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construction of propeller agitator

Propeller agitator is a specialized of various types of substances. It consists of three basic components which are the shaft, blade and the vessel. In the construction, mild steel was chosen due to it’s inherent properties. After the procurement, the following constructional operations were carried out which included marking out, center punc... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of sheel and tube heat exchanger

The aim of this project was to construct shell and tube heat exchanger with fixed boundless. A heat exchanger that would cool 5 x 5 x 10 “ 3 kg/s of steam at a calculated heat load of 152 “ 395/S was fabricated. The steam is to reach the heat exchanger from a distillation column at a temperature of 300k. The specification of the layout as well... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

constructoin of an open steam distillatoin column

We constructed an open steam distillation column with the following specifications:- FOR THE COLUMN Height of column = 500mm, Length of pot = 50mm, Diameter of pot = 5mm. FOR THE STILL Port of thickness = 500mm, Length of pot = 300mm, Diameter of pot = 100mm, Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

short-term lime pretreatment and enzymatic conversion of sawdust into ethanol

The utilization of lignocellulosic biomass as feedstock for the production of fuel ethanol has attracted considerable interests in the last few decades. The emergence of new technologies has provided hope for fuel ethanol potential uses. Lignocellulose is a valuable alternative energy source. The enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomas... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

adsorption of palm oil with synthetic adsorbent (coal)

This project was Carrie lent using sub-bituminous coal and crude palm oil. The degree of bleaching of the palm oil was monitored with a spectorphoto meter. The coal was collected in a lump from the mine. It air-chicle to removed the moisture content and thereafter, size reduced to a small particle size foe effective activation Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

design and operation of a shell and tube heat exchange

The most common type of heat exchanger used in industry contains a number of parallel tubes enclosed in a shell and is thus called a shell and tube heat exchanger. These heat exchangers are employed when a process required large quantities of fluid to be heated or cooled. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of steel cupboard

The project work “Construction of standard steel cupboard” was constructed at the mechanical workshop. During the construction, various hand and machinery tools (equipment) such as electric welding machine, hammers, guillote, folding machine, spraying machine, milling machine, steel rule, hard saw, center punch, scribers, tri-square, drawing ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

the use of local pigments and extenders for formulation & production of emulsion paint

The major aim of this project research work is to produce emulsion paint from locally sourced pigment & extenders. The materials used for the production was of local source. The major raw materials used for the production of the emulsion paint: water, titanium iv oxide, calcium carbonate, kaoline, calgon, natrosol, biocide P.V.A, ammonia, deformer ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

investigating bio-diesel production using potash from agricultural wastes

The application of potassium hydroxide (KOH) extracts from four different biomass materials: Water hyacinth, Coconut husk, ripe plantain peels and palm frond in the trans-esterification of two vegetable oils; refined rapeseed and crude jatropha oils has been carried out. Potassium hydroxide obtained from the ash of ripe plantain peels recor... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of industrial wheel barrow

Wheelbarrow is a simple machine, which belong to the second-class lever. This is because the load or resistance is placed between the effort and the fulcrum. It is used in many areas of work to convey loads that are too heavy or bulky to be carried by hand. Wheelbarrow can be used as farm equipment, industrial equipment among others. However, the ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of a reading table and a chair

The table constructed has a horizontal top with vertical support or legs to raise it from the ground. The aim of the table constructed is for the preservation and storage of useful materials like books, files, computers, result booklets, electronics, office equipments and some vital home equipment etc Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of a wooden book shelf

A bookshelf is a component fabricated for the purpose of storing or packaging books, files and other important documents. The main aim of constructing this project is to produce a wooden bookshelf which will provide a lasting solution to the problem facing libraries, offices, churches and homes in packaging and storing book items and other items.... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of book shelve

A book shelve is a structure which here series of compartments for the preservation of books, valuable or useful materials, which are made up of metal, wood or plastic materials of construction. (Engineering materials). The book shelve was constructed in the institute. (I.M.T Enugu). However, before the construction, two standard metal... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

refurbishment of fluid flow demonstration unit

The refurbishment process was carried out to ensure adequate functioning of the unit, to allow the continuous use of equipment in the pilot plant, so that student would use it in understanding the nature of the flow of fluid through pipe lines, these process was also for the development of the knowledge of every one who carried out the operation. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

comparative analysis of coal and coconut activated carbon

The experiment was carried out to analyze comparatively coal and coconut activated carbon. The coal sample used in bituminous and with density of 1300kg 1m3 tile coconut shell was used. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

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