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identification and remediation of the causes of students poor performance in mathematics and english language in west africa senior school certificate examination wassce

ABSTRACT This research work focus on the investigation of the causes of student’s failure in Mathematics and English Language in West African School Certificate (WASSCE) Examination in Enugu Education Zone. Their possible remediations were also sought. In other words, Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

spelling errors among nigerian secondary schools students, effects on their performance and possible remedies

According to spelling experts, it is very important that the learners of a secondary language should be equipped with the basic words as to be able to communicate effectively in that language. So, in as much as the learners should efficient in the spoken aspects, it is crucial and necessary that the words should be spelt correctly. This is were ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmatic analysis of selected cartoons in vanguard newspaper.

A PRAGMATIC ANALYSIS OF SELECTED CARTOONS IN VANGUARD NEWSPAPER. CHAPTER ONE 1.0 GENERAL INTRODUCTION Pragmatics is a shift from strict grammatical rules to a situational language use.It is a linguistic theory that studies meaning from the perspectives of language users, communication code and socio-cultural conventions. He... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

factors affecting the assessment of writing with particular reference to teachers’ feedback at sss ii level

This study sought to assess the factors affecting the assessment of writing with particular reference to teachers’ feedback at SSS II Level. Seven research questions were formulated to guide the study. Relevant literatures were also cited. The study adopted descriptive survey research design and the population for this study comprised English teac... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the problem of oral expression in english language

ABSTRACT The study targets the problem of oral expression among students in some selected junior secondary school in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. some researcher questions were formulated to guide the direction of the study. A review of related literature was carried out to find out the views of other writers on the topic studied. B... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

availability of qualified teacher in effective teaching and learning of english language in junior secondary school

ABSTRACT This study seeks to evaluate the availability of qualified teachers for effective teaching and learning of English language in our junior secondary schools using schools in Enugu zone in Enugu state as our focal point. Pragmatist theory which is a philosophical example of innovation based on policy orientation and abstract world view, p... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

utopianism and charaterisation in aminata sowfall’s the begger’s strike and sembene ousmane’s xala

CHAPTER ONE Introduction Though a lot of people have written Utopianism and characterization, but this research work is to assess Utopianism in Aminata Sowfall’s The Beggars Strike and Sembene Ousmane’s Xala through the use of characterization. Hegel’s in the phenomenology of spirit maintains that as a warning against all forms of Utopiani... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a stylistic analysis of some selected poems of wole soyinka

ABSTRACT Language and style never moves beyond a concentration on the supremacy of words. These words somehow contain meanings style is effectively language manipulated in ways that signal it as different from ‘ordinary’ language. A stylistic analysis of the selection of some Wole Soyinka’s poems is carried out to educate, explicate and expose t... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

nativization of english in african literary texts: a lexico-semantic study of transliteration in gabriel okara's the voice ebi yeibo

Abstract As a result of the bilingual nature of African nations due to the historical accident of colonialism, the problem of which language (ie. Indigenous or colonial language) to adopt for literary expression, has lingered on. This has precipitated the use of various devices by African writers to contextualize aspects of indigenous meaning in... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the influence of the language of social media on the english language

ABSTRACT The boom in the use of social media in our time has no doubt brought a lot alteration in different language conventions. The early users of social media battled with space and time. Since social media language is in the borderline of speech and writing they created unusual acronyms and some other new words, like ‘u’, ur, ‘unfriend’ etc no... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

corruption and victimization in isidore okpewho’s tides and anthony abagha’s children of oloibiri

ABSTRACT This project is on Corruption and Victimization in Isidore Okpewho’s Tides and Anthony Ndubuisi Abagha’s Children of Oloibiri. It is a study ofthe endemic corruption and Victimization that hold the Niger Delta captive and by extension the entire nation in spite of available monumental wealth and qualified manpower. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

an analysis of verbs and adverbial phrases: uses and problems in contexual grammar

This research is focused on verb and adverbial phrases, their uses and problems in contextual grammar. Data was gotten from answers of students who were the respondents to the questionnaire used. The verb is the basic word in a sentence. It is the key word that gives meaning to a concept. This definition takes care of doing words like jump, laugh, ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

factors affecting language choice in a multilingual society

The work looks into the factors affecting language choice in a multilingual society, from a sociolinguistic point of view. This study brings to light a number of what affect individuals language choice. This work comprises of four chapters. The first chapter talks about the introduction, the second chapter is the literature review, the third o... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the impact of nigerian pidgin on the written english of senior secondary school students

This study investigated the effectiveness of Nigerian Pidgin English in Nigerian senior secondary school in Lagos state. The study employed a descriptive survey research design. An instrument titled: Effectiveness of Nigerian Pidgin English in Nigerian Senior Secondary School (ENPENSSS) was used to collect relevant data for the study. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmatic interpretation of child language

ABSTRACT This thesis titled “A Pragmatic Interpretation of Child Language: A Case Study of Telegraphic Speech has been carried out to determine the role of context in understanding language use by children or children‟s speech. Pragmatics is the study of speaker context meaning. It is a component of linguistic study that goes beyond gramma... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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