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analysis of factors responsible for low productivity of the nigerian workers


The research tends to focus on those means that will be applied to get workers committed to tier work using effective national tool to enhance and increase productivity level of the public organization, Nepa Enugu zonal office as the study scope. Continue Reading

Public Administration

inter governmental relationship in urban governance in nigeria: an examination

There has been a growing incidence of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa over the last two decades. Poverty is a multidimensional social phenomenon that can be analytically divided into two main perspectives: human poverty which is the lack of human capabilities and income poverty, which is the lack of enough income- necessary to satisfy basic needs of ... Continue Reading

Public Administration

manpower recruitment and selection strategy in a manufacturing firm

The researcher used oral interview and questionnaires to gather data. Data so far collected were analyzed using simple average and percentage techniques. Thus were the findings; the observation was that the company depends mostly on internal source of recruitment; Rock Tama Spring Water company does not allow new blood from entering the organizatio... Continue Reading

Public Administration

product planning management, and distribution problems in soft drink industry


Product planning, management and distribution problems are very vital in the production and distribution of every manufacturing organization. Before ever a manufacturing company could come with good quality product, it must undergo many process from planning for either short range or long ranges forecasting carrying out market research and consumer... Continue Reading

Public Administration

the role of educated nigeria women in the social and economic development of our country


The major purpose of the study was to determine the roles of educated nigeria women in socio-economic development of our country. The population of the study consisted of the 78 educated women. Both workers and visitors in women development center awka. The sample size for the study was 70 using simple random sampling, with 90% of the percent of... Continue Reading

Public Administration

urbanization and tourism - path to economic development

Nigeria abundant tourism components that could make her the leading tourism provider in Africa. There are attractions of natural beauty. The coastal environment of Nigeria has rich ecosystem with natural resources, vegetation, and large human agglomerations. In this paper, the research on the socio-economic impact of tourism development along the c... Continue Reading

Public Administration

problems of revenue generation in government owned companies


This research project was embarked upon to study the problems of Revenue Generation in Government owned Companies case study of National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) Enugu district. The meaning of revenue was briefly reviewed. The sources of revenue generation and problem of revenue generation in some of the government owned companies via, NITE... Continue Reading

Public Administration

public administration and community development in anambra state: (an appraisal of selected communities in aguata local government area of anambra state)

This project work was geared towards examing and ascertaining the public administration and community development in Anambra State, with particular reference to selected communities in Aguata Local government Area of Anambra. In the bid to achieve this aim or target, primary or secondary sources were used in data collection. The primary source incl... Continue Reading

Public Administration

the impact of budget implementation in an organization


It is a known fact that budgeting plays invaluable role in our public institutions. However, institutions, which has thwarted in their organizational achievements, have hardly used this administrative tool in this study, the researcher used both primary and secondary data sources. The primary data source includes the use of questionnaire, observati... Continue Reading

Public Administration

the effects of communication on management and employer’s relationship in an organization


This research systematical examined the effects of communication on management and employee in Nigeria. It was observed that there is experimental increase in the process of communicating within the organization. While communication is recognized as a convenient crutch, the fact still remains that communication process is a very big problem for mos... Continue Reading

Public Administration

political leadership and underdevelopment in nigeria


A cursory glance at the economic conditions of nigeria will reveal that underdevelopment has persisted in spite of independence and abundant resources available in the contrary. The cardinal question is why has nigeria not developed given years in independence and abundant human and material resources especially during gowon through babangida’s r... Continue Reading

Public Administration

the effect of poverty on educational development of the citizens


Poverty has been a serious problem facing all society over the years. This paper critically analyses the conceptual problems associated with poverty over the education of the citizens. It also analyses the causes of poverty and the various programme put in place for poverty alleviation such as family economic advancement. Continue Reading

Public Administration

an investigation into the problems of leadership in tertiary institutions


This research work “AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE PROBLEMS OF LEADERSHIP IN TERTIARY INSTITUTON” looking at the ineffective and techniques which our leaders used so as to in accomplish the leadership objectives. Specifically, the work answers questions which bordered on the problems of leadership which the institution is going ontos. Continue Reading

Public Administration

workers’ perception of retirement and its implication on productivity


This research work was made to discover how workers perceive retirement and its implication for productivity using Federal Polytechnic, Oko as a case study. The case study is an institution of higher learning. It was established in 1992 through the collective effort of the community. It is located in Orumba North Local Government Area in Anambra St... Continue Reading

Public Administration

human resources as a catalyst for economic growth and development in nigeria


This research work attempts to access the importance of human resources as a catalyst for economic growth development in Nigeria. In the first chapter, the researcher introduced topic and gave the importance of human resources in economic growth and development. This was followed by a detailed review of literature in which the importance of hu... Continue Reading

Public Administration

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