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This dissertation literary and Analytic studies of a poem „masarratull khawadir fi tarikh sheikh Balarabe bin Abdulkadir Gusau‟ has an introduction of the work and literature revie and a discusson on the history of the poet and his literarty works in poems and prose. Studies on the poem wich. Comprises of the definition of the poem, its topics,... Continue Reading


les enjeux stylistiques et la complexit de la traduction littraire : tentative de traduction en anglais des extraits de chaque chose en son temps de lynn mbuko

Translation is an indispensable tool to the active participation and survival of any society in the global village known for its linguistic and cultural dynamism yet to be fully explored. As a discipline at the service of humanity, translation remains indubitably a medium by which language is practiced, as it entails re-expressing into a target lan... Continue Reading


migration and displacement in african literature: a postcolonial study of segun afolabi"s a life elsewhere and adichie chimamanda"s americanah

This work explores Migration and Displacement in Afolabi‘s A Life Elsewhere and Adichie‘s Americanah.It investigates migration and the attendant displacement of the third world countries which is often premised on the illusion of the search for a good life. Migration is here explored in the light of how its attendant realities; of stereotypes, ... Continue Reading


gender stereotypes in video games: a study of play station and xbox among students of department of english, university of jos

This dissertation sets out to identify gender stereotypes in popular media, specifically those portrayed in video games, and why it is important for video game users to recognize stereotypical portrayals. To achieve this, ten (10) most popular games available in Nigeria were selected and used for analysis. Students were randomly selected from the ... Continue Reading


the role of women in the colonial economy of idoma division, 1908 " 1960

The subject matter of the study is the role of women in the colonial economy of Idoma Division during the period 1908-1960. The objective of the study was to examine and assess the role of women in the colonial economy of Idoma Divison during the period1908-1960. Colonialism placed serious burden on women, through the imposition of policies of colo... Continue Reading


northern identity and the politics of culture in nigeria 1945-1966

The thesis begins with a review of the literature on Nigerian nationalism, in which it is argued that we can also speak of something called 'Northern nationalism', despite the rarity of demands for separate statehood. The period of study is defined by political events - the end of the Second World War and the military coup of January 1966 - because... Continue Reading


performance of weaner rabbits fed maize husk based diets with and without enzyme supplementation

Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the performance of weaner rabbits fed maize husk based diets with or without enzyme supplementation. In the first experiment, thirty six weaner rabbits were used for the study. Maize husk replaced rice offal at 0, 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20% inclusion levels for treatments one to six respectively. Each treatment... Continue Reading


violence portrayal in hollywood and implications for youths‟ moral development: a reading of "the hostel" and "the last house on the left"

The media plays a very powerful and influential role in the lives of youths anywhere in the world and it is sometimes referred to as the “third parent‘. Over sixty years of study has provided evidence that exposure to violent media leads to an increase in violence and aggression. This is a study on exposure to film violence and its implication... Continue Reading


folktales and moral instruction: a thematic analysis of hausa women tales in kumbotso local government in kano state

This study examines the important moral, traditional, education, etc. roles Hausa women folktales bequeathed to children. It seeks to analyse how tales contribute to the moral development of the Hausa child as well as establish the dominant themes and characters in the stories. It also analyses Hausa woman and folk narration, the roles played by th... Continue Reading


radio and the promotion of indigenous music: an appraisal capital 90.9fm kaduna, nigeria

Music which is an aspect of Theatre plays significant roles in shaping the society. To this effect, this research concerns itself with the Nigerian indigenous music. The process of globalization has been of tremendous impact on Nigeria which has resulted in the Nigerian indigenous music being greatly influenced by the dictates of progression in the... Continue Reading


a linguistic stylistic analysis of toni morrison"s beloved and paradise

This study explores how linguistic structures were deployed to bring out meaning in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Paradise. The analyses are carried out using linguistic stylistic methods and principles to investigate Morrison’s unique style in the selected novels. To achieve this objective, the research examines the lexico-syntactic and lexico-s... Continue Reading


a pragma-discourse study of face-saving and face-threatening acts on the bbc"s hardtalk interview

The media is a powerful tool of influence in societies. Media interviews provide a special platform that showcases how language is used. This study focuses on the Pragmatic concepts of Face-Saving and Face-Threatening Acts on the BBC‘S HardTalk interview. It attempts to find out what kind of acts interlocutors on interviews perform; how face thre... Continue Reading


harnessing flowers for sculptural possibilities

Africa has been portrayed by many scholars as a culture with an insignificant representation of flowers; the proof is in the non representation of flowers in the visual art domain. The research examines the ‘floral gap’ as postulated by Mazrui (2004) and the general assumption that flowers are western not African. Jowit (2010), reports that ‘... Continue Reading


a sociolinguistic analysis of the use of nigerian pidgin for interactions in zaria markets

The research is a sociolinguistic analysis of the use of Nigerian Pidgin for transactions in Zaria markets. Pidgins are contact vernacular normally not the native language of any speaker in the situation requiring communication between persons who do not speak each other‟s native language. It is characterized by a limited vocabulary and an elimin... Continue Reading


impact of self-directed learning strategies on the written english performance of selected senior secondary schools in kaduna state

The realizations of educational achievements have been a difficult thing all over the world. This is undoubtedly as a result of the approaches used in teaching and learning. The role of teacher to teach and dictate the pace and mode of learning has been an obstacle towards achieving educational goals at various levels of educational system. Student... Continue Reading


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