effective management of nigerian external reserves

This term paper goes into the analysis of the external reserves position in Nigeria it embodies the previous problems, current problems and future recommendation. It is of a great importance to the students of financial and business studies and those in economics. It is also a very important to business consultants and investors. Continue Reading

Banking and Finance

information ans communication technology(ict) utilization in agricultural information dissemination

INFORMATION ANS COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY(ICT) UTILIZATION IN AGRICULTURAL INFORMATION DISSEMINATION CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study The role of information in our societies today cannot be overemphasized. This is due to rapid growth in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs).... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of an online computer based test (cbt) system

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study It is widely believed that all tests will one day be delivered on a computer of some sort (Bennett, 1998, 2002). However, it is difficult to accurately predict when this day will come. It has seemingly been just around the corner since the early 1990s, when a handful of early adopters, ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

computerization and its effect on the banking industry

Banking is a relatively old and well known business in Nigeria and more especially the commercial banking. The evolution of this bank in Nigeria date back to 1822 when the first commercial bank. Continue Reading


a study of the role and performance effectiveness of professional secretaries in selected government metropolis


This study identified relevant role and performance effectiveness of professional secretaries in selected Government parastatal in Enugu metropolis. The study looked of issues like professional performance, rewards, training and other they experience in the course professional hazardous of their activities. Questionnaires were used in collect... Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

effects of modern technology on the secretarial profession in government parastals

This study was carried out to investigate the effects of modern technology on secretarial profession with special emphasis to NEPA Enugu. In order to obtain the required information, questionnaires were administered to secretaries in the organizations. Data collected are presented under discussion and findings in chapter four. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

a comparative study on "the importance of pidgin english in broadcasting"


The study or objective is to provide a common and natural language, regardless the earth ethnic group. Any communication or presenter needs feedback from his or her audience to make sure that the message disseminated has gone across and to achieve that, the communicator needs to select the language that will interest or that will be more understan... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

design and implementation of an online radio streamer application

ABSTRACT This research work deals with an online radio streaming application. Chapter one is an introduction to the project to describe what the project entails. It discusses the problems in the existing system. Also described in chapter one are the aim, the objectives, the significance and the limitation of the study. Chapter two is the literat... Continue Reading

Computer Science

effective management and control of people's bank of nigeria a study of minna in niger state

This project is an attempt to record for posterity, government's effort at alleviating poverty among millions of our people through finance administered bank. Poverty is a well known phenomenon, especially in developing countries. It stares us in the face. It is a condition of lack of funds, powerlessness, dependence on others for daily living and ... Continue Reading


development of a transit information system for transport company

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction Transportation is concerned with the movement of passengers, goods and services, from one place to the other. To effectively carry out their duties, they keep record of transportation information such as booking information, manifest records and vehicle movement records. This information needs of transpo... Continue Reading

Computer Science

impact of institutional financing on the performance of small-scale manufacturing industries


Various development finance institutions were established to alleviate the major problem of finance that small-scale industries face. Inspite of the intervention of such finance institutions, the performance of most smallscale industries, especially manufacturing, is not encouraging. This may be as a result of funds not adequate to gear-up their pe... Continue Reading


the water drainage problems


This research work on the water drainage problems (A case study of IMT campus 3 Enugu), the scope of this research work covers every activity which has to do with the drainage problems, background to the subject matter, rational for the study and the limitations of the study, the research review as, the related literature about the authors and scho... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

entrepreneurial development and its impact on our economy

The worldwide economic depression of the early 80’s caused a rapid detonation toNigeria economy. Thus, industrial output Shrank to an extents on local and commercial activities were consequently opportunities in the country.

Continue Reading


analysis of crude palm oil

Palm tree (Elaeis guineensis) is one plant which grows best in tropical regions. Palm oil fruit is a drupe consisting of a hard seed surrounded by a soft semi fibrous and semi fleshy pulp. In the center of this stone or nut lies the seed. The fleshy part of the fruit (the pulp) is at first black in colour, but as it ripens becomes bright red. Pa... Continue Reading


the importance of bank lending to the development of economy


The lending procedure as it pertains to my case study (FIRST BANK NIG PLC) has immensely contributed to the development of the Nigerian economy. Bank lending is very relevant of all sectors in the economy both private and public sectors because it is one of the major sources of financial sources of finance. Banks in this idea entails commercial ban... Continue Reading


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