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antilipidemic effect of water (h20) extract of desmodium velutinum leaves on albino wistar rats

This study evaluated the antilipidemic activity of water extracts from leaves of Desmodium velutinum on albino wistar rats. The phytochemical analysis of the leaf extract showed the presence of tannins, saponins, alkaloids, soluble carbohydrates, flavonoids, reducing sugar, steroids, cyanide and terpenoids. Continue Reading


phytochemical and anti-inflammatory properties of methanol extract of crateva adansonii stem bark

This research investigated the phytochemical and anti-inflammatory properties of methanol extract of Crateva adansonii stem bark. Although several edible and non-edible plants parts are used in inflammatory treatment, many record has been found of the use of Crateva adansonii stem bark. For this research, fresh stem bark of Crateva adansonii we... Continue Reading


preliminary investigation on effects of burantashi extract on lipoproteins of albino male and female whistar rats

This work was carried out to investigate the effects of Burrantashi extracts on the lipoproteins Burantashi is a popular seasoning agent to barbecued meat (Suya) in Nigeria. Found in the northern parts of the country. Lipoproteins are the principal steroid or fat that is synthesized in the liver or intestines of animals. Continue Reading


consumption pattern, standardization of recipes and nutrient composition of some foods from lima beans (phaseolus lunatus) in kaduna state

This study was conducted to determine the consumption pattern of lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus) foods and standardization of the commonly consumed foods among 400 households randomly selected from three Local Government Areas, spread within the three senatorial zones of Kaduna State. The standardized foods were then subjected to proximate, mi... Continue Reading


evaluation of dietary pattern, anthropometric characteristics and micronutrient status of adolescents attending secondary schools in jos south local government area, plateau state

Changes in the nutrient intake combined with increasing sedentary life style and urbanization contribute to the emergence of chronic disease as a major health risk. This study assessed nutritional status, physical activity, dietary pattern and micronutrient status of adolescents attending Secondary School in Jos South Local Government Area (LG... Continue Reading


the anti-inflammatory activity of crateva adansonii dichloromethane fraction

Crateva adansonii is a medicinal herb commonly used in parts of Africa because of the side effects of Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID), like heart diseases and kidney failure. Inflammation is a major public heart issue in the world but treatment is becoming complex because of the side effects of anti - inflammatory pharmaceutical d... Continue Reading


nutrient composition of some processed and unprocessed lesser known vegetables consumed in kaduna state, nigeria

This study was designed to determine nutrient composition of some processed and unprocessed lesser known vegetables (LKCVs) consumed in Kaduna State. Multistage sampling and simple random sampling techniques were adopted to arrive at community of choice for data collection. Six communities were randomly selected from the three (3) senatorial ... Continue Reading


the effect of pterocarpus mildbreadii seed on plasma hdl cholesterol of albino rat

This work was carried out to investigate the effects of pterocarpus mildbreadii seed on the HDL- level of albino rats.High density lipoprotein(HDL) is a fraction of cholesterol,which helps to transport cholesterol from peripheral of cell to the liver.High density lipoprotein is carried out to investigate cardio vascular diseases. Continue Reading


the oxidative stress status of rats fed on oil bean seed meal

This study was on oxidative stress status of rat fed with Pentraclethra macrophylla, otherwise known as African oil bean seed oil in English or Ugba in Igbo. Sixteen male rats were distributed into four groups. 1 (control), then group 2, 3, and 4 as test groups. Continue Reading


effects of iron and zinc supplementation on nutritional status of children under five years in lafia local government area, nasarawa state nigeria

A randomized iron and zinc supplementation trial was carried out in Lafia Local Government, Nasarawa State, Nigeria with a total of 160 children below the age of five years. They were divided into 4 groups each containing 40 respondents: the Fe-group received daily and for a 3-month period 10 mg of iron, the Zn-group 10 mg Zinc, the Fe-Zn g... Continue Reading


the effect of n-hexane extract of kola nitida bark on liver function test of albino wistar rats fed with high fat from cow‘s brain

Kola bark extract have been widely used in tradition medicine for thousand of year, it improves liver functions and provides protection against high fat fed metabolic rats. Present investigations were carried out on the hepatoprotective role of Kola bark extract meal treatment to high fat fed wistar rat. Continue Reading


the effect of water extract of cola nitida pod on lipoprotein concentrations of albino wistar rats

Cola nitida has been in use in the eastern parts of Nigeria for the management of certain ailments and as an aphrodisiac in the management of some sexual dysfunctions. However the effects of this extract in some health parameters in human objects have not been reported. This work, then, was aimed at investigating the effect of water extracts o... Continue Reading


cardio protective activities of n-hexane extract of desmodium velutinum stem on albino wister rat

This study evaluates the cardio protactive effect of N-hexane extract of Desmodium Velutinum stem on albino wister rat. Rats used in this study were grouped into four and each group was fed differentely. Rats in group one, three, and four wre fed with the aid of a syringe without needle with 6ml of the lipoprotein food mixture containing 3.6g o... Continue Reading


hydrolysis of cassava starch by amylases from maize

Crude maize amylase was extracted from twenty (20) cultivars of maize grains obtained from International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan. Cassava starch was extracted from eight (8) varieties of hydrid cassava tubers from IITA, Ibadan. Maize amylase activity was determined by the Dinitrosalic... Continue Reading


effects of processing methods on the physicochemical properties of sweet potato and sorghum

This study evaluated "the effects of processing methods on the physicochemical properties of sweet potato and sorghum flour". Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is an important food crop in the tropical and sub-tropical countries and belongs to the family convolvulaceae. Continue Reading


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