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the effect of emergence of transit television on the performance of smes

The concept and emergence of transit television for the purpose of this study will be linked to the overall concept of transit advertising in Lagos State. Transit, Advertising refers to the placement of advertorial materials within public transport vehicles and also on their exteriors. The Ads on the exterior of the commercial vehicles which are al... Continue Reading


factors influencing entrepreneurial performance in small scale business

This research work, the Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Performance of Small Scale Business. The general objectives of this study are to assess the factor that influence entrepreneurial performance in small and medium scale enterprise (SMEs) and also to assess how each factor identified affects the success of the of th... Continue Reading


technology innovations for growth of smes in nigeria: the role of management

Technology is a systematic application of physical forces for production of goods and services. The knowledge used in practical ways in industry (Oxford 2005). It is the knowledge, process, tools, methods and systems employed in the creation of goods and improving in services. Technology is the result of man’s learned and acquired knowledge or his ... Continue Reading


small scale industries in nigeria: the financing question

A critical review of the most recent literatures on labour turnover and productivity was done. It was revealed that there is a significant relationship between labour turnover rates and labour performance. And that labour turnover affects company productivity level. Continue Reading


a critical analysis of the role of bank of industry towards the development of small and medium scale enterprises in nigeria

The study of the role of government agencies towards the development of small scale enterprises is quite interesting. These enterprise have a very important impact on the life of everybody in the society. Small independence business are everywhere and in every line of work, they can also be seen in every community. This business is as old as man. S... Continue Reading


information technology and the productivity of micro-business in nigeria

The study appraises information technology and the productivity of micro business enterprise in Nigeria: A study of selected organization in Amuwo-Odofin.The main objectives of the study are to examine the effect of information technology on the profitability of small business operations; and to appraise the contribution of information technology o... Continue Reading


impacts of effective financing of small business enterprises on national economic development

n view of the importance of SMEs, government has been playing an appreciative role in promoting their survival and growth, various policies towards this has enunciated plan and the ongoing three year rolling plan, priority was accorded industrialization with emphasis on SMEs. Continue Reading


depreciation accounting practices and profitability of selected smes

Measuring the SME’s profitability is a central task both in accounting practice and theory (Benjamine, 2002). The management of SMEs need the profitability information for their decision making both in the short and in the long run and therefore must take steps to ensure the profitability of the organization (Goldberg, 2009). However, using one ... Continue Reading


effects of business credit availability on small businesses

For both developing and developed countries, small and medium scale firms play importantroles in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Apart from increasing percapita income and output, Small Medium businesses create employment opportunities, enhance regionaleconomic balance through industrial dispersal and generally promote effecti... Continue Reading


financial problems and survival strategies of small scale enterprises in awka south l.g.a, anambra state

The study was carried out to examine the financial Problems and Survival Strategies of Small Scale enterprise in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State. The purpose of the study is to find out the financial problems and survival strategies of small and medium scale enterprises. Four research questions and four null hypotheses were raised. T... Continue Reading


the impact of bank loans on mall and medium scale enterprises in nigeria

Small and Medium enterprises are the catalyst for economic growth in most economies thus, the fundamental objective of this study is to investigate the impact of loans on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. So that the ability of SMEs to develop positively and drive economic growth in the Nigeria will become real. Simple random sampling... Continue Reading


impact of electricity on performance of smes in nigeria

Access to electricity and its accompanied high tariffs poses a greater challenge to SMEs growth and performance in lower income countries like Nigeria, as compared with those in higher income countries. This assertion is confirmed in a research by Scott et al (2014) which reveals that, the proportion of SMEs in high-income countries citing electric... Continue Reading


enterpreneurial development and it's impact in our economy

The worldwide economic depression of the early 80’s caused a rapid deterioration of theNigeriaeconomy. The output shrank to an all time local and commercial activities, which were consequently reduced, leading to the loss of employment opportunities in the country. Therefore, by the end of 1985, the unemployment situation inNigeriahad increased its... Continue Reading


an analytical study of credit facilities to small scale farmers in nigeria

Agriculture according to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (New Edition) is the science or practice of farming. Agriculture has a key role to play in the economic development of Nigeria, it is a leading sector in any meaningful economic development being carried out by any nation such as ours. Agriculture as its output tends to contribute... Continue Reading


effect of small scale industries on nigerian economic development

It is an undisputable fact that Nigeria of the pre-independence era was predominately small scale in its productions and marketing activities. Industrial revolution brought about a shift from the orthodox trade by barter to a more sophisticated marketing system where consumers satisfaction becomes the ultimate goal of the most businesses. Thus smal... Continue Reading


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