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effects of feeding processed castor (ricinuscommunis)seeds and cake mealson the performance characteristics of broiler chickens

Two feeding trials were conducted using isonitrogenous diets to determine the effects of processed small seeded variety of dehulledcastor seeds and castor seed cake on performance of broiler chickens. In broiler studyone , 216 day-old broiler chicks and 204 , five weeks old broiler finishers were used for the starter and finisher phase respectivel... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

assessment of impact of women-in-agriculture (wia) groundnut processing programme on poverty alleviationin kano state, nigeria

The study assessed the impact of Women-in-Agriculture (WIA) groundnut processingprogrammeon poverty alleviationin Kano State, Nigeria. Two groups (each consisting of 25 members) of women groundnut processors that benefitted from WIA programme were purposively selected from the three zones of the State. This gave a sample size of 150 women across th... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

factors influencing adoption of recommended environmental management practices by crop farmers in selected local government areas of jigawa state, nigeria

The studyevaluated factors influencing the adoption of recommended environmental management practices on agricultural production in three local governments of Jigawa State, Nigeria. Primary data were collected from 120 respondents using structured questionnaire. The statistical tools used to analyse the data were descriptive statistics, regression ... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

contributions of rural water supply and sanitations to agriculture: a case study of gwagwalada, nasarawa and ningi rusafiya project areas of the federal capital territory, plateau and bauchi states respectively of nigeria.

ABSTRACT Most forms of rural development have positive bearing on agricultural growth in third world countries. This is because agricultural activities are mostly undertaken in rural areas. In this respect, improving water supply and sanitation in the rural areas is a direct attempt at improving agricultural production in the intended areas. Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

response of okra (abelmoschus esculentus (l.)moench) varieties to poultry manure rate and stand density in the northern guinea savannah

Two trials were conducted during the 2016 rainy season at two sites; namelythe Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR) farm, Samaru (11011’N, 7038’E and 686m above sea level) and the experimental site for Kaduna Agricultural Development Project (KADP) located at Maigana, Soba Local Government Area (11039`N;080 02` E, 500m above sea level) in... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

effect of exogenous enzymes on the utilisation of two varieties of sorghum (sorghum bicolor) by broiler chickens

Two feeding trials were carried out to determine the effect of exogenous enzyme inclusion in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) based diets for broiler chickens. The first feeding trial was conducted to determine the effect of feeding broiler chickens with two varieties of sorghum namely, Jandawa (Red sorghum) and Kaura (Samsorg 17) with or without phytase ... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

effects of period of weed interference and chemical weed control on growth and yield of garlic (allium sativum l.)

Two sets of trials were conducted during the 1994 and 1995 dry seasons at Samaru in the Northern Guinea Savanna agro-ecological zone of Nigeria to study the effect of period of weed interference and chemical weed control on the growth and yield of garlic (Allium sativum L.). In the weed interference trials, weed infestation initially for 3 WAP did... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

analysis of resourse use efficiency and profitability of maize production in some selected agricultural zones of kaduna state, nigeria

The research considered the resource use efficiency and profitability of maize production in Kaduna state. Data collection was collected with a well-structured questionnaire administered on 163 maize farmers selected through purposive and random sampling techniques. The methods of analyses used were descriptive statistics, multiple regression model... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

studies on population dynamics of agonoscelis versicolor f. (hemiptera: pentatomidae) on sunflower (helianthus annuus l.) in samaru-zaria, nigeria

Field experiments were conducted at the Institute for Agricultural Research (I. A. R.), Samaru, Zaria (Latitude 11˚11' N and Longitude 7˚38' E), Nigeria for two years period (2009 and 2012) to study the population dynamics of Agonoscelis versicolor F. on sunflower. Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

socio-economic analysis of the use of tubehells for dry season farming in the northern zone of sqkoto agricultural and rural development authority

For areas with water problem, it is generally believed that dry season farming can increase total agricultural production and consequently agricultural productivity. Intervention in smallscale dry season irrigation farming is also known to favour the small-scale farmers scattered all over an area. However, for a meaningful government intervention ... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

genetic parameters of bodyweight and some economic important traits in the japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica)

This experiment was conducted to study the genetic estimates for body weight and some economic important traits in Japanese quail from a foundation stock of 784 chicks, which were sexed at day 21. Selected birds of 50 sires and 150 dams based on body weight were used as parents G0 (Unselected generations) for the next generation. Data were collecte... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

effects of plant density and nitrogen fertilizer level on cucumber (cucumis sativa l.)

In order to study the response of cucumber to different Ahmadu Bello University Zaria during the 1992 rainy season. Four N levels (0 nitrogen levels and planting densities a field trail was conducted at the Institute of Agricultural Research Farm, Samaru, , 25, 50, 75kg/ha) and four planting densities (10,000, 20,000, 30,000 and 40,000 plants/ha) ... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

impact of usaid/markets programmme on sorghum farmers" livelihood in three local government areas of kaduna state nigeria

The study was conducted in Soba, Giwa, and Kudan Local Government Areas of Kaduna State, Nigeria. It investigated the impact of USAID/MARKETS intervention programme on sorghum farmers‘ livelihood in the study area. Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

analysis of socio-economic factors affecting participation of farmers in growth enhancement support scheme programme for livelihood in kaduna state

The study was conducted to determine farmers‟ participation in Growth Enhancement Support scheme (GESS) programme in Kaduna State. The output and income of participants and those who did not participate in the GESS programme were also compared. A multi-stage sampling method was employed to select 180 respondents. Primary data were collected thro... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

screening for striga (striga hermonthica del benth)resistance in some sorghum germplasm

In this research, 43 Sorghum genotypes were screened for resistance to Striga hermonthica (Del) Benthin the screen house and onStriga sick plot of Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR) Samaru in 2013. The genotypes screened included two ICRISAT resistant materials (ICSR94407 and ICSR94405),SRN 39, SAMSORG - 12 (KSV4) as the susceptible check a... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

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