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examination of incidence of malaria wefestation caused by differnet species of plasmodium in enugu metropolic


The incidence of the infestation of plasmodium species (P.Falciparum, P. Vivax, P.Ovale, and P. alaria) which causes human malaria in Enugu metropolis was conducted at Parklane Hospital using their patients. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

production of hair gel

This work is an attempt to produce a quality hair gel that will last for a long time without any side effect. The methodology adopted in this work follows strictly the procedure documented by Nathan Cordero and Raphael Cordero in their own project work, which was carried out by the used of some materials like: Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

the evaluation of microorganisms on garri at ogbete market

In the work, samples of Garri obtained from Ogbete market were evaluated for microbial contamination. Four sample of Garri from different sources of supple were collected from Ogbete main market Enugu Okwo, Nkalagu, Emene, and Abakaliki respectively. The sample were extracted using equal volume of sterile distilled water and serially diluted appr... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

examine the presence and concentration of some phytochemicals in avocado pear (persea americana mill) seed

Phytochemical screening to determine the presence of tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids,sterols and cardiac glycosides in PerseaAmericana will be carried out. The sample will be prepared by cutting the seed into small pieces, drying and grinding with Thomas Willey milling machine. The ground sample will be stored in an airtight container for ... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

construction of rlc (resistor, inductor and capacitor) in oscillatory circuit in parrel and in series

This is the construction of an RLC and RC circuit network use in generation is different signal in RLC mod. After the complete construction of the system, the deviation between the expected result and the actual result was very close. The performance and efficiency was beyond expectation and from every ramification, the construction of RLC circuit ... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

ammeliorative properties of methanol leaf extract of mucuna pruriens on the kidney markers of malaria infected mice

The research on Mucuna pruriens was to know its ameliorative efficacy on the kidney markers of malaria infected mice. The antimalaria effect was evaluated against Plasmodium berghei stain of 25 mice.The twenty five (25) adult albino mice of both sexes which weighed 20g-36g were grouped into five(1-5) of five mice per group which was used to carry o... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

determination of hardness of well water supply in enugu metropolis


The hardness of well water in Enugu metropolis (Asata, Coal Camp and New Haven) was determined using complexometric titration with EDTA (Ethylene Diaminetetracetic Acid) which is the most widely used complexing agent for the analysis of water hardness. During titration, indicator such as Erichrome Black-T was used which acts a triprotic acid. The f... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

recalibration of 250ml volumeter flask

Recalibration of 250ml volumetric flask from time to time is very vital for determination of its accuracy and precision compared with its original manufacturers calibration. It gives a sound understanding of modern measurement methods and knowledge of equipment used. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

production of mosquito repellent using orange peels

The purpose of this work is to produce mosquitoes repellent using orange peels (cestrum) wastes perse, which will save the cost of production and purchase, thereby increasing it’s availability especially in the rural areas.rnIf the work is successful, production of mosquitoes repellents using orange peels will provide source of employment to ou... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

comparative study of micro-organism associated with the spoilage of banana

The comparative study of microorganisms associated with the spoilage of banana. “Banana is a general term embracing a number of species or hybrid in the genus musa, family bacteria organisms, small pieces of decayed tissue from the leading edge of the lesion was transferred, by means of sterile techniques, to the SDA contained in covered dishes ... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

preparation of buffer solution (tris buffer solution)

Tris buffer solution was prepared in the laboratory by dissolving 4.6g of boric acid, 6.5g of EDTA and 60.5g of trisma base in 1000cm3 of distilled water. Comparative study were done on the commercially produced tris buffer solution, using and laboratory produced tris buffer solution, using pH meter for the p H and by carrying out genotype test for... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

design and construction of a sonometer

When one thinks about various musical sound he listened to daily he would realize the very important role played by some instrument include. The guitar, piano and violin, which operate on the principles of vibration of, stretched string. Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

environmental impacts of automobile waste dump on soil


Soil is the essential ingredient in any farming enterprise. When it is in poor health, plants cannot grow to their full potential. The environmental impact of automobile waste dump assessment on soil in coal camp Enugu metropolis, Enugu state were examined using four soil samples, three were obtained from automobile repair shops and one from non a... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

prevalence study of hepatitis b (australian antigen) among patient in national orthopediae hospital enugu

The prevalence of viral hepatitis B among patients in National Orthopedic Hospital Enugu was studied. The samples comprised that of men , woman and children 200 in numbers, all patient of orthopedic Hospital Enugu. Laboratory investigation done were this HBs tested which 110 patient out of the 200 patients tested positive, and liver function test... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

isolation and identification of rhizopus from decaying bread

The Isolation and Identification of Rhizopus from a Decaying Bread were conducted. The black mould used in the practical was collected from bread. It is allowed to stay in moist environment or at room temperature for 2 to 3 days. The mould is then inoculated in the nutrient egar (N.A.) incubated and was isolated and view under the microscope for... Continue Reading

Science Laboratory Technology

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