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construction of an automatic change over switch (3.7kva)

Due to inconsistent supply of power, there is a growing need for an alternative source of power supply. This has lead to heavy capital investment in a bid to suppress power failure and ensure regular power supply for the industry, hospitals, schools and homes. The problem of power failure can be checkmated with the use of stand-by generating set. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of fire alarm system in a two storey building

Fire detection system are safety system. They monitor rooms and buildings continuously for indication of fire outbreak and give alarm directly if one occurs. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

wireless-based text entry system for handicap

Text entry system can be found commonly in modern computer and mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet. Despite this, these text entry systems are not easily accessible by handicaps. The major problem with the normal text entry system such as the “QWERTY” keyboard, it would be very difficult for the handicaps to input the keys. To ... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

construction of 4600mah power bank

This project involves the construction of 4600mAh power bank, it consists of three different modules which are; power storage module, battery charging module and phone charging module. All these modules consist of different circuit in other to perform their main functions.rnrnThe power storage module consist of pen batteries of 1.2V with 46... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a charging system using both solar energy invention in nigeria

In the world today, we are being challenged with the lag of energy that used to generate the electrical power, as the solution the exploration and development of alternative power become a global issue. Some of the alternative power such as solar energy produces the direct current (DC) from the solar panel. Most of the electrical appliances today u... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and implementation of burglar alarm system

As the world is developing the need for electronics in human endeavor is now taking a larger scope. With the invention of certain electronics gadgets in our societies today, certain activities become easily handled for example; in communication where the telephone plays a part. In places where safety are needed an alarm system will be of much impo... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of uninterruptible power supply

The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is design to help in the offices, workshops and house hold appliances, due to the unstable power supply being supplied by (NEPA) presently known as Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) usually supply to us. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of an automatic voltage stabilizer

In the world today, the use of power supply in electronics equipment and gadgets has increased and it is still increasing. These power supplies are not stable as required by these electronics. This arise the need for the power stabilization as to overcome this problem Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a two lane traffic light

The project work is on the design and construction of automatic two lane traffic light control. This system is based on digital electronics. It employs an astable multivibrator which is the clock generator that sends the clock into a time sequencing generator using a decade counter with ten (10) decodes output that has it’s binary corded decim... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

deep neural networks for 2d lidar images classification

This work aims to explore different deep neural network architectures for object classification in 2D LiDAR traffic images. The images are recorded using a LiDAR sensor attached to the mask of a car. There are two sources of these images: real-life recordings created while driving through streets of Brno and recordings from a simulator. An essentia... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

disease detection using sensors with raspberry pi through wireless sensor network in vegetable farms

In traditional method of farming, human labours were required to visit the vegetable farm at specific time and need to check the humidity level and temperature level manually. This conventional method is considered time consuming and needs a lot of work and effort. Therefore this project is about designing a disease detection system using sen... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a transmitter

This project as the name implies is chosen, designed and constructed with the intention of transmitting information such as musicals news entertainments programs and so on. And all these that are written above are being transmitted to the atmosphere using an electromagnetic, signal, and this particular project design and construction is exactly t... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a single phase auto-transformer of rating ikva, 240v/110, 80 12v, 6v

This project work-up deals on the design and construction of a single phase step down nations fermor, with raking IKVA, 240V/11OV, 80V 12U, 6V. It is a multi-circuit transformer that has one input as the primary and tappins to produce the output (secondary). It is considered as a single coil in series with the supply and a common coil to the head. ... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of an audio amplifier

The topic of this project is “ Audio Amplifier”. The research embarked upon this study or project by using both primary and secondary source of data. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a 60 watts power amplifier

An audio AMP is basically a system which is used as a means of increasing the level of sound or audio signals for maximum use. A public address system consists basically of microphone, Amplifier and speaker(s) to facilitate the communication to intelligible speech to groups of people or an audience. The main purpose of providing sound reinforcem... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

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