maximum continuity of the electrical service with minimum damage to life and property. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

teachers’ and students use of school libraries for developing reading culture in senior secondary schools

This study investigated the teachers and students’ use of school and class libraries for developing reading culture in senior secondary schools. The study employed a descriptive survey research design. An instrument titled: Teachers and students’ use of school and class libraries for developing reading culture in senior secondary schools (TSUSCLDR... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

evaluation of the implementation of special education curriculum in special junior secondary schools in plateau state, nigeria

The study evaluated the implementations of Special Education Curriculum (Programme) in Special Junior Secondary Schools in Plateau State, Nigeria. To study the level of special education curriculum implementation, five research objectives were raised which were to evaluate, whether there are adequate provision of instructional materials, the teachi... Continue Reading


the effect of emergence of transit television on the performance of smes

The concept and emergence of transit television for the purpose of this study will be linked to the overall concept of transit advertising in Lagos State. Transit, Advertising refers to the placement of advertorial materials within public transport vehicles and also on their exteriors. The Ads on the exterior of the commercial vehicles which are al... Continue Reading


teachers' perception of difficult areas in secondary schools biology curriculum

The purposes of this study were to investigate what biology content areas that biology teachers perceive as important but difficult for them to teach and the reasons they for perceptions. The investigator used a forty-item questionnaire to elicit information from one hundred and twelve biology teachers in Kwara State. Continue Reading


the impact of advertising in a corporate organization


The purpose of this study is to X-ray the uses of advertising in a corporate Organization in its areas of operation which mainly publics. But as a result of some constraints, this work has to be limited to the first Bank of Nigeria PLC only which is the case study. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

design and implementation of an online/intranet office chat application system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ONLINE/INTRANET OFFICE CHAT APPLICATION SYSTEM ABSTRACT In Nigerian Universities a lot of time is spent by faculty staff, and lecturers in various departments moving from one office to another in other to communicate with each other or sending files between each one another. Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of secure web based collaborative environment

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF SECURE WEB BASED COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction Collaborative Virtual Environment (CVE) allows participant from distant geographic location to share a common virtual environment, including virtual entities and resources maintained by a group of computers. In such a way that it can su... Continue Reading

Computer Science

discount houses: their relevance to the nigerian financial system

Discount houses are a recent addition to the Nigerian financial system's matrix.Discount houses are non-bank financial institutions which shift funds between the Central Bank on one hand and licensed banks and other financial institutions on the other hand, through the provision of discounting and re-discounting of eligible short - term securities ... Continue Reading


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