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employer’s liability to his employee under the nigerian contract of employment

EMPLOYER’S LIABILITY TO HIS EMPLOYEE UNDER THE NIGERIAN CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT FACULTY OF LAW ABSTRACT The laws which govern employment occupy a position of considerable importance in any modern society. This is so because of the tremendous contributions which workers can make to national growth and development, as well as the general w... Continue Reading


the impact of rule of law and press freedom on corruption: constitutionality matters

Corruption is one of the biggest global issues despite poverty, unemployment, income level and terrorism. In this study, we concern on (i) the role of press freedom toward corruption, (ii) whether the rule of law is a mechanism for press freedom to influence the level of corruption and (iii) the intensity of rule of law in different background of c... Continue Reading


the right of an accused person under the nigerian legal system

THE RIGHT OF AN ACCUSED PERSON UNDER THE NIGERIAN LEGAL SYSTEM ABSTRACT Under the Nigerian criminal justice the constitutional right of an accused person is enshrined in Section 35 and 36 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 such rights include, the right to be informed promptly in the language that he understands, the... Continue Reading


a comparative analysis of the conflict situations and choice of laws in the nigerian legal system and other legal systems.

A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE CONFLICT SITUATIONS AND CHOICE OF LAWS IN THE NIGERIAN LEGAL SYSTEM AND OTHER LEGAL SYSTEMS. GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0: INTRODUCTION The project looks into the problems which arise when one legal system has to deal with the legal rules of another in matters of private rights. More particularly, because the... Continue Reading


a holistic appraisal of the concept of trust under the nigerian jurisprudence

A Holistic Appraisal Of The Concept Of Trust Under The Nigerian Jurisprudence Abstract According to some authors, the meaning of trust as a legal concept is traceable to the moral connotation of the term which eventually informed its jurisprudential basis Continue Reading


an examination of corruption under the nigeria criminal law

AN EXAMINATION OF CORRUPTION UNDER THE NIGERIA CRIMINAL LAW ABSTRACT This research work examines corruption, its legal effect, its meanings and peculiar manifestation in the Nigeria society. Abortive efforts made in the past to curtail the problem, and present experiments to eradicate the scourges from our polity are also examined. Continue Reading


investigate a survey on the aftercare service and reintegration of ex-convicts in nigeria

INVESTIGATE A SURVEY ON THE AFTERCARE SERVICE AND REINTEGRATION OF EX-CONVICTS IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Laws are made in every society to regulate the behaviour of people and to ensure that individual live according to expectation of the society. However, crimes are committed in the society daily... Continue Reading


ownership and control of mineral resources under the shariah and nigerian statute. a comparative analysis

Ownership And Control Of Mineral Resources Under The Shariah And Nigerian Statute. A Comparative Analysis Most countries have conferred the power/ownership of their resources on their government, not allowing individuals to lay claim to them. This has been beneficial for international business purposes, especially in the petroleum sector and has... Continue Reading


concept of bail

CONCEPT OF BAIL The concept of bail vis--vis enforcement of fundamental rights in Nigeria has recently taken a centre stage of discussion amongst jurists and students alike. In a nutshell, bail is a security for attendance in court from commencement of proceedings to judgment.1 In determining whether to grant or refuse bail, the determinant fac... Continue Reading


conflict between sharia law and the rule of law on rights of women. an appraisal

CONFLICT BETWEEN SHARIA LAW AND THE RULE OF LAW ON RIGHTS OF WOMEN. AN APPRAISAL CHAPTER ONE Background of the study The practice of Islamic law in Nigeria, by northern states, raises a number of constitutional questions and questions the supremacy of the constitution. The activities of these states have shown that the federal government ... Continue Reading


appraisal of the application of alternative dispute resolution methods to marriage disputes

Appraisal Of The Application Of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods To Marriage Disputes Marriage is a union entered into by two parties in every jurisdiction i. e, marriage is a universal occurrence. Although the legal process involved (either in formality or requirement) varies from one jurisdiction to another, marriage is often characteriz... Continue Reading


critical appraisal on opinion evidence

Critical Appraisal On Opinion Evidence Abstract Generally, where a court is faced with the problem of determining a suit before it, such can only be solved after making an enquiry into the relevant facts of the evidence put before it by the parties, drawing inferences from those facts, and listening to arguments of parties to the case or of thei... Continue Reading


offence of adoption: law and policy in the nigeria legal system

OFFENCE OF ADOPTION: LAW AND POLICY IN THE NIGERIA LEGAL SYSTEM ABSTRACT The essence of this work is borne out of the need to take critical look and an appraisal of the offence of Adoption under the Nigeria Legal System. In the course of this Study, an analysis shall be made as to it’s Law and Policy in the Nigeria Legal System. Continue Reading


conventional and islamic mortgage financing: a legal comparison

CONVENTIONAL AND ISLAMIC MORTGAGE FINANCING: A LEGAL COMPARISON GENERAL INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Mortgage financing otherwise known as Home Financing is a product through which people are made or become home owners. It is a practice that is widely or relatively embraced by financial institutions as well as the private individuals (group of... Continue Reading


impact of the judicial interpretation of repugnancy doctrine on the customary laws and customary practices in nigeria

IMPACT OF THE JUDICIAL INTERPRETATION OF REPUGNANCY DOCTRINE ON THE CUSTOMARY LAWS AND CUSTOMARY PRACTICES IN NIGERIA INTRODUCTION The introduction of the British Common Law, the Doctrine of Equity and the Statute of General Application by Ordinance 3 of 1863 into Nigeria did not abolish the customary law of the people. Rather, the statute int... Continue Reading


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