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critical analysis of corroboration under the nigerian law of evidence2

here is no law that says the plaintiff or the prosecution must bring a million witnesses or evidence to court before he can succeed in his case. A court can convict on a single witness. A case is not decided by the numbers of witnesses, single credible convincing evidence is enough to convict in a case but there are some exceptions Continue Reading


admissibility of evidence in nigerian law

ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE IN NIGERIAN LAW CHAPTER ONE GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0 INTRODUCTION The law governing the admissibility of evidence is found in the Nigerian law of Evidence[1]. Issues relating to competence and compellability of child evidence have been accorded much attention by the judiciary in making sure that children in giv... Continue Reading


justification for and the abolition of capital punishment under human rights law

ustification For And The Abolition Of Capital Punishment Under Human Rights Law The legal infliction of death as a penalty for violating criminal law has been in existence from time immemorial, people have been put to death for various forms of wrong doings and methods of execution have included crucifixion, stoning, drowning, burning at stake, ... Continue Reading


a legal appraisal of the electric power sector reforms in nigeria

A LEGAL APPRAISAL OF THE ELECTRIC POWER SECTOR REFORMS IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT Nigeria’s electric power sector requires substantial reform if the country’s economic development and poverty alleviation programme is to be realized. Currently, the country faces serious energy crisis due to declining electricity generation from domestic power plants ... Continue Reading


protection and redress for victims of crime in nigeria: an appraisal of the roles of the police and the court

PROTECTION AND REDRESS FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME IN NIGERIA: AN APPRAISAL OF THE ROLES OF THE POLICE AND THE COURT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study The pathetic circumstances of victims of crime in the world have been so worrisome that, Pino Alarcchi[1] once said, “We must agree amongst ourselves that we want a wor... Continue Reading


a comparative analysis of the conflict situation and choice of laws in the nigerian legal system and other legal systems

A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE CONFLICT SITUATION AND CHOICE OF LAWS IN THE NIGERIAN LEGAL SYSTEM AND OTHER LEGAL SYSTEMS ABSTRACT Private International Law is that part of a law of a country which deals with cases having foreign element and usually comes into operation whenever courts are seized with such cases. Continue Reading


insurance as peculiar specie of the law of contract

NSURANCE AS PECULIAR SPECIE OF THE LAW OF CONTRACT CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Insurance is an intricate economic and social device for the handling of risks to life and property. It is social in nature because it represents the various individuals for mutual benefits by combining together funds to reduce the consequence ... Continue Reading


women in politics

Issue of gender equality (men and women) are equal in all ranks, which also includes politics, which is aimed at women rather than men, these debates degenerate and disintegrate into discordant posturing, grandstanding, sweeping, generalizations and misrepresentation. I do not intend to throw my hat into the ring. I only wish to add my voiced to th... Continue Reading


legal and institutional framework for the control of environmental pollution in nigeria

LEGAL AND INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK FOR THE CONTROL OF ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION IN NIGERIA TABLE OF CONTENTS Title page i Certification ii Approval iii Dedication iv Acknowledgements v Table of Contents vii Table of Cases x Table of Statutes xii Table of Abbreviation xiii Abstract xiv Continue Reading


coverage of human trafficking in criminology and criminal justice curricula

The crime of human trafficking has received increased national attention over the past decade. However, the subject of human trafficking is rarely mentioned in criminal justice and criminology curricula in colleges and universities. This study discusses findings from a review of listed courses in 100 criminology and criminal justice bachelo... Continue Reading


confessional statement utility in criminal trials

A confession, proved as an exception to the rule against hearsay, is admissible as evidence of the truth of the matters adverse to the accused contained therein, if relevant to any matter in issue. It may, if the court thinks right, be relied upon to convict, even in the absence of other evidence. As Erie .J. said in R .v. Baldry1 “a confession wel... Continue Reading


critical appraisal of the concept of insider trading under nigerian company law

ABSTRACT Insider trading has been understood to the act of dealing in unpublished price sensitive information and it is seen to go against the principle of equal access to information. This work made an unfair appraisal of the concept of insider trading in Nigeria in the course of the work. Continue Reading


duties and position of company directors under nigerian company law

DUTIES AND POSITION OF COMPANY DIRECTORS UNDER NIGERIAN COMPANY LAW INTRODUCTION The enormous and challenging responsibilities of managing incorporated companies are vested on directors by the Companies and Allied Matters Laws of the Federation, 2004 Continue Reading


wrongful termination of contracts of employment in nigeria

WRONGFUL TERMINATION OF CONTRACTS OF EMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT The research focuses on analysis the variables and critical issues in the concept of wrongful termination of employment contract in Nigeria. It provides a conceptual study on the nature of the contract of employment and the wrongful termination of employment contact. Continue Reading


customary succession law in modern ibo land; judicial and legislative dimension in focus

CUSTOMARY SUCCESSION LAW IN MODERN IBO LAND; JUDICIAL AND LEGISLATIVE DIMENSION IN FOCUS ABSTRACT Right from the beginning there has always been a transition from one generation to another generation and whatever assets or liabilities that were owned or used by one generation is usually passed or transferred to the succeeding generation. Continue Reading


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