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factors affect employees' performance in hotel industry

The main objective of this research is to study the relationship between empowerment,rntransformational leadership, teamwork, work environment, and employeernperformance in the hotel industry. There are 400 sets of questionnaires were preparedrnand distributed to the targeted respondents who are working in the hotel industry ofrnthe... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

impact of competitive marketing on performance of multinational and indigenous food and beverage manufacturing companies in nigeria

The research study evaluated the impact of competitive marketing on the performance of multinational and indigenous food and beverage manufacturing companies in Nigeria. The study investigated how these companies utilized marketing orientation and practices, organizational structure and strategy , marketing strategies on acquisition of ma... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the impact of strategic management on organizational growth

"Strategic management is an ongoing process that evaluates and controls the business and the industries in which the company is involved, assesses its competitors and set goals and strategies to meet all existing and potential competitors, and then reassess each strategy annually or quarterly (ie regularly) to determine how it has been implemented ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the effect of communication gap in the achievement of organisational goal


In writing an abstract, the researcher needs to write on how he or she intends carrying out a study. The topic of this project is The Effect of Communication Gap in the Achievement of organizational Goal using Nigerian Bottling Company Plc Onitsha as a case study. Having gone to the Nigerian Bottling Company Plc for a research on how I intend carry... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

entrepreneurial development and its impact on our economy


This project work focused on the entrepreneurial development and it’s impact on Enugu State. This study concern itself with the problem militating against entrepreneurial development, its source of finance and the role they play in the country. The methodology used of questionnaire and interview on the various entrepreneurs. Secondary data we... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the role of small scale industries in rural development


Every dick and harry harp on small-scale industries as the modus operandi too rural development hence the researcher became interested on the topic. The objective is to find out the relevance of small-scale industries in rural development. Two hundred (200) were randomly sampled and administered with questionnaire, out of the population of two hu... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

impact of organizational creativity and innovation on entrepreneurial success

The research study focused on an aspect of creativity, that is, product creativity within small enterprises that are craving for survival within the stiffened economy. The enterprises’ actions in creating new product are therefore studied to identify to what degree such vital parts of their actions lead to success of their enterprises. Fo... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

budget decision in manufacturing companies


Business Organization is facing shift competition and as a result are adopting every strategy for their survival. One of these strategy is by budgeting the operations. The writer decided to find out wages in which budgeting affects organization and contribute to the profitability of their operation and management efficiency, thus the topic. Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the roles of middlemen in the channels of distribution


This project work titled the “Role of middlemen in channel of distribution” an important element in the marketing mix of any form, is the system of marketing channels through which products and services are distributed to the final consumers or ultimate users. A marketing channel is a loosely connected system comprising of a manufacturer, middl... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

a study of relationship between psychological contract and organisational citizenship behaviour among arts teaching faculty

The teaching profession is a selfless, noble profession, in which also psychological contract plays a significant role in explaining the OCB. The study is focused on understanding the effect of Psychological Contract on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour. This study is done on the arts faculty. A standard questionnaire for measuring Psychological... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

customer retention on hospitality management

Customer retention management (CRM) is imperative to the success of today’s hotel sector in Nigeria, as it is more cost efficient to retain valuable customers than to gain new ones and in the current economic climate this is of high importance. The hotel sector currently implements CRM strategies that have been updated since the economic downturn... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the organization and management problem of rural water supply


This research work is aimed at recommending possible solution to the organization and management problem of rural water supply programme in Nigeria with a case study of ANSWC Nnewi. The mean or average number of adult and children in the sample household are 3 and 6 respectively and total income reported is N200 to 100 per household per month. The... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the challenges and prospects of sole proprietorship

The study revealed that sole proprietors can raise their funds from family and friends. Raising of capital is one of the major challenges of sole proprietorship. There should be increase in bank capitalization to enable sole proprietors secure capital.rnThe study revealed that concentration of ownership policy and management control favour sole... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

organisational conflict and management in nigeria higher institution


The responsibility to maintain cordial relations in an organization rest on the part to be played by the management, the staff and all the entire member of the organization, some works in the organization have be known to have strained the relationship with those at the heim of affairs in organization by forming charges against the management on th... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

effect of pollution to the society it"s causes and effects


I investigated the factors that contributed to pollution in Enugu metropolis. The aim of this research was to find out the effects of pollution to the life of the society and also to view the possible causes of this pollution, and make recommendations for eliminating the problems from all its roots and branches. Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

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