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the role of the press in a democracy (the press in perspective

The study deals with the analysis of the role of the Nigerian press in the democratic struggle in Nigeria. The research method used was the survey method, with the questionnaires and interview as the method for data collection. The study kicks off from the definition of democracy as the government of the people by the people and for the people,... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

mass media and coverage of health awareness system in nigeria


There is a general feeling that rural urban health programme cannot be engineered by Mass media. But thanks for media pluralson. This term which refers to an increase in the number and variety of media structures and organizations has improved the variety of functions to which the media put in the society. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of mass media in anti-child abuse and trafficking campaign


This study on the role of the mass media in anti-child abuse in Nigeria. A survey of Owerri metropolis. The study is aimed at addressing the role of the media on their campaign against child trafficking and abuse in Nigeria and to examine their effort being made as well, and also to have an overview of their encumbrances and their performance so fa... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of community public in conflict management

This Project work was based on the role of public Relation is conflict management between oil producing communities and oil companies. The study was however contained to two major oil companies namely, the shall petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and the part. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

information technology and the changing role of mass media in nigeria

In this study, the researcher examined the impact of information technology (IT) on media development in Nigeria. Towards this end, the researcher randomly selected 78 staff of radio Nigeria and the guardian newspaper to form the study sample. The 78 members of the study sample were given 78 copies of structured questionnaires to complete. Their re... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

mass media as an instrument of political mobilization


The various literature studies intended to the mass media role in the national development and this clear in the area of political leadership. In this study, the researcher decided to draw home the Tourism that without a national political consciousness and viable political participation resulting in good leadership, there could be no genuine nati... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

public relation a tool for conflict resolution


A public relations is the acts of employing effective communication to build sustain and defend organization’s reputation among both its internal and external publics. Remarkably which any organizations public image receives a high rating bases on the foregoing attributes it translates into increased public confidence patronage good will higher... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

attitude of female mass communication students towards journalism as a career

This research though not carried out to prove or disprove any already existing theory in mass communication still has contributed to the shock of knowledge in the area of mass communication studies. It has been emphatically proved that female student journalist do not have negative attitude towards practicing journalism on graduation, though certa... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the effects of media programme on rural development


This study is aimed at critically examining the effects mass media on rural development. The work also includes the origin of the programme, literature review, statement of the research problem. The hypothesis and the research methodology of the study, equally included are the data analysis, data interpretation, results, discussion as well as bibli... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

advertisers preferences of media channel problems, choice, and reasons


This research is on Advertisers Preferences of Media Channels, Problems, Choice and Reasons (A Comparative Study of Daily Sun Newspaper and Newswatch Magazine). This study is designed to find out the level of preferences of different advertisers towards Daily Sun Newspaper and Newswatch Magazine. This study is divided into five chapters in order to... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

an assessment of mass media"s role in the campaign against drug abuse in nigeria

This work was done to final out the assessment of the mass media’s role in the campaign against drug abuse, because drug abuse has become a serious problem we are facing both in Nigeria and in other parts of the world. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the influence of western television programme on the cultural values of nigeria youths


This study probes the impact which Tv has on the cultural values of the Nigeria youths. It specifically tackles the impact of western Tv programes on Nigeria University students. The research posits that the current trends in cultural behaviour of youths in Nigeria as observed among Caritas student Enugu is significantly associated with their perce... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of the media in the crusade against global terrorism


In this study, the researcher setnut to examine the role of the media in the crusade against global terrorism. Towards achieving this end, 79 staff of two media houses in Nigeria, namely the publishers of the punch and vanguard newspapers were used as the study sample. These 89 members of the study sample were given 89 copies of structured questi... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of public relations in enhancing customers" sati station


This study is aimed at pointing out the function of pubic relations officer in customer’s satisfaction in Nigeria Airways Enugu. Research method: The data for this study were collected through questionnaire. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

nigerian home movies and influences on igbo culture

This research study was primarily motivated by the research curiosity to examine the extent to which Nigerian home movies has negatively influenced the Igbo culture given the rate in which these movies has proliferated Nigerians markets. The data gathered and the finds in this study are to serve as reference material for future researchers in the ... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

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