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the need for auditing and investigation in small scale business organization with particular reference to pentagon shopping center enugu

The researcher embarked upon this study to help pentagon shopping center in pinpointing some of the need for auditing and investigation kicking against the effective of small scale business. So recommendation can be made to off see the situation. Based on this finding the researcher believes if these recommendations are carried out the survival an... Continue Reading


the effect of computer system in nigeria banks


The study is a survey, which sought to establish that computer system in Nigeria banks has improved the services rendered by banks. The problem of the study were stated, including the purpose and significance of the study and also there was the review or related literature. Questionnaire was the instrument used for the study. The (80) eighty mem... Continue Reading


monetary and fiscal polices as efficient tools for economic stability with specific to central bank of nigeria (awka-branch)

This research wok, treated monetary and fiscal policies as efficient tolls for economic stability. This research work was done to examine the monetary and fiscal policies and ascertain how effective they have been in making the poor conditions of the rural area fair, to ascertain why there should be poor unemployment in the economy despite the exis... Continue Reading


the need for auditing and investigation in small scale industries

Auditing is the process of investigating into the financial records prepared in an organization to ascertain the correctness of the financial statement. Investigation can be described as an inquiry commissioned by a client for some of his purposes. The preparation of the accounts of small scale industries involves the bringing together of the contr... Continue Reading


accounting information and management decision making in nigerian breweries plc 9th mile coner ngwo

This research work was designed to studding the accounting information impact on management decision making, identifying and exploring possible techniques applicable and based on the findings, make recommendations for clarifying the impact of accounting information on management decision. Continue Reading


evaluation of taxation as a source of government revenue


The Nigeria tax system had its share in terms of being adequately mobilized for an increased revenue and fiscal actions. The State tax revenue is no exemption or Exception to the fact that the revenue generating ability is grossly inadequate to meet up its government functions.rn Taxation which is seen as compulsory payment made by the citize... Continue Reading


cash management in manufacturing organization


Cash management is a means of protecting cash in organization cash is the most important current asset for operation of business. It is the basic input needed to keep the business running on a continuous deals. It is also the altimeter output expected to be realized by selling the service or product manufactured by the firm. Continue Reading


commercial bank lending to small and medium scale enterprises


The project aims at examining the extent the commercial bank have completed with the guideline in providing credit to the small and medium scale enterprises, if they have complied, how adequate are the financial assistance and what the impediments on their way are. At the end suggestions will be made for improving or increasing credit facilities t... Continue Reading


accounting as an aid to internal control system

This research project is on accounting as an aid to internal control system. The problem study of this research is to find out whether Enugu State Government Accounting records are properly kept according to the provision of the state financial instruction as it concerns the state government. Again to know if there is any loophole in the accounti... Continue Reading


an evaluation of the international monetary fund (i.m.t) loan policy on developing economy

(A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA (1990 “1999))

The trust of this paper is the evaluation of the I.M.F loan policy on developing nations with Nigeria as a case study The paper begins by giving a brief stored perspective of fund. The structure, it’s operating procedure and its lending policies. The study also tries to know why the implementation of funds loan usually goes with adverse effec... Continue Reading


banks participation in industrial development in nigeria

In the development of industries by banks, some strategies can be use, but it defer from bank to another bank depending on the method used such bank. The researcher focused on the prevalent problems that led to the services which bank performs for sustenance of industrialization in the economy. These services could be seen as the provision of capi... Continue Reading


the role of independent auditors in nigeria

The project investigates the causes and solutions to the problems. Form the findings, the true position is that, the problems of auditors range from the uniformed members of the public who do not know much about the profession and their right to the attitudes of company directors. Continue Reading


the role of computer in fraud detection and prevention in the nigerian commercial banking industry

Banks in Nigeria have been for quite sometimes, the centre of public attention especially in the area of fraud. Fraud have been on the increase in recent years. Although, fraud in the bank is global phenomenon, the growth Continue Reading


auditors role in reporting on illegal acts

In a study of this nature one would like to accumulate data from many areas. But, in view of length of time allowed for this research such a wide range sample study was almost external difficult, the researcher therefore concentrated his field in auditors role on reporting on illegal acts because of the time factor allowed and upon practical consi... Continue Reading


assets valuation for research and development

One of the primary assets valuations for research and development is to Provide data on how to recognized long lived assets and distinguished Between the two different types tangible and intangible and to control Internal control over research and development cost and is of interest to Various groups eg government sector, private sector etc... Continue Reading


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