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This project is aimed at improving at long lasting processing system on airplane passenger manifest information. It is also aimed at keeping records all immigrants and for processing visa with view of modifying it into a full computerized system. The study covers the areas of application entry, record verification, list generation, code numbering and maintenance of the managed information. The new system developed is very easy to use, and gives answers to report generation. Problems which evolve from the existing system as a result of inefficiency will be notified and new system design implemented. With references to the rapid growth in the information technology, it is deemed necessary to develop a fully computerized system for the processing of visa in Nigeria airways service through this project.




How is computer and other related devices actually able to send information across data communication lines. The answer to this is the installation and maintenance of computer network.

Furthermore, installation and maintenance of computer network is the glue that holds all data in the exact form, the data is to be transfer from one place to another. While the procedures for installation of computer methods are embodies in this project.


Computer hardware may fail, telephone line may fail and more likely, the computer software may have bugs that make the network stop working. How does the airlines clerk sell tickets when the computer is down? How can a pilot send a message across if the network fails? How do you get your get electronic mail, pay bills, get news, if you become dependent on computer networks that sometimes fails. If you a put shaved database, you want to be sure that it will not disappear or be tempered with. If you can use home computer raid your accounts and toil will your money?

A company that puts all its important data in line runs the risk to go out of business if that information is boss or incorrect.

furthermore, suppose the owners of a saved data based want only certain people to use it one way to limit use is to give a password to those people alone, that will have access to it and before opening the database, the computer will ask the user to enter a password.

Password protection is not parted, through if someone finds out your password and use it, the computer will not know that such password is been used illegally by such person.

finally, inability of the computer scientist to observe appropriate procedure in connection during installation poses treat to them, which however may lead to damage of the computer and cards

The purpose of the study is to design a system which shall render assistance to the computer scientist during the installation and maintenance of a computer network.

Moreover, proper installation of various components of the network is achieved and the prevention and corrective maintenance are proper addressed.


The aim and objectives of the study are as follow:

  1. To minimize cost; with maintenance, there is reduction in cost, i.e. instead of spending more money in purchasing of new equipment, the money can be used in the maintenance of the faulty equipment.
  2. To reduce the staff; with the introduction of the computer network (computerized). There is possibility that the number of staff will reduce.
  3. To share file and resource at a Govern time; with the computer network or file and other peripherals can be shared at any given time as printer, scanner and files.
  4. To increase output; with the computer network, jobs that are schedule for 10 days can be done in 3 days and this will increase output.
  5. The overall objectives of the local area network; is to connect the computer system and devices in the same geographical area.


The significance of this work is to outline the uses of computer system in the area of intelligence test (IT) mental abilities and their measurements,

To student: the proposed study serves the students as their reference or guide in creating their program. It will also help students taking computer related courses to identify the best programming language use.

To teacher: The proposes study will help teachers to have deeper understanding to the said programming languages. By this study they will come up with easier and powerful program. To future researcher. The proposed study will benefits and help the future researcher as their guide. The study can also open in development of this study.

There are different kinds of computer network system, such as local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) etc. but this project is limited to only LAN and using about 100 workstation.

All area of human Endeavour is usually characterized by some limit factors. But the peculiar constraint encounter in caring out this project is as follows:

  1. Time; it can be a limit when it is not sufficient enough due to time factor by which an objective or task must be accomplished.
  2. Finance; is one of limitation in local area network in sense that if there is shortage of capital, the objective will affected and it will not be accomplished on time.


Method of choosing respondents area of the study apart from the comprehensive lecture hand book, journal and relevant text book used for research work and more is obtained through the research question.

This deals with the critical mode of operation currently utilized at airport, these give an insight at their operation and how they handle their activites on a daily basic. This passenger manifest information (PMI) is a kind of record that help individual fight to organized their passenger in flight.

This record helps them to know members of passenger in the flight, without their records they cant know number of the passenger in the flight. So the passenger manifest information contained the follow:-

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Emergency contact
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Telephone Number

The Passenger Manifest information (PMI), is used to point out identity date elements that may point to a passenger who represent a security risk. Once highlighted, analytical special list can then manually review these record and identify those passenger who should be subjected to additional screening upon their arrival. After this information has been collected, then the agency put the data in order the process, the formal for clearing goods coming into the country. Billing of a customer starts after the customer has consulted customer officer.

The development tools are defined as the basic required devices that are used during the design of the computer based processing and publishing system to enable the programme design an effective and efficient software. There were five component that were needed to be added in the system when the development of the system was yet at an initial stage. These component can be referred to as the software development tool. The underlisted tools were chosen and used because of their features and case of accessibility. These tools are briefly discussed below:

OPERATING SYSTEM:- The program work was carried out on one computer which run window xp as the operating system. In the final implemation the visual Studio was texted on two computer which run window 7 and xp.

Visual Studio and php:- The choice of programming language in this project work is the Microsoft Visual studio and PHP. Microsoft Visual Basic is a program that allows it users to create new program in graphical user interface, it is especially well suited to the creation of programs for supporting business operation and it has grown considerable acceptance in various companies and organization around the world because of the it’s following characteristics:-

  1. It is an object oriented language.
  2. It flexibility allows modular programming techniques.
  3. Application written in visual studio and PHP are interaction essay to use and understand..
  4. It enable input and output statement to function in window statement.

Microsoft Access : Microsoft access is a relational database management system that runs as service providing multi-user access to a number of database. Microsoft Access is owned and sponsored by Microsoft Corporation, it’s free for open source and not for profit projects as it was designed for three principles, performance, easy to use and simplicity. It is a perfect tool for development and administrator to establish, maintain and configure applications.


  1. Computer network: this is the process whereby two or more computers are connected so that they can communicate with each other at the same time. Share resources, file and other peripherals devices like scanner and printer.

It is a collection of computers (CPS) and other devices connected together with cable (cats) and RJ45 plus. This allows them to communicate with each other and other to exchange, preserve and protect information and it also make it easier to share expensive hardware/printer, scanner and CDROM and software’s.

  1. Expert system: is a computer program which solves problems from a specific knowledge base that is a body of knowledge in a specialized field.
  2. Installation: installation is the process whereby a device, apparatus, or piece is fixed or fitted in a place to perform some specific functions.
  3. Knowledge: it can be define as information and skills or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.
  4. Knowledge based system: is a computer that reasons and uses knowledge to solve complex problems.
  5. LAN: is a computer network interconnected computer in a limited area such as a home, school, and computer laboratory or office building using network. LAN is also an acronym of local area networks.
  6. Maintenance: this is the performance of present maintenance in the aid to prevent incipient hardware faults or to connect hardware faults that has occurred.
  7. Online: it indicates the state of connectivity is the condition of being connected to a network of computer or other devices?
  8. System: is a set of connected things that interact or independent component forming an integrated whole

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