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the influence of english language on our nigerian indigenous languages: examples of borrowing from english into yoruba by unilorin undergraduates

THE INFLUENCE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE ON OUR NIGERIAN INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES: EXAMPLES OF BORROWING FROM ENGLISH INTO YORUBA BY UNILORIN UNDERGRADUATES ABSTRACT Generally speaking, it seems unlikely that English will cease to be used elaborately in Nigeria in a foreseeable future. This research work therefore will find out if students i... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

feministic issues of textual analysis in ama ata aidoo’s changes and sefi atta’s everything good will come

The issue of feminism springs up from women’s consciousness of their situation in the society and various oppressive acts against them. In traditional Africa the woman is an object of constant scorn, degradation and physical torture. In the past, women did not exist as individuals with personalities to defend. They rather existed as me... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

pragmatic features of nigerian english (a case study of selected poems of bayo adebowale)

ABSTRACT This essay focused on the pragmatic features of Nigeria English as used in literatures, using the selected poems of Bayo Adebowale as a case study, to see how these pragmatic features have helped in projecting Nigerian cultures and worldviews in Nigerian literary works. The pragmatic features identified by Adedimeji (2007) were used in ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

aesthetics of resistance in tanure ojaide’s the activist and helon habila’s waiting for an angel

ABSTRACT Since Nigeria’s political independence in 1960, ensuring administrations have virtually towed the path of devastation. How have Tanure Ojaide and Helon Habila been able to portray the aesthetics of resistance in The Activist and Waiting for an Angel respectively using the New Historicism theory. The authors through various c... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

language and national development: challenges and impediments in a multilingual society

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.0 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Human Beings are social animals and language is an instrument of the society which is acculturated into a given society. Through the instrumentality of language, man identifies and make finding about his environment. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

semantic and lexis used in selected household adverts aired in the television media houses in nigeria

The study of language, which constitutes the underlying platform for this research work, is one concept which has defied all forms of easy definition as is done in all other concepts of life. The use of language is what distinguishes man from the monkey, the baboon, the ape and other higher animals; hence it is purely human. Language is the one sig... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

traditional aesthetics transfer and the african novelists

ABSTRACT African novelists draw their raw materials from different sources, some draw their raw materials from the folktales being told at night, some writes about the village life before the Colonial masters while some transfer the beauty in African tradition into their works. Laye’s The African Child and Achebe’s Things fall Apart are embodiment... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

african novel and the study of english literature

The study aims at finding out why more students shy away from Literature in English in the Secondary Schools, using the analysis of some African novels from different African regions to show how close Literature is to life and why students should develop interest in it and study it. The sociological approach to criticism was employed in the anal... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

critical discourse analysis of selected political campaign speeches of gubernatorial candidates in south-western nigeria 2007-2014

ABSTRACT Previous studies on campaign speeches in Nigeria have tended to be a description and analysis of style, innovative and persuasive strategies of politicians, and manipulation of linguistic structures to champion individual interest in presidential election campaign speeches. There is the need to investigate how texts reproduce and sustain ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

n evaluative study of teaching of english grammatical structures in some selected primary schools

The teaching and learning of English Language is very important in our society today. This is because of the various roles it plays in the geo-political structure of the country. In Nigeria, English Language is used for communication, education, economic and social purposes. In the school system, English Language is not only taught as a subject but... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a stylistic analysis of organisational signals and sub-thematic identification elements in selected nigerian newspaper articles

ABSTRACT The aim of this study thesis is to investigate organizational signals (textual cohesion) and sub-thematic identification (paragraph development) as the basic elements of writing to enhance textual unity and understanding (coherence) and the main objective is inquiry into the composition, readability and comprehension of newspaper articl... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

political corruption and symbolism in adichie chimamanda ngozi’s half of a yellow sun and okey ndibe’s arrows of rain

ABSTRACT This project work is on political corruption and symbolism. This project work brings out the corrupt practices by politicians and military rulers. To also brings out the symbols used in the novels. Chapter one is an introduction on political corruption in Nigeria and the way the military took over and ruled Nigeria. Chapter two is on the ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

analysis of the problems of english pronunciation among yoruba speakers, of english

Language learning practice often assumes that most of the difficulties that learners encounter in the study of language are consequences of the degree to which the native languages differ from the English of the native speakers. This research work is basically analyzed problems of pronunciation among the non-native speakers of English, especiall... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

corruption and victimization in isidore okpewotides and anthony abagha's children of oloibiri

ABSTRACT This project is on Corruption and Tides and Anthony Ndubuisi Children of Oloibiri Abagha’s. It is study of the endemic corruption and Victimization that hold the Niger Delta captive and by extension the entire nation in spite of available monumental wealth and qualified manpower. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

factors associated with mass failure of student in english language in secondary schools

ABSTRACT This study was on the factors associated with mass failure of students in the English language in secondary schools in Nsukka L.G.A of Enugu State. Using simple random sampling procedures, the researchers drew 128 students and 50 teachers from nine state owned secondary school of Enugu State Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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