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construction of a mobile refrigerator

This write up is a detailed of the process and formulation of plan for the physical realization of the construction of a mobile refrigerator. It is divided into chapters, which discussed extensively, the practical refrigeration cycle. Chapter one discussed the brief historical sketch of the principle of the design, purpose of construction, impo... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

repair of deep freezer in mechanical engineering department

This work gives an account of all activities carried out to restore a faulty and abandoned deep freezer to normal functioning. This report therefore contains the different stages embarked in the execution of the project. These include the literature back ground, checking’s conducted, cleaning, repair operations and replacement of some pants. ... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

rectification and repair of a faulty air conditioner in the mechanical engineering

In the mechanical Engineering department of institute of management and technology there and many machines but not all in are good shape or form. This may be due to inadequate maintenance, which is evident in the breakdown of air conditioner. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

the design and fabrication of an electric popcorn frying machine

The electrical popcorn machine is a device for preparing especial popcorn for the human consumption. The device is produced to help the masses to be self valiance in this are of down trodden economy. This project work is divided into five chapters, chapter one; the introduction discusses the relevance of the project work, problems it is meant to a... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

project repair and fabrication of a refrigerator system

Refrigeration is a branch of science that deals with the process of removing heat from a substance or space in order to make it cooler. Refrigerator is defined as a device that is used in cooling the internal temperature below the room temperature (that is between 250C to 300C). Generally, however, for a space or substance to be cooler, it must... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

repair of a damaged air conditioner in engr. ayogu and okpe"s office

This project is basically on the repair of a damaged air conditioner. It is intended to provide a break through in the restoration of any damaged air conditioner and thereby curtail the huge expenses incurred in the replacement of the entire unit. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

repair and rehabilitation of fauty air conditioner

This report gives insight into the relevance of an air conditioner, the history, the working principle and the general maintenance one is expected to carry out for effective performance of the air conditioner. It also includes the report on the faults discovered with the repair work carried out in the project. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

design and fabrication of an electric stove and oven

In this project (3) alternative design solutions were considered for the locally made electric run. The authors utilize the available local raw demerits of each alternative with respect to the considered group were discussed and the solutions of the alternative that best satisfied the limitations was selected for production. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

design and fabrication of a dust extractor

Man’s imp act on global environment system especially in the area of dust extraction is now at a scale where it is disrupting. These dust extractors varies in major ways. The environmental degration is, in turn contributing to health threat in this part of the globe. Unfortunately most factories, workshops which suppose to posses these machine... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

fabrication of bench shaping machine

Our purpose of embarking on the construction of a project of this type is to present a vivid and understandable fact that if given the necessary supports, that we the youth and Engineers in potentials can move this country forward as regards to technological endeavours. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

repair and maintenance of a faulty deep freezer in the department of mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department of the Institute of Management and Technology has many non “ functional machines. This is caused as a result of poor maintenance culture, which in turn resulted to breakdown of the Deep Freezer under review. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

construction of a standard banking oven (mini-oven) with dual power source (electric and gas)

This project is designed to make the students utilize as many theoretical and practical concept as have been instructed in alstron to mechanical engineering workshop technology. Students are expected to learn and apply concepts, principles about energy specially the conversions of electrical energy to thermal energy, conduction and conventional ... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

construction of two face gas burner

This project which is on the design and fabrication of a two face gas burner is a brief exploration on the various ways and means of designing, construction, operating the two face gas burner, putting cost into consideration for economic advantage. Herein are brief information and literature on gas burner. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

the construction of industrial fan for workshop use

This work is aimed at the removal of hazardous gases and dust particles, air channeling etc. This work is aimed at achieving industrial waste control therein safe “ guarding the immediate environment. Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

design and fabrication of modern lockable bookshelf

The purpose of this project which is the design and fabrication of lockable metal shelf is to keep the files, text books, documents etc. in a safe place for future we by the institution and also it will render a maximum service to any office where it will be kept. The primary and second any delta used for the construction of this project were given... Continue Reading

Mechanical Engineering

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