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the impact of nigerian press on shaping the country"s political structure

(PERIOD OF STUDY 1999 TO 2004)

This paper examines the role or the impact of Nigerian Press on shaping the country’s political structure period of study 1999-2004. A general study of Nigeria is because it happens to be the period when we witness a transition to civilian rule. Many library materials constituted the sample source and literature review. Dates were also collected... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of using celebrities in television advertisement


The focus of this work is on the impact of using celebrities in television advertisement. Thus to ascertain whether celebrities in adverts enhance sales is the prime motive/factor in the execution of this research. Chapter one looks at the introduction rationale of the study and the scope. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

media ownership and its influence on editorial policy


In Nigeria, we have three kinds or types of media ownership. These include, private ownership, government ownership and mixed ownership. The essence of embarking on this research work- Media ownership and its influence on editorial policy is to x-ray the extent the publishers, or owner(s) of various media houses has gone in using their ownership... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

effect of mass media campaign on the hiv and aids menace in nigeria

Specifically the study focused on the effect of media campaign HIV/ AIDS menace in Nigeria a case study of Enugu metropolis. The sample for this was randomly selected using stratified sampling technique. This was done to ensure that all categories of fouth in the sample were adequately represented. Out of the 160 respondent that filled the quest... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of news commentaries on radio listeners


The aim of this research project is to know the essence of radio commentaries and its impact on the listeners. The project stars with information which given insight into the historical back ground of news commentaries. It processed to examine the impact news commentaries creates to this listens and the distinguishing features. It then derives ... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

public relations policy implementation and audience perception of government parastatals


This project is design to cover a reverse side of public relations policy implementation and audience perception of government parastatals using Nigerian Railway corporation as a case study. Public relations policy is as old as man, which indicates that even at the time of Adam who was created firstly was then communicating and relating with the ... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the role of radio in mobilizing nigerian women into politics

The main trust of this study is to find out the role of radio in mobilizing Nigerian women in politics. This is studied in relation to other media of communication. We became interested in this project since 4th March, 2004, when some of us listened to the review on the international women’s day on COSMO FM with the title “Nigerian Women Sin... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

trend in the use of human models in the nigeria advertising industry

This research focused on Trends in the use of Human Model in the Nigeria Advertising Industry. This study consists five chapters, the first chapter cover and introduction of study. The research problem, objectives of the study, formulation of hypotheses, the significance, the limitations and the scope of the study was also tested in this ch... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

mass media as tools for social development

the study focuses on mass media as tools for social development with a focus on Osun State Broadcasting Corporation. Mass media is one of the engines that propel the social development for its continuity and realization through: Informing, entertaining, and persuading. Mass media is a powerful tool for social change in any society. The study is anc... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the advent of modern communication gadgets: implications for nigerian journalism

The advent of modern communication gadget “implication for Nigerian Journalism. The tittle of this study took a vivid look at the coming of communication gadget, more powerful than the ancient ones to take care of adequate communication outreach to the whole world. It treats in succession the introduction of communication among the early men, ... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

assessment of the role of the media in anti - corruption campagin

ABSTRACT This research work is meant to assess the role the media play in the ant-corruption campaigns. The objective in the process is to examine the activities of the Nigeria media, whether paint or broadcast, to find out how they enlighten the masses in the light of the widespread corruption in Nigeria. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of communication in organisational efficiency


This study proved that the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization to co-ordinate its activity well depends on its level of communication network. Continue Reading

Mass Communication

investigate the impact of social media on students

The main aim of this study is to analyze and evaluate the various impacts of social media on rnstudents. Efforts have been done to focus on most significant impacts with the help of the latest rnliterature review. The detailed study of literature review revealed that the major factors on which rnsocia... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

the impact of mass media campaign against aids among teenagers


This study is aimed to ascertain the impact of Mass Media Campaign aimed at curbing the spread of the disease Aids among teenagers in Benin City. The objective of the study is also to find out through sample survey whether the teenagers are really getting sufficient information about AIDS blue so as to enable them inform their opinion about the di... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

reporters responsibilities and the urban " rural news imbalances in nigerian newspapers

Academic writings are replete with studies on news imbalance. So much have been said about news imbalance in the international scenes. However, by writing this project, the researcher intends to look beyond the imbalance to the root cause. It is hoped that the information contained in this project will go a longway to correct the persistent probl... Continue Reading

Mass Communication

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