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viability of strongyloides stercolaris ova from bovine stool

This project is based on the determination of viability of hookworm egg S. starcolaris from ova of borine stool using the egg counts method to determine and count the number of eggs in a known amount of stool sample (drug), this is possible using the borine floatation method of egg count by Cheesbrough (2000). The egg culture techniques were also u... Continue Reading

Science Technology

bionomics and menace of cockroach as a pest in the wardrobes and bookshelves

This projects deals with the Bionomics and Menace of Cockroach as a pest in the Wardrobes and bookshelves. It was carried out to know the damage or harm caused by cockroaches and the population of cockroaches in a given area (hostels). Continue Reading

Science Technology

prevalence of intestinal helminthasis in enugu metropolis


The question on whether the rate of intestinal helminthes in man is increasing or decreasing had caused a lot of controversies over years especially among children in Enugu metropolis. The investigations were conducted at the section in park lane hospital Enugu. Continue Reading

Science Technology

determination of microbiological safety of ileogu stream at government residential area (gra), enugu

Determination of Microbiological safety of Ileogu Stream at Government Residential Area (GRA), Enugu was conducted. Ten samples of the water from various parts were examined for total viable count for the presence of both paikogenic organisms and organisms of indicating organic matter pollution. Continue Reading

Science Technology

analysis of waste water for pathogenic bacteria in enugu etropolis


Analysis of wastewater in Enugu metropolis for pathogenic bacteria were carried out, samples of wastewater were obtained from Abakpa Nike Housing Estate sewage pond. The wastewater samples were collected with sterile urine container screw capped bottles. Continue Reading

Science Technology

isolation and identification of salmonella species from patient suffering from typhoid fever


Salmonella Typhi is a rod-shaped Gram-negative bacteria with pesitrichus flagella. They belong to the family Entero bacterioceae and inhabit the large bowel of man. They are found in most food poisoning and tracealole to faecal contaminations. They grow both aerobically and anaerobically and are the main cause of typhoid fever. Continue Reading

Science Technology

anaemia in pregnancy


The study on anaemia in pregnancy is aimed at determining packed cell volume (PCV), Haemoglobin (Hb) level and Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) of pregnant women, as well as the selferity, significance of maternal, age, educational level, occupation and gestational age to the occurrence of anaemia in pregnancy managed, diagnosed and admitted at... Continue Reading

Science Technology

re-construction of gas pipe line to biology, microbiology and chemistry laboratories

In this project, the installed gas pipeline to biology, microbiology and chemistry laboratories in science laboratory department in the institute of management and technology (IMT), Enugu, which has only one route of flow of gas has been re-constructed using T-joint pipes, elbows, and gate valves. Continue Reading

Science Technology

comparative analysis of pipeborne water and other sources of water within enugu metropolis (emene locality)

Comparative analysis of water was carried out on well water, stream and pipe born water obviated within Emene locality of Enugu state the sample were subjected to some analytical tests final like presumptive tests, comfirmative test final like presumptive tests, comfirmative test, completed test, Continue Reading

Science Technology

production of bleach solution and comparative study of comercially produced bleach solution

Bleaching is the process in which net oral colouring matter is removed from a fiber, yana or fabries. It ranges from simple to complex type depending on the ingredeient moderal the bleach solution chosen in this research work is oxochtorale: (i) acid solution (Hocl). Continue Reading

Science Technology

isolation and identification of bacteria associated with wound sepsis

The isolation and identification of bacteria associated with 150ml sepsis studies were carried out to 250 patient at National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu. (250) Two hundred and fifty patients with 150ml sepstis was grouped in to in patients and out patients. Continue Reading

Science Technology

an epidemology survey for sctristosomiasis among pupils in amagunze community in nkanu local government area in enugu

The survey of urinary sehistomiass in Ishele in Amagunze, Nkanu East local Government was carried out using two methods of diagnosis i.e combination of questionnaire on clinical signs and symptoms, and laboratory microscopy using primary school children in the area as test samples. A total of fifty samples were randomly collected reveals the preval... Continue Reading

Science Technology

preparation of soap using local raw materials

Preparation of Local Soap involves the se of wood ash from the flowering plant of Daniello, Oliveri (Agba) Isoberllima doka (Achi), Parkia Clappertonwna (Ugba) and Eleasis guineensis (Nkwu) as the source for the caustic alkali were compared for performance. Continue Reading

Science Technology

production of wine from ripe pawpaw fruit carica papaya

Wine can be produced from paw-paw carioca papaya. Ripe paw-paw were peeled, sliced and homogenized using a weaving blender to obtain 2.5 litres of paw-paw ‘MUST’ the fresh ‘must’ be added 0.49 litres of sodium metabisulphate to sterilize it, and get it ready for fermentation. Continue Reading

Science Technology

the herbarium technique

Collection, processing and classification of plant, leaves specimens covering eight (8) families of plants with eight different species was done. This technique was done to establish a herbanum for the biology laboratory of science laboratory technology Continue Reading

Science Technology

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