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the effects of television advertisements on the buying habit of consumers [peak milk advert in perspective]


This study is aimed at given insight into the effects, if any, of television advertisement on the buying habits of consumers. It is a research survey based on a sample size of 300 of Enugu urban dwellers. Careful empirical studies have uncovered or shown that advertising actually influences people’s choice and consumption of some goods and servi... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

solving the problem of perennial cash scarcity (among workers) through the membership of ctls


The work examined factors such as medium, interpersonal communication, exposure objectivity and sycophancy to clear. Curtly determine the effective impact of the mass media political news in mobilizing people in Enugu metropolis. Useful theories and the literature that constitute the basic framework of the study were examined. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

audience attitude towards television coverage of public executions

The menaces of robbery have become a game of the fittest in our society today, that when robbers carryout and operation they boast of it and give names to themselves. This attracts the attention of the people and all government to find a lasting solution to this dilemma. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

attitude of female mass communication students towards journalism as a career

This research though not carried out to prove or disprove any already existing theory in mass communication still has contributed to the shock of knowledge in the area of mass communication studies. It has been emphatically proved that female student journalist do not have negative attitude towards practicing journalism on graduation, though certa... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the effects of pornographic films on nigeria youths

Pornographic materials are the representation of erotic behaviors in books, pictures, statues, motion pictures etc. that is intended to cause sexual excitement. The effect of pornographic films on Nigeria youths was embarked upon with the intention of establishing the impression of youth exposures. It is apparent that youths exposure to pornograp... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

an evaluation study on the impact of colour representation in magazine advertising


The relevance of this study is that there is the need for colour representation to aid quick recognition and readership at adverts and in the process of the advertising. It would be also of immense assistance to the magazine advertisers in designing. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

a comparative study on "the importance of pidgin english in broadcasting"


The study or objective is to provide a common and natural language, regardless the earth ethnic group. Any communication or presenter needs feedback from his or her audience to make sure that the message disseminated has gone across and to achieve that, the communicator needs to select the language that will interest or that will be more understan... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of women in advertisements


The observation about the impact of women in television advertisements have for long agitated the minds of people. Sequel to this, these researchers went all out, therefore, to investigate reasons for such impact, the perception of the society towards these roles, and equally tested the pulse of the viewers, x-raying their reaction, feelings and re... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of the new media in the electioneering process of developing nations, a case study of nigeria 2015.

This dissertation examined the roles new media technologies play in the electioneering process of developing nations. The chosen case study was the Nigeria 2015 presidential elections. For this study, the electioneering period was accepted to commence with from the campaign period and to conclude a year after swearing in. This allowed for t... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the influence of social media on youths in nigeria


Participation with technology for Social Purposes has become the mainstream communication method for many people in the past several years. In particular, youths in tertiary institutions have adopted these forms of communication as the paramount means to keep in touch with family and friends. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of public relations in the maintenance of industrial harmony


The project is armed at finding out why the public in recent times feel dissatisfied will the services rendered by Enugu state. This situation has in no small measure cost the state its image. The public has complained that the way they are being represented needs much to the way they of upward services, not having their issues at heart to a la... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

influence of media ownership on professionalism

This project is based on the theoretical and practical study of the media ownership on professionalism. In this work, I reevaluate the two types of the media-that is, government ownership and private ownership (Minaji System Television Obosi and Nigerian Television Authority Enugu) with a view to recommending a more effective ownership that is, t... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of broadcasting in the rurla development


Rural development of my kind in any place can only be meaningfully achieved through a well “ planned and executed complex interaction of many economic and non economic variables. In the course of this study, the press here is faced with the obligation of bettering the lives of the rural communities though the packaging of information on how to ... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

hazards of journalism profession under military regime

(FROM 1993 “ 1998)

The study revealed that journalists were arrested and detained in their thousands thereby providing little or no room for the pursuit of the TRUTH which is the hallmark of journalism profession. Sometimes they loose their lives while doing their job. It further went down to review the related literature so as to give essence to the work. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

public relations as a management function problems and impact


Public Relations through sometimes over looked is a concept that is almost as old as mankind, the early man in all his naivety built public relations principles in his action he went in search of food. While the woman held forts in the home he led his life alongside animals in the force that is to say that he maintained cordial relationship betwe... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

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