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small scale enterprises in nigeria: roles in employment generation and economic growth

This research project is on SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISES IN NIGERIA: ROLES IN EMPLOYMENT GENERATION AND ECONOMIC GROWTH (A Case Study of Selected Small Business in Lagos Sub-Uban) This research work is generally about the effects of small-scale enterprises on the creation of employment and economic growth Continue Reading


the impact of bank loans on smes in nigeria

Small and Medium enterprises are the catalyst for economic growth in most economies thus, the fundamental objective of this study is to investigate the impact of loans on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. So that the ability of SMEs to develop positively and drive economic growth in the Nigeria will become real. Simple random sampling... Continue Reading


the effects of entrepreneurship skill on product portfolio development

This research work examined the effects of entrepreneurial skill on product portfolio development of medium scale enterprise in Lagos. It is important for business owners (be it a small medium scale enterprises operator or large scale enterprise), who aspire for optimum success in their endeavour to take cognisance of the essential entrepreneurial ... Continue Reading


the role of bank of industry towards the development of small scale enterprises in nigeria

his research work is conducted on the role of bank of industry towards the development of small scale enterprises. The aims and objectives of the study is to analyze the various role played by bank of industry in developing small scale enterprises as well as the activities of government policies, such as provision of infrastructural facilities. The... Continue Reading


impact of pure water production on the economic development of nigeria

Almost every nook and cranny in Nigeria is littered with sachet water nylon, popularly called “pure water”, As noted by Edoga et al. (2008), about 70 percent of Nigerian adults drink at least a sachet of pure water per day resulting in about 50 to 60 million used daily across the country. this has significant impact on the economy of Nigeria. r... Continue Reading


impact of small and medium scale enterprise development on youth empowerment in nigeria

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises are sub-sectors of the industrial sector which play crucial roles in industrial development (Ahmed, S. 2006). Following the adoption of Economic reform programme in Nigeria in 1981, there have been several decisions to switch from capital intensive and large scale industrial projects which was based on the philoso... Continue Reading


enterpreneurial development and it's impact in our economy

The worldwide economic depression of the early 80’s caused a rapid deterioration of theNigeriaeconomy. The output shrank to an all time local and commercial activities, which were consequently reduced, leading to the loss of employment opportunities in the country. Therefore, by the end of 1985, the unemployment situation inNigeriahad increased its... Continue Reading


the effect of multiple taxation on the growth and profitability of small scale enterprises in nigeria

The desire to build a civilized country with a strong and sound economy is the desire of every Country, including Nigeria. Tax payment is the demonstration of such a desire, although some income earners see it as a means of exploitation by the government. Tax payment is a voluntarily contribution imposed by the Government on personal income earners... Continue Reading


an analytical study of credit facilities to small scale farmers in nigeria

Agriculture according to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (New Edition) is the science or practice of farming.

Continue Reading


the relevance of information technology (it) in the management of small and medium scale enterprises in nigeria

This research project examine the relevance of Information Technology to the Management of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria with reference to Card Centre Nigeria Limited. The research design took both an inferential and a descriptive approach. A sample size of fifty (50) was drawn from the population. A hundred questionnaires were ... Continue Reading


an appraisal of success criteria for entreprenuership business in nigeria

Management School of EntrepreneurshipThe management school suggests that an entrepreneur is a person who organizes or manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of profit (Webster, 1966). Within this perspective, it is believed that entrepreneurship can be developed through conscious learning. In most cases, Continue Reading


the role of female entrepreneurs in poverty alleviation in rural communities


The study assessed the role of female entrepreneurs in poverty alleviation in rural communities of Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. It specifically analysed the socio-economic characteristics of women entrepreneurship and assessed the contribution of female-owned businesses to poverty alleviation in the study area. The m... Continue Reading


the role of the federal government of nigeria in the promotion of small and medium scale businesses in nigeria

Small scale business constitute an important component of the Nigerian industrial sector. The importance of this sector cannot be over emphasized, especially in a typical developing country like ours where the level of youth unemployment is rising beyond control. Hence small scale industries generate employment opportunities per unit of capital inv... Continue Reading


the roles of small scale industries in the economic development of nigeria

It is an undisputable fact that Nigeria of the pre-independence era was predominately small scale in its productions and marketing activities. Industrial revolution brought about a shift from the orthodox trade by barter to a more sophisticated marketing system where consumers satisfaction becomes the ultimate goal of the most businesses. Thus smal... Continue Reading


the role of financial institutions in agricultural development (1990-2015)


This study examined the role of financial institutions in agricultural development.( A case study of Nigeria Agricultural Cooperative and Rural Development Bank) with a view to make useful suggestions and recommendations as way of enhancing the development of agricultural sector. The population of the study includes large and small scale farmers an... Continue Reading


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