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an analytical study of participl (nomen patientis) and its meaning in the anthology of isah alabi abubakar "ar-riyadh"



an archaeological study of ancient iron working sites in mahurum, bokkos l.g.a, plateau state, nigeria

This research was undertaken with the purpose of studying evidence of ancient iron Smelting technology in Mahurum area. In the research, cultural ecology which emphasises on the role of ecology in influencing the culture of a society was adopted as the theoretical framework. Methods adopted for the research were oral tradition, archaeological surv... Continue Reading


the autobiographical form in the road to makkah by muhammad asad

This thesis examines the structural configuration of the autobiography and how various components from its narrative structure to theme and textuality interact in creating the autobiographical form. The exploration of these elements and how they are juxtaposed in Muhammad Asad‟s The Road to Makkah reveals that the form is essentially structural. ... Continue Reading


a linguistic stylistic analysis of gender variations in selected television news reportage

This study identifies and assesses the linguistic differences that contribute to gender language variations in news reportage. It examines ninety six (96) news reports (48 Males, 48 Females) from the three selected television stations of BBC, NTA and Channels TV. All the reports were recorded between March, 2015 and January, 2016. Content analysis... Continue Reading


a study of lhmb zaar festival as a strategy for sustainable communal development

Recent approaches to community development are driven by some practices that fail to recognize the integral link between culture and development. For development to speak to the needs and realities of a people there is a need to re-conceptualize development as a process, one which examines how cultural forms such as festivals can inform developmen... Continue Reading


les difficults phontiques des fracisants gworog

This work titled “Les difficultés phonètiques des francisants gworog” is an attempt to identify the difficulties that a Gworog student learning French language is likely to encounter while learning the French language in the area of sounds. In comparing the sound systems of these two languages, French and Gworog, we found out that there are... Continue Reading


pragmatic analysis of congratulatory messages as a form of advertisement in selected nigerian newspapers

This work is a pragmatic analysis of congratulatory messages in selected Nigerian newspapers. It looked at how Pragmatics as a field of study, clarified written texts, that is congratulatory messages. It also analysed the language and pragmatic features of newspaper congratulatory messages. The data for the study came from three different Nigerian... Continue Reading


a syntactic analysis of kulung language

This study is a syntactic description of Kulung, a member of Southern Jarawa of the Bantu group of the Benue-Congo family of the Niger-Congo phylum. The study seeks to describe those grammatical categories in Kulung that permits a native speaker of Kulung to speak and be understood by the member of the speech community. The knowledge of words and t... Continue Reading


resistance anticoloniale et techniques theatrales dans kondo, le requin de jean pliya

This dissertation titled: RESISTANCE ANTICOLONIALE ET TECHNIQUES THEATRALES DANS KONDO, LE REQUIN DE JEAN PLIYA, takes a look at the themes and the theatric techniques in the play, Kondo, le requin. Jean Pliya, aiming at contributing towards the glorification and elevation of African past heroes, exposed the exploits of King Gbehanzin of the ancien... Continue Reading


a study of the misuse of adverbs in the written english of undergraduate students of kogi state university

The study “A Study of the Misuse of Adverbs in The Written English of the Undergraduate of the Kogi State University, Ayingba” was carried out to determine the major areas of difficulty experienced by the one hundred (100) level students of the Kogi State University. One hundred (150) samples of composition written by the one hundred (100) leve... Continue Reading


a stylistic analysis on deviation in abdul-kadir taliki"s anthology ( allinhiraful-lugawi fi diywani ttalikiy "tahnikatil- wurradi fi madhi khairil- ibadi": dirasah uslubiyyah )

This research entitled: “A STYLISTIC ANALYSIS ON DEVIATION IN ABDUL-KADIR TALIKI’S ANTHOLOGY” ( ALLINHIRAFUL-LUGAWI FI DIYWANI- TTALIKIY “TAHNI,ATIL- WURRADI FI MADHI KHAIRIL- IBADI”: DIRASAH USLUBIYYAH ), is a study of deviation that aims at looking into the phenomenon of deviation in the poetry of Ash “ Shaikh Abdul “ kadir Muhammad... Continue Reading


television drama and the critique of social development issues in wale adenuga‟s "superstory"

This study investigates the nature and effectiveness of drama (Television drama) as a tool for communicating development. The study argues that beyond entertainment, drama has a revolutionary impulse to engender social development. The theoretical framework for this research is hinged on the ―Social Development Theory of Biliance (1997) Amartya S... Continue Reading


an archaeological reconnaissance of pauwa settlement sites in kankara local government area of katsina state, nigeria.

The focus of this research is archaeological reconnaissance of settlement sites at Pauwa, one of the numerous hill settlements occupied by the early inhabitants of Pauwa. The aim is to use archaeology to reconstruct the settlement history of the sites. The research presents the preliminary survey carried out on four identified sites; these include... Continue Reading


linguistique et activit traduisante: tude de la version franaise de the wicked step-mother d"ifeoma onyemelukwe

This research work entitled: “LINGUISTIQUE ET ACTIVITÉ TRADUISANTE: ÉTUDE DE LA VERSION FRANÇAISE DE THE WICKED STEP-MOTHER D’IFEOMA ONYEMELUKWE”, takes a thorough and critical look at the translation of the linguistic elements in the French version of The Wicked Step-Mother. Any literary text, worthy of this classification, should be equi... Continue Reading


a comparative morphological analysis of lamns and the english compound words

A morphological analysis is crucial for language structures and patterns to be understood. The growing need for linguistic analysis has triggered a lot of research and analysis of natural languages. Lamnsó Linguists are waking up to this call and this Research titled A Comparative Morphological Analysis of Lamnsó and English Compound Words is on... Continue Reading


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