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entrepreneurial development initiative and micro enterprise sustenance

This study evaluates entrepreneurial development initiatives and micro enterprise sustenance in Awka metropolis. The objective of this study is to determine the entrepreneurial initiatives that can sustain micro enterprises, to investigate the extent entrepreneurial initiatives can reduce unemployment and to identify the challenges of entrepreneuri... Continue Reading


the contribution of the informal financial institutions to the growth of small scale enterprises in nigeria.

BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The economies of third world countries such as Nigeria operate with dual financial institutions. On one hand are group which function through direct governmental control known as Formal Financial Institutions such as Commercial Banks, Insurance Companies and Mortgage Banks. And on the other hand are those financial institut... Continue Reading


problems and prospects of corporate social responsibility of nigerian manufacturing industry

Academics and practitioners have been striving to establish and agreed upon definitions of the concept of corporate social responsibility for over 30 years. Davis (1960) suggested that social responsibility refers to businesses’ “decisions and actions taken for reasons at least partially beyond the firm’s direct economic or technical interest.” Ee... Continue Reading


an appraisal of performance of small scale enterprises in community development

This study examines an appraisal of performance of small scale enterprises in community development; evidence from Anambra south senatorial zone, Anambra state. Specifically the study provides the reasons for going into SMEs; sources of financing SMEs; role of SMEs in community development and factors militating against SMEs in community developmen... Continue Reading


impact of electricity on performance of smes in nigeria

Access to electricity and its accompanied high tariffs poses a greater challenge to SMEs growth and performance in lower income countries like Nigeria, as compared with those in higher income countries. This assertion is confirmed in a research by Scott et al (2014) which reveals that, the proportion of SMEs in high-income countries citing electric... Continue Reading


factors affecting the performance of small and medium scale businesses

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Statement of Problem 5 1.2 Aims and Objectives of Study 8 1.3 Research Questions 9 1... Continue Reading


the effect of working capital on the operational efficiency of an organization

The current scarcity of cash and credit is threatening the survival of many businesses in all over the world primarily in Nigeria as its considered the sources of company’s working assets and liabilities referred to as working capital. it is a fact that corporations could not exist without working capital and this is undeniable. Eventually, the man... Continue Reading


small scale business as a strategy for entrepreneurship development in nigeria

In every business there is a way of doing things or a system adopted by the firm in order to achieve its objectives and goal leads to their growth, which is also a means of promoting entrepreneur practice inNigeria. Continue Reading


impacts of small business on enterprises on employment creations

The focus of this study is on “Impacts of small business enterprises on employment creation in Lagos State. Small Business Enterprises are the vocal discuss and objective of this research is to ascertain the role of SBEs assumed to have played in terms of employment creation among others. The survey research method was employed and questionnaire... Continue Reading


small and medium business enterprises and economic growth of nigeria

This project has been able to carry out Small and Medium Scale business enterprises and economic growth. The research sample is randomly selected from De Eugene De-Rose Industry and Vono Product Plc by survey method composed of thirty (30) respondents Continue Reading


impact of credit management on the operation of small scale enterprises in nigeria

The study delved into impact of credit management on the operation of selected small scale enterprises in Nigeria. The study examines whether integration of the world economic enhances product development and performance and whether the advent of internet has effect on product innovation in the beverage industry Continue Reading


ambiguities in newspaper headlines

ABSTRACT This project analyses semantic ambiguous headlines stating their communicative effectiveness with regards to print media. Using data from Vanguard and Daily Trust newspapers, the study discovered that ambiguities are prevalent in the newspaper headlines as a result of various manipulations on sentences and lexical choice. This leads to ... Continue Reading


finance challenges of manufacturing companies in nigeria and their contributions to the growth of nigeria

Manufacturing sector plays a catalytic role in a modern economy and has many dynamic benefits crucial for economic transformation. In a typical advanced Country, the manufacturing sector is a leading sector in many respects. It is an avenue for increasing productivity related to import replacement and export expansion, creating foreign exchange ... Continue Reading


working capital management practices of small and medium enterprises in nigeria

There exist lots and lots of business ventures that are run by individuals, group of people or association, firms, industries and government with the aim of maximizing profits. They range from small scale to medium and large firms. In the Nigerian economy the small scale enterprises are the most common form of business. The aim ... Continue Reading


role of micro finance banks in enhancing enterpreneurship among women in nigeria

Microfinance is the provision of a broad range of financial services to poor low-income households and micro enterprises (Amin and Pebley, 1994). Research interest in the issue of access to microfinance particularly by women has been on a rising trend in recent times. Bennet and Goldberg (1993) asserted that in developing ... Continue Reading


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