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shades of meaning associated with personal names and naming in igala

ABSTRACT The purpose of the research is to examine the shades of meaning that are associated with names and naming in Igala. The study examinened the various circumstances attached to the meaning of names in Igala, and the peculiar features that differentiate the practice from those of other Nigerian languages. The study looked at the practice of ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

nature in nigerian children’s literature: an appraisal of selected verses

ABSTRACT This study appraises selected Children‟s nature verses drawn across five Children‟s poetry texts. It, among other things, instigates a renewed academic and creative inquiry into the field of Children‟s poetry so as to illuminate its relevance. It makes use of the ecocritical theory as a framework of analysis. In this lig... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

literature and ecology: a study of wole soyinka’s a dance of the forests and the beatification of an area boy

ABSTRACT The current crisis of ecology and environmental pollution have gripped the attention and aroused the concern of many people alive today. Studies show that our imprudent behaviour towards, and utilisation of, Nature have pushed the world into a crisis that has not only led to the gradual destruction of our ecology and its very capacity to ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

historicism as a literary discourse: a study of isidore okpewho’s the last duty, elechi amadi’s sunset in biafra and biyi bandele’s burma boy

ABSTRACT This study deploys Historicism as a literary discourse to the analysis of the selected writings of Isidore Okpewho, Elechi Amadi and Biyi Bandele. The study argues that Historicism emerged in the 19th Century as a method of investigating how texts of all kinds come to terms with their putative contexts. In spite of this, the application o... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

gender violence in chimamanda ngozi adichie’s purple hibiscus and half of a yellow sun

ABSTRACT Gender-based violence is not a new problem in the Nigerian society or other societies of the world. Violence against an individual on the basis of his /her gender is common place and is becoming endemic. Various studies have been carried out on what fosters gender violence and what makes it thrive with a view to putting an end to the prob... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

dialogue as discourse: an analysis of nta kaduna editorial board’s use of language

ABSTRACT This study seeks to examine the spoken language used during NTA Kaduna Newsroom Editorial Board Meetings with the aim of describing the nature of its dialogue, providing an assessment of it, and exposing the peculiarities therein. It brings to the fore features that have otherwise not been observed in newsroom dialogue. The usual assumpti... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

chimamanda ngozi adichie and the dialogic imagination: a bakhtinian re-examination of half of a yellow sun, purple hibiscus and the thing around your neck

Abstract In the imagination of authorities like Nasidi, no conscious critic could by any means pass up the aesthetic strength of theory in literary and methodical science of interpreting a text, the unsaid of a text, if he intends to make meaning by keeping the relations of signs and codes of such text. This persuasion has led to the Choice of the... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

an examination of sentences and their appropriateness in selected nigerian children’s novels

ABSTRACT This thesis has examined sentences and their appropriateness in selected Nigerian children‟s novels. The novels include An African Night Entertainment by Cyprian Ekwensi, Tales out of School by Nkem Nwankwo, Akpan and the Smugglers by Rosemary Uwemedimo and Adventures of Souza by Kola Onadipe. Using the Traditional Grammar model, se... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

african image in african american literature: a case study of langston hughes’ the panther and the lash: poems of our time and yusef komunyakaa’s pleasure dome: new and collected poems

ABSTRACT This thesis is concerned with the how image of Africa is presented in African American literature using Langston Hughes‟ The Panther and the Lash: Poems of our Time (1964) and Yusef Komunyakaa‟s Pleasure Dome: New and Collected Poems (2001). The study employsNew Historicism as an analytical tool to explore how the African Ame... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

aesthetics of children’s literature in nigeria

ABSTRACT This study examines the aesthetic components in Children‟s literature in Nigeria using the works of Fatima Akilu, Yusuf Adamu, Ayodele Olofintuade, Lola Shoneyin, and A. O Oyekanmi‟. The research aims at showing that Children‟s literature in Nigeria can be viewed from an angle beyond that of morality and psychology. Thus... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

aesthetics and utilitarian values of selected african american negro spirituals and gospel songs

ABSTRACT This study examines African American songs as an embodiment of black American identity, experience, socio-economic realities, and African Americans‟ perception of the world located as they are within the American society. Although, the subject of African American Music has produced a large and varied literature, the inattention to q... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

achieving unity and coherence through contradictions in the novels of achebe, iyayi and habila

ABSTRACT This study attempts an exploration of how unity and coherence through contradictions are achieved in Achebe‟s Things Fall Apart, Iyayi‟s Violence and Habila‟s Measuring Time. It is significant to state that the choice of these texts is informed by the need to comprehend how various generations of Nigerian writers have ne... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a systemic functional analysis of english mood system in selected dramatic texts

ABSTRACT The research is titled: A Systemic Functional Analysis of English Mood System in Selected Dramatic Texts. The study seeks to investigate the extent to which Shaw‘s and Osofisan‘s choices and thestructures of the elements of mood system in their texts, Arms and the Man and Women of Owu affect their abilities to express the interpersonal me... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a syntactic analysis of the use of auxiliary verbs in office documents

ABSTRACT This study is specifically concerned with the syntactic analysis of the use of auxiliary verbs in office documents by writers of office documentsusing Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) University,Lapai Niger State and the interpersonal meanings, and the various interpretations deduced from the use of the English auxiliary verbs in the offi... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a stylistic study of parallelism in the presidential speeches of presidents barrack obama and goodluck jonathan

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study The role of language in every society is multifunctional; it serves various purposes ranging from communication to command and persuasion. The language of politics is a persuasive one and hence, politicians are expected to be conversant with this characteristic of language. The el... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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