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construction of industrial wheel barrow

Wheelbarrow is a simple machine, which belong to the second-class lever. This is because the load or resistance is placed between the effort and the fulcrum. It is used in many areas of work to convey loads that are too heavy or bulky to be carried by hand. Wheelbarrow can be used as farm equipment, industrial equipment among others. However, the ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

the use of local pigments and extenders for formulation & production of emulsion paint

The major aim of this project research work is to produce emulsion paint from locally sourced pigment & extenders. The materials used for the production was of local source. The major raw materials used for the production of the emulsion paint: water, titanium iv oxide, calcium carbonate, kaoline, calgon, natrosol, biocide P.V.A, ammonia, deformer ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

analysis of crude palm oil

This project was carried out to ascertain whether the local palm oil met the required standard. The analytical test carried out include the free fatty acid test the acid value, iodine value moisture, content, saponfication value, peroxide value, specific gravity, colour and viscosity. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of steel cupboard - version 2

A workshop cupboard is a facility designed from mild steel for the storage of various materials, like book material and non-book materials e.g. workshop tools, labouratory wares and reagents, etc; after operations in a chemical labouratory, mechanical workshop, or else where. The construction of a workshop cupboard requires the consideration of l... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of water storage tank (2000 litres)

The 20000 liters storage tank was constructed for effective storage and conservation of third with three (3) mild steel sheet of 14 gauge (2mm) thickness. The construction started by marketing out 1Â (One and half) mild steel of 2440 Mm by 113Mmusing metal meter rule and critter the already market out dimension underwent cutting with a backsaw an... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of steel cupboard

The project work “Construction of standard steel cupboard” was constructed at the mechanical workshop. During the construction, various hand and machinery tools (equipment) such as electric welding machine, hammers, guillote, folding machine, spraying machine, milling machine, steel rule, hard saw, center punch, scribers, tri-square, drawing ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of turbine mixer

The Turbine Mixer was Fabricated at the Mechanical Engineering Workshop of Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu The method of the fabrication of the Turbine Mixer involves a preliminary computation of the dimensions of the standard Turbine in relation to the dimension of the reacting vessel in which they will be used in. making out, cutt... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

process and quality factors in laundary and toilet soap production

This projects is aimed at knowing the process and quality factor in Laundary and Toilet Soap Projection. Various factors affected the quality of the soap produced. These include the method used in production, types and nature of oils used, the percentage of the additives in the soap and the ratio at which oils are mixed to react with alkali. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of soap moulds, table and cutters

A mould can generally be defined as a pattern constructed for the production of the same shape and size. The constructional material differs from one operation to another. When one considers the money at hand, he decides whether to start from the primary production level or secondary production level. Referring to the project, the aim is for the es... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of a standard drawing desk

This project is a fabrication of a standard drawing writing desk using the cheapest, effective and most readily available materials. Method of maintenance and services were also taken into consideration. The functional aspect of the equipment was also given adequate consideration in the project work. Also take into consideration the reliability, ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

analysis of enugu coal

The project Analysis of Enugu Coal was done to determine the characteristic properties of Enugu Coal with particular emphasis on the proximate and ultimate analysis. Coal samples from the Enugu Coal (Onyeama) mine were obtained and pulverized. The coal sample (pulverized) was subjected to proximate and ultimate analysis to determine its characteri... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

formulation and production of levera soap

The production of the soap was carried out using all the necessary equipments like the reactor, mould, stirrer, hygrometer guage etc. and all the required reagents for soap production in correct proportion. In the production, palm kernel oil (P.K.O) was used instead of tallow or grease. This was because soap produced from grease or tallow tends t... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

the construction of sieve equipment

The sets of seizes with shocker which was fabricated and assembled in the chemical engineering pilot plant was aimed at providing the students with a machine that will aid them in practical involving the separation of solid particles. Besides this, it was also fabricated sizes or diameter of the solid particles of a substance by allowing it pass th... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

formulation and production of alcohol from palm wine

This research work was arrived as the formulation and production of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) from the fermentation of palm wine. A fresh palm wine was ated which was obtained from Emene in Enugu State. The characteristics that was tested before and after fermentation were; specific gravity, refractive index and PH value of the fermentated palm wine ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of soap cutting table, soap mould and soap cutters

The construction of soap cutting table, mould and cutters became inevitable as it’s importance in our industries and society could not be over emphasized. When one considers the money at hand, he decides whether to start from the primary production level or secondary production level. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

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