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preliminary chemical analysis of shea butter tree (butyrospermum parkii) latex

Shea Butter tree latex collected from two localities in Zaria, namely Shika and Bassawa have been investigated. The results obtained from classical non-instrumental analysis of latex compares favourably well with what was obtained from infra-red and n.m.r. spectroscopic analysis. A rough estimate of molecular mass of shea latex was determined by vi... Continue Reading


assessment of eutrophication level of municipal surface water

The increasing population density in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, have resulted in increasing discharge of domestic and industrial waste into water bodies. This could trigger eutrophication and hence the need for continuous monitoring for strategic planning in the FCT. Continue Reading


some aspects of the organic chemistry of sulphur

In this report, the Wmgerodt-Kindler reaction has been reviewed, and a. variant of the reaction has "been developed. In this, good yields of thioamides have been obtained "by reaction of aldehydes or ketones with salts of volatil e amines and anhydrous sodium acetate in dimethylformamide at moderate temperatures, thus avoiding the conventional ... Continue Reading


spectrophotometric determination of chromium(iii) and chromium(vi) using 2-[e)-[{3-[(2-hydroxybenzylidene) amino]phenyl}imino)methyl]phenol

The Schiff base ligand, 2-[(E)-[{3--[(2-hydroxybenzylidene)amino]phenyl}imino)methyl]phenol was synthesized by condensing 1,3-diaminobenzene and 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde in absolute ethanol. Its Cr(III) and Cr(VI) complexes were equally synthesized. The ligand was characterized via UV, IR and NMR spectroscopy, whereas the complexes were characterized ... Continue Reading


evaluation of bauxite from orin-ekiti, ekiti state, south-west nigeria using chemical and spectroscopic methods of analysis

Bauxite samples were collected from Orin-Ekiti and analyzed using chemical and spectroscopic methods of analysis to substantiate its quality. The results obtained revealed that both method show close values for all parameters determined in all the samples. The silicon oxide concentration of all samples was found to have the highest value ranging b... Continue Reading


radioactivity and chemistry of groundwater from uranium mineralized areas around gurbrunde, north-eastern nigeria

Uranium mineralization around Gubrunde, Kanawa, Zona and Dali in north-eastern Nigeria has been reported by previous workers. As a result of its chemical toxicity and/or ionizing radiation, consumption of groundwater with elevated uranium levels over a long period of time has the possibility of causing kidney and/or cancer problems. Thirty five gro... Continue Reading


analysis of essential trace elements in selected medicinal plants used in kenya

Kenya is endowed with nature where hundreds of medicinal plants are available. During photosynthesis and respiration process in plants, animals and other organisms, ions of metal elements play a major role with a few of the elements being essential to the body as nutrients. Trace elements Zn, Cr, V and Se with known immunological response and ... Continue Reading


experimental and computational chemistry simulation studies on the corrosion inhibition potentials of some amino acids

Inhibition and adsorption potentials of cysteine, glycine, leucine and alanine have been investigated using experimental and quantum chemical approaches. The experimental study was carried out using gravimetric, gasometric, thermometric and FTIR methods of monitoring corrosion while the quantum chemical study was carried out using semiempirical and... Continue Reading


chemical analysis of natural and industrial waste waters

The present analytical studies had been carried out on various samples of water such as raw and treated waters in Kaduna and Zaria, three wells in Samaru, and industrial effluents from Federal Superphosphate Fertilizers Company, Kaduna, Nortex Nigerian Limited Kaduna, and Nigerian Holts Tanneries, Kano, the three typical representative industries f... Continue Reading


physico-chemical analysis of some selected water sources around the waste treatment plant


The assessment of the surface andground water sources within the vicinity of Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital liquid waste treatment plant was conducted. A total of sixty-six (66) water samples were collected from eight sites (S1, S2, S3, S4, U1, U2, U3 and U4) from the study area. These samples were examined for heavy metal contamination ... Continue Reading


chemical studies on thevetia peruvianna

The pulp and seed of "Thevetia Peruviana" plant were analysed for their proximate composition, mineral elements and some properties of the tacky latex were investigated. The protien content of te seed is higher than that of the pulp. The seed could be a god source of protein as it compares well with those obtained in some legumes. The extraction ... Continue Reading


synthesis and anticonvulsant studies of 3-anilinopropanamides and their n-benzyl derivatives

The 3-ANPs (A01-A10) were prepared through acid catalysed Michael addition while the N-benzyl derivatives (A11-A15) were obtained through an uncatalysed amine exchange reaction with benzylamine. The structures of these compounds were established using various spectroscopic techniques. Compounds (A01-A15) were screened in mice against maximal electr... Continue Reading


influence of conceptual instructional method on students" performance in, and attitude towards practical chemistry among students in kaduna state, nigeria

It was based on this that, the study investigated the Influence of Conceptual Instructional Method on students’ Performance in, and Attitude towards Practical Chemistry in Zaria Educational Zone, Kaduna State. The target population for the study was 1401 S.S. II Science Students. Continue Reading


chemical analysis of some commercial wines

Samples of five commercial wines were analysed for alcohol content (percent by volume), total sulphur dioxide, ash content and total acidity. Other parameters determined were ash alkalinity, tannins, pH and metal ions - potassium, sodium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, cadmium and lead. Results of percent alcohol content, by volume gave ... Continue Reading


impact of practical activities on attitude, skills acquisition and performance in chemistry among colleges of education students in north-west zone, nigeria

This study investigated the Impact of Practical Activities on Attitude, Skills Acquisition and Performance in Chemistry among Colleges of Education Students, North “West Zone, Nigeria. Randomized experimental-control groups design involving pretest and posttest was used for the study. The population of the study comprised 1,982 NCE II Chemistry s... Continue Reading


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