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effect of environmental factors on small scale businesses performance


This is survey study carried out to investigate the SSBs performance and examine the impact of environmental factors on SSBs performance in Kano and Sokoto states. Questionnaire methods were mainly used to collect data from the sampled SSBs. The data was analyzed using multivaried discriminant analysis and multiple regression technique in o... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

liquidity management in banks


The study of liquidity management in banks with particular reference on Union Bank Plc. Okpara Avenue Branch and Nise Community Bank Amawbia Awka. Chapter one looked into the liquidity and profitability position in order to find out why banks needs to be move liquid than any other financial institutions as well as business Organization. The aim i... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

effect of job satisfaction on productivity in a business organization


Job satisfaction is generally recognize in the organizational behavior field as the most vital and frequent studies attitude the concept of Job Satisfaction has been developed in many different ways by researchers and practitioners. Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

factors affect employees' performance in hotel industry

The main objective of this research is to study the relationship between empowerment,rntransformational leadership, teamwork, work environment, and employeernperformance in the hotel industry. There are 400 sets of questionnaires were preparedrnand distributed to the targeted respondents who are working in the hotel industry ofrnthe... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

effects of outsourcing strategies on the organizational performance of fast foods industry in lagos state

Presently, the fast food industry in Nigeria is undergoing very rapid change and explosive growth and it has been argued that outsourcing strategies adopted have contribution to the growth of the sector due to its relevance and potentials for the economy. As such, this study tried to ascertain the significant effects of outsourcing strateg... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the challenges and prospects of sole proprietorship

The study revealed that sole proprietors can raise their funds from family and friends. Raising of capital is one of the major challenges of sole proprietorship. There should be increase in bank capitalization to enable sole proprietors secure capital.rnThe study revealed that concentration of ownership policy and management control favour sole... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the problems of hostel management and accommodation in higher institutions in nigerian

The topic of this work is auditing as a measure on public accounting with reference to federal ministry of finance. Abakaliki. To guide this work, four-research question and four null hypothesis were formulated. A structured questionnaire was produced to get response from the respondents. The statistical tools use to analyze both the descriptive ... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

career opportunities for adult education graduates in enugu state nigeria

This study aims at identifying the career opportunities open to adult education graduates in Enugu State.rnAs a guide to the study, some research question are posed based on the following. Identifying people’s awareness of these adult education graduates and their job potentials.rn Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

problems and prospects of operating a small scale business in enugu metropolis


This research work is a very crucial study for the managers and prospective owners of Small Scale Hotel. The study has motivated by the diminishing state of the hotels and also the prospects.rnTo solve the research problem, both the primary and secondary data were collected. The research instrument used in collecting the data were questionnai... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

problems and social effects of vandalization of government utility installations


In Nigeria, it is difficult to firstborn what position these services occupy in its scale of preference going by the epileptic manner in which they are rendered. Vandalization and the fit of public property here become the role rather than exception. As a result, daring thieves strict anytime to sabotage electricity cables, circuits, breakers, nut... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

influence of organisational behaviour on the management of employees in selected commercial banks in southeast

In all the areas of organisational behaviour, the handling and management of emotions and behaviour seem neglected. These are required for organisations to survive otherwise personal tensions and conflicts may result. People experience great difficulties in copying with fierce even outrageous impulses. Researches have been conducted on organisation... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

sustainable educational policies and national development, the nigeria experience

The researcher treated about sustainable Educational policies and National Development but giving more emphasis on Educational Policy because they are government programmes or action plan meant to review existing educational practice or introduce a new method aimed at enhancing a better educational pursuit for its citizens. The impact of Education... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

entrepreneurial strategies and the development of small and medium scale enterprises (smes) nigeria


The development of SMEs has become an important factor in nation’s building and economic development. While developed nations have leveraged on the growth of SMEs, survival rates has been less than 10% in Nigeria despite various government intervention programmes. This study evaluated the effect of entrepreneurial strategies on the developm... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the problem that face agriculture in enugu state and possible solution to them


The topic of this project is the problem that faces agriculture in Enugu state and possible solution to them using phinomer Nigeria limited as a case study. The purpose of data collection involved the administering of questionnaires to respondent and conducting interviews with farmers. The respondents were selected through random sampling. Having... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

the impact of effective compensation on the employees performance


This study examined the impact of effective compensation on the employees performance. Total compensation is a concept which is not usually given attention in many organization. Compensation is mostly viewed as cash and therefore other aspects are neglected viewing compensation as a holistic system to manage for productivity is pertinent to organiz... Continue Reading

Business Administration and Management

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