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problems of revenue generation in enugu - south local government system

In this researcher work, the researcher in an attempt to find out the problems of Revenue Generation in Enugu State South Local Government system presented the work in three chapters. Chapter one which is the introductory part started with the introduction of the subject matter “Revenue”. This was followed by the statement of the problems, which... Continue Reading


financial planning and control as a tool for management efficiency

Planning and control have become part and parcel of our daily lives. We may even resent it when it is imposed. But we have come to realize that it is an essential factor in national, business and private life. This project “Financial planning and control as a tool for management efficiency” aims to finding out how financial planning and control has... Continue Reading


universal banking in afri bank

Universal banking has been of controversial issue among practitioners and regulation of financial sub-sector of Nigeria economy. However most of these decisions have been flamed by lack of common understanding of what universal banking is and what its implication might be for the country’s financial and economic well being. The research att... Continue Reading


evaluation of taxation as a source of government revenue


The Nigeria tax system had its share in terms of being adequately mobilized for an increased revenue and fiscal actions. The State tax revenue is no exemption or Exception to the fact that the revenue generating ability is grossly inadequate to meet up its government functions.rn Taxation which is seen as compulsory payment made by the citize... Continue Reading


accounting system uses and internal control in a community bank


This study is aimed at ascertaining the accounting system uses, and internal control in a community Bank Umuchinemere Community Bank Enugu. The approach to the study was the grouping of the subject matter for convenience, ease of reference and understanding. Continue Reading


time management, an effective tool in today"s business

This term paper Continue Reading


public sector accounting in nigeria


One of the most researched and least understood variables of public sector accounting is how the accountability and stewardship of financial control is conducted. People have been speculating on how the funds generated are managed but now researchers have conducted systematic investigation of funds and leakage in local government revenue system. Ev... Continue Reading


the objectives of financial statements and there usefulness to the general user groups

There is a global confusion and misconception in identifying the objectives of financial statement and their usefulness to the general user groups in an office. Some accountant appear not to be aware of the objectives of financial statement in the execution of their accounting duties.rn Many bodies and individuals like Continue Reading


the realities of privatization and commercialization on nigerian economy

The project on the realities of privatization and commercialization on the Nigerian Economy is an evaluation and digestion of the newly introduced system of privatization and commercialization with an insight view on it’s effects, merits, demerits, problems and prospects. Continue Reading


capital market, its nature and significance

This work is designed to assess the nature of the capital market it significance mode of operation it contributory function in general and narrowly in Nigeria contracts. The problems associated with the development of capital market in developing countries using Nigeria as an example will also be looked at. Continue Reading


leasing as a major financing device for small scale industries in enugu urban


Small-scale enterprises like Hapel Nigeria limited generally suffer from lack of adequate finance. The introduction of the structural adjustment programme compounded the problem such that the enterprise could hardly finance the fixed capital requirements. Continue Reading


cost control and its effect in the manufacturing industries


This project was therefore undertaken to give actual background on cost control measure, the heed for the control, cost items to be controlled and effect of uncontrolled cost of production on the organization, using Chisco Bakery industry Enugu as a case study. Continue Reading


cost control and its effect in manufacturing company

Cost control becomes imperative when one looks at the objectives of firms which aomong other thins making as much profit as possible to satisfy tehinventors, becomes a good corporate entity to customers, government, local community and other external members. All these arms are tied to the cost control measures. Continue Reading


determinants of lending to small and medium enterprises by commercial banks in kenya

The study undertook a census of the 43 commercial banks in Kenya. The study used secondary data from the annualrnpublished report of commercial banks in Kenya for a period of 5 years Continue Reading


the effect of tax incentives in the industrial development in nigeria

It is often heard that some companies tries to manipulate their financial statement to avoid paying tax or even when they say it is lesser than they supposed to have paid, deposit the tax incentive given to them and that make the researcher to look in depth to find out the effect of this tax incentives offered to private investors and its impact in... Continue Reading


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