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division of labour and specialization, a tool of industrial growth and development


The research study conducted on this topic Continue Reading


accountability and budget implementation in nigeria


As a result of rapid increase in the socio-economic problem of this nation and also millions of naira wasted at project sites and the collapse of our economic sector , the writer decided to survey the avenues in which these wasted funds could be curtailed and our economic problems ameliorated. Continue Reading


the importance of proper accounting modern day business

Accounting is often said to be the language of business it is used in the business world to described the transaction entered into by all kind of organization. The actual record making phase of accounting is usually called bookkeeping and he use to which these record are pt, their analysis and interpretation. An accountant should be interested in r... Continue Reading


an appraisal of the accounting system of local government

This project work was focused on the appraisal of the accounting system of local government. This took off by evaluating the structure of the accounting system of local government. This was done together with the appraisal of the effectiveness of the operation of the different components of the account system. Continue Reading


the role of accounting in managing and liquidating distressed banks

The importance of the managing and liquidating distress banks in sense that she carried out her study on who intend to ascertain how the assets of the distress banks should be disposed as a result of recovering in full the money deposited by the customers during the banking operations. Continue Reading


the implication of common currency for west african countries

This project research is primarily aimed at dealing with the implications of a common currency for West African countries. As the world is geared towards globalization, West African countries deemed it very imperative to adopt the use of common currency in the sub-region just like their European or Francophone counterparts. The central focus of... Continue Reading


the role of auditors in contemporary time

This write-up focuses that auditors express important opinion on financial statement.rnAnd it describe the principles and technique that auditor use to ascertain the true and fair view of financial statement. Continue Reading


effective implementation of organizational policies and procedures in nigeria business

In all business enterprise effective implementation of organizational policies and procedure is very important and can never be over emphasized and to achieve this goal, target and objective is beckoned the design of managers who do not sit there as a ceremonial heads rather they have role of implementing the organic functions of management in... Continue Reading


audit report and its impact on business firm

Today in the country people view the auditor in different ways. Some recognize them as a body that check the fraudulent acts in a present business organization while others regard the auditor as somebody who approaches his work with suspicion or with foregone conclusion that there is something wrong. Continue Reading


the management of account receivable and its impact on the performance of business organization in nigeria


Recently with the present economic predicaments in the country, many business organization and individuals have found it difficult to cope with the high cost of living. This is due to the paucity of the cash available in the economy with which they can buy the necessary goods and services they required on the spot with cash. Fortunately, with the... Continue Reading


the problems of partnership business in nigeria


This research is aimed at identifying the problems of partnership business in Nigeria and how to sole some of them. This as an attempt to present the frame work which will help various group of persons in partnership businesses and others desiring to become one to have a clear understand of some the problem they are to encounter in the business, es... Continue Reading


the role of federal mortgage banker in achieving economic development of nigeria

The Role federal mortgage banker in achieving Economic Development in Nigeria” is a term paper presented by a student of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT). This term paper is arrange in such a way that one chapter flows and usually leads to another. Continue Reading


study of financial intermediation and resource mobilization


Financial intermediation is the process by which financial institution accept saving from house hold and lend this saving to business organizations. Since high level of financial intermediation has been associated with high degree of economic development e.g Nigeria has allegedly been said to experience low level of financial intermediation. Continue Reading


problems of obtaining bank loans in nigerian banks

This research aims at tracing the problems that borrowers do encounter while obtaining loans from banks and the causes of these problems. The researcher trims to view these problem emanating from the borrower method of application vis-à-vis the central bank credit guidelines and the commercial bank principles and practice of lending. Continue Reading


the impact of value added tax on revenue generation in nigeria

This work is very important because it highlights problematic area, which would yield extensive information that would be relevant to other researchers on vat; it could also form a guideline to other researchers. Continue Reading


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