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a study of the negative impact of technological development on the secretary in a modern office

ABSTRACT This research work has been carried out to determine the fate of secretaries with regard to increase in technological advancement. The instruments used in gathering data for this study are, the questionnaire, oral interview and observation. The scope of study covered are three selected banks in Umuahia, Abia State. Namely: ... Continue Reading


reducing unemployment through co-operative movement

ABSTRACT This study was conducted to examine how unemployment has been reduced through cooperative movement in Enugu North Local Government Area. This study covers year 2012 to 2015. In the course of this study, research objective and hypothesis were formulated, for which primary and secondary data were collected, and data were men presented in ... Continue Reading


assessment of the impact of manufacturing sector on economic growth in nigeria (1980-2015)

Abstract The importance of manufacturing sector to the growth of any economy and survival cannot be overemphasized. In an attempt to advance on this, this study attempts to investigate the assessment of the impact of manufacturing sector on economic growth in Nigeria from 1980 2015, Ordinary Least Square (OLS) econometric technique was use... Continue Reading


analysis of twin deficit and manufacturing sector of nigerian economy(1981 - 2015)

ABSTRACT The study investigated the relationship between twin deficit and manufacturing sector of Nigerian economy for the period of 34 years (1981 to 2015). The study adopted the time series data using the OLS estimation technique to analyze the data. The model was estimated using a linear specification methodology. It was discovered Current ac... Continue Reading


review of the course contents of bus 213 (co-operative development)

Bus 213 is a code given to a course titled Co-operative Development. The course is being offered the whole students in the school of business studies, but housed in the Department of Co-operative Economics and Management (CEM). It was offered during the first semester of my NDII. The course was provided with the aim to enrich the students invol... Continue Reading


audit tenure and quality of financial reporting in nigeria

Abstract Measurement of audit quality over the years has been treated thoroughly. The relationship between audit tenure and audit quality is treated in this research. The research instrument used in collecting data is the questionnaire, which is a primary method of data collection. The analytical instrument used is the Pearson’s correlation techni... Continue Reading


a study of an analysis of the occupational schedules for secretaries

ABSTRACT This study was undertaken as a result of what appears to be the attitude of some typist and stenographers towards acting as personal secretaries in Amabra State civil service. This occupational schedule for personal secretaries” in Anambra state civil service. It is accepted that some civil service in Anambra state employ some glo... Continue Reading


the importance of studying co-operative economics and management

Co-operative Economics and Management in tertiary institutions help to improve the co-operative growth and development, quality manpower in co-operative. The importance of studying co-operative in schools and tertiary institutions could as well known as co-operative education and is at the heart of co-operative for work motivation, growth, devel... Continue Reading


poverty incidences in nigeria: causes and consequences (1980-2008)

ABSTRACT This study on the poverty incidences in Nigeria: causes and consequences, is an investigation into how the incidence of poverty has been in Nigeria over time specifically within the scope of 1980 to 2008. It examines the causes, consequences and measures of poverty. A descriptive analysis was carried out within the given time frame (1980... Continue Reading


local production and it impact in nigeria economy

Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine local production and its impact on Nigeria economy. This study adopted the survey, ex post facto and descriptive research design for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. It is ex-post facto research design in that the data generated were already put in place and are not subject to the manipul... Continue Reading


a study of the role and performance effectiveness of professional secretaries

In this world it is known that professions have remarkable features that differentiation them from other professions depending on the effectiveness of the profession. The layman’s idea about a profession is the nature of the job carried out by the members of the profession and its importance to the society. This is the reason it is mostly agreed t... Continue Reading


effect of government policies towards the development of co-operative societies

ABSTRACT Co-operative is institution of a dual native. They are organized by groups of persons based or self-interest, initiative and active participation of the persons who are members and business undertaking which are established, managed and financed by the members of the co-operative enterprises for the promotion of their individual enterpri... Continue Reading


the importance of studying economics of co-operation as a qualifying subject

The entire development of a business enterprise in a particular country required difference institutional frame work. One of such institutional frame work is the co-operative business enterprise. The word co-operative can have different interpretation. In a lay man’s language, it means working together or working mutually. Another interpreta... Continue Reading


the effect of devaluation of naira in nigeria economy

ABSTRACT Economist and Policy maker researchers had long believed that devaluation is one of the effective tools for improving the economy. This is because devaluation is expected to expand domestic Production, Promoting exports and replacing imports and as a result generating more jobs. But this is not so in the Nigeria experience. The rate of de... Continue Reading


globalization and stock market growth in nigeria

Abstract This study examines the impact of globalization and Nigeria’s Stock Market Growth in Nigeria. It also determines whether the introduction of the automated trading system has any significant effect on the stock market operation and it also aim to investigate whether globalization of the stock market in Nigeria has attracted foreign direct ... Continue Reading


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