fabrication of a metallic bookshelf

Knowledge could only be obtained successively by the use of books for research. This can be achieved only by preserving books already purchased. As a result we fabricate a metallic shelf made up of metallic sheet; precisely mild steel sheets. The mild steel used for the fabrication of the shelf is 1.5mm (16gauge) mild steel. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

excess of injunction in nigeria judicial system

EXCESS OF INJUNCTION IN NIGERIA JUDICIAL SYSTEM ABSTRACT Injunction serves as an order of equitable nature restraining the person to whom it is directed from performing a specified act or in certain exceptional circumstances cases requiring him to perform a specified act. Injunctions are judicial remedy by which a person is ordered to refrai... Continue Reading


a pedagogical analysis of teaching english as a second language

ABSTRACT This study aims to present a particular view of second language pedagogy. Teaching English as a second language is a quite complex task for a teacher. Language learning should be more fun and enjoyable for students to learn. Teachers need to have effective teaching strategies in order for students to grasp better in learning English. Th... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

impact assessment of disciplinary measures on staff performance


The study entitled “Impact Assessment of Disciplinary measures on staff performance in Kaduna State Water Board Zaria, City District and Sunseed Nigeria Limited was informed by the concern on the negative trends of staff indiscipline and failure to effectively apply disciplinary measures and procedures, particularly in the public organizations w... Continue Reading


design and implementation of a computerized students admission system

CHAPTER ONE 1.1. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY When one looked back with analytical mid, we can concluded that computer technology keeps an advancing with remarkable increase in speed accuracy and reliability. Computing in whatever field i.e. science, Business and industry is reaching directly or indirectly into various aspect of our society withou... Continue Reading

Computer Science

effect of poor management strategy in small and medium scale enterprises

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY 1.0 Introduction Building strong debt management institutions, developing clearly defined procedures and creating the capacity for rigorous analysis can help countries to manage these risks effectively, minimising the cost of borrowing and ensuring a sustainable debt position into the future... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of drug procurement and institution tracking system

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY Computerization is defined as the control of processes by computers and its peripherals. Today it would be difficult to think of any process, business or action that could not have profited from the numerous benefits of the computer system. Controlling process or devices with computer starte... Continue Reading

Computer Science

bacheriological examination of idodo river

This work was aimed at assessing microbial coal of Idodo river in Enugu state Nigeria. The samples of river was obtained from the arc of low activity, and a place where human activities are very high. The samples were collected very early in the morning and afternoon. They were examined to determined the bacterial organisms that are pathogenic t... Continue Reading

Science Technology

an examination of laws and procedures regulating trade dispute in nigeria

AN EXAMINATION OF LAWS AND PROCEDURES REGULATING TRADE DISPUTE IN NIGERIA CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0: INTRODUCTION TO STUDY Industrial harmony is very important both at the public and private sectors because of the negative impact of disputes in the labour sector. Trade dispute, when it occurs could be a very serious issue... Continue Reading


time management, an effective tool in today"s business

This term paper Continue Reading


an examination of effect of off shore unit on project financing in nigerian economy

This project is a very crucial study for the off “ shore banks to establish a way of financing in Nigeria. In carrying out this research work I intended to determine the possibility of off “ shore banking operation in Nigeria. Secondly, whether there is enough multinational firms and corporation to carry out the function of off “ shore b... Continue Reading


design and implementation of lighting switching control system (interface)

Design and implementation of lighting switching control system (interface) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Traditionally, high control in home and office environments takes place through switches (on/off), deals and sliders (dimmers) and sometimes motion sensors. These controls can be incorporated in the built env... Continue Reading

Computer Science

impact of employee welfare services in emenite co. ltd emene enugu

This research is aimed at examining the impact of Employee welfare services in business organization n Nigeria. It is organized in five chapters. Chapter one deals with the introduction which presents the background of the study where the topic under study was introduced, statement of the problem under study was given. Continue Reading

Secretarial Studies

structural detailing of a reinforced concrete structure " duplex


In structural detailing, the project is initiated by the structural engineer. The architectural drawings are prepared by the architect to the required scale and specification given to him by the client. The structural engineer designs the structural frame work of the building and specification required such as slab, beam, column and foundation. Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

television tobacco adverts and teenage smoking habit


This study is a survey on Television Tobacco Adverts and its influence on Teenage Smoking habit. It uses the Youths in Owerri Municipality in Imo State of Nigeria as its sample. The study uses the questionnaire as a survey method for the collection of data from the sample and population. The sample percentage model is adopted in vesting collect... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

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