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a holistic appraisal of the concept of trust under the nigerian jurisprudence

A Holistic Appraisal Of The Concept Of Trust Under The Nigerian Jurisprudence Abstract According to some authors, the meaning of trust as a legal concept is traceable to the moral connotation of the term which eventually informed its jurisprudential basis. Literally, trust means confidence reposed in others. It was this moral obligation that was... Continue Reading


examining public private partnership in nigeria: potentials and challenges

CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0: INTRODUCTION Public Private Partnership is a contractual arrangement which is formed between public and private sector partners which involve the private sector in the development, financing, ownership, and or operation of a public facility or service. In such a partnership, public and private resour... Continue Reading


excess of injunction in nigeria judicial system

EXCESS OF INJUNCTION IN NIGERIA JUDICIAL SYSTEM ABSTRACT Injunction serves as an order of equitable nature restraining the person to whom it is directed from performing a specified act or in certain exceptional circumstances cases requiring him to perform a specified act. Continue Reading


duty of care: its implications to the medical profession in nigeria

DUTY OF CARE: ITS IMPLICATIONS TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSION IN NIGERIA CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0: INTRODUCTION Medical practice has attained sufficient status to the extent that principles of law that are relevant to Medical Practice can now be examined under the concept of Medical Law. Medical law can therefore be described as... Continue Reading


critical appraisal of the relevancy and admissibility of electronically generated evidence in nigeria

CRITICAL APPRAISAL OF THE RELEVANCY AND ADMISSIBILITY OF ELECTRONICALLY GENERATED EVIDENCE IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT In an attempt to address this fundamental issue regarding the admissibility of electronically generated evidence, recourse shall be paid had to the word evidence itself. Evidence is the means by which facts are proved excluding infer... Continue Reading


insurance as peculiar specie of the law of contract

NSURANCE AS PECULIAR SPECIE OF THE LAW OF CONTRACT CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Insurance is an intricate economic and social device for the handling of risks to life and property. It is social in nature because it represents the various individuals for mutual benefits by combining together funds to reduce the consequence ... Continue Reading


an examination of laws and procedures regulating trade dispute in nigeria

AN EXAMINATION OF LAWS AND PROCEDURES REGULATING TRADE DISPUTE IN NIGERIA CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0: INTRODUCTION TO STUDY Industrial harmony is very important both at the public and private sectors because of the negative impact of disputes in the labour sector. Trade dispute, when it occurs could be a very serious issue... Continue Reading


critical analysis of corroboration under the nigerian law of evidence

Critical Analysis Of Corroboration Under The Nigerian Law Of Evidence Abstract There is no law that says the plaintiff or the prosecution must bring a million witnesses or evidence to court before he can succeed in his case. A court can convict on a single witness. A case is not decided by the numbers of witnesses, single credible convincing evi... Continue Reading


policing the federating states of nigeria: a critique of the law and policies involved

ABSTRACT The internal security of lives and property in Nigeria is the paramount duty of designated security agencies such as the Nigeria Police Force. Policing can therefore be viewed as the provision of security and the maintenance of peace. To secure a large Federation of Nigeria with about 170 million population and 36 States and Federal Cap... Continue Reading


a critical overview of the consent provisions under the land use act, 1978

A Critical Overview Of The Consent Provisions Under The Land Use Act, 1978. The Land Use Act as a single piece of legislation which came into force on 29th March, 1978 has generated more controversy than any piece of legislation of its kind. The sore point of this enactment is the consent requirement provided under the Act especially Sections ... Continue Reading


a legal examination of the role of taxation in revenue generation and economic development in nigeria

Abstract The bulk majority of the tax evasion and tax avoidance is caused by inadequate machineries and lack of skilled personal in administrative tax bodies as well as the legal framework upon which their relationship rest. This result in many problems of the tax collection in Nigeria. Continue Reading


criminology: socio-psychological effect of gender, race and religion on crime

CRIMINOLOGY: SOCIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT OF GENDER, RACE AND RELIGION ON CRIME BY ABSTRACT The essence of this topic is to explain in details what criminology entails, the study, methodology, etiology, scope amongst others, it also describes why crime is committed, who defines or determines crime and what constitutes crime. The topic covers... Continue Reading


women’s rights in african constitutions: a desideratum or a mere feminist utopian agenda?

WOMEN’S RIGHTS IN AFRICAN CONSTITUTIONS: A DESIDERATUM OR A MERE FEMINIST UTOPIAN AGENDA? CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study It would appear correct to say that the subject of women’s rights is one of the most contentious and seemingly nebulous aspects of human rights jurisprudence Continue Reading


an examination of laws regulating election petitions in the local governments of nigeria

AN EXAMINATION OF LAWS REGULATING ELECTION PETITIONS IN THE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS OF NIGERIA ABSTRACT Today, its no doubt that election petition forms an intrinsic nature of our democratic setting as dispute and dissatisfaction are bound to arise from the conduct of election and as such dispute has to be resolved and determined by a competent ju... Continue Reading


an appraisal of the doctrine of domicile under the private international law

An Appraisal Of The Doctrine Of Domicile Under The Private International Law This write up is to assess the quality of the value of the doctrine of domicile under the Private International Law i. e Conflict of laws. Private International Law is that part of law of a country which deals with cases having a foreign element. It is therefore ... Continue Reading


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