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refurbishment of fluid flow demonstration unit

The refurbishment process was carried out to ensure adequate functioning of the unit, to allow the continuous use of equipment in the pilot plant, so that student would use it in understanding the nature of the flow of fluid through pipe lines, these process was also for the development of the knowledge of every one who carried out the operation. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of office table and chairs

The aim of this project was to construct one office table and four chairs. In the course of this project the length of plank used was 12” and we used about 4 number (mahogany) of 1” thickness,  plywood of 1 sheet of 1” thickness, as well as ” plywood of  and glue 1 tin wenner 1 rod, foam  sheet. Fabrics 4 years, spraying materials ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of flow nozzle

The project title “fabrication of flow nozzle” was done by a selected group of ND II Chemical Engineering Students and the practiced objective (aim) of the project was centered on constructing a nozzle that is capable of transporting fluid from one to the other, to determine the charge in velocity of the moving fluid across two given areas of t... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of aluminum wall rack

The development of science and technology has led to evolution of proper handling of materials such as laboratory equipments and chemicals, household equipments and office equipments. Base on this fact, that this constructional project is carried out and needs to be preserved in the written form. We, the group members involved in this construction,... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

the fabrication for a set of sieves and saker

The fabrication of a set of sieves and shaker was carried out in paliton workshop, Enugu. After a thorough analysis on the suitable materials to be used in fabrication, galvanized steel was chosen due to its advantages over materials of fabrication. The fabrication was carried out in order to analyze the sizes of particles. The component parts o... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

formulation and production of alcohol from palm wine

This research work was arrived as the formulation and production of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) from the fermentation of palm wine. A fresh palm wine was ated which was obtained from Emene in Enugu State. The characteristics that was tested before and after fermentation were; specific gravity, refractive index and PH value of the fermentated palm wine ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

constructoin of an open steam distillatoin column

We constructed an open steam distillation column with the following specifications:- FOR THE COLUMN Height of column = 500mm, Length of pot = 50mm, Diameter of pot = 5mm. FOR THE STILL Port of thickness = 500mm, Length of pot = 300mm, Diameter of pot = 100mm, Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

the fabrication of strong and medium sized wheelbarrow

The fabrication of a standard wheel barrow is a very cheap and easy to construct it the right materials are selected and also if the right sequence of fabrication is observed. However, in the construction of a standard wheel barrow, the amount of load the materials can withstand when considered will also determine the type of type of material, prop... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of turbine mixer

The Turbine Mixer was Fabricated at the Mechanical Engineering Workshop of Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu The method of the fabrication of the Turbine Mixer involves a preliminary computation of the dimensions of the standard Turbine in relation to the dimension of the reacting vessel in which they will be used in. making out, cutt... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

comparative analysis of coal and coconut activated carbon

The experiment was carried out to analyze comparatively coal and coconut activated carbon. The coal sample used in bituminous and with density of 1300kg 1m3 tile coconut shell was used. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

utilization studies of enugu coal

This study has its theme as a utilization studies of Enugu coals with the view of studying its properties, classification, preparation storage etc comparing coals obtained from different locations. The Enugu coal is a sub-bitummous and non coking coal. It is very rich in waxes and resins, thus it may be suitable for the production of liquid fuel... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of a hydrocyclone

The hydrocyclone is a separating device used for the separation of dust particles from air, which has no moving component parts. This mechanism can also be defined as a system of winds circulating about a center of relatively low barometric pressure and on the earths surface, blowing inward in spiral form. This project is constructed for the separa... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of a blender

Blender is an electric machine for size reducing soft food or liquid mixture. Blender is some time called liquidizer consists of a glass jar or jug containing a steel blade assembly at the base driven by a small electric motor. Construction of blender was done based on the principle of size of reduction using electric motor as the major driver forc... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

adsorption of palm oil with synthetic adsorbent (coal)

This project was Carrie lent using sub-bituminous coal and crude palm oil. The degree of bleaching of the palm oil was monitored with a spectorphoto meter. The coal was collected in a lump from the mine. It air-chicle to removed the moisture content and thereafter, size reduced to a small particle size foe effective activation Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of sheel and tube heat exchanger

The aim of this project was to construct shell and tube heat exchanger with fixed boundless. A heat exchanger that would cool 5 x 5 x 10 “ 3 kg/s of steam at a calculated heat load of 152 “ 395/S was fabricated. The steam is to reach the heat exchanger from a distillation column at a temperature of 300k. The specification of the layout as well... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

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