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the impact of legal audit requirements on the auditors performance in nigeria

This study is intended to find out the impact of legal audit requirements on the auditors performance in Nigeria context specifically. The literature review describes the various audit requirements in conjunction with the professional standards, and how they are applied to secure the auditor’s competence and independence that are vital to the audit... Continue Reading


impact of supervision on effective bank management

The study was to explore the possible impact of supervisors on effective bank management with particular references to Afribank plc, Enugu.rnTo guide this recently the following form research questions were formulated as this.rnTo what extent are human and non “ human resources adequate for efficient inspection In Afribank plc Enugu.r... Continue Reading


the effectiveness of internal control system and it’s impact on the activities of private limited companies


The study is aimed at determining the strength and weakness of internal control system in Phinorma and how the existing control system has helped the management in the realization of their organizational objectives. It also provide base upon which the auditor place reliance when carrying out his audit work. The related literature review shown a bri... Continue Reading


problems of personal income tax generation and administration in enugu state


This project work is carried out on problem of personal income tax generation and administration taxation can be simply defined as a compulsory contribution by individuals and organizations to a statutory Authority. The merits of taxations are numerous for instance, it could be used for re-distribution of income or for stabilizing the economy. Continue Reading


the effect of financial accounting reporting on the management of a business


Effort is made to access the effect of formal accounting reporting on the management of a business financial accounting covers those activities related to the preparation of certain reports which are known as financial statements. These statement report the financial status of a firm at a particular time. The firms activities and resulting profit/... Continue Reading


the factors affecting the concept of profitability as a guide to policy decision

This research work entitled factors the concept of profitability as a guide to policy decision, a focus on manufacturing industries to determine the factors affecting the concept in some elected manufacturing industries in Enugu local government metro polices. Continue Reading


cost control and its effect in the manufacturing industries


This project was therefore undertaken to give actual background on cost control measure, the heed for the control, cost items to be controlled and effect of uncontrolled cost of production on the organization, using Chisco Bakery industry Enugu as a case study. Continue Reading


problems of revenue generation in enugu - south local government system

In this researcher work, the researcher in an attempt to find out the problems of Revenue Generation in Enugu State South Local Government system presented the work in three chapters. Chapter one which is the introductory part started with the introduction of the subject matter “Revenue”. This was followed by the statement of the problems, which... Continue Reading


the accounting profession and its role in the society

In this particular study, we will further discuss mainly the role and functions of accounting profession in management and society. We all know that the accountant provide financial information for its various users which include management and society. This financial data is accumulated and interpreted in order to measure the contributions and rew... Continue Reading


forensic accounting and audit as a panacea for preventing corporate fraud in nigeria


This research work concentrated on forensic accounting and audit as a panacea for mitigating / preventing corporate fraud in Nigeria. The purpose of this research work, is to fight / curb the increasing rate of fraud in the Nigerian Banks. The significance of this study is to determine the root causes of fraud and misappropriation in banks and reco... Continue Reading


the implication of common currency for west african countries

This project research is primarily aimed at dealing with the implications of a common currency for West African countries. As the world is geared towards globalization, West African countries deemed it very imperative to adopt the use of common currency in the sub-region just like their European or Francophone counterparts. The central focus of... Continue Reading


the role of independent auditors in nigeria

The project investigates the causes and solutions to the problems. Form the findings, the true position is that, the problems of auditors range from the uniformed members of the public who do not know much about the profession and their right to the attitudes of company directors. Continue Reading


accounting information in decision making in small-scale business in nigeria

This research work entitled Continue Reading


cash management in manufacturing organization


Cash management is a means of protecting cash in organization cash is the most important current asset for operation of business. It is the basic input needed to keep the business running on a continuous deals. It is also the altimeter output expected to be realized by selling the service or product manufactured by the firm. Continue Reading


auditing efficiency for improving company"s performance

We have witnessed in recent times drastic changes in business trend, in our country. The reasons for these may be fraud, misappropriation of fund, lack of accountability and general company crises. It has been discouraged that management inefficiencies has been the root cause of company poor performance in Nigeria. Continue Reading


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