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the effect of environmental factors on the small and medium scale business in nigeria

Oshimili North LGA with headquarters at Akwukwu-Igbo was created out of the defunct Oshimili LGA in December, 1996. It has a population of about 80,000 people who are predominantly operating Small and Medium Scale businesses.

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the impact of cultural factors of entrepreneurial performance

Entrepreneurship practices exist in most countries of the world, including Nigeria. In Nigeria the development of entrepreneurship has gone a long way to achieve industrialization and economic development. Management scholars agree that although management theory and practices have universal applications, the individual and groups with which it mus... Continue Reading


the contribution of the informal financial institutions to the growth of small scale enterprises in nigeria.

The economies of third world countries such as Nigeria operate with dual financial institutions. On one hand are group which function through direct governmental Continue Reading


influence of product packaging on consumer buying preference


This study was carried out to investigate the influence of product packaging, on the purpose of this the question experimental research design was adopted to study consumers towards various product packaging. The primary data was collected from the respondents using the questionnaire. After a critical analysis of the data collected, the hypothesis,... Continue Reading


the relevance of information technology (it) in e-business process

This study has examined the relevance of Information Technology on e-Business processes of SMEs, using Nigeria Limited as a case study, where the primary data was obtained. The total sample size was 138 since 150 questionnaires were administered and 138 were retrieved from the organization, the Basic research design was survey ... Continue Reading


factors influencing entrepreneurial performance in small scale business

This research work, the Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Performance of Small Scale Business. The general objectives of this study are to assess the factor that influence entrepreneurial performance in small and medium scale enterprise (SMEs) and also to assess how each factor identified affects the success of the of th... Continue Reading


techniques for assessing durability of small scale business opportunities in nigeria

Probably amongst the most crucial decision facing management today are those concerned with capital investment. Typical of these decisions are those related to expansion through adding of new product lines, factory extension for extension in new sales entries. The significance of a decision of this nature is obvious since based on the decision made... Continue Reading


ambiguities in newspaper headlines

ABSTRACT This project analyses semantic ambiguous headlines stating their communicative effectiveness with regards to print media. Using data from Vanguard and Daily Trust newspapers, the study discovered that ambiguities are prevalent in the newspaper headlines as a result of various manipulations on sentences and lexical choice. This leads to ... Continue Reading


problems and prospects of small-scale industries in nigeria

In Nigeria the recognition of the economic significance of small-scale enterprises is only a recent phenomenon. Hitherto, the adopted industrialization strategy, which originated in the colonial era, encouraged the undistracted use of imported raw materials to produce import substitutes. To the extent that this strategy was biased towards large-sca... Continue Reading


impact of small and medium scale enterprise development on youth empowerment in nigeria

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises are sub-sectors of the industrial sector which play crucial roles in industrial development (Ahmed, S. 2006). Following the adoption of Economic reform programme in Nigeria in 1981, there have been several decisions to switch from capital intensive and large scale industrial projects which was based on the philoso... Continue Reading


assess depreciation accounting practices and profitability of selected smes

Depreciation is one of the most controversial and troublesome areas in accounting. Depreciation was actually a cost of doing business. Business executive tended to view depreciation as a matter of setting aside something during prosperous periods for the replacement of depreciable assets. When earnings are high, large amounts of depreciation might... Continue Reading


a critical analysis of the role of bank of industry towards the development of small and medium scale enterprises innigeria

The study of the role of government agencies towards the development of small scale enterprises is quite interesting. These enterprise have a very important impact on the life of everybody in the society. Small independence business are everywhere and in every line of work, they can also be seen in every community. This business is as old as man. S... Continue Reading


financial problems and survival strategies of small scale enterprises

The study was carried out to examine the financial Problems and Survival Strategies of Small Scale enterprise in Aguata  Local Government Area of Anambra State. The purpose of the study is to find out the financial problems and survival strategies of small and medium scale enterprises. Four r... Continue Reading


the effect of cost accounting techniques on performance of smes


The business environment has become intensively dynamic and increasingly unpredictable in recent decades and,correspondingly, managing company has become more demanding. Cost Accounting is a task of collecting, analyzing, summarizing and evaluating various alternative courses of action. Its goal is to advise the management on the most appropriate c... Continue Reading


effect of automobile technology on entrepreneurship for sustainable development

Over the years there have been many definitions of entrepreneurship and they have all been acceptable definitions but i define it as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. The most obvious example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses. ... Continue Reading


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