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effects of dietary vitamin c and vitamin e on the performance of laying hens in the humid tropics

EFFECTS OF DIETARY VITAMIN C AND VITAMIN E ON THE PERFORMANCE OF LAYING HENS IN THE HUMID TROPICS ABSTRACT This study which lasted for 52 weeks investigated the effects of dietary Vitamin C (Lascorbic acid) and Vitamin E (dl- alpha tocopheryl acetate) on the performance of laying hens in the humid tropics. A total of 240 twenty-four week ol... Continue Reading


comparative study of vitamin a and anthropometric status of children aged 6-24 months in urban and rural communities in kaduna state, nigeria.

This invest igat ion centered on Vi tamin A and anthropomet r ic status of 400 children aged 6-24 months in urban and rural communi t ies in Kaduna South local government area, Nigeria. Select ion of chi ldren was through systemat ic sampl ing technique. Two hundred children from each communi ty, ninety four males (94) and one hundred and six (... Continue Reading


agricultural financing of rice production in nigeria

This project work was carried out to investigate how rice production is financed in Edo State a case study of Owan East Local Government Area, Nigeria. This is due to the fact that rice is a widely consumed crop in Nigeria, in the view of farming, for farmers to carry out their farming operation, government and agricultural banks should give out lo... Continue Reading


problems of yam production in our community

Declining productivity of yam in Nigeria highlighted the need for a study to determine both the effect of fertilization on yam (Dioscorea spp.) yield andhe best agronomic management options available for stabilizing yam productivity, via the modeling of yam growth and development. This study addressed the above issues by carrying out a research whi... Continue Reading


the agricultural sector as the key to the diversification of the nigerian economy for sustanable development

The study of economic history provides us with ample evidence that an agricultural revolution is a fundamental pre-condition for economic development (Eicher & Witt, 1964; Oluwasami 1966; Jones & Woolf, 1909). The agricultural sector has the potential to be the industrial and economic springboard from which a country’s development can take off. Ind... Continue Reading


protein and energy requirements of african giant land snail

PROTEIN AND ENERGY REQUIREMENTS OF AFRICAN GIANT LAND SNAIL ABSTRACT A 16-week study was conducted to investigate the effect of dietary protein and energy levels on the growth performance of African giant land snail (Achatina achatina). Two hundred and forty eight weeks old African giant land snails were used for the study. The snails were ... Continue Reading


production processes of improving the quality of “pupuru


Pupuru (a fermented cassava product) is one of the major staple foods amongst the Yoruba, Ilaje and Ijaw speaking people in the south-south and south-western region of Nigeria, which had its source from the Ikale tribe of Ondo state. The traditional method of processing cassava tubers into pupuru involve, cassava tuber harvesting, peeling, washing,... Continue Reading


resource productivity in ornamental plants production in jos metropolis, nigeria

This study was undertaken to analyze resource productivity in ornamental plants production within Jos metropolis of Nigeria. The study covered Jos North and Jos South local government areas. The specific objectives include: identifying the effect of socio-economic factors on resource productivity, determining costs and returns, and resource pr... Continue Reading


response of broiler birds to diets containing graded levels of rice milling waste and supplementary yeast

Eighty day-old broiler chicks were used for feeding trial carried out to determine the effect of graded levels of Rice Milling Waste (RMW) and Bioactive Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisae) which has been shown to secrete enzymes that help to digest crude fiber and organic matter. This suggest that supplementing broiler ration with bioactive yeast m... Continue Reading


the contribution of agriculture cooperative societies to food production

Modern form of Co-operative leaves their origin in the tension and opportunities created by industrialization and urbanization in the nineteenth Century in Europe. Much of the early interested in co-operative structure seemed from deep regards to the social consequence of industrial capitalism, critics of the new order not simply a framework for bu... Continue Reading


determination of the integration of rice markets in enugu state, nigeria

This study was designed to determine the integration of rice markets in Enugu state. Factors considered include: socio-economic characteristics, existing market structure and channels, integration of rice markets, structural factors that affect the integration of rice markets and the problems affecting rice traders in the state. Forty wholesaler... Continue Reading


appraisal of land depletion through bush burning

The burning of natural vegetation no doubt removes the protective cover of the soil surface and depreciates the quality of the soil. Burning is done without regards to soil degradation and this called for this work have the project focuses attention on the merits and demerits of bush burning and appraise its useful suggestions are given with viable... Continue Reading


agriculture financing in nigeria problems and prospect

This project seeks to bring together existing state of knowledge and existing state of practice in agriculture sector new techniques have to be proven before they are adopted in the general practice. Chapter one of this project will deal with the statement of problems rationale of study significance of study and definition of terms. Ch... Continue Reading


characterization of some rubber growing soils

A study was carried out in the Rubber growing soils of Utagba-ogbe in Ndokwa-West Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. The aim was to characterize the soil in respect of their morphological, physical and chemical properties. Six mapping units were mapped out, and 4 profile pits dug in each of them in order to characterize the soils. Soil ... Continue Reading


commercial bank credit and agricultural output in nigeria

( 1982-2007)

This research examined the impact of commercial bank credit for agricultural production in Nigeria using macroeconomic variables (of commercial bank credit and agricultural products). The overall objective of the study is to examine to what extent the credits of commercial banks had supported agricultural production Nigeria. The specific objectives... Continue Reading


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