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the design and construction of a three phase automatic phase selector

The basic aim of the design and construction of this three phase automatic phase selector is to demonstrate how contactors can be used to switch in between three lines or phases e.g “RED, YELLOW AND THE BLUE PHASE” without interfering with the contacts. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a single phase auto-transformer of rating ikva, 240v/110, 80 12v, 6v

This project work-up deals on the design and construction of a single phase step down nations fermor, with raking IKVA, 240V/11OV, 80V 12U, 6V. It is a multi-circuit transformer that has one input as the primary and tappins to produce the output (secondary). It is considered as a single coil in series with the supply and a common coil to the head. ... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of battery charger

This project which consists of four chapters deals extensively with the design and construction of a battery charger which is capable charging a 12 volts, battery. The first chapter which is the introductory chapter goes a long way in defining the battery charger and explaining of the mode of operation. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a single phase automatic change over switch with phase selector

Change over switch is a device used to switch off a power supply and subsequently switch on another power source. Basically it is aimed at switching on a more convenient power supply to the load. Since it switches on power to the load precaution has to be taken while choosing the type of change over switch. Also size, arcing control are put into co... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

construction of 4600mah power bank

This project involves the construction of 4600mAh power bank, it consists of three different modules which are; power storage module, battery charging module and phone charging module. All these modules consist of different circuit in other to perform their main functions.rnrnThe power storage module consist of pen batteries of 1.2V with 46... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

the design and construction of an automatic alarm system to monitor the water level

The design and construction of an Automatic Alarm System to monitor the water level is an electronic device which attempt to monitor the flood level/water level and to alert the user to put it off. Being an electronic device, it is Automatic and highly sensitive to water. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

construction of an intruder alarm system

The intruder alarm system was designed and build in order to let the industrial and commercial company know how important alarm system is all about. These can be of Good help if the intruder will look through this project and support for the development of this project as to let the Federal Government know that the young engineering of today can pr... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

wireless power transfer system : development and implementation

Wireless power transfer (WPT) is an important topic nowadays. Although WPT has been known for more than a century, only now has the WPT industry started its rapid growth. The number of publications on wireless power has increased by at least 1200% in the last 10 years [9,2]. Current solutions are having great success in the marketplace with diffusi... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of fire alarm system in a two storey building

Fire detection system are safety system. They monitor rooms and buildings continuously for indication of fire outbreak and give alarm directly if one occurs. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

disease detection using sensors with raspberry pi through wireless sensor network in vegetable farms

In traditional method of farming, human labours were required to visit the vegetable farm at specific time and need to check the humidity level and temperature level manually. This conventional method is considered time consuming and needs a lot of work and effort. Therefore this project is about designing a disease detection system using sen... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

automatic room light controller with visitor counter

The fear of theft and burglary always annoys many people. When lock and keys become less safe, one can seek the help of electronic security systems. Such a portable security system is described here. This electronic setup auto activated whenever the intruder enters to the unauthorized no entry area. It auto activate the landline number and redial... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

the design and construction of mini radio broadcast transmitter and audio console using frequency modulation (fm) with power rating of 1 watt

The early transmitter for radio broadcasting is so big and bulky that they do occupy numerous spaces. The circuitries are mainly designed with valves, which are big in sizes. With the advent of semiconductor materials such as transistors electronic equipment are now becoming miniaturized such that small transmitters are now becoming handy and com... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a vehicle tracking and accident alert system using gps and gsm module

This project is about the Design and Construction of a Vehicle Tracking and Accident Alert System (VTAA) using GPS and GSM Technology. It comprises of integration between GPS receiver, microcontroller and GSM module, and of course the push button for accident alert activation. The combination of all this technology will produce our VTAA system. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

contruction of an 500w transistor amplifier

The design of this 30 volt Audio Amplifier with volume, table and bass control which was done wit ht he combination of five (5) different circuit which are interconnected during or after construction. This amplifier operates with an option of a left and right channel. The combination of these circuit include this main amplifier circuit (which co... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of an intruder detector for office and home use

This project deals on the design and construction of an intruder detector for home and office use. Security as one of the biggest issues in our world today and we need a system that will be able to monitor our home, offices and industries by using two sensing circuits, touch and motion sensors. These sensors will cheek for an intruder in two differ... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

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