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design and implementation of a computerized cargo transportation management system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERIZED CARGO TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ABSTRACT This project was out of the necessity to address the inherent problems encountered by members of staff of super maritime shipping Agency and their customers. The manual process involved in the management of cargo were critical examined and the flows n... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of interactive website for internet banking

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERACTIVE WEBSITE FOR INTERNET BANKING (A Case Study Of All States Trust Bank Plc Enugu) ABSTRACT This project work is concerned with the use of the internet in banking operations, a case study of Union Bank of Nigeria PLC, Enugu. The internet in its ever evolving state, is becoming a serious method of busin... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of the pay as you go call billing system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PAY AS YOU GO CALL BILLING SYSTEM (A Case Study Of Nigeria Telecommunication Limited Enugu) ABSTRACT It is obvious that the trend in techniques today has gone beyond the ordinary to extraordinary expect are working unrelenting to postulate new theory, disorder or manufacture new technology to satisfy the hu... Continue Reading

Computer Science

implementation of sorting algorithms

IMPLEMENTATION OF SORTING ALGORITHMS ABSTRACT This research work took theoretical and empirical studies that have been done over the past years on sorting algorithms and its variants. The study includes a comparative sorting algorithms (i.e. Bubble sort, shell sort, straight insertion sort quick sort, simple sort etc.) the same criteria such ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of an organizational website

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ORGANIZATIONAL WEBSITE (A Case Study Of Ariboil Company Limited Owerri, Imo State) ABSTRACT Designing an organizational website for ARIB OIL, #200 Naze Egbu Ridge Road Owerri, entails bringing to public the activities of a prestigious construction industry located at the northern part of owerri the capital o... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of integrated software suit for academic planning unit

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INTEGRATED SOFTWARE SUIT FOR ACADEMIC PLANNING UNIT (A Case Study Of Imo State University Owerri) TABLE OF CONTENT Title Page Certification Page Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Table Of Contents CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.2 Statement Of Problem 1.3 Objective Of The Project 1.4 Scope Of... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design of a computer assisted multiple choice examination system

DESIGN OF A COMPUTER ASSISTED MULTIPLE CHOICE EXAMINATION SYSTEM ABSTRACT With the thoughtful application of emerging technologies and in a bid to improve on the effort towards the conduction of the multiple choice assessments, this project is designed to automate all multiple choice assessments and examinations in the department of computer ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of online registration of courses and result confirmation

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ONLINE REGISTRATION OF COURSES AND RESULT CONFIRMATION (A Case Study Of Computer Science Department Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri (Morning) ABSTRACT This project work mainly looks into the nature and process of online registration of course and result confirmation, implementing an online management system t... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implantation of computerized child care information system

DESIGN AND IMPLANTATION OF COMPUTERIZED CHILD CARE INFORMATION SYSTEM (A Case Study United Nation International Children Emergency Fund Unicef) ABSTRACT The main focus of this is to analyze the existing manual computerization information system in United Nations international children emergency fund on childcare information system with a v... Continue Reading

Computer Science

a resource-based theory analysis of inter-firm co-operation in nigeria

A RESOURCE-BASED THEORY ANALYSIS OF INTER-FIRM CO-OPERATION IN NIGERIA CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY The resource-based views and ideologies has in modern times form the basis for the competitive advantage of a firm. This lies primarily in the application of a bundle of valuable tangible or intangible resour... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of an online library management system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ONLINE LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION: This chapter gives an overview about the aim, objectives, background and operation environment of the system. 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Library ManagementSystem is an application which refers to library systems ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and simulation of a microprocessor- based industrial arm

DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF A MICROPROCESSOR- BASED INDUSTRIAL ARM ABSTRACT A system to control a hydraulic industrial arm using a4- bit microcomputer is described. A supervisory minicomputer can handle global routines such as science analysis and task and trajectory planning while the microcomputer attends to the control of the arm. The micr... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and simulation of computer piagonistic system

DESIGN AND SIMULATION OF COMPUTER PIAGONISTIC SYSTEM (A CASE STUDY OF IBM PG) ABSTRACT This work has been designed to assist computer engineers to effectively diagnose problems in computer sub-systems, such as hard disk, floppy disk drives, monitors, keyboard, etc. Equipped with this system, the user can easily detect when a particularly sub... Continue Reading

Computer Science

business data processing i & information communications technology

BUSINESS DATA PROCESSING I & INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Preface The dynamic business environment made possible by the rapid advancement in information communication technology brought about by the internet and other computer communication technology has no doubt cause students and other user to learn their application. Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implement a computerized drug information management system

Design and implement a computerized drug information management system ABSTRACT Drug procurement and distribution tracking system is a set of computer programs that obtains the supplies of drugs, distribute the drugs and monitors the inventory control of the drugs. Using the pharmaceutical department of Port Harcourt University teaching hospital ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

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