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the application of job evaluation in nigeria bottling company plc


This research work will review the application of job evaluation in Nigeria Company PLC using the 9th mile plant as a case study. However, the application of job evaluation is not new in the organizational structure of Nigeria. It started as complain by employees that the relative worth of job are not usually determined more often than not by a ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

organisational conflict and management in nigeria higher institution


The responsibility to maintain cordial relations in an organization rest on the part to be played by the management, the staff and all the entire member of the organization, some works in the organization have be known to have strained the relationship with those at the heim of affairs in organization by forming charges against the management on th... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the effect management stales on worker productivity in the hotel industry in enugu state


This research work examined the effects of management styles on works productivity in the Hotel industry with special reference to Hotel Presidential and Nike Lake Resort Hotel Enugu. In many establishments, especially the movement ones, it has been found that situations which are limical to the achievement of organizational goals do usually exist.... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the impact of effective compensation on the employees performance


This study examined the impact of effective compensation on the employees performance. Total compensation is a concept which is not usually given attention in many organization. Compensation is mostly viewed as cash and therefore other aspects are neglected viewing compensation as a holistic system to manage for productivity is pertinent to organiz... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

impact of reward on organizational, profitability and employees performance


This study x-rayed the impact of reward on organizational profitability and employee's performance, in Emenite ltd, Emene. To achieve this purpose, some objectives of the study, research questions and literature review were raised. The study adopted survey research design, due to the nature of the enquiry. The population of the study was 92 ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

study of cash flow management as an imperative for the growth and profitability of business

The purpose of the study was to appraise the management of cash flow: An imperative for business growth in Nigeria economy. Some of the key indicators were identified to be investment, business transactions, saving effective operations of the business etc. Related literatures were reviewed for a better appreciation of the conceptual framework of t... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the effects of remuneration on the performance of employees on the private sector

The aim of this research work is to work into the effects or remuneration on the performance of employee in the private sector. To this end. If tried to trace the history of remuneration of employee is the public sector in Nigeria. The old system used to have seven steps within a grade. During the year 1988, the administration of Ibrahim Babangida ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the problems of hostel management and accommodation in higher institutions in nigerian

The topic of this work is auditing as a measure on public accounting with reference to federal ministry of finance. Abakaliki. To guide this work, four-research question and four null hypothesis were formulated. A structured questionnaire was produced to get response from the respondents. The statistical tools use to analyze both the descriptive ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

an assessment of the choice of performance of women entrepreneur in technological and non-technological enterprise in lagos, nigeria

This study aims to present micro level perspective and analysis on gender related challenges on the performance of the female entrepreneurs in Lagos state. It examines structural and factor affecting women entrepreneurs and how specific women interviewed in selected cities, perceive and respond to these. This research helps to identify both human a... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

customer retention on hospitality management

Customer retention management (CRM) is imperative to the success of today’s hotel sector in Nigeria, as it is more cost efficient to retain valuable customers than to gain new ones and in the current economic climate this is of high importance. The hotel sector currently implements CRM strategies that have been updated since the economic downturn... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

factors affect employees' performance in hotel industry

The main objective of this research is to study the relationship between empowerment,rntransformational leadership, teamwork, work environment, and employeernperformance in the hotel industry. There are 400 sets of questionnaires were preparedrnand distributed to the targeted respondents who are working in the hotel industry ofrnthe... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

impact of leadership style on organizational productivity

The study discovered that leadership style affect organizational performance of any given company. That the style of leadership a manager adopted has a direct effect on the organizational performance of the employee. The study among others things discovered are, that participatory style of leadership and delegation of duties enhances the ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the effect of fuel crises in nigerian economy


The time has come for us to adopt an authentic measure and reorganize our method of approach to fuel distribution. It is high time we (Nigerians) set up and put both out human and material resources together in order to curbe the problem that face people during fuel crisis. This project is divided into three chapters. The first and second chapter... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

an evaluation of staff and manpower training and development in nigerian organizations


This research work was designed to study training and development of employees in service organization. This study titled “An Evaluation of the effect of manpower training and development in service organization A case study of Nigeria Port Authority of Nigeria (NPA) Lagos zone is of the view of finding out the way by which training and development... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

effect of leadership styles on workers performance

There are so many problems that hinder the organizations for the achievement of the organizational aims and objectives. These problems are curled from the principles of management, which includes include planning, which is regarded as one of the crucial element/aspect of the administrative functions of the chief executives. With the presence of ef... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

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