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the impact of inflation on the consumption pattern of i.m.t. students

Inflation is a broad topic and has various ways it a affects the lives of various segments of people. This project work is designed particularly to see how inflation affects the consumption pattern of students. The researcher saw the need to know how inflation has affected the various sections of the economy and also how it can be curvet.rn Continue Reading


an investigation into the student hostel accommodation problem in the institute of management and technology (i.m.t) enugu

An investigation into the student hostel accommodation problem in the institute of management and technology (I.M.T) Enugu, is the topic of the write up. The aim of choosing this topic is the bring to notice the problems student face in I.M.T hostel. These problem gave bad name to the school, as a result of this, parent and guardians no longer send... Continue Reading


accounting for depreciation in manufacturing industry

The purpose of the study was to enable the accountants to depreciate the fixed assets in manufacturing industry. The chapters run from one to three and justice has been done to this topic. Continue Reading


funds management and control in the public sector


For a very long time now, the public sector in Nigeria have suffered great set back, vis-a-vis public funds management and control that the causes, effects o impacts and suggested remedies (solutions) for managing and controlling of funds in the public sector are inevitable for discussions. Consequently this paper has attempted an expository disco... Continue Reading


the auditor as an indispensible part of a profitable business organisation

It is believed that internal control is a tool at managements, disposal to curb fraud. Despite the internal control in today’s companies, management has not been able to effectively curb fraud as we can see from media reports filled with news of financial fraud. Continue Reading


internal control system in manufacturing industries


There is a need for strong internal control system in manufacturing organization to make sure that organization assets are safe guarded. Considering the importance of internal control to life Breweries limited Onitsha the researcher deems it necessary to study the effectiveness of internal control. Officers of the organization were interviewed ... Continue Reading


the role of auditors in computerized accounting systems

The auditor face a lot of problem in the cause of carrying out his duty in a computerized accounting system of an organization, such problem are as follows: a. The programmes or information are strictly written in the computer systematic order that one reading it must follow the system approach (which require strict adherent from the non-computer l... Continue Reading


the usefulness of accounting standard in the preparation of financial statement

Accounting standard are authoritative statement of how particular types of transaction and other event should be reflected in financial statement and recording compliance with accounting standard will normally be necessary for financial statement to give a true and fair view. In the developed countries like united kingdom, Ireland, united states of... Continue Reading


the importance of department vote expenditure analysis book (dvea)


The aim of this study is to find out the importance of Department Vote Expenditure Account Book (DVEA) various department and ministries. To carry on this study four research question methods were adopted. rn Continue Reading


taxation as an instrument of economic development in nigeria

The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate the contribution of taxation of the development of the Nigeria economy. For this reason therefore, the researcher hopes among other things as its purpose to examine. Continue Reading


capital market

Capital market is a market that is rare in the knowledge of most individual. This work is prepared in other to bring the knowledge of this exchange to the door step of each individual. Continue Reading


accounting information as a tool for decision making in business


This work is an attempt to re-emphasize the role of accounting information in ensuring good decision of business organizations. In this work, accounting information is seen as the only means by which the management of any business organization could communicate to its staff, debtors, creditors, government and infact, the general public about its op... Continue Reading


the role of accounting in nigeria

Booking - Keeping is the recording of the financial transaction of business in a methodical manner so that information on any point relating to their may be quickly obtained. The method of proceeding is based upon deprecate principle, which are discussed and illustrated. The kind of information which a trader may desire to have and which is readily... Continue Reading


utilization of accounting professional skills in small scale firms

Many business firms have benefited from the use of research keeping and accounting. This is true especially when we consider such firm that required by law to publish the result of their business dealings annually. Such firm cannot fulfill this legal obligation without employing the accounting professional skills. They also utilize accounting skill... Continue Reading


the role of statutory auditor in controlling frauds in government owned establishment

This topic that is being treated (The role of a statutory auditor in controlling fraud in government owned establishments) is very important to our present economic condition if people will blend with the results and findings of this research work. In the chapters of this project, it is clear that an auditor (statutory) is very important in all ... Continue Reading


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