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feasibility studies a requirement for starting a new cooperative business in nigeria

ABSTRACT The project is focused on feasibility studies: a requirement for starting a new cooperative business in Nigeria. The importance of a well prepared feasibility study in the cause cooperative information and investment drive cannot be over emphasized. Continue Reading


the effect of exchange rate on balance of payment in nigeria

Abstract This project examines the effect of exchange rate on balance of payment in Nigeria. The broad objective of the study is to ascertain the extent to which exchange rate determines the balance of payment and also to determine the relationship between national income and balance of payment. The problem of foreign exchange inadequacy, dependen... Continue Reading


an appraisal of the impact of deposit money banks on the agricultural sector (1980 - 2015).

Abstract Nigeria is endowed with huge expanse of fertile agricultural land, rivers, streams, lakes, forest and grassland, as well as a large active population that can sustain a high productive and profitable agricultural sector; yet the country is an import dependent nation even of the commodities she would have ordinarily produced, given her n... Continue Reading


determinants of corporate social responsibility disclosures in nigerian quoted companies

Abstract This study examines the determinants of corporate social responsibility disclosures in Nigerian quoted companies. The broad objective of the study is to examine the determinants of corporate social responsibility of corporate entities. Specifically, the study examines the relationship between company size, profitability, industry type, fi... Continue Reading


the importance of studying co-operative economics and management

Co-operative Economics and Management in tertiary institutions help to improve the co-operative growth and development, quality manpower in co-operative. The importance of studying co-operative in schools and tertiary institutions could as well known as co-operative education and is at the heart of co-operative for work motivation, growth, devel... Continue Reading


assessment of the implication of electronic banking in nigeria banks

Before the emergence of modern banking system, banking operation was manually done which lead to a slow down in settlement of transactions. This manual system involves posting transactions from one ledger to another which human handles. Figures or counting of money which should be done through computers or electronic machine were computed and count... Continue Reading


large scale production of rice and beans and economic growth

ABSTRACT This study evaluate the “Large production of rice and beans and the economic growth of Kogi State”. The specific objective were to: Ascertain the socio-economic characteristics and importance of “large scale of production of rice and beans and the economic growth of Kogi State”. Profitability of rice and beans and identify the major const... Continue Reading


a study of the role and performance effectiveness of professional secretaries

In this world it is known that professions have remarkable features that differentiation them from other professions depending on the effectiveness of the profession. The layman’s idea about a profession is the nature of the job carried out by the members of the profession and its importance to the society. This is the reason it is mostly agreed t... Continue Reading


a study of the negative impact of technological development on the secretary in a modern office

ABSTRACT This research work has been carried out to determine the fate of secretaries with regard to increase in technological advancement. The instruments used in gathering data for this study are, the questionnaire, oral interview and observation. The scope of study covered are three selected banks in Umuahia, Abia State. Namely: ... Continue Reading


reducing unemployment through co-operative movement

ABSTRACT This study was conducted to examine how unemployment has been reduced through cooperative movement in Enugu North Local Government Area. This study covers year 2012 to 2015. In the course of this study, research objective and hypothesis were formulated, for which primary and secondary data were collected, and data were men presented in ... Continue Reading


the effect of devaluation of naira in nigeria economy

ABSTRACT Economist and Policy maker researchers had long believed that devaluation is one of the effective tools for improving the economy. This is because devaluation is expected to expand domestic Production, Promoting exports and replacing imports and as a result generating more jobs. But this is not so in the Nigeria experience. The rate of de... Continue Reading


the survey of the factors affecting the growth of co-operative society

ABSTRACT The study was conducted to examine the survey of the factors Affecting the Growth of Co-operative Society in Enugu Metropolis, 2003 2005. In pursuance of this investigation, this research work covers five chapters: chapter one deals with introduction, background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, Continue Reading


impact of housing cooperative societies on economic growth

Abstract Housing problems in Nigeria are multi-dimensional. They occur both in the urban and rural areas. They are qualitative, quantitative, psychological and socio-cultural in nature. These problems are consequences of the inability and ineffectiveness of both the public and private sectors to meet the housing needs of the populace. As a resul... Continue Reading


review of the course contents of bus 213 (co-operative development)

Bus 213 is a code given to a course titled Co-operative Development. The course is being offered the whole students in the school of business studies, but housed in the Department of Co-operative Economics and Management (CEM). It was offered during the first semester of my NDII. The course was provided with the aim to enrich the students invol... Continue Reading


monetary policy as a tool of government intervention in the stabilization of price of the economy

According to the stallion, a quarterly publication of union bank of Nigeria Plc, (anniversary edition 1998).The earliest support for establishment of the central bank of Nigeria goes back to the period of the banking failures of’ the early 1950’s following which the power of control of banking was vested on the financial secretary. Many Nationalist... Continue Reading


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