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the impact of the nigeria civil war in the lives of teenagers and children

Introduction War as defined by Webster’s Dictionary “is a state of open and declared, hostile armed conflict between states or nations, or a period of such conflict” This captures a particularly political rationalistic account of war and warfare, i.e. that war needs to be explicitly declared and to ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the problem of tenses among nigerian speakers of english

enses refer to the form of a verb in English Language that clearly indicates time. We use Tenses to show clear time specification. In this sense, it is seen that without verbs, there will not be Tenses as tense in grammar does not only refer to time but also the action of the verb or state of being at a given moment. Tense is a way of making us kno... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

word formation processes in nigerian short-message service

Abstract One of the features of a living language is that it constantly changes with new words finding their way into the vocabulary of the language. Languages’ vocabularies grow from time to time as a result of new innovations that continuously spring up in different sectors of life and human endeavour; one of which is the Global System for Mob... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a comparative study of numeric systems of english and hausa languages

This work is a comparative study of the numeric system of two of the most widely spoken languages not only in Nigeria but Africa and the world as a whole. It is to explain the styles adopted by the speakers of both languages in expressing numeral situations. In the early days of some comparison between languages, some scholars had argued that th... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a contrastive analysis of the sentence structure of english and igarra languages

ABSTRACT This research work is divided into five sections. Section 1- 5 and are referred to as Chapters wheel the last part deal with bibliography. The first chapter is background of the study, statement of the problem, statement of hypothesis, purpose of the study, significance of the study and lastly scope and limitation of the topic Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a critical evaluation of two of the theories of language acquisition


Language forms the fundamental function of communication. As social beings, we use it as our medium of communication to help us communicate with people that live both within and beyond our regional/geographical locations just as it is the case that other people from within and outside our environment do communicate with us. Language occurs almost w... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a lexico-semantic study of the language of advertisement in pidgin english

ABSTRACT This work concern on how the meaning of the words/lexis can be utilized in the language of advertisement in Pidgin English. Furthermore, the result shows that Nigerian pidgin have a significant for advertisement purpose since it combine of both and indignant languages Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a linguistic analysis of scam mails

This chapter presents the general overview of this research work as well as its significance and statement of problems and also possible solution to those problems as this study is aimed to achieve Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a linguistics analysis of television talk show

ABSTRACT This study seeks to make a linguistic analysis of television talk show, a case study of NTA Kaduna with the aim of describing the nature of its dialogue, providing an assessment of it, and exposing the peculiarities therein. It brings to the fore features that have otherwise not been observed in talk show. The usual assumption by discou... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pedagogical analysis of teaching english as a second language

ABSTRACT This study aims to present a particular view of second language pedagogy. Teaching English as a second language is a quite complex task for a teacher. Language learning should be more fun and enjoyable for students to learn. Teachers need to have effective teaching strategies in order for students to grasp better in learning English. Th... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmartics analysis of negation in selected u.s and nigerian presidental speeches

ABSTRACT This Study analyses and discusses the pragmatically negation in selected U.S and Nigerian presidential speeches. It first examined the process of speaking as a form of intimated and supportive relationship that serves as cement that holds friendships, families, communities, societies and government together. The focus is on political di... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

comparative study of english and hausa nominal phrases

ABSTRACT This research studies the occurrence of the constructions and functions of NPs in English and Hausa languages, and finds out the similarities and differences that exist between them. Data are collected from primary and secondary sources, i.e. published Grammar, Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the use of code switching and code mixing in nigeria

ABSTRACT While Nigerian scholars have examined code-switching in conversation and in literary language (Akere, 1980; Amuda, 1986, 1994; Goke-Pariola, 1983; O'Mole, 1987; Lamidi, 2004; Ayeomoni, 2006) this study presents a critical examination of code-switching in contemporary Nigerian hip-hop music. In spite of the fact that most Nigerian hip-h... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

an analysis of verbs and adverbial phrases: uses and problems in contexual grammar

ABSTRACT This research is focused on verb and adverbial phrases, their uses and problems in contextual grammar. Data was gotten from answers of students who were the respondents to the questionnaire used. The verb is the basic word in a sentence. It is the key word that gives meaning to a concept. This definition takes care of doing words like j... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

factors affecting the assessment of writing with particular reference to teachers’ feedback at sss ii level

ABSTRACT This study sought to assess the factors affecting the assessment of writing with particular reference to teachers’ feedback at SSS II Level. Seven research questions were formulated to guide the study. Relevant literatures were also cited. The study adopted descriptive survey research design and the population for this study comprised ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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