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computerization of phone billing system

COMPUTERIZATION OF PHONE BILLING SYSTEM ABSTRACT This project work is based on the use of computer to prepare bills due to the improvement in the industrial world; which has become very necessary because it will help to prevent manual problems. The features of this project are based on how computer can be used in billing system with inspect t... Continue Reading

Computer Science

designand implementation of a computerised production scheduler system

DESIGNAND IMPLEMENTATION OF A COMPUTERISED PRODUCTION SCHEDULER SYSTEM This project work titled computerization of production scheduler assignment problem approach. Deals with how machine can be assigned to production of goods in order to minimize cost and time. It gives an introduction of scheduling, the historical background of the case study ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of an automated banking model system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN AUTOMATED BANKING MODEL SYSTEM All commercial application developed (irrespective of the programming environment used) are to business models. Applications help to computerize business models. It is the computerization process that empowers a business model to capture, validate, store and manipulate business data ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

automation of the cheque clearing system

AUTOMATION OF THE CHEQUE CLEARING SYSTEM The cheque clearing system is the means whereby bank exchange cheque drawn each others through clearing system. Clearing system on the other hand is the medium through which proceeds of cheques and other payment instrument are transferred from the paying bank to collecting bank. The Nigerian automated cl... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of automatedlibrary system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AUTOMATEDLIBRARY SYSTEM A system or computer system can be said to be an electronic device or machine, which accept data, process programs and then produce a result output from the processed as information. Moreover, they said system is general purpose in use. It handles more volume of data. It is versatile accura... Continue Reading

Computer Science

automated prison management system

AUTOMATED PRISON MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1Â Â GENERAL OVERVIEW Automated prison management system is the collection of register cases for each prisoner entering the prison for automated release diary generator. A good system for prison service should be automated, because it enhances the administrative and experience ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of a web based micro finance support system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A WEB BASED MICRO FINANCE SUPPORT SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION The need for web base support system has become important in our day to day operation. The web provides a common infrastructure on which the individual applications can work with each other (Linthicum, 2003). For instance the web base is ... Continue Reading

Computer Science

automated system for solving school time table problem

AUTOMATED SYSTEM FOR SOLVING SCHOOL TIME TABLE PROBLEM CHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION The class timetabling problem is a typical scheduling problem that appears to be a stressful job in every academic institute. In previous years, timetable scheduling was done manual... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of an intrusion tolerant system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AN INTRUSION TOLERANT SYSTEM INTRODUCTION 1.1 INTRODUCTION Most current information systems are connected to the Internet for efficiency and convenience. However, the growth of accessibility makes the systems vulnerable to attackers. A web server is a program that runs over the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol w... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of a web based presentation system that would enlighten users on how to install a dstv decoder and satellite dish

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A WEB BASED PRESENTATION SYSTEM THAT WOULD ENLIGHTEN USERS ON HOW TO INSTALL A DSTV DECODER AND SATELLITE DISH CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY The satellite television industry developed first in the US from the cable television industry as communication satellites were being used to distribut... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of a soil moisture detector with automatic sms notification system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A SOIL MOISTURE DETECTOR WITH AUTOMATIC SMS NOTIFICATION SYSTEM CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the study Through the ages agriculture production systems have benefited from the incorporation of technological advances primarily developed for other industries. The industrial age brought mechanization and... Continue Reading

Computer Science

development of wireless sensor network testbed development of wireless sensor network testbed

DEVELOPMENT OF WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK TESTBED DEVELOPMENT OF WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK TESTBED ABSTRACT The needs for human to know the constituent surrounding their environment and how it affects their life; this brings the necessitation to study some phenomenon that constitute to nature such as temperature, humidity, light intensity to menti... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and impementation of electrical/electronics department website

DESIGN AND IMPEMENTATION OF ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONICS DEPARTMENT WEBSITE ABSTRACT For a long time, the department of Electrical/Electronic of this college has not had a website with guaranteed continuity. Several students in past had made attempts to achieve this but all to no avail. Eventually, with the implementation of this project,the departme... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of a data compression software

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A DATA COMPRESSION SOFTWARE In recent times, there has been a great need driven towards the maximizing of data transfer between communication terminals thereby making efficient use of network bandwidth and disk space. Compression is the process used to reduce the physical size of a block of information. Data encodin... Continue Reading

Computer Science

design and implementation of a gis based traffic management system and emergency response management system

DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A GIS BASED TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The state of the traffic system is influenced by travel demand and traffic supply characteristics. Travel demand is defined by Roess et al. (1998) as the number of vehicles or people that desire to travel past a point during a specified pe... Continue Reading

Computer Science

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