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the right of an accused person under the nigerian legal system

THE RIGHT OF AN ACCUSED PERSON UNDER THE NIGERIAN LEGAL SYSTEM ABSTRACT Under the Nigerian criminal justice the constitutional right of an accused person is enshrined in Section 35 and 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 such rights include, the right to be informed promptly in the language that he understands, the... Continue Reading


a survey on the aftercare service and reintegration of ex-convicts in nigeria

CHAPTER ONE 1.1 Background to the Study 1.2 Statement of the Problem 1.3 Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to examine the aftercare service and reintegration of ex-convicts in Nigeria, with particular reference to Akwa Ibom State. Specifically, the objectives of the study are: To examine the obstacles to reintegrating... Continue Reading


admissibility of evidence in nigerian law

ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE IN NIGERIAN LAW CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0 INTRODUCTION The law governing the admissibility of evidence is found in the Nigerian law of Evidence[1]. Issues relating to competence and compellability of child evidence have been accorded much attention by the judiciary in making sure that children in giv... Continue Reading


absence of codification of medical negligence the law

ABSENCE OF CODIFICATION OF MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE THE LAW CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION The American Heritage Dictionary defines the term negligence to mean “The commission or the neglect of any reasonable precaution or act”. In Lochgelly Iron and Coal Co. V. Mc Mullan1 Lord Wright observed as follows “In Strict legal analysis, negligence... Continue Reading


a critical overview of the consent provisions under the land use act, 1978

A Critical Overview Of The Consent Provisions Under The Land Use Act, 1978. The Land Use Act as a single piece of legislation which came into force on 29th March, 1978 has generated more controversy than any piece of legislation of its kind Continue Reading


an appraisal of the legal and institutional frame work on food sufficiency in nigeria

ABSTRACT One of the goals of Nigeria Agricultural Development policy is to achieve for the nation enough food sufficient for the consumption and utterly reduce the rate of dependency on imported foods, with the view of ensuring adequate and affordable food for all. Continue Reading


the legal framework for the protection of women’s rights in nigeria

ABSTRACT Men and women are entitled to the full protection of their rights because they are human beings. At its most basic level, ‘human rights’ are safeguarded prerogative granted because a person is alive. A right is therefore a claim to something (by the right of the holder) that can be exercised and enforced under a set of grounds or justif... Continue Reading


the role of legislature in impeachment proceeding under the 1999 constitution of nigeria

The role of legislature in impeachment proceeding under the 1999 constitution of Nigeria Faculty of Law CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study The Constitution of Nigeria clearly ensures the separation of powers as an underlining principle of the Nigerian governmental system. Separation of powers allow... Continue Reading


investigate a survey on the aftercare service and reintegration of ex-convicts in nigeria

INVESTIGATE A SURVEY ON THE AFTERCARE SERVICE AND REINTEGRATION OF EX-CONVICTS IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Laws are made in every society to regulate the behaviour of people and to ensure that individual live according to expectation of the society. However, crimes are committed in the society daily... Continue Reading


nigeria judiciary system problems and way out

NIGERIA JUDICIARY SYSTEM PROBLEMS AND WAY OUT CHAPTER ONE 1.0Introduction The Judiciary represents the court system in the land, it symbolizes judges and justice. It is the third arm of any modern government. This was popularized by Montesquieu, the French political philosopher and jurist who postulated that there should be separat... Continue Reading


the nigeria and argentina criminal law: a comparative analysis

THE NIGERIA AND ARGENTINA CRIMINAL LAW: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS 1.0 INTRODUCTION Criminality is one of the most discussed issues in the law departments, chambers and other legislator. For the legislator, the comparative criminal law can be a source of possible approach to specific issues or even to the enterprise of criminal law. But this is d... Continue Reading


protection and redress for victims of crime in nigeria

PROTECTION AND REDRESS FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME IN NIGERIA: AN APPRAISAL OF THE ROLES OF THE POLICE AND THE COURT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The pathetic circumstances of victims of crime in the world have been so worrisome that, Pino Alarcchi[1] once said, “We must agree amongst ourselves that we want a wor... Continue Reading


critical appraisal on opinion evidence

Critical Appraisal On Opinion Evidence Abstract Generally, where a court is faced with the problem of determining a suit before it, such can only be solved after making an enquiry into the relevant facts of the evidence put before it by the parties, drawing inferences from those facts, and listening to arguments of parties to the case or of thei... Continue Reading


holding charge syndrome; a challenge in the administration of criminal justice in nigeria

HOLDING CHARGE SYNDROME; A CHALLENGE IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT The criminal justice system revolves around three cardinal institutions: the police, court and prison. These institutions are partners in our failing criminal justice system, due to some practices that are inimical to the interest of society. Continue Reading


environmental degradation and oil spillages: an indictment to human right and environmental law

ENVIRONMENTAL DEGRADATION AND OIL SPILLAGES: AN INDICTMENT TO HUMAN RIGHT AND ENVIRONMENTAL LAW BY TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page i Certification ii Approval iii Dedication iv Acknowledgement v Table of Contents viii Table of Statutes x Table of Cases ... Continue Reading


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