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the impact of capital budgeting in the private sector using your branch as a case study

This research work highlights the impact of capital budgeting in a private sector. The researcher finding are based from the response from the administered questionnaire, interview question and the result of the statistical test applied on the data collected and we also examine the level of awareness and the implementation of a long-term financial ... Continue Reading


bank lending policies and recovery procedure in nigeria

This project was tailored at designing bank lending policies and recovery procedures in nigeria. The piece of work looked into bank services and the rules that guide their monetary policies. Research was carried out on ways of improving bank lending policies and good measures on how money could be recovered. Recommendation for the future improvem... Continue Reading


adoption of accounting information as the major tool for decision making


Accounting information has contributed to the rapidly growing environment in that the management must update themselves with every current information. That will help in achieving their objectives and help them in decision making. Accounting information helps the management in planning and evaluation of the information as it is served as data orga... Continue Reading


time management, an effective tool in today"s business

This term paper Continue Reading


critical analysis of bank fraud and malpractice in nigeria a comparative study of afribank, union bank and uba plc

Frauds and Malpractice are gradually becoming rampant and a daily occurrences in our banking industry while the bank management are busy working out means of detecting, checking frauds and malpractice, the frauders on the other end are busy designing new methods of circumventing those measures in conjunction with some dishonest bank staff. It shoul... Continue Reading


the extent of reliance on financial accounting information for effective business and financial decision in corporate organizations


The study was directed towards examining the extent of reliance on financial accounting information for effective business and financial decision in corporate organization in Nigeria (A case study of First Bank of Nigeria PLC). In carrying out the examination, certain problems were identified. These problem include the fact that some business are... Continue Reading


budgetary control in the marketing and manufacturing organization

The purpose of this study is to find budgetary controlrntechniques adopted and applied by service industries which aim at providing all ranks or management with enough information for recording plans and measuring performance in objectives and various plans in order to meet such objectives and budgetary is part of planning. Continue Reading


the provision of qualitative services rendered to customers in commercial banks

The services Nigeria commercial bank render differs depending on the size of the organization. For instance, services rendered to the a large organization engaged in international trade is different from that of a sole trader-irrespective of the size, banks operates the kind of account that will facilitate individuals keeping his personal asset and... Continue Reading


an evaluation of the impact of urban development bank in project financial in nigeria

The project is on the “On the evaluation of the impact of Urban Development Bank in project financial in Nigeria. The importance of this is on the benefits of Urban Development Bank in Nigeria especially to the governments and those who manages the activities of the Urban Development Bank as they would gain the knowledge on how to finance Urban D... Continue Reading


the importance and roles of insurance industry in nigerian economy

The research work also treated the types of insurance industry in Nigeria, here the researcher compared it with the types operated overseas, and the method used to the standard. Also the project work, focused on the problem encountered by the industry and all the necessary measures that can be used to improve Nigeria insurance up to the world’s s... Continue Reading


the significance of auditing in the public sector

Today in the public sectors, staffs have decided in involving themselves in fraud, misappropriation of fund mismanagement of assets entrusted on them, and abuse of their profiles for their different personal interests. Continue Reading


the effectiveness and efficiency of internal audit as tool for management control

The nation of an audit for being a watch dog gradually changing for the better as internal auditing has undergone tremendous changes in the decent past. The actual functions of the auditor are often shoulder in secrecy major roles of internal auditing have been clear to majority of people in the society. In view of numerous corrupt practice frauds ... Continue Reading


the effect of financial accounting reporting on the management of business

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tax payers perception on value added tax system in nigeria

This work was aimed at evaluating tax payer’s perception on value added tax system in Nigeria in 1993. The federal government promulgated a decree in respect of the introduction of VAT which is a tax on the consumption of good and services. This was in view of the remedies benefits which could be divided from the exercise. Continue Reading


accounting for intangible asset, the way out



This project is a comprehensive study and examines the "Accounting treatment of intangible assets the way out, (A case study of Guinness Nigeria Plc Sapele branch Delta state. This project is aimed at determining the impact of the current accounting range of thinking relative to intangible assets and how such resources should be valued, recognized and presented in the financial Reporting... Continue Reading


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