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the society and the girl child in the bluest eye by toni morrison and kaine agary's yellow yellow

ABSTRACT The research work reviews the historical encounter between the whites and Africans and argues that the challenges or problems evident in the black society at present are as a result of the white man‟s racism, exploitation and imperialism. It also looks into the social values and system of meaning that promotes male dominance and d... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the role of women in the socio- economic development of nigeria as in the joys of motherhood by buchi emecheta

HE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE SOCIO- ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA AS IN THE JOYS OF MOTHERHOOD BY BUCHI EMECHETA CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Traditionally the experience of marriage and motherhood dominates the life and identity of women in Africa.Women were left behind to mind the home ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the language of feminism and its impact on the society using the work of mariama ba’s so long a letter

Background of Study The struggle for women’ right began in the 18th century during the period of intense intellectual activity known as the Age of Enlightenment. In traditional Africa the woman is an object of constant scorn, degradation and physical torture. In the past, women did not exist as individuals with personalities to defe... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a discourse analysis of jesus’ conversation with the samaritan woman

A DISCOURSE ANALYSIS OF JESUS’ CONVERSATION WITH THE SAMARITAN WOMAN CHAPTER ONE 1.1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION Over the years, several researches have been conducted in the field of discourse analysis with various definitions given to it. Brown and Yule (1983:1) opine that “the analysis of discourse is necessarily the analysis of language in us... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

teachers’ and students use of school libraries for developing reading culture in senior secondary schools

This study investigated the teachers and students’ use of school and class libraries for developing reading culture in senior secondary schools. The study employed a descriptive survey research design. An instrument titled: Teachers and students’ use of school and class libraries for developing reading culture in senior secondary schools (TSUSCLDR... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

an examination of leadership styles and their effectiveness in the organization performance

ABSTRACT This research project aims at investigating leadership Styles and work productivity in an organization: A study of Keffi Local Government Council. Some of the topics dealt with are summarized in the research and findings are stated accordingly. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

literature and ecology: a study of wole soyinka’s a dance of the forests and the beatification of an area boy

ABSTRACT The current crisis of ecology and environmental pollution have gripped the attention and aroused the concern of many people alive today. Studies show that our imprudent behaviour towards, and utilisation of, Nature have pushed the world into a crisis that has not only led to the gradual destruction of our ecology and its very capacity to ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a lexico-semantic analysis of chimamanda ngozi adichie’s half of a yellow sun

ABSTRACT This study is a lexico-semantic analysis of Half of a Yellow Sun (ọkara nke a odo anyanwụ).The aim of this study is to identify the organization and breakdown of detected lexical items, the differences and similarities in lexical semantic structure cross-linguistically and the relationship of lexical meaning to sentence mean... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

tense errors in english essays of secondary school students

ENSE ERRORS IN ENGLISH ESSAYS OF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS CHAPTER ONE: GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study This research work deals with tense errors in English essays of Secondary School. The research is to find out the type of tense errors committed by the students who have sat for their J.S.S.C.E examination. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

exploring the determinants of entrepreneur among graduates in nigeria

ABSTRACT This research work examined exploring the determinants of entrepreneurship among graduate’s students in Nigeria. A questionnaire survey was conducted to collect data for this study. A total number of 65 students in both management and Agricultural sciences in Delta State University Asaba Campus were sampled using a structure questionnai... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmatic analysis of political interviews in a selected daily newspaper. (the punch)

A PRAGMATIC ANALYSIS OF POLITICAL INTERVIEWS IN A SELECTED DAILY NEWSPAPER. (THE PUNCH) CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION Language is an instrument of thought or concept which gives clear and vivid meaning of human expression for the purpose of human interaction. In any speech community, if there must be interaction, language must be in ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a linguistic stylistic analysis of chimamanda adichie’s purple hibiscus and half of a yellow sun

ABSTRACT Style is one‟s way of doing a thing. It can be of dressing, speaking, acting, teaching and writing which is influenced by a lot of factors or ideologies such as history, religion and culture. However, the style of a writer albeit creative may pose a challenge to readers. This study attempts a linguistic stylistic analysis of Chimama... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

african values traditional and modern in ama ata aidoo's changes and asare konadu's a woman in her prime

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Values In ethics, value denotes something degree of importance, with the aim of determining what action or life is best to do or live, or at least attempt to describe the value of different actions. It may be described as treating actions themselves as abstract objects, putting value to them. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

issues in modern african literature

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Literature across ages and continents have functioned as the embodiment and interpreter of a peoples’ culture, a conveyor of a people’s language as well as their philosophy, politics, psychology and national character. Nwachukwu, (2005) notes that literature whether cast in the form... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the influence of the language of social media on the english language

ABSTRACT The boom in the use of social media in our time has no doubt brought a lot alteration in different language conventions. The early users of social media battled with space and time. Since social media language is in the borderline of speech and writing they created unusual acronyms and some other new words, like ‘u’, ur, ‘unfriend’ etc no... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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