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analysis of the basic principles of insurance under the nigerian law of insurance

ANALYSIS OF THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE UNDER THE NIGERIAN LAW OF INSURANCE CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0 INTRODUCTION Due to the high level of illiteracy in the Nigerian society, many people are unaware of insurance policies. However, with the enactment of Insurance Decree[1], the awareness of insurance policies was ... Continue Reading


provocation as a defence to criminal liability

Provocation As A Defence To Criminal Liability Provocation on its own it not a total defense as to make the accused discharged of his guilt. It reduces murder to manslaughter. This essay considers the adequacy of this defense by examining it under the penal laws of Nigeria and different centers. Continue Reading


a critical appraisal of legitimacy and legitimation under nigerian family law

A Critical Appraisal Of Legitimacy And Legitimation Under Nigerian Family Law Abstract This long essay is concerned with the concept of legitimacy, which is an important concept, as it determines the status of a child in relation to the society, while a legitimate child is conferred with the rights and duties of a legitimate child, which inclu... Continue Reading


absence of codification of medical negligence the law

ABSENCE OF CODIFICATION OF MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE THE LAW CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION The American Heritage Dictionary defines the term negligence to mean “The commission or the neglect of any reasonable precaution or act”. In Lochgelly Iron and Coal Co. V. Mc Mullan1 Lord Wright observed as follows “In Strict legal analysis, negligence... Continue Reading


the nigerian copyright commission and administration of copyright in nigeria (an appraisal)

The Nigerian Copyright Commission And Administration Of Copyright In Nigeria (an Appraisal) Abstract Man over the years has metamorphosed both physically and in ideas. This progressive undeniable dynamism in human nature has made it quit vital that man must be creative and not just that, but also innovative to satisfy his ever increasing unsui... Continue Reading


an examination of corruption under the nigeria criminal law

AN EXAMINATION OF CORRUPTION UNDER THE NIGERIA CRIMINAL LAW ABSTRACT This research work examines corruption, its legal effect, its meanings and peculiar manifestation in the Nigeria society. Abortive efforts made in the past to curtail the problem, and present experiments to eradicate the scourges from our polity are also examined. Continue Reading


an appraisal of the application of the law relating to domicile in nigeria

ABSTRACT This research project entitled ‘AN APPRAISAL OF THE APPLICATION OF THE LAW RELATING TO DOMICILE IN NIGERIA’, is aimed at examining the legal framework of the law relating to the concept of Domicile in Nigeria. However, in the course of this research, the finding of the researcher is that there is a gaping hole in the application of the ... Continue Reading


a holistic appraisal of the concept of trust under the nigerian jurisprudence

A Holistic Appraisal Of The Concept Of Trust Under The Nigerian Jurisprudence Abstract According to some authors, the meaning of trust as a legal concept is traceable to the moral connotation of the term which eventually informed its jurisprudential basis Continue Reading


analysis of the various schools of thought in relation to the meaning of law

Analysis Of The Various Schools Of Thought In Relation To The Meaning Of Law AbstractLaw can be defined as the body of rule designed or formulated to guide human actions or conducts which are enforced among the members of a given society, the breach of which attract sanctions. Continue Reading


critical analysis of corroboration under the nigerian law of evidence2

here is no law that says the plaintiff or the prosecution must bring a million witnesses or evidence to court before he can succeed in his case. A court can convict on a single witness. A case is not decided by the numbers of witnesses, single credible convincing evidence is enough to convict in a case but there are some exceptions Continue Reading


employer’s liability to his employee under the nigerian contract of employment

EMPLOYER’S LIABILITY TO HIS EMPLOYEE UNDER THE NIGERIAN CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT FACULTY OF LAW ABSTRACT The laws which govern employment occupy a position of considerable importance in any modern society. This is so because of the tremendous contributions which workers can make to national growth and development, as well as the general w... Continue Reading


a comparative analysis of the conflict situations and choice of laws in the nigerian legal system and other legal systems.

A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE CONFLICT SITUATIONS AND CHOICE OF LAWS IN THE NIGERIAN LEGAL SYSTEM AND OTHER LEGAL SYSTEMS. GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1.0.0: INTRODUCTION The project looks into the problems which arise when one legal system has to deal with the legal rules of another in matters of private rights. More particularly, because the... Continue Reading


an appraisal of the courts and constitutionalism in nigeria a decade of democratice governance

AN APPRAISAL OF THE COURTS AND CONSTITUTIONALISM IN NIGERIA A DECADE OF DEMOCRATICE GOVERNANCE ABSTRACT Democracy is undoubtedly the commonest system of government mostly practiced in virtually all the countries of the world because it ensures the observance of people‟s rights and freedom. It is however basically characterized by three ... Continue Reading


the impact of revenue generation on local government administration in nigeria 2

The Impact Of Revenue Generation On Local Government Administration In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Enugu North L.G.A. Of Enugu State) The purpose of this study is to investigate on the impact of revenue generation is local government administration in Nigeria with Enugu North Local Government area as a case study. The study was based on the ... Continue Reading


appraisal of the application of alternative dispute resolution methods to marriage disputes

Appraisal Of The Application Of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods To Marriage Disputes Marriage is a union entered into by two parties in every jurisdiction i. e, marriage is a universal occurrence. Although the legal process involved (either in formality or requirement) varies from one jurisdiction to another, marriage is often characteriz... Continue Reading


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