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construction of a blender

Blender is an electric machine for size reducing soft food or liquid mixture. Blender is some time called liquidizer consists of a glass jar or jug containing a steel blade assembly at the base driven by a small electric motor. Construction of blender was done based on the principle of size of reduction using electric motor as the major driver forc... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of packed distillation column

A packed distillation column is used in the separating process distillation that is the separation of two miscible liquids. It was constructed by marking out the dimension of the column, condenser, pot, using steel rule scriber, oxyacetylene flame was used for cutting after which the work piece were center punched and drilled using the drilling ... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

analysis of crude palm oil

This project was carried out to ascertain whether the local palm oil met the required standard. The analytical test carried out include the free fatty acid test the acid value, iodine value moisture, content, saponfication value, peroxide value, specific gravity, colour and viscosity. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of shell and tube heat " exchanger

Heat exchanger is a device in which heat is transferred from one fluid stream to another, normally by the combine process of conduction and connection. The made possible by shell and tube in which fluid pass through and exchange takes place. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

repair of stop clocks

Stop clocks are devices for indicating time duration for the occurrence of two events after a passage of time. They are usually powered by batteries and they measure time in unit of seconds. Most clocks stop working as a result of the inability of the main spring to make a complete revolution. Also problems that do arise in clocks and cause it to b... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of flow nozzle

The project title “fabrication of flow nozzle” was done by a selected group of ND II Chemical Engineering Students and the practiced objective (aim) of the project was centered on constructing a nozzle that is capable of transporting fluid from one to the other, to determine the charge in velocity of the moving fluid across two given areas of t... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of portable wheel-barrow

After detailed study on machines and levers, the construction work started as follows:- Making out, pattern development, cutting filling, drilling, machining, assembling, welding and finishing. Detailed procedures carried out is located at the sequence of operation in subsequent pages. The machine has scale of 1:5 in all parts of its dimensions. Ho... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

effect of interface on the quality of petroleum product in multi purpose pipeline system

Interface on petroleum product in multi-purpose pipeline system refers to as the zone of demarcation between two products where mixing occurs. Generally, interface is a boundary layer, so the boundary between two products when they are pumped in succession is known as interface. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of soap cutting table, soap mould and soap cutters

The construction of soap cutting table, mould and cutters became inevitable as it’s importance in our industries and society could not be over emphasized. When one considers the money at hand, he decides whether to start from the primary production level or secondary production level. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

the fabrication for a set of sieves and saker

The fabrication of a set of sieves and shaker was carried out in paliton workshop, Enugu. After a thorough analysis on the suitable materials to be used in fabrication, galvanized steel was chosen due to its advantages over materials of fabrication. The fabrication was carried out in order to analyze the sizes of particles. The component parts o... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of propeller agitator

Propeller agitator is a specialized of various types of substances. It consists of three basic components which are the shaft, blade and the vessel. In the construction, mild steel was chosen due to it’s inherent properties. After the procurement, the following constructional operations were carried out which included marking out, center punc... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of steel cupboard - version 2

A workshop cupboard is a facility designed from mild steel for the storage of various materials, like book material and non-book materials e.g. workshop tools, labouratory wares and reagents, etc; after operations in a chemical labouratory, mechanical workshop, or else where. The construction of a workshop cupboard requires the consideration of l... Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

constructoin of an open steam distillatoin column

We constructed an open steam distillation column with the following specifications:- FOR THE COLUMN Height of column = 500mm, Length of pot = 50mm, Diameter of pot = 5mm. FOR THE STILL Port of thickness = 500mm, Length of pot = 300mm, Diameter of pot = 100mm, Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

construction of a simple size reduction machine

This project (Construction Of A Simple Size Reduction Machine) It was constructed locally with the use of local materials and tools in I.M.T mechanical Engineering workshop. The various parts of the equipment were constructed separately using mild steel before finally coupled. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

refurbishment of fluid flow demonstration unit

The refurbishment process was carried out to ensure adequate functioning of the unit, to allow the continuous use of equipment in the pilot plant, so that student would use it in understanding the nature of the flow of fluid through pipe lines, these process was also for the development of the knowledge of every one who carried out the operation. Continue Reading

Chemical Engineering

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