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utilization of accounting professional skills in small scale firms

Many business firms have benefited from the use of research keeping and accounting. This is true especially when we consider such firm that required by law to publish the result of their business dealings annually. Such firm cannot fulfill this legal obligation without employing the accounting professional skills. They also utilize accounting skill... Continue Reading


detection and prevention of financial fraud in nigeria banks

Nigeria’s banking sector continues to be a vital part of the economy. Even since the inception of the nations first bank in the 19th century, banks have recorded tremendous growth. Inspite of the hardship in the economy, people still rush to work in banks compared to other sector with the belief of finding green pasture there with such negative mot... Continue Reading


bank distress: nature, causes, implication and associated auditor's responsibility

Not withstanding the important and efficiency on any organization there are always some deficiency which need some corrective measure to effectively achieve the overall aim of the organization. Fraud is one major problem which faces the banking sector. Most bank distresses are cursed by frauds either from customers or from internal factors e.g. Aud... Continue Reading


implication of accounting as an internal control mechanism in the government ministries

This project is on the implication of accounting as internal control mechanism in Enugu State Ministries. The term paper is aimed at ascertaining the effectiveness of accounting as internal control mechanism in the State Ministries. The problem studies is to find out whether the Enugu State Government accounting records are properly kept according ... Continue Reading


efficiency of monetary policy in controlling inflation in nigeria

This researcher work was embarked upon to study the efficiency of monetary policy in controlling inflation in Nigeria. The need for this study was informed by the trend of inflationary growth over the years, the impact of inflation on the achievement of the four basic goals of monetary policy: economic growth, price stability, inflationary rate or ... Continue Reading


the use of financial accounting information system for management decision making


The objective of the study is to determine whether financial accounting formation system was used by management for efficient and effective performance and the extent information guided and regulated management decision making in companies. Continue Reading


the role of statutory auditor in controlling fraud in government owned establishment


This research work is view of the role of a statutory Auditor with intention of determining how it helps in cubing frauds in government owned establishment. Though it is aimed at the role of a statuary auditor in controlling fraud generally, in view of the vastness of the topic a particular government owned firm (establishment) was selected as a ca... Continue Reading


effects of tax incentives in the development of manufacturing industries in nigeria


In Nigeria, the concept of taxation, especially as it relates to tax incentive had been an important topic for discussion both in the government circle and in the private sector. A review of the annual budgets of the federal Government reveal that the government usually give tax concessions and incentives to firms/ corporations in the following lin... Continue Reading


effectiveness of cost accounting information in price determination


The aim of this research work is to find out effectiveness of cost accounting information in price determination, how to regulate and fixed price in any existing goods. This work has only three chapters. Continue Reading


equipment leasing as a source of finance, practice, problems and prospects

According to (Chris C. Nwabueze) Auditors plan a vital role in controlling government founds. This goes a long way to give government parastatals guide and aid to achieve its goods and objectives. Auditors from the time of investigates in the book of government to ascertain whether the financial statement of the organization present fairly and a... Continue Reading


study of financial intermediation and resource mobilization


Financial intermediation is the process by which financial institution accept saving from house hold and lend this saving to business organizations. Since high level of financial intermediation has been associated with high degree of economic development e.g Nigeria has allegedly been said to experience low level of financial intermediation. Continue Reading


liquidity management in the service industries

This study addresses the practical measures in the service industries needs to adopt and effectively manage their liquid resources especially taking cognizance of the current economic recession in the country Continue Reading


improving the performance of small scale business through effective budgetary control

A time came when a controversy aroused between me and some of my constituents in the society, some were saying that imported products are the best which I did not accept. I made it known to them that the role of our industries whether own individual or by government, is to provide the needed products and these goods should be accepted in good faith... Continue Reading


the effects of nigeria monetary and firm policies on commercial bank"s from 1990 " 2000


Issues concerning money have contained to cover invest for some money theories. Money makes life what is and contributes tremendously to the rise or fall in the economic situation of a particular country. It is as a result of the continuous charge in the behavior of money count theorist come by the financial and economic policies to cushion the h... Continue Reading


the need for auditing and investigation in small scale industries

Auditing is the process of investigating into the financial records prepared in an organization to ascertain the correctness of the financial statement. Investigation can be described as an inquiry commissioned by a client for some of his purposes. The preparation of the accounts of small scale industries involves the bringing together of the contr... Continue Reading


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