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the contribution of the informal financial institutions to the growth of small scale enterprises in nigeria.

The economies of third world countries such as Nigeria operate with dual financial institutions. On one hand are group which function through direct governmental Continue Reading


the impact of venture capital financing on small and medium enterprises

Data from the International Finance Corp developing world the private economy is almost entirely comprised of SMEs' and that they are the portunityonlyfor realisticmillionsofpoorpeople employ throughout the world' 4 9% 3 21% 1 55% 2 15% Figure 1: Fiscal Year 2004 Approvals in USD Source: 20... Continue Reading


an evaluation of production scheduling and control in manufacturing industry

For any industry operate successfully there is need for it to be knowledgeable in the field of production, what it intends to achieve models, process, areas of application in production. This project looks into two different aspects of production i.e production scheduling and control. Production scheduling and control as a part of the function o... Continue Reading


determinants of competitiveness of small scale industries in nigeria

In this era of globalization, competition has become fiercer than ever. Reduced trade barriers, spread of technology and lower costs for communication and transportation have sharpened international competition. This intense competition in global and local markets requires firms to improve their competitiveness. This improvement not only benefits t... Continue Reading


the impact of taxation on small and medium scale buisiness in nigeria

The study was carried out to find out the impact of taxes on small and medium scale business enterprises in Nigeria.The study aimed at assessing the performance of business enterprises in Nigeria, finding out if tax payers are aware of all their tax obligations, policies and problems affecting them as well as their businesses. The study applied bot... Continue Reading


factors affecting the performance of small and medium scale businesses

CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction 1 1.1 Statement of Problem 5 1.2 Aims and Objectives of Study 8 1.3 Research Questions 9 1... Continue Reading


effects of business credit availability on small businesses

For both developing and developed countries, small and medium scale firms play importantroles in the process of industrialization and economic growth. Apart from increasing percapita income and output, Small Medium businesses create employment opportunities, enhance regionaleconomic balance through industrial dispersal and generally promote effecti... Continue Reading


the role of formal school in promoting entrepreneurial capacities in nigeria

Entrepreneurship capacities are increasingly recognized as important drivers of economic growth, productivity and employment, and as a key aspect of economic dynamism. Recent dimensions to entrepreneurship have necessitated the need for formal education for entrepreneurs. Continue Reading


entrepreneurial development and its impact on our economy

The worldwide economic depression of the early 80’s caused a rapid detonation toNigeria economy. Thus, industrial output Shrank to an extents on local and commercial activities were consequently opportunities in the country. Therefore, by the end of 1988, the unemployment situations, and as such most Enugu graduates were faced with har... Continue Reading


effects of multiple taxation on business survival in nigeria

Taxation is one of the major fiscal policies the government of any nation such as Nigeria can use to achieve economic stability and in the financing of capital expenditure. Various taxes are levied upon the income, wealth or gain of an individual, family and business firm by the government for the purpose or benefits of the general public. Tax b... Continue Reading


the impact of financial literacy on the profitability of small scale enterprises

The focus of this research is on the impact of financial literacy on the profitability of some small scale enterprises in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State. An enquiry into their level of adoption of financial literacy was also studied. A review of related literatures was carried out to examine the extent of work done in the field. A carefull... Continue Reading


financial problems and survival strategies of small scale enterprises

The study was carried out to examine the financial Problems and Survival Strategies of Small Scale enterprise in Aguata  Local Government Area of Anambra State. The purpose of the study is to find out the financial problems and survival strategies of small and medium scale enterprises. Four r... Continue Reading


entrepreneurial development initiative and micro enterprise sustenance in awka metropolise

This study evaluates entrepreneurial development initiatives and micro enterprise sustenance in Awka metropolis. The objective of this study is to determine the entrepreneurial initiatives that can sustain micro enterprises, to investigate the extent entrepreneurial initiatives can reduce unemployment and to identify the challenges of entrepreneuri... Continue Reading


the effect of working capital on the operational efficiency of an organization

The current scarcity of cash and credit is threatening the survival of many businesses in all over the world primarily in Nigeria as its considered the sources of company’s working assets and liabilities referred to as working capital. it is a fact that corporations could not exist without working capital and this is undeniable. Eventually, the man... Continue Reading


role of micro finance banks in enhancing enterpreneurship among women in nigeria

Microfinance is the provision of a broad range of financial services to poor low-income households and micro enterprises (Amin and Pebley, 1994). Research interest in the issue of access to microfinance particularly by women has been on a rising trend in recent times. Bennet and Goldberg (1993) asserted that in developing economies, low-income wome... Continue Reading


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