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a linguistic study of the themes, functions and aesthetic devices of selected igbo proverbs

Among the Igbo people of South Eastern Nigeria, the art of conversation is regarded very highly and proverbs are seen as “abubo e ji eri okwu” that is (condiments to speech) or literally defined as “the palm oil and salt with which words are eaten”. Igbo proverbs have aesthetic appeals which have revealed that apart from being the store hou... Continue Reading


a critical analysis of pretext, text and context in the stage production of death and the king"s horseman

Wole Soyinka has come to symbolise authority in Africa and world drama. His treatises and proclamations have attained such iconic reverence that his drama is often understood „only‟ by the wholesome acceptance of his „esteemed‟ authorial voice. Death and the King’s Horseman has been considered a masterpiece; Soyinka‟s iconic play, and s... Continue Reading


etude comparative des mouvements syntagmatiques en franais et en fulfulde

The aim of this study is to contribute to the research on Fulfulde through a scientific approach; hence the decision is to carry out a comparative study on Fulfulde and French syntagmatic movements. This is to facilitate the study of French language for Fulfulde natives. This work also analyses the Fulfulde phrase structure in comparison to that o... Continue Reading


solitude and loneliness in frederick douglass" narrative of the life of frederick douglass and harriet jacobs" incidents in the life of a slave girl

This study is a psychoanalytic interpretation of Frederick Douglass‘ Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs‘ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl in relation to solitude and loneliness. This is born out of the fact that previous studies in Slave Narratives have focused more on sociological aspect of slavery. This study ... Continue Reading


a linguistic analysis of the syllabic changes of arabic loan words in hausa: "magana jari ce" as a case study

This research titled: “A Linguistic Analysis of The Syllabic Changes of Arabic Loan Words In Hausa: “Magana JariCe as A Case Study" comprises of four chapters and conclusion. In chapter one, the study provides the fundamental requirements of the research. In chapter two, there is historical background of Arabic and Hausa languages and their lin... Continue Reading


writing, representation, and narrativity in exploration literature: a literary approach to heinrich barth's travels and discoveries

This study presents a literary critical paradigm for the study of Heinrich Barth's monumental exploration (or travel) narrative of the Western Sudan. The literary approach is intended to fill in a missing gap in the canonical historical approaches to Barth's narrative. The study argues that Barth's empirical - descriptive technique is, in the last ... Continue Reading


the relationship between african american identity and rap songs: a study of selected rap songs of grandmaster flash and the furious five

Rap music as one of the elements of hip hop culture originated in New York’s South Bronx neighbourhood in the late 1970s. Its lyrics provide a powerful lens through which to view the many dimensions of the African American predicament. As a form, Rap music is for African Americans the means to pen down their history and social circumstances and f... Continue Reading


northern identity and the politics of culture in nigeria 1945-1966

The thesis begins with a review of the literature on Nigerian nationalism, in which it is argued that we can also speak of something called 'Northern nationalism', despite the rarity of demands for separate statehood. The period of study is defined by political events - the end of the Second World War and the military coup of January 1966 - because... Continue Reading


psychoanalytical interpretation ofjhumpalahiri‟sinterpreter of maladies and brian leung‟s world famous love acts

This study is a psychoanalytical interpretation of JhumpaLahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies and Brian Leung’s World Famous Love Acts.This is born out of the fact that previous studies have focused on the intricate relationship between dislocation in respect to spirituality and narration. In this regard, this study examines cultural and psycholog... Continue Reading


a linguistic study of idioms and proverbs in selected literary works of aliyu kamal

Every language often reveals what the people who use it see, feel and think; what they can talk about, and how they organize the world around them. Idioms and Proverbs are linguistic elements that address the heart of a discourse in any given context-truthfully and objectively. In Africa, and especially in Nigerian cultures, Idioms and Proverbs are... Continue Reading


takaicin mata a fina-finan hausa

Tun zamani mai tsawon gaske, an sami mata da suka yi rubuce-rubuce, suka bayyana yadda matsayin mace yake tun a wancan lokaci. Ire-iren waxannan mata sun dubi matsayin mace ta fuskar al’ada da addini da siyasa da ilimi da tattalin arziki da zamantakewa da sauransu vangarorin rayuwa, inda bayanansu suka fito da cewa duk a waxannan vangarori na ray... Continue Reading


the role op native authorities in the colonial economy: a case study op maska district 1903 - 1960

The subject matter of this thesis is the role of Native Authorities in the Colonial economy. It covers the period 1903-1960. The occupation of our area of study and Northern Nigeria generally was followed by the transformation of the Emirates aristocracy into the Native Authority system. This was geared towards making them play some roles in the co... Continue Reading


european colonialism in cameroon and its aftermath, with special reference to the southern cameroon, 1884-2014

The study focuses on European Colonialism in Cameroon and its Aftermath, with Special Reference to the Southern Cameroon, 1884-2014. The rationale for this work is based on a variety of reasons namely: the relative exclusion of Southern Cameroon from socio-economic and political scene and the dominance of the French speaking part of Cameroon in the... Continue Reading


a phonological study of minimal pairs in the last one-sixth of the holy qur'an

The dissertation is titled:"A phonological study of minimal pairs in the the last one-sixth of theholy Qur'an". The DISSERTATION present minimal pairs that occurred in the Qur'anic portion reflect to it identificational role of the phonems in the minimal pairs and the meanings of the words. The dissertation comprises five chapters and conclusion. ... Continue Reading


a sociolinguistic study of doctor-patient interaction: a case study of abuth, shika

The research entitled, ―A SOCIOLINGUISTIC STUDY OF DOCTOR-PATIENT INTERACTION: A CASE STUDY OF ABUTH, SHIKA‖ explores the Sociolinguistics factors that constitute barriers in the communication between doctor and patients in the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) Shika. It shows how factors such as language, sex, gender, religion ... Continue Reading


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