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genetic diversity of five populations of the nigerian local breeds of goat using random amplified polymorphic dna

Genetic diversity and genetic distance of five populations of the Nigerian breeds of goat were investigated using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers. Five breeds of goat were used for the study and each breed constituted a population, hence, the five populations considered in the study. Continue Reading


consumption pattern of antioxidant rich foods by middle aged adults in enugu north local government area enugu state, nigeria.

This epidemiological study was to elicit information on the consumption pattern of antioxidant rich foods among middle-aged adults in Enugu North local government area, Enugu State, Nigeria. Four hundred adult men and women aged 40-60 years were used for the study. Multiple- staged stratified random sampling technique was used for selection of t... Continue Reading


growth pattern, reproductive performance and seasonal sensitivity of bovan nera and isa brown parent-stock

Parent stocks (PS) of exotic hybrids have contributed immensely to commercial poultry production in Nigeria. Their continued optimal utilization depends on their performance test. Information on performance indices of PS layer breeds in South-West Nigeria is however limited. The growth, reproductive performance and seasonal sensitivity of Bovan ... Continue Reading


quality and genetic evaluation of some genotypes of rice (oryza sativa l.) using diallel method

The patterns of gene effects on agronomic and some quality traits of eight genotypes of rice (Oryza sativa L.) and their progenies were studied using Diallel analysis method 1 involving parents, F1 hybrids and their reciprocals. The eight genotypes studied were selected for their agronomic performance and protein content from thirty genotypes e... Continue Reading


agriculture financing in nigeria problems and prospect.

The problem of low productivity and lack of improvement in agriculture has been traced to various causal factors. One of such course is the lack of adequate finance to the agriculture's. They complain that they do not have enough fund to carry on with their activities. We want to investigate the reasons why these formers find it difficult to ra... Continue Reading


the impact of agricultural output on the nigerian economy

One of the important objectives of macroeconomic policy in has been the rapid economic growth of an economy. Economic growth is defined as "the process whereby the real per capita income of a country over a long period of time." Economic growth is measured by the increase in the amount of goods and services produced in a country. A growing econom... Continue Reading


the effects of climate change adaptation strategies on food crop production efficiency

This study examined the effects of climate change adaptation strategies on food crop production efficiency in Southwestern Nigeria. The study used multistage sampling technique and primary data were collected from 360 food crop farmers (i.e. 180 respondents were randomly selected from each selected state from the savanna and the rainforest agroe... Continue Reading


challenges in administering the cross river state ministry of agriculture, nigeria

The study was conducted to identify the challenges in administering the Cross River State Ministry of Agriculture, Nigeria. All the staff of the ministry constituted the population for the study. A proportionate sampling technique was used in selecting respondents, with twenty percent (20%) of respondents from each of the departments. Continue Reading


analysis of the effects of policy on the development of agro-based micro-enterprises in the informal sector of bayelsa state, nigeria

This study was conducted to analyze the effects of policy on the development of Agro-based micro-enterprises in the informal sector of Bayelsa State of Nigeria. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data from 150 microenterprises that were randomly selected. Descriptive statistics, multiple Continue Reading


problem and prospects of small scale fish farmers

The story of aquaculture in Nigeria is essentially the story of catfish culture and the hope of fish supply in Nigeria hang on its development and culture. Recent trends all over the world, point to a decline in landing from capture fisheries, an indicator that fish stocks have approached or even exceeded the point of maximum sustainable yield. Continue Reading


vulnerability and adaptation of crops farmers to climate change in agricultural zone

Agriculture remains the main source of livelihood for rural communities in sub-Sahara Africa providing employment for more than 60 percent of the population; contributing about 30 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and accounted for up to 55 percent of the total value of Africas export (Sokona and Denton (2001). The World Bank (2000) observed ... Continue Reading


comparative proximate composition and cyanogenic glucoside content of processed cassava


Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is an extensively cultivated cash crop grown for its starchy root, and it is the third largest carbohydrate food source within the tropical regions, after rice and corn (ceballos, Iglesias, Perez and Dixon, 2004). It is grown throughout the tropics and could be regarded as the most important root crop grown in te... Continue Reading


response of maize (zea mays l) ) and some soil physical and chemical properties to poultry manures and tillage practices in an ultisol

A field trial was conducted to assess the response of maize and soil physical and chemical properties to the different tillage practices and poultry manure levels in an Ultisol in National Institute for Oil Palm Research Institute, Edo State between September to November, 2014. Continue Reading


problems and solution on production and processing of cassava

This study deals with the production and processing with special reference to Ovia North East Local Government Area of Benin City Centres for the purpose of this investigation two (2) study centres were randomly selected a questionnaire made up of eighteen (18) items was constructed with assistance of my supervisor and administrated. Finally it was... Continue Reading


effect of introducing garden egg to fluted pumpkin in a relay intercrop on sole and combined growth of the crop mixtures

The effect of introducing garden egg (Solanum aethiopicum) to fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis) in a relay intercrop on the growth of crop mixture under rainfed conditions (September to November, 2014) was investigated at the Faculty of Agriculture University of Benin, Benin City Nigeria. Garden egg and a local variety of fluted pumpkin were... Continue Reading


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