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appraisal of judicial reforms towards an efficient administration of justice in nigeria

CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION PAGE 1.1 Background to the Study......................................................................................................................... 1 1.2 Statement of Problem......................................................................... Continue Reading


criminology: socio-psychological effect of gender, race and religion on crime

CRIMINOLOGY: SOCIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT OF GENDER, RACE AND RELIGION ON CRIME BY ABSTRACT The essence of this topic is to explain in details what criminology entails, the study, methodology, etiology, scope amongst others, it also describes why crime is committed, who defines or determines crime and what constitutes crime. The topic covers... Continue Reading


protection and redress for victims of crime in nigeria

PROTECTION AND REDRESS FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME IN NIGERIA: AN APPRAISAL OF THE ROLES OF THE POLICE AND THE COURT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The pathetic circumstances of victims of crime in the world have been so worrisome that, Pino Alarcchi[1] once said, “We must agree amongst ourselves that we want a wor... Continue Reading


farmers and herdsmen clashes; bolstering agricultural development through the instrumentality of law

Abstract Land is probably the most important resources needed by man for his day to day existence. All human livelihoods and activities are directly or indirectly dependent on land at varying thresholds yet land is a limited somewhat scare resource with both artificial and natural usage barriers which has resulted in various shades of competition ... Continue Reading


attitude of the judiciary towards admissibility of confessional statement

ATTITUDE OF THE JUDICIARY TOWARDS ADMISSIBILITY OF CONFESSIONAL STATEMENT ABSTRACT A confession is a species of admission. When in the course of an investigation into a criminal offence, a suspect has made a statement to the police tending to show that he has committed that offence, the statement is known as a confession. Confession is govern... Continue Reading


will a comparative analysis under common and islamic laws

WILL A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS UNDER COMMON AND ISLAMIC LAWS ABSTRACT The conceptual divergence in respect of the formation of a valid will under both Islamic and common laws will be examined and discussed. Starting from introduction which will introduce us to the general message of the work. The chapters therein have been divided into five. Continue Reading


excess of injunction in nigeria judicial system

EXCESS OF INJUNCTION IN NIGERIA JUDICIAL SYSTEM ABSTRACT Injunction serves as an order of equitable nature restraining the person to whom it is directed from performing a specified act or in certain exceptional circumstances cases requiring him to perform a specified act. Continue Reading


ownership and control of mineral resources under the shariah and nigerian statute

OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL OF MINERAL RESOURCES UNDER THE SHARIAH AND NIGERIAN STATUTE (A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS) ABSTRACT Most countries have conferred the power/ownership of their resources on their government, not allowing individuals to lay claim to them. This has been beneficial for international business purposes, especially in the petroleu... Continue Reading


dissolution of marriage: problems and prospects

DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS ABSTRACT The decree of dissolution of marriage which is defined as the legal separation o f man and wife effected by the judgement or decree of a court, and either totally dissolving the marriage relation, or suspending its effect so far as it concerns the cohabitation of the parties. Continue Reading


united nations and conflict management of the civil war in liberia2

United Nations And Conflict Management Of The Civil War In Liberia Title Page Certification Dedication Acknowledgement Table of Content Chapter One Background to the Outbreak of Civil War in Liberia Chapter Two The Limitation of ECOWAS and OAU Instrument of Conflict Resolution Chapter Three The Unite... Continue Reading


do judges make law

DO JUDGES MAKE LAW (A CURSORY LOOK AT THE RECURRING QUESTION) ABSTRACT It is common knowledge that the age long principle of Separation of powers allocates the governmental functions of law making, law implementation and law interpretation to the Legislative, Executive and Judicial arms of government respectively and each arm is to functio... Continue Reading


critical appraisal on opinion evidence

Critical Appraisal On Opinion Evidence Abstract Generally, where a court is faced with the problem of determining a suit before it, such can only be solved after making an enquiry into the relevant facts of the evidence put before it by the parties, drawing inferences from those facts, and listening to arguments of parties to the case or of thei... Continue Reading


analysis of the basic principles of insurance under the nigerian law of insurance

ANALYSIS OF THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE UNDER THE NIGERIAN LAW OF INSURANCE CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0 INTRODUCTION Due to the high level of illiteracy in the Nigerian society, many people are unaware of insurance policies. However, with the enactment of Insurance Decree[1], the awareness of insurance policies was ... Continue Reading


justification for and the abolition of capital punishment under human rights law

ustification For And The Abolition Of Capital Punishment Under Human Rights Law The legal infliction of death as a penalty for violating criminal law has been in existence from time immemorial, people have been put to death for various forms of wrong doings and methods of execution have included crucifixion, stoning, drowning, burning at stake, ... Continue Reading


land registry practice in nigeria

LAND REGISTRY PRACTICE IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY This research work is based on the premise of discovering what the practices of land registration has been and how to improve on it. The registration of land before now was a tedious thing to achieve due to the movement from one capital to another (in Akwa ... Continue Reading


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