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the effect of fuel crises in nigerian economy


The time has come for us to adopt an authentic measure and reorganize our method of approach to fuel distribution. It is high time we (Nigerians) set up and put both out human and material resources together in order to curbe the problem that face people during fuel crisis. This project is divided into three chapters. The first and second chapter... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the effects of social responsibility of emenite asbestostes on the host community


The trend contemporary to the business organizations of our time is that the business organizations such as Emenite Asbestostes Limited owe certain responsibilities to the area, more specifically, inhabitants of the Community in which the business operates. Among these responsibilities is social responsibility. Every Emenite Asbestostes Limited is... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

impact of recapitalized commercial banks on sme development in nigeria

The primary objective of the study is to examine the effects of bank recapitalization on small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria. Bank fraud, poor lending and credit management practices in the Nigerian banking sector forced the Central bank of Nigeria to revisit the capital structure of commercial banks in Nigeria. These among other thingsle... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

customer retention on hospitality management

Customer retention management (CRM) is imperative to the success of today’s hotel sector in Nigeria, as it is more cost efficient to retain valuable customers than to gain new ones and in the current economic climate this is of high importance. The hotel sector currently implements CRM strategies that have been updated since the economic downturn... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

evaluating the role multinational companies and their social responsibilities a case study of chevron plc port-harcourt rivers state

This research work to investigate and evaluate the role of multinational companies and their social responsibilities in port-Harcourt rivers state with special emphasis on (chevron Nigeria Plc). It expresses the need for multinational companies to assist the communities on which they operate and run their business. It also reviews the background of... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the impact of employees participation in decision making and organisational productivity


Decision is the point at which plans, policies and objectives are translated into concrete action. It is noted that Managers, do consider decision making to be the heart of their job in that they must always choose what is to be done, they influences the ordinary employees in decision making.rnThe objective of the research is to know the impac... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the impact of effective compensation on the employees performance


This study examined the impact of effective compensation on the employees performance. Total compensation is a concept which is not usually given attention in many organization. Compensation is mostly viewed as cash and therefore other aspects are neglected viewing compensation as a holistic system to manage for productivity is pertinent to organiz... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the factors that affecting work engagement in hospitality industry

This study was designed to investigate the relationship between work engagement and factors such as organizational trust, internal communication, work-life balance and rewards. Specifically, the study sought to achieve the following: (1)to determine hospitality industry workers’ work engagement and to find out what cause the work engagement of hosp... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the impact of micro-finance on entrepreneurial development in nigeria

This study critically looked into the impact of Micro-finance Firms on Entrepreneurial development in Nigeria, using Kenechukwu Micro Finance Bank Nsukka as a case study. The view was to ascertain the impact of Micro-finance on Entrepreneurship with reference to the organization under study. The contents of this research work were presented... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

influence of organisational behaviour on the management of employees in selected commercial banks in southeast

In all the areas of organisational behaviour, the handling and management of emotions and behaviour seem neglected. These are required for organisations to survive otherwise personal tensions and conflicts may result. People experience great difficulties in copying with fierce even outrageous impulses. Researches have been conducted on organisation... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

an analysis of factors responsible for low productivity of employees in government parastatals


In the course of this research work, productivity is taken to mean the relationship between the quantities of goods produced to the quantity of resources used. A more fruitful way to understand productivity is to consider it a process. Thus Brech (1975) was of the view that productivity can loosely thought of as the continuing improvement of the fi... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

problems and social effects of vandalization of government utility installations


In Nigeria, it is difficult to firstborn what position these services occupy in its scale of preference going by the epileptic manner in which they are rendered. Vandalization and the fit of public property here become the role rather than exception. As a result, daring thieves strict anytime to sabotage electricity cables, circuits, breakers, nut... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

problems and prospects of small and medium enterprises in nigeria


The major purpose of this study is to determine factors influencing small and medium enterprises in Nigeria. To determines the extent finance house strick condition have affected the development of small and medium enterprise in Nigeria and also assess the extent poor financing has affected small and medium business operations. This study will help... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

career opportunities for adult education graduates in enugu state nigeria

This study aims at identifying the career opportunities open to adult education graduates in Enugu State.rnAs a guide to the study, some research question are posed based on the following. Identifying people’s awareness of these adult education graduates and their job potentials.rn Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

local government system in nigeria as an instrument for rural development

The topic local government system as an instrument for rural development is to assess the preference of Nigeria local government systems in the area of rural development. To explain why local governments have been ineffective. To recommend a fundamental solution towards making local government rural development oriented. To achieve the above ta... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

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