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male absence and single parenthood in black writing: a study of richard wright’s black boy, toni morrison’s beloved, and lauretta ngcobo’s cross of gold

Abstract This study employs Realism as an analytical tool to assess the various dimensions of male absence and single parenthood in Richard Wright‟s Black Boy (1945), Toni Morrison‟s Beloved (1987) and Lauretta Ngcobo‟s Cross of Gold (1981). This research is thus a comparative study of male absence and single parenthood in Black... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a syntactic analysis of selected clausal coordinates as used in the amended 1999 constitution of the federal republic of nigeria

ABSTRACT The language of law has been viewed by many as difficult to understand primarily because of archaism in its morpho-syntactic structure. Also, the Latin and French maxims that have characterised legalese have prevented some researchers from delving into it. Another issue of concern to some researchers has to do with the longwinded sentence... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the influence of the language of social media on the english language

ABSTRACT The boom in the use of social media in our time has no doubt brought a lot alteration in different language conventions. The early users of social media battled with space and time. Since social media language is in the borderline of speech and writing they created unusual acronyms and some other new words, like ‘u’, ur, ‘unfriend’ etc no... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

the discourse of imposed identity in isidore okpewho’s call me by my rightful name and richard wright’s native son

ABSTRACT Identity studies in African-American literature, over time, have depicted the interaction between black and white Americans and the connectedness of black Americans to their root. This study has explored the theme of identity as influenced by the milieu to represent the place of African-Americans within the larger American society in rela... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

status struggle: evaluation of the english language and the indigenous languages in nigeria

Abstract The presence and the use of the English language in Nigeria has been seen as a threat to the indigenous languages. The truth lies in the fact that Nigeria has adopted the language of her colonial master and has given it priority over the indigenous languages that were in existence before her existence. This act can lead to loss of identit... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

pragmatic analysis of selected political speeches of president muhammadu buhari

CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Language is a unique attribute of humans, which is used as a chief medium of communication, for building interpersonal relationships, exchange of ideas and passing of information. Martinet A. defines it as “a formidable instrument of communication... by which human exper... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

language and the quest for identity: a study of chinua achebe’s things fall apart and chimamanda adichie’s americanah

ABSTRACT Language is an indispensible characteristic of every human society. The language one speaks tells much about one’s identity with regards to where the person comes from. In every society individuals and groups of persons would like to be differentiated from others, and in that effect, identity comes to play. In this study, the researcher h... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

grammatical error analysis of selected news scripts of the broadcasting corporation

ABSTRACT This study was carried out in respect to the grammatical errors that currently exist in the Broadcasting Corporation of Abia State Radio, Umuahia. The sole aim of this study was to carefully investigate the above station’s news scripts, examine their structure, and to find out the causes, types and patterns of grammatical errors which inc... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

effects of pidgin english in standard english usage among students in selected secondary schools

ABSTRACT The use of Pidgin English in the Nigerian context has gone beyond verbal communication to become more of a mode of behaviour as its expression has moved from informal conversation to formal situations. This above scenario necessitated this study which investigates the effects of Pidgin English on Standard English usage among selected seco... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

contrastive analysis of the morphemes of the english and igbo languages

ABSTRACT Since Language occurs in a great range of modalities; for example, it is encountered in scientific formulas as pure description unconditioned by time and place, and ideally conveys nothing about the individual who constructed it. This study focuses on analyzing and contrasting the processes of morphemes of both English and Igbo languages.... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

comparative study of morphological processes in english and hausa languages

This work aims at investigating the relationships that exist between the English and the Hausa languages at the level of their morphological processes; and the implication this relationship will have on the teaching and learning situation. The study adopted a contrastive analysis theory cum contrastive analysis hypothesis which is an area of lingui... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a comparative study of the sociolinguistics of achebe’s things fall apart and adichie’s half of a yellow sun

ABSTRACT This work has dealt with the comparative study on some aspects of sociolinguistics in the novels: Things Fall Apart and Half of a Yellow Sun by Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Adichierespectively. The two authors applied their linguistic, and social backgrounds for creative effects in their literary works. This creative ingenuity involves th... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

a pragmatic analysis of proverbs in selected works of ola rotimi

ABSTRACT Language is a potent weapon through which ideas, thoughts, opinions, messages and information generally are exchanged between groups of people to ensure inter-personal relationship. It is a symbol of people‟s identity and a means of identifying people‟s value system. This is particularly true of proverbs which are generally be... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

terror and tragic optimism as sustaining constructs in camus’s the plague and soyinka’s season of anomy

ABSTRACT Camus’s The Plague has been read variously as an allegory of Nazi terror in France as well as a depiction of Camus's absurdist philosophy. Many critics of Soyinka’s Season of Anomy strangely also have interpreted the text as an allegory of the Nigerian civil war inwhich terror is seen as a political weapon. Although these modes of readin... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

desire and the unknown in breitbach’s report on bruno, achebe’s a man of the people and morrison’s beloved

ABSTRACT This study examines the extent the conflicts in Report on Bruno, A Man of the People, and Beloved can be related to Lacan’s theory of desire. It affirms that desire is fundamentally rootedin the conflicts between the characters and the Other (mother, other subjects, the law and culture or the symbolic order) because it is in the relation... Continue Reading

English and Linguistics

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