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Department of Cooperative Economic And Management


The tittle of this study is the impact of cooperative organization in the development of Imo â“ state (a case study of oru â“ west L.G.A) this work is particularly based on the perception of corporative enterprise as regard its impact in development of any form.
In chapter one of this work which is the introduction, the researcher x â“ rayed the dynamic nature of cooperative enterprises reâ“instation the main thrust of the or gain in development or as a mean of development. The problem, objective and significance of the study were clearly stated as well as scope and limitation research question on subject of study were also included.
In chapter two, which deals with literature review, the researcher reviewed various definition of cooperative by notable workers. Defines also were instrument of development and the impact of cooperative organization in rural development the also to identify the history of cooperative societies in oru â“ west as well as in Nigeria, the origin and function of the divisional cooperative council (DCC) and finally, the impact, achievement and problem of cooperative societies in oru west.
Chapter three, contains research design and methodology. There, the researcher stated source of data used, used, personality administered questionnaire and the purposive sampling method unsupplied in setting the needed information and the method of investigation and opted.
Chapter four contain the presentation, analysis and interaction of the data. In  this regard, the researcher used the percentages to analysis the data so presented and used preachers as a further illustration of the data collection tables were also used.
Finally, chapter five contains the summary of findings the conclusion and the far reaching recommendation made on the basis of the finding of this research work. At any rate, the error and mistakes contained here in are entirely that of the researcher.


Title page 
Approval page
Table of content

1.1 Background of study
1.2 Statement of problem
1.3 Objective of the study
1.4 Significance of the study
1.5 Scope and limitation of study
1.6 Limitation
1.7 Research question
1.8 Definition of terms

2.1 Literature review
2.2 The history of cooperative in Nigeria
2.3 Criteria form performance appraisal 
2.4 The impact of cooperative societies in oru â“ west local government area 
2.5 Government participation in cooperative
2.6 The problem associated with cooperative development
2.7 The classification of cooperative

3.1 Research design and methodology
3.2 Source of data
3.3 Method of data collection 
3.4 Population of the study
3.5 Method of investigation
3.6 Validity and reliability of the measuring instrument
3.7 Sampling technique

4.1 Presentation analysis and interpretation of data
4.2 Presentation and analysis of section A
4.3 The research question
4.4 The presentation and analysis of section B

5.1 Summary of finding
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation
Appendix A
Appendix B

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