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the role of community based organizations in livelihood diversification of its members in birnin gwari agricultural extension zone, kaduna state, nigeria.

This study was focused on the Role of Community Based Organizations in Livelihood Diversification of its members in Birnin Gwari Agricultural Extension Zone, Kaduna State, Nigeria with the objective of identifying the different livelihood activities the members are involved in and how the CBOs influence their diversification. This assessment looke... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

household demand structure for rice consumption in kaduna state, nigeria

This research was undertaken to carry out an analysis of households demand structure for rice consumption in Kaduna state using household consumption data elicited from a sample of 310 households through the instrumentality of a structured questionnaire. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics, Logit regression and LA-AIDS model. Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

an assessment of the contribution of urban and peri-urban maize production to the food security of the farm households in kaduna state, nigeria

This study was conducted in 2014 to assess the contribution of urban and peri-urban maize production on the food security of farm households in Kaduna State, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 156 farmers. Primary data were used in the research and were collected with the aid of a structured questionnaire. Descriptive Stat... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

assessment of vertical transport of lead (pb) from a free drainage lysimeter in contaminated soils in sudan savanna of nigeria

This study was conducted with the aim of determining the vertical movement of metal contaminants in a free drainage lysimeter at Dareta village, Anka Local Government Area of Zamfara State in northern Nigeria. A free drainage lysimeter was designed and constructed for collecting soil leachates from lead polluted soil. Lead movement in the soil was... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

assessment of impact of women-in-agriculture (wia) groundnut processing programme on poverty alleviationin kano state, nigeria

The study assessed the impact of Women-in-Agriculture (WIA) groundnut processingprogrammeon poverty alleviationin Kano State, Nigeria. Two groups (each consisting of 25 members) of women groundnut processors that benefitted from WIA programme were purposively selected from the three zones of the State. This gave a sample size of 150 women across th... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

evaluation of the performance of muturu cattle under the traditional village management system in the southern guinea savanna of benue state, nigeria

A study was conducted to evaluate the performance of the trypanotolerant Muturu Cattle kept under traditional village management system in the trypanosomiasis endemic southern guinea savanna of Benue State. In the first study, surveys were conducted during the rainy season months of May - July 1990 to obtain base line data on systems of management,... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

anaysis of optimal crop combinations and food security status among small-scale irrigation farming households in north-western nigeria

Food security has maintained a centre stage of discuss in the world. The main focus of this study was to determine the optimal crop combinations and food security status of small-scale irrigation farming households in North-Western Nigeria. Specifically,the study described the socio-economic characteristics of the households engaging in small-scale... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

evaluation of egg production curves of shikabrown parents using mathematical models

This study was conducted to evaluate egg production curves of Shikabrown parents, using mathematical models. A total of 200 birds: 100from each of the two strains of Shikabrown parents (sire and dam) lines at the Breeding Unit of Poultry Research Programme, National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI) were used for the study. The birds... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

comparative analysis of farmers" efficiency of iar developed groundnut varieties for poverty alleviation in north western nigeria

This study analyzed the efficiency of groundnut farmer‘s in the adoption of IAR developed groundnut varieties for poverty alleviation in north western Nigeria. Primary data were obtained through the use of well-structured questionnaires from a sample size of 112 comprising of 56 adopters and 56 non-adopters of IAR groundnut varieties. The data w... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

gene action and inheritance of resistance to rhizoctonia solani and pythium ultimum in cotton seedlings

Gene Action and Inheritance of Resistance to Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium ultimum in Cotton Seedlings (May, 1986) Maxwell Amlai Todi Poswal, B.Sc. (Agric.) Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria M.Sc. (Crop Protection) Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. Chairman of Advisory Committee: Dr. K.M. El-Zik Six cotton cultivars, three multi-adver... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

analysis of contractual agreement between sorghum producers and industrial buyers in kadunastate, nigeria

This study analyzed of contractual agreement between sorghum producers and industrial buyers in Kaduna State, Nigeria.Multistage sampling technique was employed for this study. The first stage involves purposive of Giwa, Markafi, and Ikara because of the predominance in sorghum production and firm‟s contract supplies.The second stage were purposi... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

induction of genetic variability in selected groundnut (arachis hypogaea l.) genotypes using neutron irradiation

Improvement of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) is constrained by its narrow genetic base. Studies were conducted to compare the sensitivity of groundnut genotypes to different doses of thermal neutron irradiation, to determine the effective dose for the induction of variability among the genotypes and to evaluate the variability for farmer preferre... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

cowpea (vigna unguiculata (l.) walp) seed quality and yield as influenced by manipulating sowing dates for the management of scab induced by elsinoe phaseoli jenkins, at samaru, north-west nigeria

Field experiment was conducted at the Institute for Agricultural Research (IAR) farm at Samaru, North-western Nigeria to investigate effects of sowing dates on incidence and severity of scab on yield and seed quality of cowpea. Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

structure, conduct and performance of palm oil marketing in abia and kaduna states, nigeria

This study analysed marketing system of the palm oil in Abia and Kaduna states by describing the socio- economic characteristics, structure and conduct, performance, the factors that influence the performance and identifying the problems that faced palm oil marketing in the two States. Multi-stage sampling technique was employed in selecting the re... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

growth and fattening performance of yankasa rams fed complete diet containing urea and lime treated groundnut shell (arachis hypogaea) shell

Two studies were conducted to determine growth and fattening performance of Yankasa rams fed complete containing urea and lime treated groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) shell. The shell was treated with 5% urea, 5% lime and 2.5% of urea and lime for each known weight of the shell (50g/kg shell). In the first study four treatment diets were formulated c... Continue Reading

Agricultural Science

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