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problem of revenue source in local government administration


The topic for this project is problem of revenue source in local government administration, a case study of Aninri LGA of Enugu State. A number of research questions were formulated and structured questionnaire use for data collection from the staff of Aninir LGA. The collected data were organized in frequency tables and percentages used for analys... Continue Reading


the role of accounting information in production decision making


This study is aimed at discovering the quantitative attributes to accounting information which makes it an effective tool in the production decision-making and if the information generated is utilized in effective manner. Although, it is evident that decisions made in manufacturing firms are determined by the accounting information to a varying ext... Continue Reading


the effect of value added tax (vat) in nigeria industries

The main objective of the project are to enable the readers companies, the government and the general public at large to have full understanding of value added tax (VAT) as a form of tax and find out weathered this tax system has any significant effect on industries. Continue Reading


financial strategies for a globalized firm

In this study, my main objective is to find out the strategies by which globalized firms finance other institutions or of what need or importance is a globalized firm to an economy. For easy understanding of this project work, the globalized firm was termed to be Afri Bank (Nig.) Plc. Which is a Nigeria based firm which has met all the requirement... Continue Reading


inflation in nigeria causes, consequence and control

This work is about inflation in Nigeria, the causes, consequences and how it can be controlled. For inflation to be effectively controlled and for the economy to be conducive for foreign investors, and hands must be on seek including the governments, manufactures, e.t.c. The book is organized around the main causes of inflation in Nigeria, ie,... Continue Reading


budgeting and budgetary control as tools for accountability in government parastatals


This research work was focused on investigation on the use of budgeting and budgetary control as tools for accountability in governmentrnParastatals. (A case study of Enugu State Housing Development Corporation). Budgetary control is a quantitative expression of plane of action prepare in advance of period to which it relate. The organ... Continue Reading


an evaluation of the internal control system in hotel industry

This project was carried out with the sole aim of studying and evaluating the internal control system in the hotel industry The project has three chapter: chapter one is introduction , statement of problem, research objective, significant of study, limitation study, definition of term Continue Reading


financial ratios as an aid to management decision making

Accounting is fundamentally a measurement and communication process used to report on the activity of profit seeking business organization and not for profit organization. As a measurement and communication process for business, accounting supplies information that permits informal judgment and decision by users of data. It also supplies management... Continue Reading


financing infrastructure in developing countries


One of the most critical urban development issues facing Nigeria is the financing of urban infrastructure and delivery of urban services. The study arises because of impact of urban infrastructure and services on economic development of developing countries especially Nigeria. Continue Reading


accounting as an aid to internal control system

This research project is on accounting as an aid to internal control system. The problem study of this research is to find out whether Enugu State Government Accounting records are properly kept according to the provision of the state financial instruction as it concerns the state government. Again to know if there is any loophole in the accounti... Continue Reading


inventory control procedures in manufacturing organizations


This study is necessitated by the fact that many manufacturing firms can no longer meet up to installed capacity due to poor management of inventories. This has led to closing down of various companies or retrenchment of workers due to lean pockets. Continue Reading


computer an important system in the processing of accounting information

This project is on computer an important system in the processing of accounting information the question is, to what extent is computer recreant in the processing of accounting information. Technology affords better ways of doing things. No one doing serous business today will claim to be totally oblivious of the importance of computers are vary ... Continue Reading


the role of federal mortgage banker in achieving economic development of nigeria

The Role federal mortgage banker in achieving Economic Development in Nigeria” is a term paper presented by a student of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT). This term paper is arrange in such a way that one chapter flows and usually leads to another. Continue Reading


the effect of financial accounting reporting on the management of business

Continue Reading


the factors affecting the concept of profitability as a guide to policy decision

This research work entitled factors the concept of profitability as a guide to policy decision, a focus on manufacturing industries to determine the factors affecting the concept in some elected manufacturing industries in Enugu local government metro polices. Continue Reading


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