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critical examination of the right of artificially inseminated child to inherit under islamic law

CRITICAL EXAMINATION OF THE RIGHT OF ARTIFICIALLY INSEMINATED CHILD TO INHERIT UNDER ISLAMIC LAW ABSTRACT The advancement in Science and Technology and the quest for children led to the development and invention of a new process of human procreation, (Artificial Insemination) other than the natural way. This process involves obtaining the sem... Continue Reading


conventional and islamic mortgage financing: a legal comparison

CONVENTIONAL AND ISLAMIC MORTGAGE FINANCING: A LEGAL COMPARISON GENERAL INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Mortgage financing otherwise known as Home Financing is a product through which people are made or become home owners. It is a practice that is widely or relatively embraced by financial institutions as well as the private individuals (group of... Continue Reading


absence of codification of medical negligence the law

ABSENCE OF CODIFICATION OF MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE THE LAW CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION The American Heritage Dictionary defines the term negligence to mean “The commission or the neglect of any reasonable precaution or act”. In Lochgelly Iron and Coal Co. V. Mc Mullan1 Lord Wright observed as follows “In Strict legal analysis, negligence... Continue Reading


offence of adoption: law and policy in the nigeria legal system

OFFENCE OF ADOPTION: LAW AND POLICY IN THE NIGERIA LEGAL SYSTEM ABSTRACT The essence of this work is borne out of the need to take critical look and an appraisal of the offence of Adoption under the Nigeria Legal System. In the course of this Study, an analysis shall be made as to it’s Law and Policy in the Nigeria Legal System. Continue Reading


do judges make law (a cursory look at the recurring question)

Do Judges Make Law (a Cursory Look At The Recurring Question) It is common knowledge that the age long principle of Separation of powers allocates the governmental functions of law making, law implementation and law interpretation to the Legislative, Executive and Judicial arms of government respectively and each arm is to function independently... Continue Reading


a critique of jeremy bentham’s idea of law

A CRITIQUE OF JEREMY BENTHAM’S IDEA OF LAW INTRODUCTION The concept of law has always been controversial leading to all kinds of theorizing. This has constituted a problem to an easy understanding of law because law has been viewed and interpreted differently by different thinkers. Foremost in the understanding of law are issues such as corre... Continue Reading


a holistic appraisal of the concept of trust under the nigerian jurisprudence

A Holistic Appraisal Of The Concept Of Trust Under The Nigerian Jurisprudence Abstract According to some authors, the meaning of trust as a legal concept is traceable to the moral connotation of the term which eventually informed its jurisprudential basis. Literally, trust means confidence reposed in others. It was this moral obligation that was... Continue Reading


women’s rights in african constitutions: a desideratum or a mere feminist utopian agenda?

WOMEN’S RIGHTS IN AFRICAN CONSTITUTIONS: A DESIDERATUM OR A MERE FEMINIST UTOPIAN AGENDA? CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study It would appear correct to say that the subject of women’s rights is one of the most contentious and seemingly nebulous aspects of human rights jurisprudence Continue Reading


a study of customary land law and tenure practices of six communities of the lower benue river valley of nigeria

ABSTRACT This study is aimed at studying the customary land laws and tenurial practices of the communities of the Nigerian Lower Benue River valley. These communities are the Idomas and the Tivs of Benue state, and the Alagos, Eggon, Mada, and Gwandara peoples of Nasarawa State. The methodology adopted was a survey approach which incorporated pr... Continue Reading


an appraisal of the legal and institutional frame work on food sufficiency in nigeria

ABSTRACT One of the goals of Nigeria Agricultural Development policy is to achieve for the nation enough food sufficient for the consumption and utterly reduce the rate of dependency on imported foods, with the view of ensuring adequate and affordable food for all. Continue Reading


critical appraisal on opinion evidence

Critical Appraisal On Opinion Evidence Abstract Generally, where a court is faced with the problem of determining a suit before it, such can only be solved after making an enquiry into the relevant facts of the evidence put before it by the parties, drawing inferences from those facts, and listening to arguments of parties to the case or of thei... Continue Reading


utility of confessional statement in criminal trials

UTILITY OF CONFESSIONAL STATEMENT IN CRIMINAL TRIALS CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION An adverse admission relevant to the issues of guilt in a criminal case is known at Common Law as confession, and the same terminology is employed by the Evidence Act 1990. As indicated above, confessions represent the most important and most frequently enc... Continue Reading


rights and obligation of parties under the contract of carriage of goods by sea

RIGHTS AND OBLIGATION OF PARTIES UNDER THE CONTRACT OF CARRIAGE OF GOODS BY SEA TABLE OF CASES PAGES Archbold (Freightage) Ltd. v. S. Spnaglett Ltd (1981) 1 Q.B. 374 41 Asfar v. Blindell (1896) 1 Q.B. 123 45 Boardance v. Phipps (1967) 2 A.C. 46 58 Casebourn v. Avery and Houston (1887) S.T.L.R. 795 41 Dakin v. Oxley (1864) 15 C.... Continue Reading


globalisation: its impact on nigeria’s economy and implication on national development

The wave of globalisation accompanied by its neo-liberal economic policy has effectuated economic growth and national development in developed countries. However, the application of these policies in developing countries such as Nigeria led to an increased level of socio-economic disparity and a stagnated process of national development. This thesi... Continue Reading


the role of legislature in impeachment proceeding under the 1999 constitution of nigeria

The role of legislature in impeachment proceeding under the 1999 constitution of Nigeria Faculty of Law CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study The Constitution of Nigeria clearly ensures the separation of powers as an underlining principle of the Nigerian governmental system. Separation of powers allow... Continue Reading


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