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characterization and mapping of gully erosion features in two geological formations of eastern nigeria using global positioning system

With the aid of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Satellite Aerial Photo, a comparative characterization and mapping of soil gully erosion features on two geological formations were carried out in Nsukka area of eastern Nigeria. The two geological formations were Ajali and Mamu formations. The study involved the use of base map created using a... Continue Reading


soil organic carbon sequestration potentials in aggregate fractions of cultivated and uncultivated soils of southeastern nigeria

A study was carried out on soils sampled at 0-10, 10-20, and 20-30 cm depths from both cultivated and uncultivated soils at four different locations (Awgu, Okigwe, Nsukka I, and Nsukka II), to evaluate the potentials of various aggregate size fractions of varying soil textures and depths to sequester carbon under different land uses. A 4 x 2 x 3... Continue Reading


effect of smoking and oven-drying on shelf stability and sensory properties of antic mackerel fish fillets

The work was carried out to determine the effectiveness of smoking and oven drying on the shelf stability and sensory characteristics of Atlantic mackerel fish fillets during storage. In the study, mackerel fish was eviscerated and cut into fillets, weighed and measured, cleaned and dipped in 75% saturated brine for 1 minute. It was smoked at... Continue Reading


the role of agriculture credit guarantee scheme fund in the development of agriculture

Agricultural credit guarantee scheme fund was established to help farmers who have little or no collateral to get loans from commercial banks by CBN. It was the aim of this research work to find out if CBN has helped in developing cooperative activities in agricultural aspect through their giving of loan, grant, and other farm inputs. Chapter one c... Continue Reading


technical efficiency in food crop production

This project is based on the technical efficiency in food crops production in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State. Data were collected from fifty food crops production farmers to ascertain the effectiveness and enhancement of technical efficiency in food crops production. The result showed that family labour, hired labour and material inpu... Continue Reading


strategies for climate change adaptation among rural households in imo state, nigeria

The study was designed to ascertain the strategies for climate change adaptation among rural households in Imo State, Nigeria. Specifically, the study ascertained the respondents’ level of awareness on climate change, ascertained their perceived causes of climate change, identified and documented the effective local adaptation strategies to clim... Continue Reading


appraisal of land depletion through bush burning

The burning of natural vegetation no doubt removes the protective cover of the soil surface and depreciates the quality of the soil. Burning is done without regards to soil degradation and this called for this work have the project focuses attention on the merits and demerits of bush burning and appraise its useful suggestions are given with viable... Continue Reading


the importance of improving agricultural production through co-operative societies.

griculture is a science or practice of cultivating the land the keeping or breeding animal for food and for the promotion of the countries economy. The importance of improving Agricultural production through Co-operative Society especially in Anambra State, is their source of earning food and money for their survival, both man and animal around.... Continue Reading


influence of gallic acid on and 945 amylase and 945 glucosidase inhibitory and antioxidant properties of acarbose

INFLUENCE OF GALLIC ACID ON α-AMYLASE AND α-GLUCOSIDASE INHIBITORY AND ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES OF ACARBOSE ABSTRACT Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a chronic progressive disease that has continued to be a global heath and economic burden. Acarbose is an antidiabetic drug, which acts by inhibiting alpha amylase and alpha glucosida... Continue Reading


effect of composted municipal solid waste and npk fertilizer on the growth and yield of maize (zea mays l) in nsukka

Municipalities are facing a growing problem of how to safely dispose off their wastes. Municipal solid waste (MSW) is waste from households, commercial centres, institutions (school, offices). Composting is used to reduce huge pile of biodegradable MSW and convert it into value added product like manure and biogas. Inorganic fertilizer such as N... Continue Reading


effect of seed treatment with synthetic pesticide

Field experiment was conducted at the Teaching and Research farm of the Department of Crop Science, University of Nigeria Nsukka to compare the activity of Cassia alata leaf extract with two synthetic chemical fungicides applied as seed treatment on the field performance of Nsukka yellow pepper. Four accessions of Nsukka yellow pepper seeds... Continue Reading


grain yield and yield components of early maize varieties under different populations at benin city in the nigerian rainforest

(Zea mays L.)

This study was carried out at the Research Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Benin to investigate the effect of different population levels on growth and yield of extra-early and early maturing maize varieties. The trial was laid out in a split-plot factorial in a randomized complete block design with three replicates. Plant populat... Continue Reading


the effects of climate change adaptation strategies on food crop production efficiency in southwestern nigeria

This study examined the effects of climate change adaptation strategies on food crop production efficiency in Southwestern Nigeria. The study used multistage sampling technique and primary data were collected from 360 food crop farmers (i.e. 180 respondents were randomly selected from each selected state from the savanna and the rainforest agroe... Continue Reading


technical efficiency in the production of nsukka yellow pepper among rural farmers in enugu north agricultural zone

This study determines the technical efficiency level and socioeconomic characteristics that influence the technical efficiency of yellow pepper farmers. Stochastic Frontier function that incorporated inefficiency factors was estimated using a Maximum Likelihood technique to provide estimates of technical efficiency and its determinants using dat... Continue Reading


analysis of credit facilities to small scale farmers.


Agriculture according to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (New Edition) is the science or practice of farming. Agriculture has a key role to play in the economic development of Nigeria, it is a leading sector in any meaningful economic development being carried out by any nation such as ours. Agriculture as its output tends to contribu... Continue Reading


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