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etude comparative des determinants en francais et kanouri

This thesis titled “etude comparative des determinants en Français et kanouri “discusses the determiners of these two languages which are from different background: French is a roman language from indo-European family and Kanuri is a Chadic language from the Saharan branch of the Nilo-Saharan languages. The determiners are divided into seven c... Continue Reading


folktales and moral instruction: a thematic analysis of hausa women tales in kumbotso local government in kano state

This study examines the important moral, traditional, education, etc. roles Hausa women folktales bequeathed to children. It seeks to analyse how tales contribute to the moral development of the Hausa child as well as establish the dominant themes and characters in the stories. It also analyses Hausa woman and folk narration, the roles played by th... Continue Reading


the effects of ethnolinguistic diversity on national development: the example of nigeria

In the Nigerian state lies the problem of unity ever since its existence. Overtime, several linguists have tried to look at the diverse ethnolinguistic groups and a way out of Nigeria‟s persistent ethnic problems. Presently, Nigeria has about three hundred and fifty (350) ethnic groups alongside five hundred and twenty two (522) languages. The ma... Continue Reading


yanayin `tir-madalla` da sigarsa: tsokaci daga fina-finan hausa na nijeriya

Until recently, the concept of dramatic genre is not at home with the blossiming Hausa films, to some others also, the concepts of tragedy, comedy and tragi-comedy does not seem to exist in films nomenclature. However researches into Hausa films has begun to yield new ways of looking at this phenomenon (cf. Umma, (2008) and Aminu, (2012) as a case ... Continue Reading


a linguistic study of idioms and proverbs in selected literary works of aliyu kamal

Every language often reveals what the people who use it see, feel and think; what they can talk about, and how they organize the world around them. Idioms and Proverbs are linguistic elements that address the heart of a discourse in any given context-truthfully and objectively. In Africa, and especially in Nigerian cultures, Idioms and Proverbs are... Continue Reading


an analytical study of some stylistic features in jamil muhammad sadis"s poetry

This dissertation attempts to study some stylistic features of the Arabic poetry of Jamil Muhammad Sadis; a contemporary young Nigerian poet who lives in Medina, Saudi Arabia. The importance of this research was derived from the fact that the works of the poet were original and virgin on which no research was carried out before in spite of their q... Continue Reading


impact of british colonial agricultural policies on jama"are emirate, 1900-1960

The British colonial policies on agriculture in Jama‘are Emirate were all designed to benefit the colonialist in their bid to obtain raw materials for their factories back home. Because of this the focus of the colonialist had always been the production of cash crops with the neglect of food crop. This was to tell on the diet of the people as wel... Continue Reading


psychoanalytical interpretation ofjhumpalahiri‟sinterpreter of maladies and brian leung‟s world famous love acts

This study is a psychoanalytical interpretation of JhumpaLahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies and Brian Leung’s World Famous Love Acts.This is born out of the fact that previous studies have focused on the intricate relationship between dislocation in respect to spirituality and narration. In this regard, this study examines cultural and psycholog... Continue Reading


the place and expression of oral tradition in toni morrison"s beloved, song of solomon and ralph ellison"s invisible man

The place and expression of Oral tradition in selected novels of Toni Morrison and Ralph Ellison shows how oral tradition is able to link the past and present in terms of family origins and cultural identity at the same time. Since Africans were transported as slaves to America, they have nurtured and created a dynamic culture within a climate of i... Continue Reading


an archaeological investigation of old gawu settlement sites, abaji area council, abuja, nigeria

This research entitled An Archaeological Investigation of Old Gawu Settlement Sites, Abaji Area Council Abuja, Nigeria was carried out on settlement sites located on the hilltop that makes up the Gawu ridge and also at the foot of the hill. The research is a conscious attempt to reconstruct the early history of the Gawu area using archaeological an... Continue Reading


testimonial advertising and consumer behaviour of chief zebrudaya"s celebrity role in "elephant blue detergent"advert

The study examined testimonial advertising and consumer behaviour of Chief Zebrudaya advert as a frame for analysis. Documentary methods of data collection as well as self -administered structured questionnaire were used to elicit information from the respondents. From the descriptive statistical techniques used it was observed that the majority o... Continue Reading


an appraisal of sound design and application in select a.b.u studio theatre performances

The development of technological devices which led to the advancement of sound design in professional theatre created a new platform and improved the quality of theatre productions, by enhancing and advancing the message of performances in the theatre.However, most academic theatres in Nigeria have not been able to maximize the potentials of sound ... Continue Reading


the contribution of alqadi aliyu ibn muhammad sani gusau to arabic literature study and analysis

An attempt is made this thesis to study and analyses the contribution of Al-Qadi Ali Sani Gusau to Arabic Literature of Nigeria. The thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusion and an appendix, containing the poems of Al-Qadi Aliyu, Gusau. The first chapter discusses briefly the historical background of Al-Qadi Aliyu, his educati... Continue Reading


an archaeological study of duhwan hill-top settlement, zangon kataf local government area, kaduna state, nigeria

The absence of any archaeological research carried out on Duhwan hill propelled this survey as the site is already under human and natural threats. This research aimed at reconstructing the past life ways of the people of Duhwan, and was achieved through the consultation of written documents, collection of oral tradition of the people, ethnographic... Continue Reading


health communication and reproductive health care delivery: a study of planned parenthood federation of nigeria intervention in unguwan muazu, kaduna state

The level of women’s access to information on health issues is rather low in rural communities and, therefore, women are seen as vulnerable to different forms of health hazard. In spite of the relentless effort and huge sunk sum, of money into women’s health programmes in Nigeria, the knowledge of rural women in northern Nigeria on health relat... Continue Reading


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