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the role of community public in conflict management

This Project work was based on the role of public Relation is conflict management between oil producing communities and oil companies. The study was however contained to two major oil companies namely, the shall petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and the part. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

language problems in nigeria broadcast media

This study stands to achieve the following purpose. To study the language problems of multilingual society. To know the origin and nature of language. To choose the language that is suitable for communication e.g broadcast media in Nigeria. To establish one and only language as an indigenous language throughout the country for proper and effectiv... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

privatization and commercialization of electronic media in nigeria


Our prime objectives in carrying out this study have been to explore the prospects and problems, substance and viability of a privatized and commercialized media using Minaj systems television Obosi as our case study. The opinions of broadcasting media audience and media practitioners on the issue of privatization and commercialization of electr... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of mass media in crisis resolution


The aim of this research work is find out the crisis resolution of ijaw/ itesekiri of 1997. In the chapter one we make a research on the conflict between the ijaw and itesekiri of warri metropolis between may and July 1997 which could be regarded as inter “ communal feud as a result of economic and political tuasles. While in chapter two we... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of television in the political mobilization of rural areas in nigeria


This study is geared towards finding out the role of television in political mobilization of rural areas in Nigeria with special reference to Njikoka Local Government . For this study, five rural towns in Njikoka Local government Area were studied. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of mass media in anti-child abuse and trafficking campaign


This study on the role of the mass media in anti-child abuse in Nigeria. A survey of Owerri metropolis. The study is aimed at addressing the role of the media on their campaign against child trafficking and abuse in Nigeria and to examine their effort being made as well, and also to have an overview of their encumbrances and their performance so fa... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of women in advertisements


The study took enough time to delve into details about the activities of women with special reference to impact of women in advertisements using (Delta soap as case study of television adverts). It revealed among other things reasons why women participate in television adverts, attitude of women towards TV adverts, influence both societal and envir... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of advertising in a corporate organization


The purpose of this study is to X-ray the uses of advertising in a corporate Organization in its areas of operation which mainly publics. But as a result of some constraints, this work has to be limited to the first Bank of Nigeria PLC only which is the case study. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

assessment of the role of the media in anti - corruption campagin

ABSTRACT This research work is meant to assess the role the media play in the ant-corruption campaigns. The objective in the process is to examine the activities of the Nigeria media, whether paint or broadcast, to find out how they enlighten the masses in the light of the widespread corruption in Nigeria. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

newspaper coverage of foreign news in nigeria


This study which is aimed at finding out Nigeria press coverage for foreign events both daily champion and vanguard has revealed three outstanding result. It has revealed that both daily champion and vanguard shows that great interest in the development of foreign countries even through both papers covers more negatives news about foreign countries... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

mass media as tools for social development

the study focuses on mass media as tools for social development with a focus on Osun State Broadcasting Corporation. Mass media is one of the engines that propel the social development for its continuity and realization through: Informing, entertaining, and persuading. Mass media is a powerful tool for social change in any society. The study is anc... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

attitude of television audience towards commercial interruption of television programmes

The attitude of television audience toward commercial interruption in television programmes is a research work carried out through scientific and empirical method in attempt to find out what television commercial interruption is all about and how it affects the audience and suggestion on what to do in order to better the performance of the media ho... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of the press in the political polarisation of the nigerian national development

This study was designed to critically examine “the role of the press in Nigeria’s polarization and National Development” The method of content analysis was adopted and also, three Nigerian daily newspaper were selected. This include, the New Nigeria Newspaper a federal Government owned newspaper published in Kaduna state, The National con... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

advertisers preferences of media channel problems, choice, and reasons


This research is on Advertisers Preferences of Media Channels, Problems, Choice and Reasons (A Comparative Study of Daily Sun Newspaper and Newswatch Magazine). This study is designed to find out the level of preferences of different advertisers towards Daily Sun Newspaper and Newswatch Magazine. This study is divided into five chapters in order to... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of mtn advertisement on subscribers a study of uyo metropolis

The aim of this study is to find out the impact of MTN advertisement on subscribers in Uyo Metropolis in general and also to show their reactions to the product and services advertisement. Also it is important to note that as the society changes, what attracts and hold attention and interest also changes.rnHowever, upon the findings derived for... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

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