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examination of incidence of malaria wefestation caused by differnet species of plasmodium in enugu metropolic


The incidence of the infestation of plasmodium species (P.Falciparum, P. Vivax, P.Ovale, and P. alaria) which causes human malaria in Enugu metropolis was conducted at Parklane Hospital using their patients. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

isolatioin and characterisation of bacteria associated with hawked suya- meat


This project work is carried at the isolation and characterization of pathogenic bacteria from hawked suya meat, were bought in full from the sellers and was collected in raps of aluminum foil. It was then taken to the laboratory for analysis the samples were homogenized and serial dilution of the sample was made out using 5 ml sterile pipette and... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

recalibration of 250ml volumeter flask

Recalibration of 250ml volumetric flask from time to time is very vital for determination of its accuracy and precision compared with its original manufacturers calibration. It gives a sound understanding of modern measurement methods and knowledge of equipment used. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

production of wine from banana and sweet orange

Two different wine were produced from the must of ripe sweet oranges (citrus spp.) and banana (musa spp.) by fermenting the must wine with a wine yeast strain of saccharomyces cerevisae var ellipsoideus and the other with a locally isolated yeast from well riped oranges. 400 mls of must was obtained separately from the sweet oranges and banana.The ... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

microbiological examination of underground water source (well-water) at campus 3 of imt enugu

The examination of underground source (well water) at campus 3 of IMT Enugu was carried out, by using ten samples of the water sample. For viable plate count for presence of pathogenic organisms and organisms indicating organic matter pollution, plating technique of poor plates were used. Also presence of coliform groups and escheriachria coli were... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

construction of rlc (resistor, inductor and capacitor) in oscillatory circuit in parrel and in series

This is the construction of an RLC and RC circuit network use in generation is different signal in RLC mod. After the complete construction of the system, the deviation between the expected result and the actual result was very close. The performance and efficiency was beyond expectation and from every ramification, the construction of RLC circuit ... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

isolation and characterization of microorganisms from stored pap (ogi)

The microbial changes which took place during the steeping and storage of pan (ogi) was studied. The steeped water had an initial PH of 6.8 which latter reduced to 4.9 at the end of steeping. The bacterial number for the steeped water ranged from 4.7x104 to 3.2 x 107 cfu/ml while the fungal number ranged from 1.5 x103 to 5.7 x 106 cfu/ml. In t... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

examine the presence and concentration of some phytochemicals in avocado pear (persea americana mill) seed

Phytochemical screening to determine the presence of tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids,sterols and cardiac glycosides in PerseaAmericana will be carried out. The sample will be prepared by cutting the seed into small pieces, drying and grinding with Thomas Willey milling machine. The ground sample will be stored in an airtight container for ... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

the prevalence of trichomona vaginalis among adults in "osumenyi" in nnewi south local government area anambra state

The prevalence of Trichomonas Vaginalis among adult in “Osumenyi” in Nnewi south local government Area of Anambra state was carried out. This was done using a stotal of one hundred adults from there different clinics viz ;- Health center, family planning and Antenatal Clinic in Osumenyi; in Nnewi South L.G.A of Anambra State. the general pre... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

the microbiological quality control of soymilk beverage sold in insititue of mangement and technology campus 3 enugu

The study is aimed at evaluating the microbiological quality control of soymilk beverage sold in I.M.T campus 3 Enugu. The soymilk samples were collected randomly from all the soymilk hawkers in campus 3 I.M.T Enugu. 30 soymilk samples were collected and used for the study. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

production and chemical quality assessment of aspirin

This work is in such a way as to help the readers understand the role of aspirin in human health and the chemical component of the drug in reaction. It also deals extensively with the definition and background of study, the statement of some problems, the aims and objectives, the limitation and hypothesis. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

construction of a simple dynamo

Dynamo is the name given to D.C generators. In the past, alternating current generators are not common. Voltages are generated using dynamo where the voltage generated are later converts to A.C. The dynamo I constructed had a permanent magnet. This magnet in the form of circular disc which revolves around turns of coil that is wound on a u-shaped f... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

construction of a transistorized power regulator (240 v)

A step-by-step approach to the construction of a type of transistionized power regulator of known output voltage. A power regulator is described in the course of this project. The zener diode reverse voltage breakdown is used to the advantage to produce a power regulator diode. That is to say, it is possible to use a zener diode to produce a relati... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

evaluation of current techniques in diagnoses of human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)

A study was carried to ascertain the potency of some techniques used in diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Two hundred and five samples (203) were collected from the patients from the university of Nigerian teaching hospital and was analysed using Elisa kit, which has the ability to detect antibodies and antigens in the patients seru... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

examination of jollof rice served in hotels for pathogenic organisms

This project work is aimed at examination of jollof rice served in hotels for pathogenic organisms and to find out possible pathogenic organisms in the food. Samples were collected from the hotels and were brought to the laboratory for analysis. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

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