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linguistique et activit㉠traduisante: ă‰tude de la version frană‡aise de the wicked step-mother d"ifeoma onyemelukwe

This research work entitled: “LINGUISTIQUE ET ACTIVITÉ TRADUISANTE: ÉTUDE DE LA VERSION FRANÇAISE DE THE WICKED STEP-MOTHER D’IFEOMA ONYEMELUKWE”, takes a thorough and critical look at the translation of the linguistic elements in the French version of The Wicked Step-Mother. Any literary text, worthy of this classification, should be equi... Continue Reading


a pragmatic analysis of selected yoruba euphemisms

This research preoccupies itself mainly with the pragmatic analysis of the use of euphemisms in Yoruba language. It sets out to examine euphemisms as used by Yoruba speakers and to analyse the dynamics that govern their use by identifying the direct and indirect acts performed by Yoruba speakers in the selected euphemisms and to investigate the ext... Continue Reading


karin harshen rukuni: nazarin hausar masu sana"ar kayan gwari

Wannanbincikemai taken “Karin Harshen Rukuni: NazarinHausarMasuSana‟arKayanGwari” (The Social Dialect: A Sociolinguistics Study of Grocers Sociolect) Bincike ne da yayiqoqarinzaqulofaxaxama‟anarkalmomi da nau‟ukanjumloli a Hausarmasusana‟arkayangwari. Aikin yayiqoqarinbinciko yadda masusana‟arkayangwarikeharxantakalmomitundagamasutus... Continue Reading


from diffusion to community participation: the communication strategies of the national malaria control programme (nmcp)

This study examines the effectiveness of communication strategies deployed by the National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) in fighting malaria in Nigeria. Over the years, these strategies have been more diffusion-based than participatory. Available documents indicate that the rate of success in the fight against malaria as championed by the agenc... Continue Reading


a cognitive semantic study of selected hausa metaphorical expressions as used by kano state politicians

This study examined the use of selected Hausa metaphorical expressions in the speeches of Kano State politicians from Cognitive Semantic field for six years (2008 – 2014). It was observed that the politicians in the State were using metaphor in the manner that it did not only persuade the listener but sometimes produced unintended meanings that w... Continue Reading


text, nature and representation: an ecocritical reading of selected caribbean novels

This thesis titled “Text, Nature and Representation: An Ecocritical Reading of Selected Caribbean Novels,” examines the depiction of nature in relation to culture in Michael Anthony’s The Year in San Fernando (1965), Herbert G. De Lisser’s Jane’s Career (1972), Earl Lovelace’ The Dragon Can’t Dance (1979) and Rene Maran’s Batouala (... Continue Reading


fina-finan hausa na 2000-2017:nazarin yanayinsu da sigoginsu

The Hausa films do face a lot of challenges from scholars, clerics and parents with regard to their theme, plot, costume, language, characters and characterizations. Whereas, some viewers argue that the films do not portray the customs, norms and values of Hausa society they claim to belong. While some of the producers and characters argue that the... Continue Reading


a contextual analysis of selected artifacts in the niger state museum

The creative abilities of humans have allowed them through time to manipulate and control their mental and physical environment. An artefact is what man created or made from the natural recourses around him (Ahmad, 1989).This study is on the Niger State Museum in Minna .The problem of this study therefore, is the contextual articulation of selecte... Continue Reading


literary and analytic studies of a poem "masarratul khawadir fi tarikh sheikh balarabe bin abdul kadir gusau"

This dissertation literary and Analytic studies of a poem „masarratull khawadir fi tarikh sheikh Balarabe bin Abdulkadir Gusau‟ has an introduction of the work and literature revie and a discusson on the history of the poet and his literarty works in poems and prose. Studies on the poem wich. Comprises of the definition of the poem, its topics,... Continue Reading


an analytical study of secondary significations of requisition discourse in al-qadi umar ibrahim"s "hadiqatil azhar"

This thesis is an Analytical Study of Secondary Significations of Requisition Discourse in Al-Qadi Umar Ibrahim’s “Hadiqatil Azhar”. For the purpose of this work, five chapters were framed to guide the study. In chapter one, the researcher discussed copious rhetorical issues of the study of request expression, examined its special study’s a... Continue Reading


a pragmatic analysis of compliments in selected nigerian newspapers

ABSTRACT This study is a pragmatic analysis of the use of compliments in selected Nigerian newspapers. Compliments sourced from the feature article sections of the selected newspapersform the data collected for analysis. The selected compliments are analysed highlighting the contexts in which they were used, while applying the Speech Act theory as ... Continue Reading


a pedagogical assessment of literature-in-english in some selected government and private secondary schools in bauchi state

This thesis assesses the teaching and learning process of Literature-in-English in some selected secondary schools in Bauchi state. The research is based on the assumption that Literature-in-English, like any other subject in the secondary school, is expected to be taught in such a way that it will be interesting to both the teacher and the learner... Continue Reading


critical discourse analysis of selected inaugural speeches of nigerian civilian and military heads of state

This work centered on Critical Discourse Analysis of Selected Inaugural Speeches of Nigerian Civilian and Military Heads of State. Critical Discourse Analysis is an indispensable tool in exploring opaque language uses that are assumed by writers as part of the background knowledge (Fairclough, 1985) and how the opacity of relations between discour... Continue Reading


an archaeological investigation of ataba-apipa hill-top settlement site in okaito, okehi local government area, kogi state, nigeria

Ataba-apipa is an abandoned hill-top settlement site in Okaito, Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State. The site was occupied in the past by the clan known as Egiri. To the best of the researcher’s knowledge, no archaeological research has been carried out on this site prior to this research despite the historical significance of the hill to t... Continue Reading


etude comparative des mouvements syntagmatiques en frană‡ais et en fulfulde

The aim of this study is to contribute to the research on Fulfulde through a scientific approach; hence the decision is to carry out a comparative study on Fulfulde and French syntagmatic movements. This is to facilitate the study of French language for Fulfulde natives. This work also analyses the Fulfulde phrase structure in comparison to that o... Continue Reading


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