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a critical analysis of communication strategies of selected development projects in the federal capital territory of nigeria, abuja

This study focuses on a ―Critical Analysis of the Communication Strategies of Selected Development Projects in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja‖. The study is basically a qualitative, descriptive research and has Desk Review and Field work as its Primary and Secondary sources of its Data collection. The field work which anchored ... Continue Reading


comparaison des aspects verbaux en franais et igbo

We have embarked on a contrastive study of the verbal aspects of French and Igbo languages. Igbo is the spoken language of Igbo people, it is also one of the three major Nigerian languages and is predominantly spoken in the five Eastern States: Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo. It is equally spoken in some parts of: Delta, Edo and Rivers States... Continue Reading


participatory communication in parliament-constituents relations: a study of the voice and accountability mechanisms in the kaduna state house of assembly

Over the years scholars have researched this concept and came to an understanding that democracy is inextricable from communication. Communication enhances democracy, facilitates interaction, inclusiveness and participation engendering representative democracy but this is not the case with Kaduna in particular. Continue Reading


an evaluation of the dramaticaesthetics of emidin and igbo festivals of omuookeekiti

This study evaluates the dramatic aesthetics of Emidinand Igbofestivals of OmuookeEkiti in Ekiti State, Nigeria. A festival performs a special role in African societies. The festivals are very important to the socio-economic co-existence of the people. This research identifies and evaluates the dramatic-cum artistic peculiarities that exists in the... Continue Reading


a study of the origin and development of ethnic militia in wukari area, 1945 - 2005

This study focuses on the Origin and Development of Ethnic Militia in the Wukari Area of the present Taraba State during the period 1945-2005 using the Jukun and Tiv ethnic groups as a case study. The proliferation of ethnic oriented violence in Nigeria and in the Wukari Area in particular is a product of ethnic militia, and has become a national t... Continue Reading


a study of the misuse of adverbs in the written english of undergraduate students of kogi state university

The study “A Study of the Misuse of Adverbs in The Written English of the Undergraduate of the Kogi State University, Ayingba” was carried out to determine the major areas of difficulty experienced by the one hundred (100) level students of the Kogi State University. One hundred (150) samples of composition written by the one hundred (100) leve... Continue Reading


the effects of violent movies on adolescent-s in two senior secondary schools in zaria

Watching movies has become a common phenomenon among adolescents due to the technological advancement of media tools which are easily accessible to them. The challenge is that watching violent movies can have detrimental effects on the psychological development of adolescents as well as that of the society at large. This study therefore focused on ... Continue Reading


the administration of colonial taxation in zaria province


This thesis is a study of the Administration of colonial taxation in Kagarko District 1902-1960. The period chosen marked the incursion of British colonial activities into the area. The study of colonial taxation in the area revealed that taxation was used as an instrument for subverting the resources of the area. Colonial taxation has in no small ... Continue Reading


raduisibilit de la littrature orale africaine : le cas de la chanson fon du rythme akonhun

Throughout the history of translation, the question of ―translatability of literary works‖ has been repeatedly asked and debated among linguists as well as translators and translation theorists. For some, all translations are apparently attempts at finding solutions to some insoluble problems. They therefore distinguish two kinds of untranslata... Continue Reading


the impact of colonialism on the sarauta system in kano emirate 1903-1960

“The Impact of Colonialism on the Sarauta Sytem in Kano Emirate, 1903-1960” is a dissertation that demonstrates the systematic denuding of the essence of the Sarauta during colonialism. It conceptualizes the Sarauta as an indigenous social system evolved by the Hausa. The Sarauta was as fully developed in Kano as elsewhere, if not more so. Ther... Continue Reading


military interventions in nigerian politics 1966 - 1979 an analysis op institutional politicization

This t h e s i s is about m i l i t a r y i n t e r v e n t i o n in p o l i t i c s . Considered an a b e r r a t i o n before 1945, i n s t a n c e s in which the m i l i t a r y ployed an i n c r e a s i n g ly a c t i v e r o l e in p o l i t i c s of Third World c o u n t r i es became widespread a f t e r t h e Second War War. Analysts have p... Continue Reading


lere vassal state of zazzau emirate circa 1804-1903

The thesis examines the establishment, growth and development of I.ere vassal Male of Zazzau emirate in the nineteenth century. The area consists of the polities of the Kurama. Gure, Kahugu, Amo, Sheni, as well as the Pulani and Hausa. The stud) traces the foundation of the Lere vassal slate as well as analyzed the political, social, economic and c... Continue Reading


a history of karu, kurapb anij kurudu kingdoms a study of economic social and political change among gbagyi of central nigeria in "the 18th and 19th centuries

This thesis is an attempt at the reconstruction of the history of Karu, Kurape and Kurudu kingdoms c. '1700-1900 A.D. These were Gbagyl kingdoms located in the heart of Nigeria. By the beginning of the 17th century the area had been occupied by the g'bagyi and under the politica l control of Kurape for at least a century. However, by the end of the... Continue Reading


impact of british colonial agricultural policies on jama"are emirate, 1900-1960

The British colonial policies on agriculture in Jama‘are Emirate were all designed to benefit the colonialist in their bid to obtain raw materials for their factories back home. Because of this the focus of the colonialist had always been the production of cash crops with the neglect of food crop. This was to tell on the diet of the people as wel... Continue Reading


migration and displacement in african literature: a postcolonial study of segun afolabi"s a life elsewhere and adichie chimamanda"s americanah

This work explores Migration and Displacement in Afolabi‘s A Life Elsewhere and Adichie‘s Americanah.It investigates migration and the attendant displacement of the third world countries which is often premised on the illusion of the search for a good life. Migration is here explored in the light of how its attendant realities; of stereotypes, ... Continue Reading


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