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the effect of poultry manure on the growth and yield of two varieties of tomatoes

(Lycopersicon esculentum)

A field experiment was carried out at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Benin, Benin City to investigate the effect of different levels of poultry manure on the growth and yield of two varieties of tomatoes. The experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. Th... Continue Reading


studies on gene frequencies of polyembryony and karyotype in fluted pumpkin

(Telfairia occidentalis Hook. F)

Five experiments were performed to investigate the polyembryonic expressions and karyomorphology of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook. F.). The results obtained revealed three morphotypes of polyembryony which included twin, triple and quadruple, irrespective of the shape of the pod. The three morphotypes had side shoots that varied ... Continue Reading


effects of oil palm bunch ash and poultry manure independently on the growth and yield of french beans


A field experiment entitled "Effects of oil palm bunch ash and poultry manure independently on the growth and yield of French beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)" was carried out during December, 2012 to February, 2013, on the Research fields at the Department of Horticulture of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Continue Reading


the impact of agricultural development on nigeria economic growth, 1980" 2014

In recent decades, the potential contribution of agriculture to economic growth has been a subject of controversy among development economists. While some argue that agricultural development is a prerequisite for industrialization, others strongly disagree and argue for a different path. Continue Reading


effects of the use of local sanction by smallholder farmers in agriculture loan recvery under the community banking system

EFFECTS OF THE USE OF LOCAL SANCTION BY SMALLHOLDER FARMERS IN AGRICULTURE LOAN RECVERY UNDER THE COMMUNITY BANKING SYSTEM IN ENUGU STATE NIGERIA ABSTRACT . .. Distress problems in .Nigerian financial institutions res ulted into their liquidation. I Prior to the distress syndrome, many financial institutions could not respond very effective... Continue Reading


the problems of duck farming

This project work was carmed out in Ovia North West Local Government Area of edo state to examine the problems of duck farming within the area. 5o questionnaires were distributed among farmers in the local government but there response where only analyzed using simple frequency and percentages. From the analysis it was revealed that 30% the farmers... Continue Reading


management and conservation of in-land fisheries resources in nigeria

In this research work the important of appropriate institutional arrangements for the development of in-land fisheries enhancement strategies in Anambra state is emhasined . Chapter one contains a general discussion based on the general trend of fish production in most intend water bodies in Nigeria and high lighted some factors which where th... Continue Reading


improvement in egg production traits in the light local chicken ecotype using a selection index

IMPROVEMENT IN EGG PRODUCTION TRAITS IN THE LIGHT LOCAL CHICKEN ECOTYPE USING A SELECTION INDEX ABSTRACT Fifty hens and five cocks from a random mating population of light local chicken ecotype (LLCE) were mated and the fertile eggs hatched to obtain the parent generation (G0) used for this study aimed at improving egg production traits in th... Continue Reading


problems of deforestation

his research was carried out in order to assess the causes and effects of deforestation in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State. the researcher collected his information by distributing questionnaire to the people living in Ovia North East Local government Area in Edo State and to the Ministry of Agriculture Department of forestry in ... Continue Reading


challenges in administering the cross river state ministry of agriculture, nigeria

The study was conducted to identify the challenges in administering the Cross River State Ministry of Agriculture, Nigeria. All the staff of the ministry constituted the population for the study. A proportionate sampling technique was used in selecting respondents, with twenty percent (20%) of respondents from each of the departments. Thus the t... Continue Reading


effect of processing methods on the quality of ugba

African oil bean seed slices (Pentaclethra macrophylla Benth) were prepared by two traditional methods, packaged in sterilized plastic containers and fermented at two different temperatures (ambient (28 2 oC) and 37.5 oC temperature) for 96 hours to produce Ugba (a Nigerian indigenous protein rich food). Proximate analysis (moisture, ash,... Continue Reading


technical efficiency in the production of nsukka yellow pepper among rural farmers in enugu north agricultural zone

This study determines the technical efficiency level and socioeconomic characteristics that influence the technical efficiency of yellow pepper farmers. Stochastic Frontier function that incorporated inefficiency factors was estimated using a Maximum Likelihood technique to provide estimates of technical efficiency and its determinants using dat... Continue Reading


causes of low production of rubber in edo state

This research study was undertaken with a view to assessing the veracity of rubber production in Ikpoba Okha LGA, Edo State. Several factors were identified as causes of this trend; such as lack of capital, use of old plantations, unavailability of land, price of latex etc. a questionnaires approach was used to obtain data from the farmers in Ikpob... Continue Reading


the role of agriculture credit guarantee scheme fund in the development of agriculture

Agricultural credit guarantee scheme fund was established to help farmers who have little or no collateral to get loans from commercial banks by CBN. It was the aim of this research work to find out if CBN has helped in developing cooperative activities in agricultural aspect through their giving of loan, grant, and other farm inputs. Chapter one c... Continue Reading


shepherd motif in the old testament and its implications for leadership in nigeria.

This research examines the Shepherd Motif in the Old Testament which has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and subjected to criticism in recent times due to the varying degrees of methodologies by scholars. These scholar use terms like Military dictatorship, aristocracy, autocracy, democracy, kingship, and spiritual leadership to talk on the subje... Continue Reading


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