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    It is always known that cleanliness is next to godliness and health is wealth Good health is achieved if there is good management of the environment.
    The need for a good management of the environment cannot be over emphasized since there is a continuing environmental decay as a result of increased urbanization.
    Pollution is a major problem of urbanization of which most of the causes have been identified as industrial combustion, solid waste generation, oil spillage disposal etc. since these causes are inevitable; there is need for a good control of them. In this project there will be a critical look at solid waste management situation with special focus on Ogbete main market Enugu.        
    The project, which is required for the attainment of ND programme, will be divided into five chapters.
    The chapter one, which is the introductory part of the project, the statement of the problem is intended to be those associated with solid waste management problems, which may include health hazard, ditty environment, blockage of drainage system etc. In the main study, all those problems will be discussed intensively.
    The purpose of this project which will be treated in the main project will center on identifying the importance of such management and all the various strategies of checking excessive solid waste generation and management in the market in particular and Enugu city in general.
    The background and need for the study will focus on past experiences of solid waste of management and problems associated with it so as to know how to improve subsequent situation. From all those information one can make some hypothesis, which can be either positive or negative at the end of he study.
    In the chapter two, the project is intended to review some literatures on the subject matter, which takes the form of books, paper, journals, etc. here there will be a though review on some related topics such as solid waste management, policies on solid waste management, generation, classification and importance of solid waste management. These are expected to be extracted from library and other sources.
    The chapter three will deal mainly on research methodology and design. Here the sources of data i.e. Primary and secondary sources will be highlighted.
    Primary sources have to do with questionnaires, direct interview etc which secondary sources have to do with information from libraries, books, journals and magazine etc. Some statistical models such as bar chart, pie chart, and histogram will be used to present this data in a specific manner.  
    The chapter four has to do with data presentation and analysis. Here field data collected are analysis and presented in a format to achieve analytical conclusion. Statistical analytical methods are to be used here to arrive at scientifically conclusions.
    Chapter five deals on findings of the reseach, recommendation he prefer to tackle solid waste management problems in the study area and conclusions.


Title page                                     i
Certification                                 ii
Dedication                                     iii
Acknowledgment                                iv
Abstract                                     v
Table of content                                 viii

Introduction                                    1

1.1    Statement of the problem                     2
1.2    Purpose of the study                             3
1.3    Background and need of the study                 3
1.4    Theoretical foundation of the study                 4   
1.5    Research question                            4
1.6    Scope of study                             5
1.6.1    Delimitation                             5
1.6.2    Limitation                                 6
1.7    Signification of the study                     6
1.8    Overview of the study                        

LITERATURE REVIEW                        8

2.1    Definition of solid waste                         8   
2.2    Solid waste                                 9
2.3    Characteristics of solid waste                     12
2.4    Urbanization and solid waste generation                   14
2.5    Solid waste management strategies                 16
2.6    Importance of solid waste management             20
2.7    Problems of solid waste management                21   

Methodology                                23

3.1    Introduction                                23
3.2    Re-statement of the problem                        23
3.3    The study area                            24
3.4    Populations and sample size                    26
3.5    Sources of data                            28
3.6    Method of data collection                          28
3.7    Libraries                                30
3.8    Validity/reliability test of instrument                 31

Data Presentation and Analysis                        33

4.1    Data on respondent                        34
4.2    Rate of solid waste generated by the respondents        38
4.3    estimation of daily, weekly, monthly
and annual generation of solid waste
in akwata area of ogbete main market                41
4.4    Solid waste storage system by the respondent         42
4.5    Information about ENSEPA                     51

5.0    Findings, Recommendation and conclusion             53

5.1    Findings                                 53
5.2    Recommendation                             55
5.3    Recommended treatment                         58
5.4    Conclusion                                 59
Bibliography                            62

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