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the effects of unethical practices in advertising


Our country, Nigeria is more of a capitalist state and everyone in his kind of business wants to maximize profit. By the way of negligence of the ethical standards, some advertisers, regardless of the decency, truthfulness and social values which advertising upholds stick to unethical advertising practice, thus, causing loss of lives, discomfort, a... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of western television programmes on the cultural values of the nigerian youths


This study probes the impact which TV. has on the cultural values of the Nigerian youths. It specifically tackles the impact of western TV. programmes on Nigerian university students. The research posits that the current trends in cultural behaviour of youths in Nigeria as observed among ESUT students Enugu is significantly associated with their... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

solving the problem of perennial cash scarcity (among workers) through the membership of ctls


The work examined factors such as medium, interpersonal communication, exposure objectivity and sycophancy to clear. Curtly determine the effective impact of the mass media political news in mobilizing people in Enugu metropolis. Useful theories and the literature that constitute the basic framework of the study were examined. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

public relations as a stimulus of increased productivity in business organization


Public relations is a deliberate planned and sustained effort to maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public. Big business no doubt recognized albeit hard way the importance of public relations in the day to day running of their business. However, there is the nation in many quarters that public relations does not yield any... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of mass media in educational development in nigeria


This examine the role of mass medial in educational development in Nigeria. The background centre on the role of mass medial in educational development in Nigeria finding out whether television plays an effective role in formal education. The researcher has attempted to carry out series of analysis and study to confirm that the NTA programme-... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of social media in creating of awareness during 2015 general election in nigeria


This study will examine the role of social media in creating awareness with special reference to the actual effect of Facebook and Twitter on voter‘s and the factors determining the behavior and attitudes that an ordinary voter adopts based on available information gotten on the social media. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

public relation as a tool for industrial harmony


This study is necessitated by incessant complaints about the police, their shortcomings in combating crime, protection of life and property of the people. It is policing, extortion of the public by the police, brutality in the force, poor educational background and courtesy among members of the Nigeria police. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the press in nigerian politics: analysis of issues and patterns of news coverage

This project is on “the press in Nigerian politics: with analysis of issues and patterns of news coverage. The aim of the study is to find out whether or not the Nigerian press is selective in its report of similar political issues that affect the progress and functioning of the nation or not. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

effect of military ditatorship on the nigeria mass media

Media industry contributed positively towards the up-liftment of socialization in Nigeria. This project work is bold step into media industry structure and then contribution to the nation at large. Several aspect of the media were analyzed. Important aspect of the media and problems that are believed to be hindering the social responsibility of t... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of community public in conflict management

This Project work was based on the role of public Relation is conflict management between oil producing communities and oil companies. The study was however contained to two major oil companies namely, the shall petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and the part. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of radio in improving the educational system in enugu state


The purpose of this research is to find out the role the radio programme, ESBS/IMT Poly-Air has played in improving the educational system in Enugu State. This work is divided into five chapters for a critical examination. The introduction gives an insight to the topic, the problems which is intended to discover, objections and importance of the... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

mass media as an instrument of political mobilization


The various literature studies intended to the mass media role in the national development and this clear in the area of political leadership. In this study, the researcher decided to draw home the Tourism that without a national political consciousness and viable political participation resulting in good leadership, there could be no genuine nati... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the effects of media programme on rural development


This study is aimed at critically examining the effects mass media on rural development. The work also includes the origin of the programme, literature review, statement of the research problem. The hypothesis and the research methodology of the study, equally included are the data analysis, data interpretation, results, discussion as well as bibli... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of mtn advertisement on subscribers a study of uyo metropolis

The aim of this study is to find out the impact of MTN advertisement on subscribers in Uyo Metropolis in general and also to show their reactions to the product and services advertisement. Also it is important to note that as the society changes, what attracts and hold attention and interest also changes.rnHowever, upon the findings derived for... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

attitude of mass communication students towards journalism as a career

The researcher in this work focused on the Attitude of Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As a career. It is believed that majority of Mass Communication students from different higher institutions in our country like Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) and Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu no long... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

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