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the relationship between african american identity and rap songs: a study of selected rap songs of grandmaster flash and the furious five

Rap music as one of the elements of hip hop culture originated in New York’s South Bronx neighbourhood in the late 1970s. Its lyrics provide a powerful lens through which to view the many dimensions of the African American predicament. As a form, Rap music is for African Americans the means to pen down their history and social circumstances and f... Continue Reading


modern nigerian poetry and the environment: an ecocritical study of selected poems of tanure ojaide, niyi osundare and nnimmo bassey

This thesis titled “Modern Nigerian Poetry and the Environment: An Ecocritical Study of Selected Poems of Tanure Ojaide, Niyi Osundare and Nnimmo Bassey” examines the extent to which Nigerian poetry explores the problematic interaction between man and environment at a period when ecological problems pose a threat to the Nigerian ecology. To thi... Continue Reading


fodio as a muslim jurist

This work is a critical and objective study of Abdullahi as a Muslim jurist. Chapter one deals with the background to 'Abdullahi's society and gives a brief account of the political, social, economic and religious conditions of the peoples of the Hausa States in the 18th century. Chapter two gives a brief account of 'Abdullahi's life. It covers his... Continue Reading


le destin dans al-istifakh ou l"idylle de mes amis et dans kamndjaha la dvoreuse de marie-christine koundja

This research titled: LE DESTIN DANS AL-ISTIFAKH OU L’IDYLLE DE MES AMIS ET DANS KAM-NDJAHA LA DÉVOREUSE, takes a look at the idea or theme of destiny in the African New Novels of 21st century. The existence of Man and his challenges brought about this study on destiny. The work, based on sociological approach, focuses on the reaction of MarieCh... Continue Reading


a linguistic analysis of the syllabic changes of arabic loan words in hausa: "magana jari ce" as a case study

This research titled: “A Linguistic Analysis of The Syllabic Changes of Arabic Loan Words In Hausa: “Magana JariCe as A Case Study" comprises of four chapters and conclusion. In chapter one, the study provides the fundamental requirements of the research. In chapter two, there is historical background of Arabic and Hausa languages and their lin... Continue Reading


le pouvoir de l"argent a travers topaze de marcel pagnol et knock de jules romains

Needless to say that money, as it is seen in the society today, has become the basic source of all social vices throughout the world. The society holds money to the highest esteem, it has become a thin god and it is being worshiped as such. As a result of this, many people have gone astray in search of wealth. Almost everybody wants to make money b... Continue Reading


british policy towards territorial change in tropical africa, 1905-1914

Towards tho end of the Nineteenth Century, the (proving awareness of Britain's isolation in Europe and the pressures ethno faced in the colonial field,both in Africa and the European, led to a move by some British Statesman, notably Joseph Chamberlain, for a rapprochement with one European Croat Power. Attempts were made to establish such a relatio... Continue Reading


agricultural communication and empowerment: a study of moringa cultivation and utilisation in selected lgas in ekiti state

Ekiti state, despite being endowed with abundant human and natural resources, is still one of the poorest states in Nigeria. Though poverty, unemployment and climate change are global phenomena, these are prevailing issues that call for attention in Ekiti State. The study aimed at improving the communication channels and tools used in informing the... Continue Reading


secretarial job-tasks required in modern business offices and implication on secretarial education curriculum in tertiary institutions in the north-central nigeria

The study was carried out to assess Secretarial Job-Tasks Required in Modern Business Offices and Implications in Secretarial Education Curriculum in the North-Central Nigeria. Descriptive design was adopted for the study, and also four research questions and four null hypotheses were posited. The population of the Executives and Secretaries in bot... Continue Reading


shades of meaning associated with personal names and naming in igala

The purpose of the research is to examine the shades of meaning that are associated with names and naming in Igala. The study examinened the various circumstances attached to the meaning of names in Igala, and the peculiar features that differentiate the practice from those of other Nigerian languages. The study looked at the practice of naming am... Continue Reading


les difficults phontiques des fracisants gworog

This work titled “Les difficultés phonètiques des francisants gworog” is an attempt to identify the difficulties that a Gworog student learning French language is likely to encounter while learning the French language in the area of sounds. In comparing the sound systems of these two languages, French and Gworog, we found out that there are... Continue Reading


a phonetical study of segmental phonemes in al-amin ahmad hamza's poetry

This research titled: (A PHONETICAL STUDY OF SEGMENTAL PHONEMES IN AL-AMIN AHMAD HAMZA'S POETRY) consist of four chapters and conclusion. Continue Reading


an appraisal of electronic wallet communication in growth enhancement support scheme of agricultural transformation agenda in naerls

The study appraises the Electronic Wallet communication platform under the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GESS). The revolution in the media has greatly altered communication in all spheres of life including agriculture. The integration of the ICTs to some extent has brought possible solutions to developing countries especially in their utiliza... Continue Reading


open access scholarly publishing: a chance for maximization of research productivity among academics in nigerian federal universities

This paper defines open access literature as digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. It also discusses the open access publishing models which are open access journal ("gold road") and open access repositories or institutional repositories ("green road"). It goes further to discuss the concept of res... Continue Reading


archaeological survey of gurgu settlement in jos-east local government area, plateau state, nigeria

With the availability of archaeological materials on Gurgu abandoned settlement, the history of Gurgu is still clouded in obscurity. This is due to the non archaeological work conducted on the abandoned settlement. Thus, this research was carried out at Gurgu abandoned settlement because of the need to reconstruct the history of Gurgu and alongside... Continue Reading


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