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risk management in the nigerian financial institution a case study of some selected banks


The aim of this study was to examine the impact of risk management in the banking sector of the Nigeria financial institutions. The study started with an attempt to state the problem that motivated the study, which financial institutions Risk management was into the banking sector to help recluse the risk of systematic failure and avoid the di... Continue Reading


a critical review of the impact of good accounting system in the growth and development of insurance industry


This study survey critical review of the impact of good accounting system in the growth and development of insurance industry. Some problems facing accounting system includes, Good accounting system has not been adequately carried out in insurance, inadequate accounting management. In insurance industry causes fraud, financial statement mis-interpr... Continue Reading


impact of the nigeria capital market on the growth of insurance sector in nigeria

The aim of this study is to analyze he impact and benefit of the capital market in the realization of the insurance industry contribute to the economy. Despite the low number of insurance companies listed in the stock exchange, there are positive prospects of improvement after the recent capitalization. The problems encountered during the research ... Continue Reading


ensuring positive consumers attitude towards insurance contract in nigeria

The important of this study is to ensure positive consumers attitude towards insurance contract. Apart from this, there are other important attached to it, they are as followed. This will be of immense help to the general public to employ a professional, such as broke that will guade them according It will also help the insurance company to obser... Continue Reading


the role of agricultural insurance in enhancing agricultural productivity

Insurance is needed in order to alleviate the financial losses suffered by policy holders or the general public where the liability under policy is a contingent’s one. Therefore agricultural insurance takes care of the losses suffered by the farmers. To do this very successfully by an underwriter the compensation has to be made from contribution (p... Continue Reading


the problems encountered by intermediaries in the nigeria insurance industry and the future prospects

The research was aimed at finding the problems encountered by intermediaries in the Nigerian Insurance industry and their future prospects. Electronic mails were sent to brokerage firms. Questionnaires were also sent to Manager / Directors. The research showed that these people nearly made similar problem facing them. It was observed that some in... Continue Reading


national health insurance scheme in nigeria


The intention of this research is to analyse the prospect and problems of National health Insurance scheme in Nigeria. Which will bring health care for all? In analyzing this topic I will give a brief introduction on how the scheme works and states the prospect and problem. Also a guideline will be drawn how the scheme will react in Nigeria now it ... Continue Reading


the impact of claim settlement in shaping the image of insurance industry in nigeria


The research is based on the impact of claim settlement in shaping the Image of Insurance Industry in Nigeria. A Study of Selected Insurance Companies in Enugu State. The three aspect that threaten or serve as image problems to insurance industry are product packaging product distribution and claim settlement. The overall objective of this study is... Continue Reading


assessment of effects of agricultural insurance on food productivity in nigeria


This research project assessed the effects of agricultural insurance on food productivity in Nigeria. The problem that prompted the research of this project is inability of farmers to effectively embrace Agricultural insurance primary data is used, and it were collected through the use of structured questionnaire. Continue Reading


an appraisal of the insurance companies approach to claim settlement


The objective of this research work is to look into the performance of the Nigerian insurance industry viz a viz the procedure and approach to claim settlement. Individuals hold diverse opinion about this industry and the general impression is that the insurance industry has failed to win the confidence of the insuring public. Continue Reading


pension reform act of 2004 analysis of its impact on nigeria workers

The main purpose of this write-up was to determine the impact of pension reform Act 2004 on the Image of pension Workers in Nigeria. The pension Reform Act 2004 was characterized by some problems like non-compliance, ignorance of the benefit of the pension reform act 2004 which has hinder the smooth administration of the reform act. Continue Reading


the effect of risk survey in a manufacturing firm


The effect of risk survey in a manufacturing firm (a case of emenite Plc). Is over emphasized. Risk is the center of human activities and a manufacturing firm like Emenite will need the activities of risk management to survey. So it is only when there is adequate risk survey that the risk manager will be able to identify various risk exposure. Usi... Continue Reading


the impact of promotional strategy on the development of insurance in nigeria

The purpose at this research is concerned on the impact of the government policies in regulating the activities of insurance companies operating in Nigeria. The government responsibility to supervise, regulate and control the activities of insurance companies and intermediaries is to protect the interest of the insuring public and to save them from... Continue Reading


a study of the detection and checks of claims fraud in the insurance industry


A study of the detection and checks of claims fraud operation starts from the propose insured who offers a business contract to the insurer by completing the proposal form. Questa with appropriate answers. The insurer on the often hard inspect the paid of the insured before the insured could course for the seltment of claims and the policy hol... Continue Reading


the role of national insurance commission towards insurance penetration to the grassroot

The aim of this project is to analyze the role of the National Insurance Commission in depending insurance service among the vast population of Nigeria. This can be achieved thorough is oversight functions and use of innovation tools like MOR, micro insurance, Islamic complaint insurance and Agricultural Insurance to meet the majority of Nigeria li... Continue Reading


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