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strategies problems and prospects of refuse management


The general objective of this study is to critically examine the refuse management problems in Enugu metropolis in terms of patterns, storage and final disposal with a view to findings solution to Len. Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

an assessment of the impact of abattoir effluent discharge on the water quality of river illo, ota

This report presents results obtained from the investigation and water sampling exercise carried out on the segment of River Illo that passes through Sango in Ado Odo-Ota Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria. The report reveals that while some people used water from the river for domestic, food production and recreation purposes, othe... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

route survey of road and pavement design (rehabilitation/modernization)


The study cover a view and a detailed explanation of the modification required to be carried out on the main access road linkage of the Campus III Industrial center from federal Secretariat to Mass Communication Department of the Institution in order to update its services and functions. The need for easing the flow of traffic on this access road ... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

analysis and design of a retaining wall

Retaining walls are structures used in providing stability for earth or materials where conditions do not give room for the material to assume its natural slope and are mostly used to hold back soil banks, coal or over, piles and water. Retaining walls are distinguished from aone another based on the method of achieving stability. There are six... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

evaluation of water quality modelling parameters: towards the evolvement of re-aeration coefficient for rivers in the nigerian environment

This study was carried out on River Atuwara in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria with the aim of developing a coefficient of re-aeration model applicable to River Atuwara and other rivers in the Nigerian environment. This was achieved by sourcing for data once every month from 22 sampling locations of interest within a pre-selected segment of the ri... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

investigation on the causes of pavement failure along hillview off esbs road enugu

One of the major problems facing the country is pavement failure. It is the concern of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) authorities to carryout a case study of pavement failure along Hillview off ESBS Road Enugu. Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

analysis and design of a retaining wall

Retaining walls are structures used in providing stability for earth or materials where conditions dis allow the materials from summing its nature al slope or stability There are many factors affecting or militating against the stability of retaining walls. These includes the level of water table behind the wall, size of the base of the wall and ... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

utilization of steel slag for stabilization of a lateritic soil

A lateritic soil classified as sandy clay or (CL) and A-7-6 (5) according to Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) and AASHTO classification system respectively, was treated with up to 10% pulverized steel slag (an industrial waste product) by dry weight of soil. Elemental and chemical analysis of the steel slag was determined using x-ray f... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

structural / reinforcement detailing of a single storey residential building

This is presentation of information on the detailing of structural members in Buildings. Structural detailing is a branch of structural work that transposes the ideal or works of a Structural Engineer in working drawings for easy utilization in the building construction works. Working drawing are produced by an architect and a structural Engineer f... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

structural/reinforcement detailing of a single storey residential building with retaining wall

This is the presentation of an information on the structural reinforcement detailing of concrete members. Structural detailing is a branch of structural work that transposes the idea or works of a structural engineer into working drawing or easy utilization in the building construction works. Working drawing are produced an engineer for easy use ... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

causes and effects of poor drainage system on the asphalt pavement layer: a case study in agaro to bedele road

This thesis presents results of the poor drainage system; investigate on Agaro “ Bedele paved road in oromia region and proposed mitigation measures. Mitigation measures were proposed based on ERA highway drainage manuals 2002 and 2011 for Low Volume Roads. The drainage system is to prevent onsite water st... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

structural detailing of a reinforced concrete structure " duplex


In structural detailing, the project is initiated by the structural engineer. The architectural drawings are prepared by the architect to the required scale and specification given to him by the client. The structural engineer designs the structural frame work of the building and specification required such as slab, beam, column and foundation. Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

basic soil test on sub-grade soil material & flexible pavement design on road linking " ugwuaji and campus m, imt; enugu, enugu state

This case study is an existing pathway or fort path linking Ugwuji and Campus 111 (IMT) for a proposed road construction by the government of Enugu State. This project encloses the following - The condition of the existing sub-grade and its suitability for use as a good sub-grade soil material by processes of different lab test. Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

comparative design and analysis of a mosque using steel and reinforced concrete

This is the essential cornerstone of its system, duties, and obligations, to which it pays due attention. The Basic Law of Saudi Arabia provides for deriving power from the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah, which rule over this Law and all other laws of the Kingdom. Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

structural detailing of two storey building

The whole information conveyed in this book has been planned and written for proper understanding of structural detailing of a building. The approach in this book is to provide the readers sound and basic knowledge in structural detailing in a building. Consequently, I have given more details than is normally given in a book concerning detailing... Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

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