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language in feminist literature: a study of mariama ba’s so long a letter

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of Study The struggle for women’ right began in the 18th century during the period of intense intellectual activity known as the Age of Enlightenment. In traditional Africa the woman is an object of constant scorn, degradation and physical torture. In the past, women did not exist as individ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

feminism using buchi emecheta’s ‘the joys of motherhood’ and zaynab alikali’s ‘the still born’

CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction This chapter will look into the background and the general introduction of feminism using Buchi Emecheta and Zaynab Akali’s ‘The Joys of Motherhood and ‘The Stillborn’ respectively. Also, it shall discuss purpose and scope of the study and finally the biography of the two authors. 1.... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a lexico-semantic analysis of computer-mediated discourse in selected instant and text messages of nigerian students

Introduction The advent of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) has ushered in a new era of new media, signalling unbounded possibilities for language and communication studies. In actual fact, the ever increasing mobility of the Internet the world over has opened yet other dimensions to the study of language use ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

patterns of interaction in english as a second language: classroom: a survey of j.s.s classes

The study attempted to investigate the patterns of interaction in English language JSS2 classroom in Mainland Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria. The study equally reviewed some important and extensive literatures under sub-headings. The descriptive research survey design was applied in the assessment of respondents’ opinions towards the... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

themes and imagery in selected romantic poems.

THEMES AND IMAGERY IN SELECTED ROMANTIC POEMS. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Nature is not the ultimate reality, but it has a valuable role to play in the life of man. It is a real and not a deceptive structure of forms and forces, it displays sub... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

feminist criticisms of some selected feminist works

FEMINIST CRITICISMS OF SOME SELECTED FEMINIST WORKS INTRODUCTION There are view shared by all feminists is that women are discriminated against on account of their sex. Feminists stress the relevant of gender segregation in society and it present these segregation as working to the overall advantage of men. Although feminists are united with ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

factors affecting the assessment of writing with particular reference to teachers’ feedback at sss ii level

ABSTRACT This study sought to assess the factors affecting the assessment of writing with particular reference to teachers’ feedback at SSS II Level. Seven research questions were formulated to guide the study. Relevant literatures were also cited. The study adopted descriptive survey research design and the population for this study comprised ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the society and the girl child in the bluest eye by toni morrisonand kaine agarys yellow yellow

ABSTRACT The research work reviews the historical encounter between the whites and Africans and argues that the challenges or problems evident in the black society at present are as a result of the white man‟s racism, exploitation and imperialism. It also looks into the social values and system of meaning that promotes male dominance and dem... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

language of persuasion: an analysis of the inaugural speeches of presidents jonathan and buhari

Abstract This research studied the language of persuasion of inaugural speeches in Nigeria to find out their use of rhetorical appeals. It investigated certain linguistic features in the speeches that were employed to appeal to the sense of emotion of the listeners, to ethics (speaker’s credibility) and logic alongside the use of unethical or il... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

comparative study of morphological processes in english and hausa languages

This work aims at investigating the relationships that exist between the English and the Hausa languages at the level of their morphological processes; and the implication this relationship will have on the teaching and learning situation. The study adopted a contrastive analysis theory cum contrastive analysis hypothesis which is an area of lingui... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

political corruption in nigeria: causes and prevention, using the work of selected activists and writers in nigeria

ABSTRACT The study uses various write ups from high profile Nigerian writers such as Chinua Achebe and Okey Ndibe. The main source of this research work is textual analysis of The main source of this research work is textual analysis of The Activist by Tanue Ojaide and Arrow of Rain by Okey Ndibe. Concerning methodology, The secondary materials... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a systemic text linguistic study of selected nigerian novels

ABSTRACT The aim of this research was to do an in-depth study of the variations in language as used by the various novelists in the novels selected for this study. The objectives of the study were to investigate the divergent ways in which these writers have creatively used English to perform the functional role of communication in a non-native ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

pragmatic study of bovi and basketmouth

CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0 Preamble This study examines the pragmatics of comedy. Adrian Akmajian conceives of pragmatics as a term that “covers the study of language use, and in particular the study of linguistic communication, in relation to language structure and context of utterance.”(361)When Charles Morris proposed his famo... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the strategies for improving low academic performance in english language

This study examines strategies for improving low academic performance in English language in secondary schools in Kaduna state. Over the years, there has been a consistent decline in students’ performance in English Language. This sordid situation has caused teachers, parents, curriculum experts and evaluators a serious concern. To carry out this i... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

rituals, music, songs and dances in nigeria

Drama originated from the Greek word "dran" (to do). It is the imitation of action in performance. In Africa, Nigerian dramatic enactment started from ritual worshipping; which is a theory of the origin of drama. Ritual is a traditional doctrine that has to do with the validation of myths or historical events which has been passed from one gen... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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