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an investigation of special language needs analysis of workplaces

ABSTRACT This study examined an investigation of special language needs analysis of workplaces in Lagos State. The descriptive survey design was used to carry out the study. The population of study comprised of all the workers in all the selected industries located within Oshodi and Agege Local Government Area of Lagos State. The sample of stu... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

conflict between traditional and western culture (a case study of soyinka’s death and the king’s horseman and the lion and the jewel)

ABSTRACT Conflict is a disagreement or clash between people, ideas; or in the case of our study, cultures. Therefore, culture becomes a unique and sentimental phenomenon that is not only cherished but also protected dearly by an individual as well. Thus, a literature has become the means through which cultural sentiments are projected and expres... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

impact of mother tongue on students’ performance in english language

This study has thrown an insight into the impact of mother tongue in the speaking skills of English language. The impact: of "mother tongue" was noticed in the section of grammar and sentence structure and this affected their dialect and their grammar and sentences structure Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

utopianism and charaterisation in aminata sowfall’s the begger’s strike and sembene ousmane’s xala

CHAPTER ONE Introduction Though a lot of people have written Utopianism and characterization, but this research work is to assess Utopianism in Aminata Sowfall’s The Beggars Strike and Sembene Ousmane’s Xala through the use of characterization. Hegel’s in the phenomenology of spirit maintains that as a warning against all forms of Utopiani... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the use of extensive reading in promoting communication competence in secondary school

The study examined the extent of the use of extensive reading in promoting communication competence in secondary school with reference to some secondary schools in Shomolu Local Government Area of Lagos State. It also ascertained the teachers awareness of the benefits of extensive reading, the types of reading materials available for extensive read... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the mythological icons in amos tutuola the palm-wine drinkard

ABSTRACT This project explores the Amos Tutuola’s Palm Wine Drinkard in terms of it’s use of mythological icons. In particular, the project seeks to explore the novel as an important artifact and a literary product of social existence. It examines how “authencity” is signified in The Palm Wine Drinkard as it is written by a native artist. In... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a lexico-semantic analysis of computer-mediated discourse in selected instant and text messages of nigerian students

Introduction The advent of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) has ushered in a new era of new media, signalling unbounded possibilities for language and communication studies. In actual fact, the ever increasing mobility of the Internet the world over has opened yet other dimensions to the study of language use ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

factors affecting secondary school oral english instruction

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION In English Language, there is a strong correlation between oral language skills and achievement in the writtenlanguage among learners in schools. In Nigeria, English remains the undisputed language of school instruction, governance, administration, legislation, judiciary, international relations, unification of the co... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

syntactic and lexico-semantic analyses of selected sms text messages

ABSTRACT Words form the basis for a Linguistic analysis at any level of language study. The aim of this essay was to identify the various Lexical and Syntactic elements that make up personal text messages among the students of the University of Ilorin. Lexical features, Lexical relations, Word-formation processes and Word Sequences were employed... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a systemic text linguistic study of selected nigerian novels

ABSTRACT The aim of this research was to do an in-depth study of the variations in language as used by the various novelists in the novels selected for this study. The objectives of the study were to investigate the divergent ways in which these writers have creatively used English to perform the functional role of communication in a non-native ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the problem of tenses among nigerian speakers of english

enses refer to the form of a verb in English Language that clearly indicates time. We use Tenses to show clear time specification. In this sense, it is seen that without verbs, there will not be Tenses as tense in grammar does not only refer to time but also the action of the verb or state of being at a given moment. Tense is a way of making us kno... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a stylistic analysis of akachi adimora-ezeigbo’s trafficked

A STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF AKACHI ADIMORA-EZEIGBO’S TRAFFICKED ABSTRACT Stylistics is the study of literary and non-literary texts using linguistic and literary descriptions. The aim in this research work was a stylistic analysis of Akachi adimora-ezeigbo’s Trafficked. The study critically analysed the data through the use of some ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

causes of examination malpractice among secondary school students

ABSTRACT This study is focused on the causes of examination malpractice among secondary school students in Enugu Education zone of Enugu State. It had become a general view to accept that the last two decades have witnessed high rate of several incidents of examination misconduct; more especially at post primary education level Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

effects of pidgin english in standard english usage among students in selected secondary schools

ABSTRACT The use of Pidgin English in the Nigerian context has gone beyond verbal communication to become more of a mode of behaviour as its expression has moved from informal conversation to formal situations. This above scenario necessitated this study which investigates the effects of Pidgin English on Standard English usage among selected seco... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a socio-linguistic study of code-mixing and code-switching in nigerian institutions

ABSTRACT For communication to be effective in any human society, the appropriate language must be put in to use in the appropriate context. This work examined the motivation for code-mixing and code-switching among undergraduates. The natural conversations of some undergraduates of the University of Ilorin were recorded, and analysed and it was ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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