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diaspora, identity formation and crisis of belonging in buchi emecheta"s second class citizen and chimamanda adichie"s americanah

Diasporic literature centres on the experiences of people all around the world who leave their homelands in search of ―greener pastures‖ or are forced out of such homelands for various reasons. As a neo-colonialist tendency, the search for greener pastures is often perceived as the way out of the socio-political dilemma of 21st century Nigeria... Continue Reading


an archaeological investigation of mernyang hill settlements of the southern jos plateau, nigeria

This work entails an archaeological study of five hill settlements occupied by the Mernyang ethnic group in the southern part of the Jos Plateau. The research area was chosen because the Jos Plateau region especially its northern part, presents evidence for a very long period of human antiquity, however for the Qua‟anpan area in the south which h... Continue Reading


etude comparative des typologies des phrases du franais et du kanouri

This thesis entitled „‟Etude comparative des typologies des phrases du Français et du Kanouri „‟is initiated to overcome the problems of native Kanuri learners of French in learning the French sentences. This academic Endeavour would help in giving further knowledge in teaching of French. The objective of this study is find linguistic sol... Continue Reading


an analysis of selected royal court songs of zazzau emirate

This research explores the court praise songs of Zazzau Emirate. This particular research focuses its attention on who are these singers, what are their songs about and what constitute the themes and the literary styles employed in their royal court songs.The study features the songs of court singers in Zazzau Emirate such as Sarkin Sankiran Zazzau... Continue Reading


factors affecting the resolution of conflicts by the organization of african unity

This study has been undertaken to investigate the causes that under the inability of the OAU to successfully resolve interstate conflicts that have bedevilled the continent of Africa. The study holds the assumption that African states are products of colonial: and as such, most if African conflicts (which are largely dispute over territory) have th... Continue Reading


an analytical study of participl (nomen patientis) and its meaning in the anthology of isah alabi abubakar "ar-riyadh"



archaeological survey of gurgu settlement in jos-east local government area, plateau state, nigeria

With the availability of archaeological materials on Gurgu abandoned settlement, the history of Gurgu is still clouded in obscurity. This is due to the non archaeological work conducted on the abandoned settlement. Thus, this research was carried out at Gurgu abandoned settlement because of the need to reconstruct the history of Gurgu and alongside... Continue Reading


english words of arabic origin: an etymological survey

This research work discusses the sociolinguistic phenomenon of borrowing among languages whenever they come into contact. It provides an insight into the notion of language borrowing and how it affects the vocabulary build-up of a given language. This research investigates the roots of some English words of Arabic origin and how they made their way... Continue Reading


adabi da tarihanci : nazarin wasu wasanni na rudolf prietze

Historicism is a literary theory that focuses on historical events in works of art. It thus depict how historical issues are embedded in literature. The research entitled “Adabi da Tarihanci: Nazarin Wasu Wasanni Na Rudolf Prietze”(Literature and Historicism: An Analysis of Some Plays byRudolf Prietze) looks at how historical phenomena were enc... Continue Reading


analytical and rhetoric study of selected poems from the divan of sa'eed abdulqadir

This study analyses the literary and poetic capability of Sa'eed Abdulqadir as one of the leading modern poets writing in Arabic language in Nigeria. The poems were selected from his divan which characterized by highly qualitative rhetoric devices - what can be deduced as an indication of his robust educational background and in Nigeria and Egypt, ... Continue Reading


structures phrastiques dans allah n"est pas oblig d"ahmadou kourouma

This Work shows how AhmadouKourouma uses his skills of applying ``Ivorian French´´ in his writings.In our work titled, `` Sentence Structures ´´ in Allah n’est pas obligé,we looked at how Kourouma puts into writing his own Africanized French in different structures through the voice of a child soldier called Birahima.This work tries to illu... Continue Reading


yanayin `tir-madalla` da sigarsa: tsokaci daga fina-finan hausa na nijeriya

Until recently, the concept of dramatic genre is not at home with the blossiming Hausa films, to some others also, the concepts of tragedy, comedy and tragi-comedy does not seem to exist in films nomenclature. However researches into Hausa films has begun to yield new ways of looking at this phenomenon (cf. Umma, (2008) and Aminu, (2012) as a case ... Continue Reading


factors influencing reading habits of secondary school students in nigeria

Reading is central to learning in schools because all learning activities revolve around it. Owing to its importance in academic work, this study assessed factors influencing reading habits of secondary school students across the major Nigerian tribes. It has become necessary now that the modern school system makes greater use of reading as a tool ... Continue Reading


i a gender analysis of nigeria"s millennium development goals implementation reports

For more than a decade now, one of the centerpieces of socio-economic development, and foreign aid has been the effort to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs have been an influential framework for global development cooperation, not only in shaping the international discourse, but in driving the allocation of resources towards ... Continue Reading


nigeria and the north” south dialogue

This work is concerned with the relationship of countries in the international system. The study looks at the reasons - surrounding the current call for the reformation of the world order; that has led us to the realization of the inequality in the relationship One of the most publicize issues of International politic in recent years has been the c... Continue Reading


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