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face recognition in criminal investigations (uncontrolled environment)

The application of face recognition through public surveillance cameras in criminal investigations is non-intrusive, inconspicuous and faster compared with fingerprint or DNA-sampling biometric evaluation methods. It assists the law enforcement agency during the preliminary investigation to narrow down the candidate list of suspects or person-of-in... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of an automatic phase selector

This is the design and construction of an Automatic Phase Selector. In the construction work, LM324 integrated circuit (comparator) and 2N2222 transistors were used as active components alongside other passive components. The circuit components were mounted on a Vero board. Result shows that, when the three phase A.C inputs: Red phase (P1), yellow ... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a 3 way inter-communication system

An intercommunication system is nothing but the communication between two or more persons not close to one another. This does not mean we should categorize telephones, fax, teleprinters, telegraphs etc. an example of intercom system sine they are used in communication between people. Infact, intercom involves short distance places. It is limited in... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

contruction of an 500w transistor amplifier

The design of this 30 volt Audio Amplifier with volume, table and bass control which was done wit ht he combination of five (5) different circuit which are interconnected during or after construction. This amplifier operates with an option of a left and right channel. The combination of these circuit include this main amplifier circuit (which co... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a single phase auto-transformer of rating ikva, 240v/110, 80 12v, 6v

This project work-up deals on the design and construction of a single phase step down nations fermor, with raking IKVA, 240V/11OV, 80V 12U, 6V. It is a multi-circuit transformer that has one input as the primary and tappins to produce the output (secondary). It is considered as a single coil in series with the supply and a common coil to the head. ... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a 60 watts power amplifier

An audio AMP is basically a system which is used as a means of increasing the level of sound or audio signals for maximum use. A public address system consists basically of microphone, Amplifier and speaker(s) to facilitate the communication to intelligible speech to groups of people or an audience. The main purpose of providing sound reinforcem... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

the design and implementation of a four - way traffic light control circuit

This work has been aimed at efficient means of controlling the traffic effectively for twenty-four hours. As the world is growing technologically more and more vehicles jump into the public road adding to the already existing number. Consequently, more efficient way of controlling the traffics becomes more desirable as compared to the obsolete way ... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

deep neural networks for 2d lidar images classification

This work aims to explore different deep neural network architectures for object classification in 2D LiDAR traffic images. The images are recorded using a LiDAR sensor attached to the mask of a car. There are two sources of these images: real-life recordings created while driving through streets of Brno and recordings from a simulator. An essentia... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

wireless power transfer system : development and implementation

Wireless power transfer (WPT) is an important topic nowadays. Although WPT has been known for more than a century, only now has the WPT industry started its rapid growth. The number of publications on wireless power has increased by at least 1200% in the last 10 years [9,2]. Current solutions are having great success in the marketplace with diffusi... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a multiperpose security system with alarm and display

This project report is a thesis written specifically to cover the design analysis construction, test and packaging of a multipurpose security system from electric component that can be easily be obtainable from the market. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of power amplifier

The aim of this project is to construct power amplifier. The system is expected to amplify. The major components in the circuit is the integrated circuit (IC JRE with some circuit elements for the normal operation of the circuit. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of a metal detector

The project work titled Design and construction of a metal detector. When fully design and implemented would be able to detect any metallic material that is passing or coming close. This function would serve as a security check for dangerous metallic material as an alarm. Going by the sophisticated means of armed rubbers adopt these days in the bre... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

design and construction of 45w audio power amplifier

This thesis gives the account for the design and construction of a 45W Audio Power Amplifier with the objective of producing a reliable and cheaper amplifier that can be used in a household or stage. Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

the design and construction of electric arc welding machine

Sequel to the vast need and use of iron rods, metal bars and pipes, right from the domestic level up to industrial extent, the arc welding machine was built in order to ensure that the ulterior motive of the manufacturers of these products (iron rods, metal bars and pipes) by their manufacturers is being achieved as part f technological advancement... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

wireless power transmission

Wireless charging of gadgets is one of the new emerging technologies in the world at the moment. The most common method used at the moment is wireless power transfer by inductive coupling. . Wireless power transfer is one of the simplest and inexpensive ways of charging as it eliminate the use of conventional copper cables and current carrying w... Continue Reading

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

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