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the role of nigeria money market in savings mobilization

This research is on an issue which is of great importance to the Nigeria economy, it is on the Nigeria money market and its role in savings mobilization. The seminar report comprises of three chapters, chapter one is on the introduction of the topic, chapter two is on the review of the existing literature relating to the subject matter, chapter thr... Continue Reading


personal income tax administration in nigeria

This research was carried out for purpose of surveying and analyzing the system of internal revenue collection and enforcement procedures and to identify areas to improvement on the administrative system. The first chapter is an introduction of the research work. It contains the purpose of study, significance of study, statement of problems, and l... Continue Reading


universal banking in afri bank

Universal banking has been of controversial issue among practitioners and regulation of financial sub-sector of Nigeria economy. However most of these decisions have been flamed by lack of common understanding of what universal banking is and what its implication might be for the country’s financial and economic well being. The research att... Continue Reading


the importance of accounting on organization"s effectivesnes

Reference to the numerous problems facing the treasury in the quest to have an effective accounting system in pursuance of nations building this work is aimed at ascertaining the importance and significance of this government accounting system an identify causes of this ineffectiveness. This study covers the responsibilities and duties of federal m... Continue Reading


taxation as an instrument of economic development in nigeria

The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate the contribution of taxation of the development of the Nigeria economy. For this reason therefore, the researcher hopes among other things as its purpose to examine. Continue Reading


the need for auditing and investigation in small scale business organisation

The researcher embarked upon this study to help small-scale business organization in pinpointing some of the need for auditing and investigation. Kicking against the effective of small-scale business. So recommendation can be made to offset the situation. Base on this finding, the researcher believes if those recommendations are carried out the... Continue Reading


the role of accounting in nigeria

Booking - Keeping is the recording of the financial transaction of business in a methodical manner so that information on any point relating to their may be quickly obtained. The method of proceeding is based upon deprecate principle, which are discussed and illustrated. The kind of information which a trader may desire to have and which is readily... Continue Reading


cost-volume-profit analysis as a tool for profit planning and control

This study reviews that application on cost-volume-profit analysis in manufacturing firms in Nigeria; research’s choice of firms is based on its extent of 0involvement in the manufacturing industry in Nigeria particular it’s various lines of product. Profit planning and control are essential ingredients or a successful management at all levels... Continue Reading


an examination of income and expenditure pattern among the students of institute of management and technology enugu

The research work aimed at identifying the sources of income open to students in the higher institutions of learning and universities as well as also how they spend this money given to them. Four research questions were set, the instrument used for data collection was a questionnaire containing 13 questions relating to the study. Continue Reading


the role of independent auditors in nigeria

The project investigates the causes and solutions to the problems. Form the findings, the true position is that, the problems of auditors range from the uniformed members of the public who do not know much about the profession and their right to the attitudes of company directors. Continue Reading


the management of account receivable and its impact on the performance of business organization in nigeria


Recently with the present economic predicaments in the country, many business organization and individuals have found it difficult to cope with the high cost of living. This is due to the paucity of the cash available in the economy with which they can buy the necessary goods and services they required on the spot with cash. Fortunately, with the... Continue Reading


the investment of insurance fund in nigeria


The aim of the project is to evaluate or appraise the investment of insurance funds in the Nigerian economy. rnIn order to carryout this project, some statement of problems were evolved, the purpose of study as the sample size and various instrument used for the collection of data. rn Continue Reading


capital market in nigerian"s economic development

Nigeria has gradually come of age in terms of financial institutions, which make up the system. This is seen for the wide spread establishment of many financial institutions. Meanwhile, way through which capital market as the complex of institution and mechanize by which intermediate and long term funds are pooled and made available to business, g... Continue Reading


industrialization and rural development


There is clarion call for a strong internal control as a measure for preventing errors in the manufacturing organization to make sure that, the organization assets are safeguard and that they need up with their financial obligations as at when due. On the lighter mood, considering the importance of internal control of life breweries limited Onitsha... Continue Reading


investors perception of published financial statement


The aim of this research is to examine investor's perception of published financial statements. A total of fifty (50) investors were examined for the purpose of this study however, forty (40) responded positively, giving this project 80% response rate. Financial statement is a prerequisite for accessing the financial performance of the firm an i... Continue Reading


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