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infrastructural development, real estate agency re branding and review of national housing policy

With a population of about 173 million people, Nigeria is the largest country in Africa and accounts for 47% of West Africa’s population. Given these large reserves of human and natural resources, the country has significant potential to build a prosperous economy characterized by rapid economic growth through real estate rebranding leading to infr... Continue Reading


evaluation of governor’s lodge

This work is on evaluation of Governor’s lodge in Enugu state. The work intends to carryout evaluation on the toilet and bathroom, parking space and landscaping of the governor’s lodge surrounding. In the process it was found out that the lodge was not in good condition. Hence the need to put the evaluated places in good shape was possible. Areas e... Continue Reading


evaluation of fashion house building

The aim of this study was to evaluate the Uga Microfinance Bank in Aguata L.G.A Anambra State. Three research questions were formulated and tested. The specific objectives are to determine a centralized location, comfortable spaces and good design in Microfinance Bank. The result was obtained using questionnaire method, which was carefully analyzed... Continue Reading


proposed recreational park

Mans activities are affected in several ways by the immediate environment he lives in and what condition he found himself. Any activity that gives pleasures and is engaged in form of choice and not from necessity can be considered recreation”. Park and recreation, the benefit is endless”. If man spends his time wisely, he can greatly enrich his lif... Continue Reading


design of a guest house

For the fact that there are human activities and social functions that always take place within Enugu capital, there is need to establish a hospitality institutions, for instance Guest House. This project aims at proffering solution to the establishment of Guest House. In order to achieve this, some research work was carried out. The research wor... Continue Reading


the effect of reinforced concrete on safety of residential buildings in nigeria

This is defined as the building which sleeping accommodation is provided for normal residential purposes. It is provided with or without cooking or dining or both facilities. Residential building includes one or two story or multi-family dwelling, lodging or rooming houses, dormitories, and apartment houses. The residential building can be owned... Continue Reading


evaluation of habitability factors of wet spacesat queens lodge

The aim of this study was to evaluate the wet spaces in Queens hostel in oko, Orumba north in Anambra state and its specific objectives were to determine the size and location of the kitchen components as stated by the researcher. Two research questions and one research hypothesis were formulated and tested. A simple technique was used. The populat... Continue Reading


a critical study of the practice characteristics of architectural firms in nigeria

a. The study thus explored the characteristics of architectural firms in Nigeria empirically using the systems approach to the study of organizations. The study investigated the organizational profiles, cultures, strategies and structures of the architectural firms. The tasks and information technology characteristics of the arc... Continue Reading


problems and prospects of residential properties management in nigeria

Residential property management is emerging as a managerial science today (Kyle and Baird, 1995). It transcends beyond the role of rent collector (Li, 1997). Managing a residential property involves establishing goals, objectives and policies and implementation of strategies to achieve those goals and objectives Continue Reading


evaluation of the roles of visual instructional materials in agricultural extension services in the north-west zone of nigeria

This study evaluated visual instructional materials roles in agricultural extension services in the North-West Zone of Nigeria, comprising seven states Kaduna, Kano Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara. The total number of respondents randomly selected was 56 agricultural extension agents and 14 respondent farmers through the use of both purposive an... Continue Reading


makurdi airport terminal building, markurdi, benue state

INTRODUCTION The subject of airport passenger terminal building must involve a discussion of transportation. Transportation has remained one of the most vital factors that influence the development of a nation. The credibility of this statement has been proven over the centuries, that if one decides to take a critical look at earlier civilizations,... Continue Reading


domestic airport terminal building

The subject of airport passenger terminal building must involve a discussion of transportation. Transportation has remained one of the most vital factors that influence the development of a nation. The credibility of this statement has been proven over the centuries, that if one decides to take a critical look at earlier civilizations, from the... Continue Reading


evaluation of public housing

Governments all over the world are taking steps to address the problem of providing adequate and affordable housing to their people. Ogun State Government in Southwest Nigeria is not left out in this drive, and thus initiated an integrated public housing programme in 2003 with the assumption that the use of different strategies by different org... Continue Reading


domestic architecture in benin city

(A Study of Continuity and Change)

The culture of people determines and shapes the domestic space in their domestic architecture. Subsequent modifications of the idea have focused on more precise revelations of how the spatial arrangements of material culture are culturally patterned. Through a topological analysis of house plans and patterns, collected from the City of Be... Continue Reading


architectural design of a farmers’ market

Market” is an area or setting in which price making forces (demand and supply) operates. Marketing performs the role of bridging special geographical gap by making sure that goods and services are moved from the point of production to the point of consumption. Agricultural marketing is an essential tool for development yet, farmers suffer from a nu... Continue Reading


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