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the effect of land scope on soil loss from erosion sites (a case study of nekede and akaokwwa

Soil loss is as a result of detachment and transportation of soil particles from one place to another due to rainfall. The rate of soil erosion has been of great concern to the government and people of Imo state as regards to farm land and environmental degradation. This work analyzed the soil samples collected from two erosion sites namely, nNkede... Continue Reading


agriculture and economic development problem and prospect

The study is to research on the problems and prospect of agriculture in Edo State. The study is to look at the attitude of Edo State people towards the improvement of agriculture, which tend to be a weak attitude and problems to the state at large. These problems are summarized as low level of literacy, poor agricultural implements, inadequate numb... Continue Reading


the positive impact of rubber production on the economic development

This was subjected to analysis based on stipulated hypothesis drawn from the questionnaires. The result of this analysis showed that lack of capital was not responsible for low production of rubber in Ughelli Local Government Area. Also, market prices of rubber products had no effect on low rubber production. However, government policies were iden... Continue Reading


reclamation measures for gully erosion sites a case study of obollo-etiti, udenu local government area, enugu state

Abstract The incidence of gully erosion in Obollo-Etiti in Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State has assumed alarming proportions thereby gaining local government recongnition as an ecological disaster. The aim of this study is therefore to determine and analysis the factors responsible for gully development and with preferring solutio... Continue Reading


poultry farming: a veritable tool for economic empowerment

This project work is primarily designed to provide complete understanding of poultry farming as an economic tool commercial poultry farming is practiced by most rural households throughout the developing world; despite the fact that its contribution to livelihoods appears to be of little nominal value when observed by researchers and other outsider... Continue Reading


the role of rural women farmers on the economic development

The role of rural women farmers in the economic development of Ese-Odo Local Government Area in Ondo State cannot be over emphasized. There is basically no aspect of economic development in Ondo State that one cannot find women. A review of feminist literature, indicate that there is now a demand for re-orientation of research and change in methodo... Continue Reading


determination of the integration of rice markets in enugu state, nigeria

This study was designed to determine the integration of rice markets in Enugu state. Factors considered include: socio-economic characteristics, existing market structure and channels, integration of rice markets, structural factors that affect the integration of rice markets and the problems affecting rice traders in the state. Forty wholesaler... Continue Reading


growth and herbage yield of seven forage legumes in the rain forest zone of nigeria

A field experiment was conducted for three months during the early growing season (April July) of 2014 at the Teaching and Research farm of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Benin, Benin City. The objective was to evaluate the performance of 7 herbaceous forage legumes in term of growth and herbage yield. The seven forage legumes (Centros... Continue Reading


he reasons for low production of rubber

This research study was undertaken with a view to assessing the veracity of low production of rubber in Owan West LGA, Edo State. Several factors were identified as causes of this trend; such as lack of capital, use of old plantations, unavailability of land, price of latex etc. a questionnaires approach was used to obtain data from the farmers in ... Continue Reading


farmers access to microcredit and resource use efficiency sponsored microcredit financing scheme, nigeria

Findings of the study showed that more than 67.4% of the responses were men, with a mean age bracket of 46years of age while 95.4% had formal education, with a mean family size of 5 persons per household. About 67.4% of the respondents were married, while 47% had farm size ranging between 0.6 and 1 hectares. 47.7% of the farmers obtained their cred... Continue Reading


poverty reduction and sustainable development in nigeria

There are two different ways in which researchers define poverty; Absolute poverty and relative poverty. Absolute poverty refers to the situation in which a person lacks those things that help to sustain human life. The lack of basic human needs such as food, shelter and clothing. This form of poverty was once quite common in countries such as Br... Continue Reading


an investigation on the performance of nigeria agricultural cooperative and rural development bank (nacrdb) in agricultural credit delivery

he study investigating performance of Nigeria agriculture cooperation and rural development bank limited (NACRDB) this specific objective were to identify the different loan scheme, number of farmer did participated in these scheme, examine the bank services rate, their arrival rate, the categories of customers served by the bank, a well structural... Continue Reading


problem and prospects of small scale fish farmers

The story of aquaculture in Nigeria is essentially the story of catfish culture and the hope of fish supply in Nigeria hang on its development and culture. Recent trends all over the world, point to a decline in landing from capture fisheries, an indicator that fish stocks have approached or even exceeded the point of maximum sustainable yield. Aqu... Continue Reading


problems and prospects of small scale farming

The purpose of this study was to examine the problems and prospects of small scale farm. In this write-up, the researcher started by examining the history and problems were identified as being the problems and prospect of small scale farm. The problems affecting small scale farm and their possible solutions were obtained through the use of question... Continue Reading


food consumption pattern, anthropometric indices and micronutrient status of children aged

The study was undertaken to assess food consumption pattern, anthropometric and micronutrient status of children aged 6-59 months in Kaduna state. A cross sectional survey design was used. A multi stage sampling technique was used to select the subjects for the study. In the first stage, two Local Government Areas were selected from each of the ... Continue Reading


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