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perception and visual interpretation of banana plant imagery in painting

The research titled Perception and Visual Interpretation of Banana Plant Imagery in Painting based on the opportunity that banana plant offers art. Over the years, artists have produced works in which the banana plants, leaves and fruits are portrayed as if they were still life studies. Many artists outside Nigeria have employed it to create differ... Continue Reading


female praise singers in nupeland: a formalist study of fatima lolo bida and hawawu kulu lafiagi"s selected songs

This thesis is a formalist study of the selected Songs of Fatima Lolo Bida and Hawawu Kulu Lafiagi and the state of oral songs in Nupeland in general. It investigates the Nupe Praise Song by analyzing its structure, theme, content, form and other poetic devices deployed by the singers. This study of the Nupe Praise Song also highlights the inheren... Continue Reading


shades of meaning associated with personal names and naming in igala

The purpose of the research is to examine the shades of meaning that are associated with names and naming in Igala. The study examinened the various circumstances attached to the meaning of names in Igala, and the peculiar features that differentiate the practice from those of other Nigerian languages. The study looked at the practice of naming am... Continue Reading


the beauty of sufi symbol in the sheikh ibrahim abdullahi kontagora"s anthology (raudul qulub)

The research focused on the study of mystic symbolism, as a case study. The term mystic symbolism refers to poetic usage of indirect suggestion to express mystical ideas, emotions and the state of mind. The work aims at solving the ambiguity of mystic symbolism in sheikh Ibrahim Abdullahi Kontagora’s anthology;Raudul Qulub, the research comprises... Continue Reading


folktales and moral instruction: a thematic analysis of hausa women tales in kumbotso local government in kano state

This study examines the important moral, traditional, education, etc. roles Hausa women folktales bequeathed to children. It seeks to analyse how tales contribute to the moral development of the Hausa child as well as establish the dominant themes and characters in the stories. It also analyses Hausa woman and folk narration, the roles played by th... Continue Reading


an archaeological investigation of ataba-apipa hill-top settlement site in okaito, okehi local government area, kogi state, nigeria

Ataba-apipa is an abandoned hill-top settlement site in Okaito, Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State. The site was occupied in the past by the clan known as Egiri. To the best of the researcher’s knowledge, no archaeological research has been carried out on this site prior to this research despite the historical significance of the hill to t... Continue Reading


a pragma-discourse study of face-saving and face-threatening acts on the bbc"s hardtalk interview

The media is a powerful tool of influence in societies. Media interviews provide a special platform that showcases how language is used. This study focuses on the Pragmatic concepts of Face-Saving and Face-Threatening Acts on the BBC‘S HardTalk interview. It attempts to find out what kind of acts interlocutors on interviews perform; how face thre... Continue Reading


a study of the origin and development of ethnic militia in wukari area, 1945 - 2005

This study focuses on the Origin and Development of Ethnic Militia in the Wukari Area of the present Taraba State during the period 1945-2005 using the Jukun and Tiv ethnic groups as a case study. The proliferation of ethnic oriented violence in Nigeria and in the Wukari Area in particular is a product of ethnic militia, and has become a national t... Continue Reading


archaeological survey of gurgu settlement in jos-east local government area, plateau state, nigeria

With the availability of archaeological materials on Gurgu abandoned settlement, the history of Gurgu is still clouded in obscurity. This is due to the non archaeological work conducted on the abandoned settlement. Thus, this research was carried out at Gurgu abandoned settlement because of the need to reconstruct the history of Gurgu and alongside... Continue Reading


an archaeological investigation of old gawu settlement sites, abaji area council, abuja, nigeria

This research entitled An Archaeological Investigation of Old Gawu Settlement Sites, Abaji Area Council Abuja, Nigeria was carried out on settlement sites located on the hilltop that makes up the Gawu ridge and also at the foot of the hill. The research is a conscious attempt to reconstruct the early history of the Gawu area using archaeological an... Continue Reading


the contribution of alqadi aliyu ibn muhammad sani gusau to arabic literature study and analysis

An attempt is made this thesis to study and analyses the contribution of Al-Qadi Ali Sani Gusau to Arabic Literature of Nigeria. The thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusion and an appendix, containing the poems of Al-Qadi Aliyu, Gusau. The first chapter discusses briefly the historical background of Al-Qadi Aliyu, his educati... Continue Reading


nineteenth century hausaland being a description by imam imoru of the land, economy, and society of his people

Nineteenth Century Hausaland Being a Description by Imam Imoru of the Land, Economy, and Society of His People by Douglas Edwin Ferguson Doctor of Philosophy in History University of California, Los Angeles 1973 Professor Robert R. Griffeth, Chairman. This dissertation is a translation of Imam Imoru*s Hausa language manuscripts, written between 190... Continue Reading


factors influencing reading habits of secondary school students in nigeria

Reading is central to learning in schools because all learning activities revolve around it. Owing to its importance in academic work, this study assessed factors influencing reading habits of secondary school students across the major Nigerian tribes. It has become necessary now that the modern school system makes greater use of reading as a tool ... Continue Reading


a critical discourse analysis of metaphor in selected acceptance and inaugural speeches of president goodluck jonathan and president barack obama

In recent times, there has been a pragmatic shift in the interest of linguists from language form to language functions especially from Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) perspective. Several attempts have been made by scholars to investigate what people do when they use language. The use of metaphor in speeches abounds as studies carried out by La... Continue Reading


an assessment of the effects of television viewing on the habits of students in select secondary schools in zaria, kaduna state

Access to the television set is prominent among young people. However, due to the influence of television, some of its programmes/contents have been linked to incidents of social vices such as open violence, illicit sex, drug abuse and other related immoral acts. The study therefore setsout to establish the effects of television viewing on habit fo... Continue Reading


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