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literature in northern nigeria: language and popular culture

Abstract This essay delves into the study of literature in northern Nigeria. The study discusses the scope of literature, the region of Northern Nigeria and aspects of its popular culture, and finally goes ahead to examine the socio-political issues captured in Abubakar Gimbar’s Inner Rumblings. It concludes that the literature of Northern Niger... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

shades of meaning associated with personal names and naming in igala

ABSTRACT The purpose of the research is to examine the shades of meaning that are associated with names and naming in Igala. The study examinened the various circumstances attached to the meaning of names in Igala, and the peculiar features that differentiate the practice from those of other Nigerian languages. The study looked at the practice of ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a syntactic analysis of selected clausal coordinates as used in the amended 1999 constitution of the federal republic of nigeria

ABSTRACT The language of law has been viewed by many as difficult to understand primarily because of archaism in its morpho-syntactic structure. Also, the Latin and French maxims that have characterised legalese have prevented some researchers from delving into it. Another issue of concern to some researchers has to do with the longwinded sentence... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the perspective of oral literature and african culture in benin kingdom as portrayed by different authors in some selected book

ABSTRACT This work is on the perspective of oral literature and African culture in Bini Kingdom as portrayed by different authors in some selected books. The western colony hold on the view that African has no literature and they termed it dark Continent Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

themes and imagery in selected romantic poems.

THEMES AND IMAGERY IN SELECTED ROMANTIC POEMS. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Nature is not the ultimate reality, but it has a valuable role to play in the life of man. It is a real and not a deceptive structure of forms and forces, it displays sub... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

emergent tradition and the african poetry, a case study of tanure ojaide’s the “fate of vultures” and “endless song”

ABSTRACT This work looks into the themes and central ideas of emergent tradition and the African poetry. It aims at examining the message of Ojaide’s as on emergent writer and his opinion about political themes and cultural themes in relation to literary tradition in African poetry. Used in this research work is the writer’s realist ideas, bac... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

corruption and victimization in isidore okpewotides and anthony abagha's children of oloibiri

ABSTRACT This project is on Corruption and Tides and Anthony Ndubuisi Children of Oloibiri Abagha’s. It is study of the endemic corruption and Victimization that hold the Niger Delta captive and by extension the entire nation in spite of available monumental wealth and qualified manpower. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the language of christian religion: a comparative study of roman catholic church and some selected pentecostal denominations

ABSTRACT This study is an examination of the language of Christian religion with particular reference to the Roman Catholic Church and Pentecostal denominations. Chapter one embodies the introduction to the study, the objective of the work, its scope and delimitation, a brief origin of Christian religion, and that of the two denominations. Chapt... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a linguistic-stylistic analysis of the language of humuor in opa williams’ “nite of a thousand laughs”

ABSTRACT One of the most intriguing things about language is its redeployment to accomplish a multiplicity of functions by different people in different places at different times. One of such functions of language is humour- making. People often make use of humour in social, political and cultural interactions through the skillful manipulation of ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

chimamanda ngozi adichie and the dialogic imagination: a bakhtinian re-examination of half of a yellow sun, purple hibiscus and the thing around your neck

Abstract In the imagination of authorities like Nasidi, no conscious critic could by any means pass up the aesthetic strength of theory in literary and methodical science of interpreting a text, the unsaid of a text, if he intends to make meaning by keeping the relations of signs and codes of such text. This persuasion has led to the Choice of the... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

semantic and lexis used in selected household adverts aired in the television media houses in nigeria

The study of language, which constitutes the underlying platform for this research work, is one concept which has defied all forms of easy definition as is done in all other concepts of life. The use of language is what distinguishes man from the monkey, the baboon, the ape and other higher animals; hence it is purely human. Language is the one sig... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

discourse and communication: a comparative study

ABSTRACT Discourse and communication are two interrelated concepts, intricately interwoven and grossly assumed as overtly synonymous. This study therefore, attempts to demystify these concepts and also aim to unearth the intricate relationship that exists... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

social and community development, problems and challenges

Chapter one: Introduction 1.1 Background of Study Community development policies in Nigeria over the years have shown that our policy makers have either not really understood the problems of community, ray. Community developments are deliberately ignoring the problems of community development in Nigeria. Even the nongovernmental organizat... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a syntactic analysis of the use of auxiliary verbs in office documents

ABSTRACT This study is specifically concerned with the syntactic analysis of the use of auxiliary verbs in office documents by writers of office documentsusing Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) University,Lapai Niger State and the interpersonal meanings, and the various interpretations deduced from the use of the English auxiliary verbs in the offi... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

contrastive analysis of the morphemes of the english and igbo languages

ABSTRACT Since Language occurs in a great range of modalities; for example, it is encountered in scientific formulas as pure description unconditioned by time and place, and ideally conveys nothing about the individual who constructed it. This study focuses on analyzing and contrasting the processes of morphemes of both English and Igbo languages.... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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