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socio-economic and cultural analysis of food security among selected ethnic groups in north central nigeria

The broad objective of the study was to investigate the socio-economic and cultural dimensions of food security among selected ethnic groups in North Central Nigeria. Specifically, the study was designed to: determine food culture and practices of the respondents; determine the household food security status (energy availability) across ethnic ... Continue Reading


effect of defoliation and npk fertilizer on yield of maize

(Zea mays L)


This experiment was conducted at experimental field of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Benin, Benin-City, during 2014 growing season. A 3x4 factorial experiment in randomized complete block design with 3 replications was used to study effect of defoliation and NPK fertilizer on yields of maize. Factors were three defoliation levels, No defoliation (D0), defoliation above ear (D1), defoliation below ear including the ear leaves (D2) an... Continue Reading


determination of weight changes in sheep and goats fed supplemental yam peels and raised semi-intensively in teaching and research farm

Ten (10) goats were used in 10 weeks field experiment to determine the weight changes in goats and sheep under a semi-intensive system of management. The goats and sheep were grouped into two treatments; five groups each for both goats and sheep respectively and each treatment were replicated five times in a complete randomized design. The goats we... Continue Reading


soil organic carbon sequestration potentials in aggregate fractions of cultivated and uncultivated soils of southeastern nigeria

A study was carried out on soils sampled at 0-10, 10-20, and 20-30 cm depths from both cultivated and uncultivated soils at four different locations (Awgu, Okigwe, Nsukka I, and Nsukka II), to evaluate the potentials of various aggregate size fractions of varying soil textures and depths to sequester carbon under different land uses. A 4 x 2 x 3... Continue Reading


studies on nutrient potentials of blends of treated aerial yam


This work evaluated the nutrient and antinutrient content and nutritive value of a lesserknown high yielding crop (aerial yam) and well-known high yielding legume cowpea. Aerial yam and cowpea used in this work were obtained from a family farm in Ovoko, Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area, Enugu state, Nigeria. Four kilogrammes of both foods w... Continue Reading


plantation agriculture in edo state problems and prospect of rubber farming

PLANTATION AGRICULTURE IN EDO STATE PROBLEMS AND PROSPECT OF RUBBER FARMING ABSTRACT The research has been designed to identify the problem and prospect of rubber farming in Edo State Ovia South West Local Government Area. This is done so as to suggest possible ways of exposing to the public the economic condition of rubber production problem... Continue Reading


effect of processing methods on the chemical composition hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic potentials of vernonia amygdalina

Vernonia amygdalina (VA) and Gongronema latifolium (GL) vegetables were processed using four methods; boiling for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 min, boiling for 5min each in a palm oil and salt (NaCl) medium, moist heating at 40 oC, 60 oC, 80 oC and 100 oC for 5 min, drying under the heat of the sun (35 oC - 40 oC), solar (45 oC - 50 oC ) and oven (5... Continue Reading


a comparative study on the profitability of cheese production in plateau state

The study examined the profitability and technical efficiency of cheese producers in Plateau State, Nigeria. The State has a total number of 19 local government areas. Three of these local government areas were randomly selected, that is Langtang East, Jos South, and barkin ladi local government areas, from which four villages were randomly selecte... Continue Reading


the contribution of agriculture cooperative societies to food production

Modern form of Co-operative leaves their origin in the tension and opportunities created by industrialization and urbanization in the nineteenth Century in Europe. Much of the early interested in co-operative structure seemed from deep regards to the social consequence of industrial capitalism, critics of the new order not simply a framework for bu... Continue Reading


economic efficiency of resource use among urban waterleaf farmers in akwa ibom state, nigeria

The study estimated the efficiency of resource use among urban waterleaf farmers in Akwa Ibom State using a sample of 60 respondents that were randomly selected (20) from three urban centers in the state. Interview schedules and structured questionnaires were Continue Reading


studies on the genetic pathway and selection response for increased fruit size and yield in tomato

Modified three-way crosses involving advanced interspecific tomato hybrids (W x R), (R x W) and (W x T) at F12 generation and commercially cultivated tomato varieties namely Supersteak (S), Beef (Florida) (BF) and Plumb (Rio grande) (PR) were made to generate F1 hybrids. The F1 hybrids were crossed to both the pollen and seed parents to produce ... Continue Reading


effect of selenium and vitamin e on the reproductive performance of rabbit does and kits

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of dietary supplementation of Vitamin E and Selenium on the reproductive performance of rabbit Does and Kits. Four groups of mixed breeds of rabbits (Newzealand white, Dutch black, and Chinchilla) 8-9 months old with an average body weight of 1.980.6kg were considered in the experiment. Each gr... Continue Reading


evaluation of the impact of untreated sewage effluent on farm lands

This project is focused on the evaluation of the impact of untreated sewage effluent on farm lands. Useofsewagewaterforirrigationimprovedchemicalpropertiesand fertilitystatusinsoil.Sewage watercontainselementsessentialforplantgrowthandalsocontainsheavymetalswhichmaybetoxicforanimalsiftheirconcentrationexceedsthanpermissiblelimit.Tomonitorthissituat... Continue Reading


contributions of women to household farming decisions among cocoa-based agroforestry households in ekiti state, nigeria

This study examined the contributions of women to household farming decisions among cocoa-based agroforestry households in Ekiti state, Nigeria using cross-sectional data. The study used purposive, multistage and random sampling techniques for the selection of 120 cocoa-based agroforestry farm units that constituted respondents for the study. Th... Continue Reading


poultry farming: a veritable tool for economic empowerment

This project work is primarily designed to provide complete understanding of poultry farming as an economic tool commercial poultry farming is practiced by most rural households throughout the developing world; despite the fact that its contribution to livelihoods appears to be of little nominal value when observed by researchers and other outsider... Continue Reading


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