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the effect of post-harvest handling on the quality and marketability of locally harvested tomato

Tomato (Lycopersiconesculentum Mill.) is one of the vegetables with the highest production in the world and its production is increasing all over the world. Tomato is rich in minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, sugars and dietary fibers (Ayandiji et al., 2011). World tomato production in 2001 was about 105 million tons of fresh fruit from an... Continue Reading


environmental impact of acid rain

Acid rain is a wide spread term used to describe all forms of acid precipitation (rain, snow, hail and fog) Atmospheric pollutants particularly oxides of sulphur, oxides of Nitrogen and carbonic acid can cause precipitation to become more acidic when converted to sulphuric and Nitric acids hence the term acid rain. Acid deposition, acid rain and... Continue Reading


effects of garlic (allium sativum) and probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus) additives in the diets of grower pigs

EFFECTS OF GARLIC (ALLIUM SATIVUM) AND PROBIOTICS (LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS) ADDITIVES IN THE DIETS OF GROWER PIGS ABSTRACT This study which lasted for 12 weeks investigated the effects of garlic and probiotics additives in the diets of grower pigs. A total of sixteen 16 weeks old grower pigs were randomly assigned to four treatments. Each... Continue Reading


strategies for climate change adaptation among rural households in imo state, nigeria

The study was designed to ascertain the strategies for climate change adaptation among rural households in Imo State, Nigeria. Specifically, the study ascertained the respondents’ level of awareness on climate change, ascertained their perceived causes of climate change, identified and documented the effective local adaptation strategies to clim... Continue Reading


effects of soil erosion

LITERATURE REVIEW The effect of soil erosion is a worldwide phenomena particularly because of its adverse effects on man. As a result a lot of literature exists on these issues. A review of the ones relevant for this study will be discussed. Continue Reading


problems and prospects of yam production 2

Nigeria is by far the world’s largest producer of yams, accounting for over 7076 percent of the world production. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization report, in 1985, Nigeria produced 18.3 million tonnes of yam from 1.5 million hectares, representing 73.8 percent of total yam production in Africa. According to 2008 figures, yam pro... Continue Reading


technical efficiency in food crop production

This project is based on the technical efficiency in food crops production in Uhunmwode Local Government Area of Edo State. Data were collected from fifty food crops production farmers to ascertain the effectiveness and enhancement of technical efficiency in food crops production. The result showed that family labour, hired labour and material inpu... Continue Reading


the role of agricultural extension worker in educating farmers in plantain production in selected local government areas

The study examined the role of extension workers in educating farmers and constraints farmers face in plantain production in some selected areas in Edo State, Nigeria. A total of 120 Plantain farmers were randomly selected from the study area. Farmers were interviewed using well structured questionnaire. Simple descriptive statistics and multiple r... Continue Reading


the contribution of agriculture cooperative societies to food production

Modern form of Co-operative leaves their origin in the tension and opportunities created by industrialization and urbanization in the nineteenth Century in Europe. Much of the early interested in co-operative structure seemed from deep regards to the social consequence of industrial capitalism, critics of the new order not simply a framework for bu... Continue Reading


chemical composition of some lesser-known wild fruits and vegetables consumed in ayamelum local government area of anambra state

The study identified some edible fresh wild green leafy vegetables and fruits and determined their nutrients, antinutrients and food toxicants content. The proximate, micronutrients, antinutrients and food toxicants contents of these fruits (Olax viridis (“Osenga”), Gongronema species (“Aado”), Ficus carpensis (“Akankolo”), Napoleona/imperialis ... Continue Reading


the impact of cooperative farming societies in the development of agriculture

The study focuses on the impact of cooperatition in the rural setting of Edo state. Results obtained from the interview shows that credit disburse to the farmers constitute serious administrative problem which is hindering the effectiveness of the scheme.he loans applied for and the amount approved and disbursed to the farmers are not enough to mov... Continue Reading


women labour utilization in crop production

The main aim of the study was to analyze women labour utilization in crop production in Abia State. The specific objectives included (i) identify specific farming operations that utilize women labour in the study area; (ii) compare the relative contribution of women and men to total labour utilization in different levels of farm operation in the... Continue Reading


technical efficiency in the production of nsukka yellow pepper among rural farmers in enugu north agricultural zone

This study determines the technical efficiency level and socioeconomic characteristics that influence the technical efficiency of yellow pepper farmers. Stochastic Frontier function that incorporated inefficiency factors was estimated using a Maximum Likelihood technique to provide estimates of technical efficiency and its determinants using dat... Continue Reading


the role of commercial banks in agricultural growth and development in nigeria

The study examines the role of commercial banks in Agricultural development in Nigeria, spanning from 1986-2010. The methodology used is ordinary least squares (OLS), using P.C give 8.00 package. The findings from the study support the view that commercial bank loans are not getting to red farmers. The commercial banks loan to Agricultural sector i... Continue Reading


physical and mechanical properties of nerica paddy

In mechanized operations, these post harvest processes are supposed to be carried out with machines and equipment. The engineering design and efficient operation of the post harvest processing machines and equipment require adequate knowledge of engineering properties of the bio-materials. Knowledge of engineering properties such as physical and me... Continue Reading


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