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The study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of Controlled Internal Drug Release (CIDRB), CIDR + Prostaglandin 2α and Prostaglandin F2α alone in synchronizing estrus, conception and pregnancy rates in Bunaji and Friesian x Bunaji cows. The study was conducted between July and October using forty seven cows (47) consisting of twenty four (24) Bunaji and twenty three (23) Friesian x Bunaji cows in a 2x3 factorial arrangement with eight (8) cows each except for treatment III which had seven (7) Friesian x Bunaji cows. Cows used for this study were rectally palpated for cyclicity, aged between 3-5 years and body condition score 2.5 and above. CIDR coated with 1.39g of progesterone was inserted through the vagina with the aid of an applicator, on day six (6) 2ml of PGF2α (Estrumate) was administered intramuscularly before CIDR removal on day seven (7). Behavioural signs of estrus were observed after insert removal, standing to be mounted was the primary sign of estrus used in this study and cows that came into estrus were inseminated by experienced inseminators 8-12 hours after. Retention rates were 100 % for all the treatments. Estrus response rates were 62, 56 and 26 for CIDR and CIDR + PGF2α respectively. Interval to onset of estrus was shorter for CIDR + PGF2α 3 hours and 1.75 hours than CIDR 5.0 hours and 5.0 hours in Bunaji and Friesian x Bunaji cows. Estrus duration was longer in Friesian x Bunaji; 12 hours CDIR, 13.5 hours than Bunaji 7.00 hours CIDR, 11.0 hours CIDR + PGF2α. Number of mounts were more in Friesian x Bunaji cows; 9.00 hours CIDR, 11.25 CIDR + PGF2α than in Bunaji 8.66 hours CIDR, 4.33 CIDR + PGF2α. More cows came into estrus between 6 am and 12 noon than 12 noon to 6 pm. Cows inseminated were rectally palpated for diagnosis of pregnancy. Conception rates were 33 % for Bunaji and 42 % Friesian x Bunaji treated with CIDR, 60 % for Bunaji and 50 % for Friesian x Bunaji treated with CIDR + PGF2α and 0 for Bunaji and 75 for Friesian x Bunaji treated with PGF2α. It is concluded from the study that, CIDR, CIDR + PGF2α are capable of synchronizing estrus in Bunaji and Friesian x Bunaji cows. Prostaglandin was effective only in Friesain x Bunaji cows. Estrus response, conception and pregnancy rates could be improved using a combination of CIDR + PGF2α.


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