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soil organic carbon sequestration potentials in aggregate fractions of cultivated and uncultivated soils of southeastern nigeria

A study was carried out on soils sampled at 0-10, 10-20, and 20-30 cm depths from both cultivated and uncultivated soils at four different locations (Awgu, Okigwe, Nsukka I, and Nsukka II), to evaluate the potentials of various aggregate size fractions of varying soil textures and depths to sequester carbon under different land uses. A 4 x 2 x 3... Continue Reading


effect of seed treatment with synthetic pesticide

Field experiment was conducted at the Teaching and Research farm of the Department of Crop Science, University of Nigeria Nsukka to compare the activity of Cassia alata leaf extract with two synthetic chemical fungicides applied as seed treatment on the field performance of Nsukka yellow pepper. Four accessions of Nsukka yellow pepper seeds... Continue Reading


farmers motivation through agricultural bank and farms produce productivity

Cover Page - - - - - - - - Title Page - - - - - - - - - Certification - - - - - - - - Dedication - - - - - - - - - Acknowledgment - - - - - - - - Abstract - - - - - - - - - Table of Content - - - - - - - - Continue Reading


the problems and prospect of poultry marketing and production

The purpose of this study was to investigate problem and prospect facing the marketing of poultry product in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State four research questions formulated and analyzed. The respondents were made up of poultry farmers who were into selling of poultry product like eggs, chicken and turkey in Orhionmwon Local Governm... Continue Reading


the impact of cooperative farming societies in the development of agriculture

The study focuses on the impact of cooperatition in the rural setting of Edo state. Results obtained from the interview shows that credit disburse to the farmers constitute serious administrative problem which is hindering the effectiveness of the scheme.he loans applied for and the amount approved and disbursed to the farmers are not enough to mov... Continue Reading


assessment of weight gain of indigenous and exotic breed of broilers in uyo, akwa ibom state

This study was proposed to assessed the weight gain of indigenous and Exotic breed of broilers. The experiment was carried out at the Agricultural Education research/skill acquisition farm, University of Uyo, Uyo. A total number of 50 indigenous breed of birds were raised under intensive supervision for 9 (weeks). 50 day old Exotic breeds of poultr... Continue Reading


socio-economic and cultural analysis of food security among selected ethnic groups in north central nigeria

The broad objective of the study was to investigate the socio-economic and cultural dimensions of food security among selected ethnic groups in North Central Nigeria. Specifically, the study was designed to: determine food culture and practices of the respondents; determine the household food security status (energy availability) across ethnic ... Continue Reading


problem associated with small scale poultry farms

Chapter One Background to the study Statement of the study Purpose of the study Significance of the study Research questions Limitations of the study Continue Reading


transportation cost variation and its effect on agricultural product

This research is focused on the effect of transportation cost variation on agricultural produce in Benin city of Edo State. It has been discovered that transportation and socio-economic development are closely related. This is also to introduce students and indigenes of Edo State to the problem and reason for the low standard of socio-economic deve... Continue Reading


design and construction of gari frying machine

Cassava which is known biologically as "manihotesculentacrantz" is a crop which has many varieties. Cassava, is a perennial woody shrub in the Euphorbiaceous (Spurge family) native to South America, but now grown in tropical and sub-tropical areas worldwide for the edible starchy roots (tubers) which are a major food source in the developing worl... Continue Reading


plantation agriculture

The research has been designed to identify the problem and prospect of rubber farming in Edo State Ovia South West Local Government Area. This is done so as to suggest possible ways of exposing to the public the economic condition of rubber production problems and prospects Continue Reading


comparative evaluation of bambara nut waste and dry brewers spent grain as dry season feed supplements for west african dwarf sheep

Two feeding trials were conducted to investigate the growth and physiological response of sheep fed forage with and without supplementary bambara nut waste or brewers spent grain. First trial (Experiment I) assesed the effects of dry season supplementation of bambara nut waste or dry brewers spent grain on growth performance and blood metabolit... Continue Reading


problem affecting small scale farmers

This research was carried out to determine the problems affecting small-scale farmers in Ughelli South Local Government Area of Delta State. Sixty questionnaires were drawn to generate the necessary information to satisfy the aim of this research and they were randomly administered in most of the farming location within the study area. The data ana... Continue Reading


quality and genetic evaluation of some genotypes of rice (oryza sativa l.) using diallel method

The patterns of gene effects on agronomic and some quality traits of eight genotypes of rice (Oryza sativa L.) and their progenies were studied using Diallel analysis method 1 involving parents, F1 hybrids and their reciprocals. The eight genotypes studied were selected for their agronomic performance and protein content from thirty genotypes e... Continue Reading


agriculture financing in nigeria problems and prospect.

The problem of low productivity and lack of improvement in agriculture has been traced to various causal factors. One of such course is the lack of adequate finance to the agriculture's. They complain that they do not have enough fund to carry on with their activities. We want to investigate the reasons why these formers find it difficult to ra... Continue Reading


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