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a socio-linguistic study of code-mixing and code-switching in nigerian institutions

ABSTRACT For communication to be effective in any human society, the appropriate language must be put in to use in the appropriate context. This work examined the motivation for code-mixing and code-switching among undergraduates. The natural conversations of some undergraduates of the University of Ilorin were recorded, and analysed and it was ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a stylistic analysis of akachi adimora-ezeigbo’s trafficked

A STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF AKACHI ADIMORA-EZEIGBO’S TRAFFICKED ABSTRACT Stylistics is the study of literary and non-literary texts using linguistic and literary descriptions. The aim in this research work was a stylistic analysis of Akachi adimora-ezeigbo’s Trafficked. The study critically analysed the data through the use of some ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a stylistic analysis of chimamanda ngozi adichie’s the thing around your neck

A STYLISTIC ANALYSIS OF CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE’S THE THING AROUND YOUR NECK CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION Stylistics is the study and interpretation of texts from literary and linguistic perspectives. As a discipline it links literary criticism and linguistics. A stylistic analysis entails studying in deta... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a stylistic analysis of some selected poems of wole soyinka

ABSTRACT Language and style never moves beyond a concentration on the supremacy of words. These words somehow contain meanings style is effectively language manipulated in ways that signal it as different from ‘ordinary’ language. A stylistic analysis of the selection of some Wole Soyinka’s poems is carried out to educate, explicate and expose t... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

aesthetic of africanism in camara laye’s the african child and the radiance of the king

ABSTRACT It was obviously vital that African should be treated for culture preservation. This research attempted the exposition of Camara Laye’s The African Child and The Radiance of the King with a view to appreciate the African Aesthetics in the novels. Formalism approach is used to critically study the aesthetics in the selected African nove... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

aesthetics of resistance in tanure ojaide’s the activist and helon habila’s waiting for an angel

ABSTRACT Since Nigeria’s political independence in 1960, ensuring administrations have virtually towed the path of devastation. How have Tanure Ojaide and Helon Habila been able to portray the aesthetics of resistance in The Activist and Waiting for an Angel respectively using the New Historicism theory. The authors through various c... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

africanism theme, and technique in amos tutuola’s the palmwine drinkard

ABSTRACT This project work deals with a critical evaluation of Africanism in relation to theme and techniques of Amos Tutuola’s novel THE PALMWINE DRINKARD. This study tends to examine the important of African culture and promotion of its cultural heritage which was bastardized by the colonial masters during colonization. In the course of t... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

art and politics in wole soyinka’s the beatification of area boy and ola rotimi’s our husband has gone mad again

ABSTRACT This study has been able to show how Wole Soyinka and Ola Rotimi have treated politics artistically in their various texts. This study aims at examining the adventure of the military into politics and the playwrights have shown how unaccomplished the military has been in their governance. In the study, we have seen that art and politics... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

characters and journey in amos tutuola’s the palm wine drinkard and gabriel ajadi’s the forest of god annotated translation of d. o. fagunwa’s igbo olodumare

ABSTRACT This project work deals with a critical analysis of characters and their journey using the novels of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm- wine Drinkard and Gabriel A. Ajadi’s The Forest of God annotated translation of D. O. Fagunwa’s Igbo Olodumare. This study tends to explore man and his adventurous life as a result of his quest. Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

class stratification, poverty and social injustice (a critical analysis of festus iyayi’s violence and olu obafemi wheels)

ABSTRACT This study is set out to analysis the issues of poverty, class stratification and social injustice in Olu Obafemi’s Wheels and Festus Iyayi’s Violence. The purpose is to enlighten Africans on the need to fight against all forms of social injustice. The Marxist theory is adopted for the analysis of this study. The result is that the ques... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

class struggle (a case study of festus iyayi’s violence and animata sow fall’s the beggars’ strike)

ABSTRACT The Concept of Class struggle describes the constant conflict among the existing strata in every society. The purpose of this academic research is to explore the meaning and important of class struggle in the context of the selected texts. The theoretical framework for this research is the Marxist-Leninist theory, which could be simply ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

code mixing as a sociolinguistic medium in some selected songs in the nigerian music industry

ABSTRACT Language plays an important role in the society and this leads to the study of code mixing in relation to sociolinguistics and how code mixed utterances have been triggered as a result of language gap, stylistic motivations, domains, societal factors, message intrinsic factors, physical settings and situational factors. This work examin... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

conflict between traditional and western culture (a case study of soyinka’s death and the king’s horseman and the lion and the jewel)

ABSTRACT Conflict is a disagreement or clash between people, ideas; or in the case of our study, cultures. Therefore, culture becomes a unique and sentimental phenomenon that is not only cherished but also protected dearly by an individual as well. Thus, a literature has become the means through which cultural sentiments are projected and expres... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

critical discourse analysis of president barrack obama’s inauguration speech (january 20, 2009)

ABSTRACT This research work examined the persuasive strategies of President Obama’s public speaking as enshrined in his inaugural address. The analysis is grounded on Norman Fairclough’s assumptions in Critical Discourse Analysis, claiming that ideologies reside in texts that it is not possible to remove or ignore ideologies from texts and that ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

critical discourse analysis of ola rotimi”s our husband has gone mad again

ABSTRACT Analysis on a discourse level has been used in the analysis of texts, but this study attempts to carry out a Critical Discourse Analysis of Ola Rotimi’s Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again. The Norman Fairclough theory has been applied in this approach, paying more attention on the socio cultural and political issues in the text. The text, ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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