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terrorism and the contemporary american novel: a postmodernist appraisal of don dellilo"s falling man (2007) and john updike"s terrorist (2006)

Terrorism centres on both the tactic and strategy to commit acts of violence. It is viewed as a method of combat. It is a means to achieve certain targets. Terrorist acts aim to induce a state of fear in the victims which are not necessarily the actual targets of the terrorists. The terrorist events on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in the... Continue Reading


agricultural communication and empowerment: a study of moringa cultivation and utilisation in selected lgas in ekiti state

Ekiti state, despite being endowed with abundant human and natural resources, is still one of the poorest states in Nigeria. Though poverty, unemployment and climate change are global phenomena, these are prevailing issues that call for attention in Ekiti State. The study aimed at improving the communication channels and tools used in informing the... Continue Reading


communicating stress management to the academic staff of ahmadu bello university, zaria for healthy living and higher productivity

Stress and its fatal consequences on health negatively affect the job performance and productivity of academic staff in our educational institutions. Against this backdrop, this research was carried out to assess the communication of stress management for healthy living and higher productivity among the academic staff of Ahmadu Bello University, Za... Continue Reading


radio as a tool for community empowerment: a study of kalubale on freedom radio, kano

Radio is considered to be a very powerful tool for engendering community empowerment due to its capacity to cover wide audience and its easy and accessible nature. However, despite these qualities, empowerment programmes aired through radio often do not achieve their aim because media houses fail to include the target audience in all stages of desi... Continue Reading


radio programming and environmental health communication: an assessment of the effectiveness of the queen fm 94.1 programme "oga landlord"

The research “Radio Programming and Environmental Health Communication: An Assessment Of The Effectiveness of the Queen Fm94.1 Programme“Oga Landlord” was carried out to assess the effectiveness of radio programme in communicating environmental sanitation in Zaria, Kaduna State using both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. Dat... Continue Reading


the role op native authorities in the colonial economy: a case study op maska district 1903 - 1960

The subject matter of this thesis is the role of Native Authorities in the Colonial economy. It covers the period 1903-1960. The occupation of our area of study and Northern Nigeria generally was followed by the transformation of the Emirates aristocracy into the Native Authority system. This was geared towards making them play some roles in the co... Continue Reading


a pragmatic interpretation of child language: a case study of the telegraphic speech

This thesis titled “A Pragmatic Interpretation of Child Language: A Case Study of Telegraphic Speech has been carried out to determine the role of context in understanding language use by children or children‟s speech. Pragmatics is the study of speaker context meaning…. It is a component of linguistic study that goes beyond grammatical compe... Continue Reading


error analysis of passive transformation and

This is a linguistic study of the active “ passive transformational problems of selected Bura learners of English by means of Contrastive and Error Analyses. The main aim of this research is to investigate the extent to which ingrained mother tongue habits interfere with the learning of English active - passive transformation by Bura learners of... Continue Reading


folk music in contemporary nigeria: continuity and change

One of the greatest challenges facing today‟s global age is its transformational and transitional nature where values and norms are under constant change. As such a developing nation like Nigeria is under high pressure of acculturation problem coming mostly from Western nations to which her citizenry absorb more quickly or succumb to. Consequentl... Continue Reading


a pragmatic analysis of akurmi naming system

Pragmatics is one of the areas where several theories have been propounded in search of hidden meaning as far as language use is concerned. This research is a pragmatic Analysis of Akurmi naming system. The study is inspired by the need to disambiguate the hidden meanings in certain Akurmi names that may sound strange and derogatory. The objective... Continue Reading


an assessment of jama"a dialogue forum as a participatory platform for community development in niger state, 2008-2012

This dissertation assesses the use of People‟s Dialogue Forum (Jama‟a Forum) as a platform for participatory community development in Niger State. The fact that communicating and implementing community development from the top-down is one of the challenges that can affect participation, ownership and sustainability of community development proj... Continue Reading


an assessment of teenage awareness on diabetes mellitus for behaviour change in selected secondary schools in sabon gari lga of kaduna state

In Nigeria, little attention has been paid to communicate and create awareness to teenagers about diabetes mellitus. Diabetes mellitus is a non-communicable disease which has become aserious health challenge globally affecting both the young and old. This study examined how effective communication can deepen teenagers‟ knowledge on diabetes melli... Continue Reading


participatory communication in parliament-constituents relations: a study of the voice and accountability mechanisms in the kaduna state house of assembly

Over the years scholars have researched this concept and came to an understanding that democracy is inextricable from communication. Communication enhances democracy, facilitates interaction, inclusiveness and participation engendering representative democracy but this is not the case with Kaduna in particular. Therefore, this study examines the n... Continue Reading


a study of communication approaches of volunteer community mobilizer network on polio intervention in sabon gari lga, kaduna state, nigeria

Poliomyelitis has over the years been proven to be one of the most contagious and dreaded childhood diseases. The effect of this disease ranges from general health discomfort due to physical deformation of legs, paralysis and early infant mortality. The adverse effects of Polio on children propelled intensive campaigns on the acceptance of Polio va... Continue Reading


social networking and hiv/aids associated risk behaviour among students in selected nigerian universities

The study ―Social Networking and HIV/AIDS Associated Risk Behaviour among Students in selected Nigerian Universities‖ was carried out to explore how social networking is associated with higher HIV prevalence and HIV-new infections among young people in Nigeria. Social networking platforms have features/chat rooms for flirting, adult-hook ups an... Continue Reading


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