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a study of ideological embedding in the guardian and daily trust editorials

ABSTRACT This work is a study of ideology and its workings in two Nigerian Newspapers: The Guardian and Daily Trust using Modality as the analytical element. Modality as a property oflanguage use is generally exploited by language users and its role in newspaper editorials is of importance in that editorial writers tend to make use of it to establ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a psychoanalytic reading of toni morrison‟s a mercy and gloria naylor‟s the women of brewster place and mama day

ABSTRACT The study of Psychoanalysis over the years has helped to reveal the relation between the mind, language and personality trait which are not easily observable or revealed in our regular acts and use of language. By placing much emphasis on literary elements such as metaphor, metonym or symbols, literary psychoanalysis has contributed to th... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmatic study of the interface between informativeness and conciseness in the language of advertisement of the nigerian print media

ABSTRACT Language is the chief medium of communication used for all forms of social interaction, the most important of which is passing and receiving information and messages. Advertisement also a form of communication, relies on language to pass its message in order to attract consumers to what it is advertising. This study, which is a pragmatic ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmatic interpretation of child language

ABSTRACT This thesis titled “A Pragmatic Interpretation of Child Language: A Case Study of Telegraphic Speech has been carried out to determine the role of context in understanding language use by children or children‟s speech. Pragmatics is the study of speaker context meaning. It is a component of linguistic study that goes beyond gramma... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmatic analysis of the interplay between context and illocutionary acts on meaning and interpretation of igala proverbs

ABSTRACT Proverbs play very important functional, communicative and pragmatic roles in Igala language. Their social and contextual importance has been attested to by ethnographers, philosophers, literary and other language experts, as instruments of communication, cultural education and channel of language aesthetics, as a house of wisdom, garnish... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmatic analysis of features of nigerian english in the subtitles of selected nigerian home videos

ABSTRACT Several theories have been developed by linguists all over the world in explaining pragmatics as a sub-field of linguistics. What is central in the contributions of the scholars is identification of invisible‟ meanings from what is said or written by the intended listeners as intentionally meant by speakers/writers of such utteranc... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a portrait of african-american women in some selected works of alice walker and toni morrison

ABSTRACT This work focuses on African-American women in the Black family structure as portrayed by Toni Morrison in her novels; Paradise, Sula, The Bluest Eye, and Alice Walker in The Color Purple, Meridian, and In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Women. Considering the crucialrole of the family unit in the socialising process, attention has bee... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a morphological analysis of loan words among yoruba speakers of english language

ABSTRACT The thesis entitled “A Morphological Analysis of Loan Words among Yoruba Speakers of English in Kaduna Metropolis” is a documentation and analysis of some English, Hausa and Arabic loan words in Yoruba language. The study is propelled by the following observations: that a large part of the vocabulary of the Yoruba Language are loan words ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a linguistic-stylistic analysis of the language of humuor in opa williams’ “nite of a thousand laughs”

ABSTRACT One of the most intriguing things about language is its redeployment to accomplish a multiplicity of functions by different people in different places at different times. One of such functions of language is humour- making. People often make use of humour in social, political and cultural interactions through the skillful manipulation of ... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a linguistic stylistic analysis of chimamanda adichie’s purple hibiscus and half of a yellow sun

ABSTRACT Style is one‟s way of doing a thing. It can be of dressing, speaking, acting, teaching and writing which is influenced by a lot of factors or ideologies such as history, religion and culture. However, the style of a writer albeit creative may pose a challenge to readers. This study attempts a linguistic stylistic analysis of Chimama... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a linguistic study of the nigerian-ness’ of nigerian pidgin in selected literary works

ABSTRACT This thesis titled “A Linguistic study of the Nigerian-ness‟ of Nigerian Pidgin in Selected Literary Works” was embarked upon because of the resistance many Nigerians have to the use of Nigerian Pidgin (NP); they see it as foreign and a corruption of the English Language. Besides, many people, especially non-linguists feel that pid... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a deconstructive reading of wole soyinka’s death and the king’s horseman and the road

ABSTRACT African literary elites have responded to the call by Africans to free the continent from all forms of colonial and slave mentality. While others have responded overtly, Soyinka does so covertly. As a result, over time, critical commentaries on his works have been on the mythical presentation of the Yoruba world as a microcosm of the enti... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a conversation analysis of “turn-taking” in the electronic media

ABSTRACT Turn-Taking in conversation varies from one language to another because Turn-Taking is usually bound by natural etiquettes attributable to the people‘s culture. Turn-Taking in Yorb conversation is no exception. It reflects to a large extent the culture of the Yorb People. Hitherto, politeness, honorific pronouns, greeting, proverbs, p... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a contrastive analysis of tiv and english pluralisation processes

ABSTRACT This research work entitled: “A Contrastive Analysis of Tiv and English Pluralisation Processes” discusses the fact that Tiv Language is still yearning for development as much is needed to study on Tiv Language. This is to help develop and standardize the language through orthograghy, morphology and phonology as at the present there is no... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a functional analysis of moroa folktales

ABSTRACT The research tittled, “AFunctional Analysis of Moroa Folktales”provides insights into the status and nature of African traditional oral art as a literary form for aesthetic and educational purposes. The study revolves around the collection, analysis and the functional analysis of folktales among the Moroa in Kaduna state.Attention is paid... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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