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public relations as a tool for industrial harmony


There has been a meaningful contribution by researchers on this subject; public Relations. So this project developed after a series of consultation and research. In order to put to rest the about is the mind of many as to whether public relation is necessary in an industry or organization, I strongly believe that the industry is the means thr... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

assessment of the role of the media in anti - corruption campagin

ABSTRACT This research work is meant to assess the role the media play in the ant-corruption campaigns. The objective in the process is to examine the activities of the Nigeria media, whether paint or broadcast, to find out how they enlighten the masses in the light of the widespread corruption in Nigeria. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of radio in mobilising women for politics in nigeria

(PERIOD OF STUDY: (1961 “ 2004))

The aim of this project is to analyse The Role of Radio in mobilising Women for politics in Nigeria period of Study from 19961 “ 2004. The system of Communication through Radio plays a major role in mobilisation of woman for politics on Nigeria, Improving lot of Nigeria women is a prime target. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of the press in the political polarisation of the nigerian national development

This study was designed to critically examine “the role of the press in Nigeria’s polarization and National Development” The method of content analysis was adopted and also, three Nigerian daily newspaper were selected. This include, the New Nigeria Newspaper a federal Government owned newspaper published in Kaduna state, The National con... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of management communication for effective organizational performance


The focus of this study is “the impact of management communication for effective organizational performance” with particular reference to ANAMMCO, Enugu. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

mass media as tools for social development

the study focuses on mass media as tools for social development with a focus on Osun State Broadcasting Corporation. Mass media is one of the engines that propel the social development for its continuity and realization through: Informing, entertaining, and persuading. Mass media is a powerful tool for social change in any society. The study is anc... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of the media in the crusade against global terrorism


In this study, the researcher setnut to examine the role of the media in the crusade against global terrorism. Towards achieving this end, 79 staff of two media houses in Nigeria, namely the publishers of the punch and vanguard newspapers were used as the study sample. These 89 members of the study sample were given 89 copies of structured questi... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of testimonial use on advertising effectiveness


This study is taken to determine if the use of testimonials in advertisement can influence the consumers buying behaviour. The technique of using testimonials in advert is now the latest in vogue in advertising industries but the extent it affects the consumers buying behaviour lacks adequate justification in terms of tabulated research. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of mass media in anti-child abuse and trafficking campaign


This study on the role of the mass media in anti-child abuse in Nigeria. A survey of Owerri metropolis. The study is aimed at addressing the role of the media on their campaign against child trafficking and abuse in Nigeria and to examine their effort being made as well, and also to have an overview of their encumbrances and their performance so fa... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

hazards of journalism profession under military regime

(FROM 1993 “ 1998)

The study revealed that journalists were arrested and detained in their thousands thereby providing little or no room for the pursuit of the TRUTH which is the hallmark of journalism profession. Sometimes they loose their lives while doing their job. It further went down to review the related literature so as to give essence to the work. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

influence of product packaging on consumer buying prefrence


The topic of this research work the Influence of Product Packaging on Consumer Buying Preference in Aba Metropolis, Abia State. This study was carried out to investigate the influence of product packaging, on the purpose of this the question experimental research design was adopted to study consumers towards various product packaging. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

sustenance of nigerian mass media industry the critical role of advertising

This research work was purely undertaken to discover, evaluate and exhaustively determine the critical role of the advertising in the sustenance of Nigeria mass media industry which has not been fully realized that warranted this study. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of public relations in enhancing the performance of nigeria police


The performance of the Nigeria police will be analyzed and the involvement of the media in public relations awareness will be looked into, to find not the extent at which the police use public relation management in promoting its performance. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

a comparative study on "the importance of pidgin english in broadcasting"


The language is a redesigned work by the then people in order to reduce the white language to their own understanding. Those days, when a black man manages to understand queece or pidgin “ English, he is been placed above his fellow mates or people, he then serves as an interpreter, mediator, between the white men in his colony and his own peop... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

feedback mechanism as a tool in determining programming


Feedback mechanism is a very important yardstick for measuring audience acceptance f and participation in programmes and messages would be missing if feedback is omitted from the source. A very important element would be missing if feedback is omitted from the basic structure of communication which contains sender, message, channel and receiver. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

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