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a critique of jeremy bentham’s idea of law

A CRITIQUE OF JEREMY BENTHAM’S IDEA OF LAW INTRODUCTION The concept of law has always been controversial leading to all kinds of theorizing. This has constituted a problem to an easy understanding of law because law has been viewed and interpreted differently by different thinkers. Foremost in the understanding of law are issues such as corre... Continue Reading


critical examination of the right of artificialy inseminated child to inherit under islamic law

CRITICAL EXAMINATION OF THE RIGHT OF ARTIFICIALY INSEMINATED CHILD TO INHERIT UNDER ISLAMIC LAW GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0: INTRODUCTION Islamic law emphasizes the importance of fertility in both partners of a married couple and the ability to bear children, as the foundation of a healthy and successful marriage Continue Reading


conventional and islamic mortgage financing: a legal comparison

CONVENTIONAL AND ISLAMIC MORTGAGE FINANCING: A LEGAL COMPARISON GENERAL INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Mortgage financing otherwise known as Home Financing is a product through which people are made or become home owners. It is a practice that is widely or relatively embraced by financial institutions as well as the private individuals (group of... Continue Reading


administration of justice in nigerian courts: problems and prospects

ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE IN NIGERIAN COURTS: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS ABSTRACT The topic “ Administration of justice in Nigerian courts, problems and prospects” seems to attract to itself the attention and inquisitiveness on the part of the common man or every believer in the Rule of law of what the writer is talking about or what he is going ... Continue Reading


the land use act: ownership and use of land in nigeria

THE LAND USE ACT: OWNERSHIP AND USE OF LAND IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION MEANING OF LAND AT COMMON LAW Generally, there are various definitions by different scholars as regards the meaning of Land at common law. One of such definitions was given by Niki Tobi, J.S.C., who defined land to include not only the surface of the earth and... Continue Reading


a legal and jurisprudential analysis of homosexuality and same sex marriages: supporting the nigerian positiion



critical appraisal of the concept of insider trading under nigerian company law

ABSTRACT Insider trading has been understood to the act of dealing in unpublished price sensitive information and it is seen to go against the principle of equal access to information. This work made an unfair appraisal of the concept of insider trading in Nigeria in the course of the work. Continue Reading


wrongful termination of contracts of employment in nigeria

WRONGFUL TERMINATION OF CONTRACTS OF EMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT The research focuses on analysis the variables and critical issues in the concept of wrongful termination of employment contract in Nigeria. It provides a conceptual study on the nature of the contract of employment and the wrongful termination of employment contact. Continue Reading


appraisal of the application of alternative dispute resolution methods to marriage disputes

Appraisal Of The Application Of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods To Marriage Disputes Marriage is a union entered into by two parties in every jurisdiction i. e, marriage is a universal occurrence. Although the legal process involved (either in formality or requirement) varies from one jurisdiction to another, marriage is often characteriz... Continue Reading


an assessment of islamic law as customary law viz a viz the supreme court ruling in alkamawa v bello and anor

ABSTRACT In recent times there has been a renaissance of the Islamic heritage in the consciousness of the adherents of the Islamic faith and this has sought expression in their quest to conduct their affairs in accordance with Islamic injunctions. This has become noticeable in areas where Islam is the predominant religion in northern Nigeria. Continue Reading


an appraisal of the liabilities of a company for the acts of its directors

AN APPRAISAL OF THE LIABILITIES OF A COMPANY FOR THE ACTS OF ITS DIRECTORS ABSTRACT A company can be described as a legal entity or a body corporate, having perpetual succession and also a common seal, as well as the ability to sue and be sued in its own corporate name. Suffice to state, also that the company upon its incorporation can acquir... Continue Reading


a critical appraisalof legitimacy and legitimation under nigeria family law

A CRITICAL APPRAISALOF LEGITIMACY AND LEGITIMATION UNDER NIGERIA FAMILY LAW ABSTRACT This long essay is concerned with the concept of legitimacy, which is an important concept, as it determines the status of a child in relation to the society, while a legitimate child is conferred with the rights and duties of a legitimate child, which includ... Continue Reading


provocation as a defence to criminal liability: the nigerian perspective

Provocation As A Defence To Criminal Liability: The Nigerian Perspective ABSTRACT One of the defences open to an accused which may exculpate or mitigate him from criminal liability is provocation. The law recognizes that human beings are prone to losing their control under extreme rage and should they react violently, justice demands that accoun... Continue Reading


do judges make law (a cursory look at the recurring question)

Do Judges Make Law (a Cursory Look At The Recurring Question)

Continue Reading


a critical analysis of presumptions in relation to the law of evidence

A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF PRESUMPTIONS IN RELATION TO THE LAW OF EVIDENCE ABSTRACT Presumption either of law or of fact, is an independent piece of evidence which may or must be drawn from a given sets of facts until the contrary is proved. In general sense, it has cut a niche for itself as it maybe employed in both Civil and Criminal cases Continue Reading


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